Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Nine

Do not worship your priests, they will not save you nor will they ever cleanse you! Only you can do that. Your priest facilitates a righteous path for you and the rest is up to you! That’s what my father always said so what the fuck had she called him for! Did she want me to be struck down by lightening or something? I really wished I attended those big churches that are so big its impossible for the priests to come fix your day to day problems! I felt like I was in Sibongiles house! As I sat there at the gate feeling stupid I got to reflect. There is nothing more humiliating than what had just happened to me. There was no way in hell I was going to enter the house and be prayed for. The problem with our priest is that when he gave a sermon he will give an example of you to drive his point home in the congregation. Even if the sermon had nothing to do with your crime he would find a way of bringing it in. That’s why I didn’t want to enter that house.

I think I must explain, my household was not overly religious. We did the whole Sunday thing of church but it was not like we were that family that insisted on sitting in front so the when the priest speaks the God will get to us first. In fact half the time my mum and I would come and gossip about all the drama that happened in that church especially how the pastor personalized things. It is therefore why I was shocked that my mother would call him.

Sitting on the drain watching the cars pass was my best option. I was waiting for my father to arrive. Yes he would be angry at me but generally fathers don’t beat daughters. There are just too many laws in this country that would make a man think twice before taking that step. Violence of woman against woman is “fine” they call it discipline! Even at that thought I still roll my eyes!

Caught deep in these thoughts I didn’t see my mum walk up behind me. She was already upon me when she hissed through gritted teeth why was I sitting at the gate like a homeless child? She asked me if I was trying to further humiliate her after all my shenanigans. Note she was hissing with a smile so that the priest who was by his car could not see her anger. He walked up behind her and greeted her. I was polite to him and courteous. He said unfortunately he had to go for he had matters to attend and then said to my mother she must tell him what she decides. My mum reassured him that it shall be done! I was certain they were sending me to a convent.

My mother sat me down and told me that she had gone over the top. Duh! Really? Wow!!! She told me that she had done this out of love because she had gotten so scared for my future. She apologized for the beating. You know it’s funny, there is a saying which says what forgets is the axe the tree never forgets. I was the tree right and my stump was my eternal humiliation. I thought we were cool now but wrong there was more bad news for me… This woman still had one ace up her sleeve which honestly hadn’t seen coming. She stood up and took my blazer which i had taken off and put on the chair. From it in my right hand pocket she took out my phone. My mother had just confiscated my phone. She said that she was not going to switch my phone off. She was going to answer all my calls and pretend it was me until my sugar daddy called. She said she was not going to beat me up every day until I spilled the beans. That took too much effort. This was easier and more efficient. I was stunned!

I had refused to tell her so she will find him herself. Now that one I did not expect. My phone was not even password protected!!! I had pictures there I had taken for Thabo which I am not sure I had deleted or not. Look there is no girl I know that has NEVER taken a naughty picture for guy or even for just her. What’s that saying again, Neil Armstrong went to the moon for the first time for mankind and took four pictures but a girl goes to the bathroom for five minutes and takes twenty pictures. Yes I was a cliché. I had pictures out there, some very racy indeed. Its almost like a rite of passage for a high school girl to take a picture! If my mom saw those pictures I would die. I went on my knees. I begged her, Ke mo kopile ka dilo tsotlhe tsene kenale tsona or in xhosa, Ndamcenga ngetliziyo yam yonke! Loosely translated, I begged her with everything I had. In any girls life her phone is her life. Have you ever driven around and seen girls in the car with their parents or even in the mall. We are always on our phones! I can genuinely say this was worse than the beating. If she answered my calls I was dead. Yes he had a fake name but if he called his voice wouldn’t be fake! If she saw that it was a girls name and a mans voice she would immediately recognize the situation.

I would get my phone back she said but on condition that I got born again!


I immediately agreed. I had to get that phone back. I would cut o my hand if she asked at that moment.

My phone was not on silent and assigned ringtones.

You know that song by Rihanna “Only girl (in the world”

That was his ringtone and guess what…

It was playing in her hands as my phone rang!

It was HIM!

****The End****


Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

P.S. Lol when was the last time you got a hiding from your parents and what was your crime?

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  1. Tjooo things get worse for N. Wow i cant remember the day bt my mom always uses a wet washing rag.

