Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Eight

with Thozama Mqikela



The next morning I honestly didn’t feel like going to work but I had to go I needed to fill in forms for company laptop insurance and 3G Sim card. I took my husband Audi Q3 to work, this car was big and I didn’t like it much but at least it’s license disk was not expired so I won’t have cops bugging me for bribes. Not having a phone though is a pain, and you get used to doing everything using your phone, technology is spoiling us, but at least I had hubby’s phone which had a lot of sms’s and I figured it was people from work trying to get hold of him besides he was coming back today so he would call them back. I got to work before 9am went straight to IT department and told the IT Manager what had happened but I obviously left out the part that I was with Mfundo when all this happened he didn’t have to know that. the IT Manager is this chubby Indian man his name is Jhetrendre Govender but we all call him Jet coz no one can pronounce that name you end up biting your tongue trying to pronounce it, he sympathised with me and gave me an insurance form to fill in, he said they would block the 3G Sim card and advised me to block my cellphone as well and told me I will get a new laptop in a week’s time. I filled the forms and went up to my office Cindy was there, I told her what happened but left the Mfundo out of it I didn’t want her thinking I was socialising with this man behind her back after I had told her he was married. She told me I should get a gun she was planning on getting one too, really that was a solution to my problem? I told her I don’t like guns, my office line rang it was Catherine a colleague who does admin she said she heard that I had been hijacked am I okay, oh I forgot that Jet the short fat Indian IT Manager is the biggest gossiper in the office, he is worse than all women in the office combined. There were these 2 white people we used to work with both married to other people, they had an affair and would communicate using work emails, since Jet is an IT manager he can access other people’s mails he came across the back and forth flirting emails the 2 lovers were sending to each other in some of the emails they were discussing the gory details of what they were doing to each other in bed and what they would be doing to each other next time they were together, within a week the whole company knew about the affair thanks to Jet’s never closed mouth, the lady could not even walk anywhere without getting dirty stares and snide remarks from all the other women at work while the guy got praises from other men for tapping that ass, the woman was so ashamed and embarrassed she resigned didn’t even serve her notice period, the guy stayed he still works here. Back to Catherine who was still yapping, I thanked her and told her I had lots of work to get through so I would catch up with her later. The news had spread like fire at work by 12 I had received more than 20 calls Cindy was now answering the phone and telling people I had already left for the day. Mthobisi called me after 1 on his cellphone and told me he was home I was so happy I told Cindy I needed to go to the Police Station to get the case no and it might take some time and I need to do a sim swap and go to the bank apply for new cards so by the time I finish doing everything it will probably be after 17:00 she said I should take all the time I need she has everything under control.
I went straight home, found my sexy handsome husband waiting for me, I was so happy but I was also scared of what he might do if he found out the truth about how I got hijacked, I could not believe he was here in front of me, I held him in my arms I didn’t want to let him go I wanted this moment to last for ever, I had tears in my eyes but these were tears of joy. He told me he was not going anywhere and I was safe now, I so badly wanted to hear this, my husband was exactly what I needed, the past week had been hell for me I had never felt so empty and alone like I did the past 2 weeks in my entire life, I finally let go of him. He told me to describe the guys who had hijacked me, shooo this man was not wasting any time, I gave him a description of everything I could remember about them, he asked for his phone and said he needed to make a few calls about my car I gave his phone back and I went to the bedroom to go change my shoes when I came out I could hear him speaking on the phone, “yes the BM had a sunroof and tinted windows, find it and I want the bastards that took it” when he saw I was in the room he said to the person on the other end of the phone “call me when you hear something” and hung up. I didn’t want to read too much into this but damn what kind of people did Mthobisi know?? He quickly distracted me from asking any questions by telling me we should go do a sim swop for my phone and get new cards. I had cancelled my credit cards at work so all I needed to collect a debit card at the bank. We drove to the mall to do a sim swop, I was going to get myself one of those cheap phones when Mthobisi decided to buy me a Blackberry Bold it was not cheap, he swiped his card to pay for this I didn’t know where the money came from and I was not about to ask, my previous phone was an iphone 5 but this would do while I waited for the insurance to pay out, I thanked him, this was really a kind gesture, I was struggling without a phone, we then went to the bank to get my debit card, from there we drove to the licence department in Randburg to go and apply for a new drivers licence since mine had been in the car when it got hijacked this gave Mthobisi a chance to renew his licence disk, I told him how I had almost got a R1000 ticket for his expired disk, he asked how I got out of paying it, I told him I bribed the traffic cop he gave me a look of disapproval and told me I should not be proud of breaking the law next time I will offer a bribe to a wrong traffic cop and will find myself in serious trouble. Was he for real? Teaching me about being a good citizen the same man who has been out of prison for a couple of hours now suddenly he is reformed, give me a break I of course being the respectful wife I didn’t say these things out loud I just. I needed a good come back for this statement, I asked him if he was such a law abiding citizen then what was he doing in jail, he said “Lee, you know that innocent people go to prison every day, due to misunderstandings, do you know when I was in prison I meet a guy who was falsely accused of rape by his wife because she had fallen in love with another man and wanted the husband out of the picture, he has been going to court for the past 6 months, that man like many other is fighting a losing battle and had I stayed there and let the law take it’s course I would have been in there for months or even years, so yes I broke the law by making you bribe the Investigating Officer and I’m sorry for getting you involved but I am innocent and proving it while behind bars would have been impossible ” before I could even reply, he gave me an envelope and said “here is Victor’s money, we can go to your mom’s place and drop it off when we finish here”. Ohhh shit, shit, shit panic set in, this is why I hate lies they have a way of catching up with you when you least expect it, I took the money from him and told him we didn’t have to go today, Victor is in no hurry for the money, he said it would also give him an opportunity to see his son. Oh Lord what was I to do now, if we go to my mom’s place, Victor won’t know anything about this money , I should never have lied about this, I should just come clean now, tell him everything, he would kill me, God this man would kill me, I can’t confess. We got into Mthobisi’s car and drove to my mom’s place, my mom and Victor stay in Alberton which is about 30 minutes away from Randburg, on the way I was sweating thinking about what I will say when we got to my mom’s house, I even contemplated sending Victor an sms but with a new sim card and new phone I had nobody’s numbers on it, I was in serious panic mode. I was even praying inside that Victor should not be at home when we get there. We got to Alberton at about 18:00 both Victor and my mom’s car were parked on the driveway, with my bad luck lately I was getting busted today, my ancestors had seriously turned their back on me I should slaughter a chicken or something, so much bad luck in such a short space of time was not on but who am I kidding I knew nothing about sacrificing anything for ancestors and my mother being a church-goer would definitely not help me she would just preach to me and give me Bible verses. We knocked at the door, Victor opened the door he was surprised to see us but happy, he greeted Mthobisi and gave me a hug, my mom come to the lounge and was so happy to see us, she called the nanny to bring our son, we played with and him for a while, we chatted to my parents , we told them about the hijacking, my mom being a typical mom suggested we move in with them for a while, so she could take care of me after the traumatic experience I had been through, if she only knew what I had been through lately she would be at my house packing my bags for me, this is why I don’t share every problem with my mother, Victor being the voice of reason told my mother that I was no longer a child and my husband would take care of me, my mom hesitantly agreed. We stayed for supper and while we were still enjoying my mother’s food Mthobisi said to Victor ”we’ve brought your money”, my heart almost came out of my mouth, both my mom and Victor asked “what money?”

