Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Ten

Fuck it! Beating or not she could not answer that call. There is something about a phone that makes one feel as though your privacy is violated when someone else goes through it. Even when you have done nothing wrong, your phone is your own and that’s what God intended. Ask your boyfriend for his phone just for ten minutes alone and see how philosophical he gets. Screw diaries phones are the new little black books. It can destroy you in so many ways its not even funny. If you have heard of a story where a woman threw boiling water at a man it was because she went through his phone and caught him when he was in bed. In your mothers hands however if you are a teenager a phone is a weapon which determines a lot of things from pocket money right up to the nature of punishment, from your grades right down to whom your friends should be. In my case it was death. I would rather kill myself.

I don’t know what got into me! I dived for that phone with such agility Somizi would have been proud. I knocked my mum over in the process but it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t push her. Literally I went for the phone and in her attempt to evade me she slipped and dropped my phone sending it shattered in all directions. She was stunned by my reaction but to be honest if she had picked up that phone I swear I would have fought her for it. I was so scared because if she had reacted like that at school what would she do next. Cowards die many times before their deaths! I had to make sure this ended now.

It was only then after this sudden rush of blood that I realized what had just happened. My mum does not really know how to use technology. She can’t put in her own sim card and the works. She told me to hand over the phone parts which I did nervously. I was scared she would slap me for “pushing” her so i kept my distance even then. I knew she wouldn’t be able to reassemble it. I made sure when I picked it up I took my memory card without her looking. I had a small victory inside me. I thought for sure I was about to have round two but thank God my dad walked in.

My dad is the voice of reason in my family. My mum I am sure you have noticed by now was not the subtle sit in the corner type. She started telling my dad everything that she had found out, that she had beat me up, that I had “attacked” her for the phone!

My dad sat and listened quietly. I thought I was dead for sure. My dad is a soft spoken man. My mum is king and the law of the house. When she was done my dad asked me what I had to say for myself. For the first time I was being asked for my side of the story. I told him that yes the police had stopped me and went on. I told him how mom haad known on Saturday then came to surprise me at school. I told him about the humiliation and how I would only ever go back to that school on a stretcher. My mother immediately jumped in to say: re tla bona gore Ba-Dimo ba golo ke ba mang? (we will see tomorrow morning whose ancestors are bigger yours or mine). I ignored her. My father asked me to go my room so he could speak to my mum. She started off by yelling that he must do something but my dad somehow calmed her down. I didn’t want to go to my room so I just pretended so I can listen in.

I heard him telling her to calm down. He reminded her of how they had met. My mum was 19 when heard me and my dad had been 41. He had been married at the time and had two kids. He had lost his family because of the shame he had caused. My mother started shouting saying how he can compare her to me. Theirs was different. They were in love. And they ended up together. My father did not raise his voice as he again calmed her down and asked if she thought her actions of today had made the situation better or worse!

You know when you are a child its quite embarrassing when your parents have such a big age difference especially where it is noticeable by physical appearance. Yes you don’t mention it but its not the easiest thing to parade. I noticed that my parents didn’t really hang out with other couples because for one the people my father related to where older than my mother significantly whilst my mother’s people where too young for my father. Moreover even new functions or places we attended as a family it was odd for my dad and little brother. I remember once at the mall some white lady who was with her grandchild said to my dad when he was with my little brother “what a lovely grandson you have! We too old for this but the time we spend with them is priceless”. I remember this so well because I might have been young but i saw how much it had annoyed my father. We even left the mall at that time having just arrived. Obviously it doesn’t click as a child because you love your parents and they are superheroes to you. What’s worse my mum was not that big so she had maintained her youth. My dad being older no miracles could stop him from ageing to be fair. He was 58 now so you can imagine.

I had heard enough! After what she had just done what a hypocrite! I had lost all respect for her! I stomped in angrily. How does a mother humiliate a child like that over the very same crime she had committed. Maybe she was ashamed of herself for having me and had taken it out on me. How dare she? I was going to have my pound of flesh.