  2. Iyoo ya ne the plot thickens, mike u r just talented beyond words. I have been checking da whole tym 2 c if u hvnt posted a new chapter and to my excitement waaaalah! Thanx man 4 our daily fix! U nelisa is in trouble again#scared 4her#

  3. Hehehehe back in 2002 they sent me 2 a supermarket @ 6 nd I came back @ 12:00am ..dzam did my Father beat me up

    1. 6,7,8,9,10,11,12…SEVEN HOURS??…lol tjo damn gal hahahaha woaw u sure know how to shop…I mean “shop” lol,js had to reply to ur ish babe yho,trust me I know how losing track of time can wow

  4. tjoo im alredy glued 2dis st0ry,very said dat t ended whle stil geting m0re intresting eish, hay buti intle into oyenzayo, wish i cud get dis book and read some afraid i wont be able to get anything done in the house tho cz i will b addicted i just knw.GREAT WORK!!

  5. Lol! I can’t survive a day without my phone. Last time I got a hiding from my mom I was around 8, I hit some boy with a stone on his forehead and he was bleeding and screaming, he started the whole thing and its not my fault he missed, apparently I could’ve killed him (really now?)

  6. yho i see death… her mama gona have a breakdown after she answers that call… last time my mom ever beat me up senseless it was in 2003 i was in grade 9 she saw me walkin hand in hand with a boi n i had lied that i was home… next day was school n my body was in pain…

  7. Tjoo hai this woman is too much, I wud die too if my mum can get hold of my fone .she must just talk the truth n blame that man or thm for not giving her enough love *to get away with a hidding*

  8. Lmao I’d die… Damn this kid lmao… Last time I got beat was wen I was 16yrs old for sneaking out and getting caught.. That was the beating of my life and after that she made me clean the whole house imagine!!! Lmao keep them chapters coming.. #1 fan xoxo

  9. M de first 2 post a comment yayyyyy
    Gosh m luvin confessions so mch…
    #de last tym I got a beatin ws in 2010 nd yes a guy was invovled in de whole drama nd daddy dearest saamboked me 4 days…ws 20yrs old…lol

  10. eiiiiii…..yah neh,mme o is on to her!!!!!kunzima shame.yoh i dnt wish to be on her shoes..

  11. Yho I don’t wish to be N ryt now. I don’t remember the last tym I got a beat down from my mom but all I know is that I never wanna b in her wrong books…kuyafiwa lapha!

  12. It gets more Intriguing as you go. I don’t even remember the last time I got a beating but it must have been about a guy somewhere or a party. Good ol’ days

  13. Uve mastered the art of suspense got me playing possible scenarios in ma head of wats gonna happen next 😀 ….. Last hiding I got was in 2003 4 comin home late then I got taller then my mum watyafa lol

  14. Awooooooooooooooooooo buh N has tooooooooooo much to deal with. I’d die ryt there on the spot. Last time I got a beating was… I’m not sure and I can’t remember nek entseng buh twas a long time ago cos when ma dad beats one up ha dlala o etsa sure u take years before u think of doing anything that ain proper. Thanx Mike for waking me up with a smile. These chapters make my mornings

  15. each time i read a new chapter you literally leave me wanting…buh this queen is on another level…last hiding I got was in 2004….I had snuck out to go to a party and my stupid cousin got us caught….bangishaya ngemvubu

  16. Lmao ao shame lenna I just can’t do without my fone,last time I got a beating I was 17 I think lol for go Jola basically n I went home ka 8 but the fact that all my brothers neba felletse ko tlung nna ke seyo. So kebatlang kontle n my mom forced me to show her where my bf lived but I said nope

  17. The last time I got a hiding was back in Primary School (in the 90’s). I had just came back from school my guy frnds came to see me we left without me doing my chores for the day. When I came back late was she waiting for me (my mother) with a big and hard belt, the sad part is nobody came to my rescue but I got over it shame .Keep the chapters rolling !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The last time I got a beating was in 2003,and it was because I messed up my mom’s make-up..