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

46 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Twenty Eight

  1. Oooops, consequenses of lies….I have a feeling that Mthobisi is aware that his wife didnt get the money from Victor. He was calling almost everyone whilst in prison, he probably called the parents and they probably told him, when last they saw his wife. This woman is dealing with a master………he is probably aware of her movements through the tracking device in the car. NIce one Thozi and Mike, lets see how she will master this one.

  2. As if Mthobisi gave Lee any choice. He was behind bars! If he tries anything he must get his ass divorced!

  3. Oh shit I knew this would happn oh gosh….. Lee you shouldve told the truth oh gosh what will happn now m sure mthobis already no the truth I swear his is the boss of gangester ay lee I don’t wish to be in your shoes ryt now…….. Thanx mike nd thozam cnt wait for tomorrow

  4. What money. Looool. She is officially busted. Just love this one. Thanks Bra Mike. Can’t wait for tomorrow

  5. You know when you started Missteps I was so disinterested in it I actually didn’t check any updates on weeknds. I decided to start reading and I must I’M HOOKED!!!! Yep, u did it again mikey, I am totally inlove with all ur blogs

    Dankie Mikey!!!!

  6. Eish eish eish eish Leeeeeeeeee USENJENI. Why didn’t you call out victor to the side after you greeted him and told him something so that he could play along when you handed the money infront of Mthobisi.

    I really enjoyed this chapter guys thanks mike and Thoz.

  7. Tjo monna o! Ke tshaba maaka 4 this…Mothobisi is probably aware of his wife’s movements all along…go nyewa moes eish!
    This is getting more interesting…you guys R really gud..God Bless Africa!

  8. Ths one aint tht hard 2 get out of, she jus has 2 tel Mtho tht she wasnt in a position 2 lie 2 her parents thts al. #letswaitandsee

  9. Ayeyeeeee Lee lies sry neh n cc shud hv wlcmd him properly he wudnt hv all this energy to go around ***Lol c nw kubambile namanga….. Tnx Mike n Thozi babe

  10. Fuck Mthibisi this man knows every shit that went dawn, now m really confused bwt this mthobisi character…. Lee U in shit dear

  11. Blommy dat myt be true hey, tjo mthobisi is probably responsible for the hijack and was preventing her wife from being laid MHM WISE MAN INDEED lee should just tell da truth coz mthobisi’s guys. Had probably been watching every move she made ,lol Nocawe ‘u couldve welcomed him properly’ lol that got me hey lol what do you mean by properly #tounge out# I go2 say that this is a great story mike n thoza keep up the gud work and great layout now its much easier for new readers to find the chapters n sum of us to go back to recal sum events in the previous chapters, what I like most in todays story is that since you saw that we struggling with names you’ve included their names keep it that way.

  12. Tjo!…. What now Lee? You dealing with a mobster here no kidding, am scared for Mfundo there’s no telling what Mthobisi will do to him when he finds out about him and Lee’s affair_ wow :/

  13. I really enjoy reading your work its very entertaing and I’m a regular. I know sometimes you do make mistake and typo’s but in chapter 16 you said the husband had a G7 and a Q5 now you saying Q3 you making your work look sloppy please remember what you write bro

  14. Lee is so introuble and mthobisi is just two faced he is so full of lies so if I was lee I would not be worried. Will he open up the truth of where he has been in front of Lee’s parents

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