Before I even opened my mouth to speak there was a knock on the door. My dad was closest to the door and he opened it himself.

Standing at the door was Jack, Siyandas father!

What was he doing here?

There was about to be a showdown!!!

****The End****


Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (facebook)

Question: Would you confess to your partner if you had a one night stand even one induced by alcohol? What happened the last time you confessed?

SHARP SHARP!!!!!!! For Vuyo Mbuli

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  1. No I wouldn’t confess.. Some things are juss better left unsaid.. What he don’t know won’t hurt him. It was juss a one-night stand.. Furthermore alcohol was involved.. Is it even worth it? I would not!! Oooh shiat.. What is Jack doin’ here.. »» Chapter 11 #WaitsEagerly!

  2. ai ai ai, wat is Jack doing there…

    i have never cheated nor even had any sexual intercourse with anyone… so i wouldn’t know..

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  8. The last time I confessed I lost the guy !till today I still beat myself up for being honesty! So no more confession 4 me !

  9. she’s got a nerve of giving her a hidding after what she did,as a young gal,she’s forgeting that an aple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  10. I don’t approve of what Nelisa,is doing but her mom knew days before she went to beat her up at school. I think a mother would have sat down with her child and get her side of the story then advise her of the consequences of her action. M glad I am the first to read the blog. Sharp sharp, eita dear!!!! R.I.P Vuyo Mbuli

  11. OH JACK>.. what the hell are you doing there??? He will probably make things worse for the poor gal.. eish ya..

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  14. Haha I had told my boyfriend I’m going home for the weekend meanwhile I’m going away for the weekend with my girls, he called my landline and my mom told him angikho… When I came back he pretended as tho he knew nothing asked me how home was… Told him twas lovely… 2days later my mum called as we chatting athi “OH u Jabu* called nge weekend and I told him you not home”… YOH I had to confess, after I confessed athi “I knew” felt sooooooo bad

  15. I once confessed to my then boyfriend, that I had a one night stand. Mxm, I should have known that when a woman cheats, its the end of the world.

  16. Honestly I will nvr confess,wat u don’t knw won’t hurt and havin said that man don’t 4gv n if thy do it will remain a reminder of wat u did while u wit him,last I confessd I lost my man n dat pain remains unforgetable

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  19. How dare she tries to go off her mother like she just explained the dynamics of her parents marriage clearly no parent would want their kids to go through what they weren’t through themselves. I have had my boyfriend confess about his 1 night stand.

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  24. i wud never confess such things to my parents but blve u me mothers know if u done something naughty i dnt know how thy know but shame. ull regret it fo the rest of ur life and to put cherry on top ul get Dineos (generations) backhand clap

  25. Some things r beta left unsaid…Jack wat d hell is he doing @ d house ds keeps getting beta nw m anxiously waiting fr chapter 11

  26. I think jack’s visit is innocent thou, nothin 2 stress abt… Tok abt a devil’s coincidence

  27. there is a phrase that state that “izono zoyise zowela kubantwana”, so i guess lo mama is trying to redirect history and preventing the pain that might repeat itself, Jo Jo jo engabe u sugar sugar ufunani,

    telling on one night stand to a parner depends on occassion of scenarios, if there is a chance it could affect what i have in the future it is better to tell it as it is now, if it wont affect my parner it better to let it go, and also if it is a man whom had it normally they tell because they slip easily where else woman make sure being caught is not optional, further guys do not forgive at all, even if he says he do, but soze akhohlwa or axole..

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    No I would not confess. It will cause unnecessary headache.

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  32. If you still love your partner and want to stay with them, confessing is useless. Just fix your ways, be faithful and live happily ever after.

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    Uhm. If askd then yes, I wud tell all… Im like that ey, ask direct questions n u get direct n honest answers, even if it hurts u.
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