  19. reflection indeed, My grandparents were priest and i was ingane yakwamfundisi, life was very flashy for us as kids, ugogo was a teacher and umkhulu imfundisi, however we were different kids interm of dressing up, haircut and styles, no pants were allowed, and we always had short hair, including being in position of any cash, we carry lunchboxes, therefore there was no need for money. My brief illustration goes to that i did not get a belt or uswazi hiding, I got inkalivasi ( a wooden handle joint with rubber material*yes the one jesus got torned apart with*, I stole imali yomnikelo, something close to R2, and went and played spin, in that era spin was listed as gambling which it is, if police car comes around group of kids in the street, on top of istamkoko, police will take the money, to their pocket and for punishment if one fails to escape goes to police station and parents are called to fetch you. As a stout chubby child i couldnt run as the group dissapeared unto thin air, there i was ingane kamfundisi and umkhulu was so dissapointed fetching me he couldnt speak ugogo wahosha inkalivasi laduma izulu.

    1. hahahaha shame man I can just imagine, I got arrested once with my friends for public drinking fortunately for us it was a group of about 50people so the cops didn’t have a choice but to let us go

    2. Lol, Magatshnie your grandparents sounded like my mother. she’d you as my child represent everything I stand for, if you do wrong you represent me badly.

  20. He he he… This woman is beyond boss yho!… Im sure I cud stay a day or two withoit my fone… I knw mine has these patterns n mom wud not guess it. Lol, n fr funny pix and all, I got a vault installd, password protected. Kwaaa… M 1 steps ahead, dnt remembr the last tym I got a beating but I knw mom used to beat me errtym I came home aftr dark, dad has nevr laid a hand on me but tell my mom. The girl shud just drop dead nje.. Ryt there. *chptr10*

  21. Last time I got a hiding was in grd9 wen I got home smelling like a bar, needless 2 say I cudnt go 2 a modellin competiton the next day (⌣́_⌣̀)

  22. Trust the phone to ring at the wrong time!!!

    I’ve never gotten a beating from my parents…ever…and I believe I turned out ok. The only ‘beatdown’ I ever got was from a random guy on the street, whom I’d never met before. He claimed I’d disrespected him by not greeting when he tried to spark a convo. Anyway, the securities heard my screams and luckily my then boyfriend was closeby. Let’s just say, years later, my wounds have healed and he is still in a wheelchair. The sweetest part of it is that he probably still thinks his beatdown was just an isolated incident as it happened weeks after he decided to lay his hands on me.

  23. hahhaa this just keeps getting more interesting,it was in 2007 i was sent to go buy electricity n i left round 11,n i came back at 9 cause i had gone to the beach with my friend and this guy.ohh boy didnt my father beat me senselesss,i turned colours i never thought i could be .my mom felt so bad she bought me tissue oils and kept me indoors till i healed

  24. Yoh unganebhadi emhlabeni bt ngeke umdlule lo ntombazane ryt now.

    Kwaaaaaaa I can’t remember it ws long tym ago n I can’t even rememba wht ws da crime

  25. Poor gal …………………………………… The last time I got a beating was in 2007 , I lied to my mum and told her that I was at Saturday School whilst I went for movies at South Gate with a guy. Little did I know that we would bump into her, I’ll never forgot that day ……..

  26. Yho!!!! she is even in bigger shit right now I feel for her.

    🙂 The last time I was 13 years and I got in to a fight with some boy at school and I came home bruzed on my face which I couldn’t hide and when I was asked I sad I fel and bumped my face on a rock and my mom didn’t buy it YHO!!!! I thought she was going to kill me that day but till this day I never told her I was fighting coz she always said she is raising a lady not a boy and for me it was just 6and9 depends which way u flip it coz i was a tom boy.

    After that she said she will never hit me again coz I’m sturbon she might end up in jail if she continues coz she will kill me 🙂

  27. I was 13 1999 had stashed my school socks all week and damn that wet bath towel really stung on my thighs…

  28. Lol thinking abt it..just makes me realize how naughty I was..both my parents had given me a beating but my dad was worse til it got to a point wr he eventully gave up!!*kwaaks*..

  29. For coming home late from school,mind you l was in tertiary at that time the most embarassing thing my mother could have ever done

  30. Tjo, back in 2006 I was 18yrs old and rumour had it that I was dating an older man. what made it worse was that I missed my shift at my part-time job and they had called her. nkile wabona I had just gotten off the car and was walking towards my friends and I got this warm clap, I also got a blue-eye to compliment my look after the beat-down. hey but im grateful to my mother or else I wouldn’t be here. she said”if I don’t discipline you, no one will bcoz your not theirs”.

  31. Sum1 pls rescue this lil skank yoh I’m not laughing @ her I’m laughing @ the situation ish chapter 10 pls #dead

  32. hi there, i saw the last post said u would choose a Thandeka from us the readers. how does one go about if i want to play thandeka?

  33. Lol tyo shame this girl is sooo unlucky.. Serves ha ryt for wanting suger daddies haha.. Last time I got a beating was on the 28 April 2007, I had been to invited to a bday party so had told my parents n they took me there buh told em I wud come back at round 8 and my friends parents wud take me home. My friends parents were out ov town and there were boys and alcohol. Lol so i drink for the first time , ndatipa.. Woke up at 11 wid 27 missed calls and an sms.. Anatha call came in, I answered.. They were outside.. Tyo the clap I got to my face from my mom was outta this world.. I knew there was more when I got home.. Lol in the car they closed all windows and turned on the heater, I reeked of a brewery! Got the beating of my life before I slept and when i woke up with the babalaas of my life had to clean the house.. A day I’l never forget lol

  34. Yhoo .. This is getting more and more HEATED!!
    Once got a beat down in high school in the office aswell from mama.. Lol
    Well I had bunked.. But hey that day I was so embarassed the whole school nje.. Then there was my bf to face .. Total mess

  35. Iyooh ai ke sisi you are in trouble in deep water lo yoh i hope the mother dont answer that for or if she does N should make sounds to make her sugar daddy aware. Lol well mike lucky me i never got a beating ever since i grew up the beatings i got was when i was between 5 n 8 yrs:), i always coverd my tracks.

  36. hand of applause!!!! hai Mike to say u r talented is an understatement…. u r good hey… u just dnt get it. u r too good. love it love it love it

  37. Mike you have done it again, leaving me salivating for more! Eish my girl, u always attract problems. This mom akabhedelwa, tjooooh! I wonder what she will do next?

  38. I was still young, she gave me a hiding cos i didnt like bathing*Hides* and also for coming home late tjerrrrrrrrrr that woman loved beating me kip it rolling

  39. Yho omama, I remember in primary ma mom also threaten 2 take ma fwn away becoz I was wit older boys walkin in town. Wen I got home I hid ma fwn 4 2days so sh culdnt find it.

  40. Ay usisi lo will definitely write a book about his life like Thandeka will do.n it will sell like amagwinya eMlazi or sphathlo(quarter) ko PTA.
    I don’t remember being beaten its was ages ago but I thing in our generation the question must be the other way round mfe2.kshubile!! hahahahaha

  41. Yoyoyo! I really feel for N,back in 1998 I sneaked out immediately after my too religious parents went to bed to attend the forbidden TUT fresher’s ball,when I came back in the wee hours found my dad waiting for me all he said was”we are in our pj’s @4:00am and you are in your jeans,since when are you sleeping in your jeans and smelling like alcohol”…I got the worst beating of my life!!!

  42. Thiza wam… I don’t relate though, i’ve neva had a hiding, my mom just shouted and that was that but i believe that’s the worst and I guess that’s why ndingafuni uthethiswa ngok… Nice work hey 🙂 keep it up!!!

  43. Tjo Mike ur good ,ur really good,the way I’m so addicted and u know just how to keep us wanting more…can’t wait for next chapter I’m like a crack addict *crying*

  44. Yhoooo, the last time I got a beating was years back, didn’t sleep home, went partying and never told my mum, it was before I had a cell for N, haaai ke!!!

  45. Woooo I feel for poor N tlhe shame man i dnt wish 2 b in her shoes ryt nw, yoh i cnt remember da last tym i got a hiding 4rm my mum bt wat i knw is dat i just dnt wana get in her wrng book nka swa tlhe

  46. dam he has bad timing to be calling you and your mom has the phone,girl pray he knows your voice better and can tell its not you on the line.i remember i once went to a party and came home at 4am and i left my bedroom window open so i can enter only to find my mom sitting on my bed that was drama i still feel sad about

  47. Yoh, the last proper hiding I got was from my dad back in 1996, I was a good 9years old. The crime….wait for it……………………………………….


    I left with my uncle (dad’s brother) to go to Rakgadi waka (dads sister) I came back after 7 or so, yoh, that man hit me, yoh he hit me, can I say my dad was left handed, yoh did I get beat. Those scars stayed long after he passed on in 1996, damnit, yoh, he beat me up, those belt marks took a while to get off. Imagine mourning a death ka mo you have constant reminders on your thighs of this persons lashings, shikes, that man.

  48. Jho hayi lo mama u wrong shame ; she’s got to many surprises in her box now she has to be born again jst bcz she has a Sugar daddy as if EVIL has taken over her child * ha ha ha- Hayi i dzie*

  49. Really I was never too much of a reader till a friend introduced me to this blog, I can’t wait for tv series either for diary of a zulu girl or confessions of sugarbaby, this is life changing, eye opener, I wish this was available for me before 2010, university can do things to you I tell you, past 3 years I forgot the gal I use to be I tried to understand how guys operate, tried too hard all I ever got was a heartache, I gladly thank God that beginning of this year I decided to stop all that, I talked myself out of stupid things I did, have you ever drank to please the guy? Trust him in all he does or says, have him playing you like a soccer ball but you don’t care because you “love” him, is it love when you have to fight for it or rather beg for it? Am so happy for the people growing up now that we have people like Mike who tells the story as it is, keep up the good work you got our support, lol though parents will now be so difficult to let their kids go, but one thing people should understand the person decides to do things, if you’ve done wrong and consequences were not nice, you have the power to change your ways take it from me I did

  50. wel i think i ws 6, ws sittn on da most expensive hairs at home n ws rockn on them n well guess what i fell like really not only dd i get hurt but da chair broke, so my mom beat me with da back of her heels lolz….blacks always think violence/whippn is da answer. N one tym i ws 9 n ws sittn on sofas n puttin my legs up on da most rare glass tables putting nail polish on my toenails n wen i ws done put weight on da table n it flipped n crashed ryt da, even today dy cnt stil find a glass for dat poor table, but my dad did nt use violence against me noe dd he shout

  51. Excellent writing mike,never predictable,nail biting experience on every chapter,both confessions and zulugal,do email details for audition dates,would love to play thandeka’s aunt,lol

  52. Lol … Last time I got a clap from my ma was when I was 13 (1999) for going on a diet ( I was wearing size 36 and I was lablled the second to largest child in school )..what option did I have …. Went to boarding schoold the following year and dieted freely and went down to a size 28 … Lol lol .. Poor N

  53. LOL.. ya neh.. it gets from bad to worse for the poor gal… Last time I got a beat down was when I was 16. My mom found pics of my boyfriend in my bag… I never saw those slaps coming lol… Was grounded for the rest of the school holidays (mind you I was in boarding school and my boyfriend was from home).. shame never got to see him at all

  54. Thjooo shame maan my mother used a belt also but I never was humiliated like you girl.

    I wonder how are you gonna cope with being BORN AGAIN looking forward to that on the next chapter.

  55. Mike you are so talented my broer.. keep ém coming. I really love your blogs.
    #The last time I got a warm klap was back in 2001 for not cleaning the house. imagine!! my mom was so strict back then#

  56. ha ha ha mike u always leave us in suspence kkk, i think N ‘s secret is going to be discovered but she will carry on with her sugar daddy becoz she is paying back her mum for humiliating her like tt, after she is forced to get born again.

  57. I was a stubborn child so my mom knew not to make the mistake of beating me up, instead she’d talk to me like an adult, give me options and then the cold shoulder. That worked like a charm because I eventually learned to discipline myself.

  58. OMG. When I was 20, proudly doing my second year @ tertiary. I honestly thought i had graduated from that $$ht. My ma gave me a serias beat down, and she strangled me until powerful stuff came out, Thanks to my Granddad, else id be dead, cause I refused to do Amagwinya…after coming back from BF, for a whole weekend..maybe I did push it a little….LOL Here I’m still the tree I swear

  59. Yohhh… She’s in for it, reminds of when i went out for the first time. I sneaked out at night after bribing my brother to open up for me when i buzz him, and he was supposed to be very silent about it. Just when I thought I made it to my bedroom my mom was behind me, i got a beating so hard I’m sure the neighbours all heard. She ended up not knowing what to beat me up with, i remember her heavy breathing from beating me up, there was a point where she was looking for something to beat me with coz her hands had had enough, so she took the closest thing she could find, a chair. And i got so many lashes with the chair i didn’t even go back to school that week coz every part of me was painful, I remember her screaming while asking whether i was still a virgin, and I remember crying yes with every lash.
    Needless to say that was the first and last time i did someting like that.

  60. Ok Wow . . . .Its gets interesting by day. How did the mom find out about the sugar daddy? Was it through the police man?

  61. Heheheheh Mommy Mommy ansa d phone, dnt rememeber lastym my mother gave me a gud hiding but it was in highschool though

  62. Iyo impa N, lol last tym I got it bad ws 2006, Ma found me smokin weed 4 da 1st tym n she made sure I dnt try da 2nd tym lol worst part, she ddnt hit me while I ws high, she waited til I ws myself again

  63. Wow your story is my addiction and I read it with anticipation for what happens next nice going Mike gr8 work.

  64. Yoh the last time I got a hidding was when I was in grade 10 mama was calling me to pack my things for boarding school. I didn’t heare a thing because I was watching generations. Wet rag! Baba!

  65. wow…you are really talented broer…creativity at its best.

    My mom beat me up in 2001 and i was 17 yrs old, when i lied to her that i was going to a funeral with a girlfriend she did not trust . I left on saturday nite and came back on monday morning. She also didnt go to work that morning, She demanded that she sees the clothes that i wore at hte funeral and guess what???? I had only Jeans in my bag with “stomach out tops”.

    Iyoooooh…..She moerd me that day …..

  66. You know when i hide at the toilet at work just to read your blogs… Hahaha I’m hoooked can’t wait for the next chapter! Lovely

  67. damn! u gotta give it to mom shez trying all her best to put her on da straight en narrow en if for the best! oh my mum was old skul she’d beat me had i tried sumthing like dat!

  68. Yoh the last time my mom beat me was when I was 13, I’d burst out laughing during family prayer

  69. Hey man

    Good story

    A word of advice if i may. Please make the links to the chapters available through a proper means of navigation. This will make things easier for those who have to start reading the story from scratch or looking for specific chapters. This will also make it easier for ppl who will read your story on mobile devices and small screens.

  70. NOW THIS IS JUST FANTASTIC, i thought i would write in caps lock just to emphasize my point. P.S my mom once slapped me infront of my bf and his frnds because i had left eith the house keys, she was locked out.

  71. Yooooh, cant remember that my mom ever gave me a hiding. Sjoe mar dis is a good read…… hooked for days.

  72. Lol yoh wrong time hey. Times are tough remember those days when we were always on Mxit and your mum catches you on the phone and grabs it O_O #dead for days when she reads those messages

  73. I can’t remember but my mom na rata lebanta,kikikiki. Shame poor thing now she’s blackmailed to be born again by force,can’t wait to hear abt her expression when she goes to church.kamo le Sugar daddy’s call,Ayeye! **impatiently waiting for chapter 10 11 12 Infinity*

  74. Lol hahaha only gal in the world is ma ringtone as well…
    Shooo the call came at a wrng time dZam

  75. Shame poor gal, Lord have mercy kade ingane yabantu ivivinywa. But her Mother that drama was unnecessary. Was introduced 2 this blog yesterday but am so hooked can’t even concentrate @ work.

  76. Wow I jst enjoy reading ur writing I can’t even do my school work…every minute I just check if there is a new chapter…can’t wait 4 another chapter

  77. So nw she’s forced 2 b Born Again heh heh udlala ngesikhathi lo-mama. I alwys got a beating 4 fyting wth my lil csta. Even thou she alwys started it


  79. I was very naughty but only when my mom z not around, so never got a beating ever!!! hahaha……

  80. Thiza!!! This reminds me ndibhaqwa ngutata ndime nenkwenkwe, yhooooo oko ndingazange ndife. Zange ndenze no byebye, yabona ndigqotsile ukubaleka tltltll…kwakungekabikho nezo cell fones ke ngoko *giving away age hey*

  81. My primary years, ngishayelwa ukuzula ngibuye late. Mama wayengafuni nje sizule thina mantombazane ekhaya, mina ngingayingeni nje leyo. Thanks for Chapter 9.

  82. Was in matric n I had a bf he fone me to come outside I thot mah was slpng whn I came bck she clap me bt bng my dads fav child I gt away wth it saying I was @ my neighbors n she was to blame

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