Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Twelve

I was dreading this moment. When my alarm went off I just wished that I could stay in bed forever and that time could just stand still be it for a moment. The thing with time is that when your execution is near it seems to move so fast. When something good is coming your way it seems to drag on forever. With my impending death versus my trip away I am sure even time took a moment for it was confused which one to take. I was on both extremes. I couldn’t linger on those thoughts for long though because as soon as I woke up my mother was already at my door saying I should get ready because she was personally taking me to school. On the one hand it was good because I didn’t have share a transport and on the other hand bad because I had to go with her. Was she going to make another scene? Immediately I had tears welling down my cheeks. Not again. Was this a woman showing how much she loved her child or a psychopath who loved drama? Where was my mom? I think that morning more than anything would change our relationship forever. You don’t continue to kick a carcass when its already dead.

I did my things silently but when I denied breakfast she went off on there was no way in hell I was leaving that door without eating. She didn’t want sugar daddies giving me money for lunch she said. If only she knew, they don’t give me pocket money, they take me to Sun City, I thought to myself rolling my eyes! Eish bad mistake! Every girl will tell you that rolling your eyes has to be the worst crime you can commit to your parents as a girl. What? That’s almost always guaranteed to get an immediate decisive reaction. Ah! As if I wasn’t in enough trouble already. “Did you just roll your eyes at me Nelisa?” She was incensed! Obviously I replied “No” which only made her angrier because now it became “Are you saying I am lying?” She was holding a wooden cooking stick in her hand and I was certain she would swing it my way. Fortunately my father and little brother walked into the kitchen at that moment. My dad immediately told my mum to stop. He told her that I have learnt my lesson and disciplining is about teaching not maiming. I know he was angry at me but I am sure he now felt sorry for me. I knew he would be in trouble later on for picking a side against her in front of the kids. I didn’t care really I didn’t want that stick on me.

After we were done eating my dad took my little brother and I left with my mother. Fortunately because I did not use the transport I got to school. There were not many people at the gate. My mother thank heavens said she won’t be entering with me. I instinctively let out a heavy sigh of relief. It was immediate and unintentional. She saw it and heard it too. I could see a slight smile of victory on her face though I must pity too. She had won. She had driven her message across. “I am sorry about what I did mom, ndiyaxolisa kakhulu!” With that I left the car. I didn’t give her a chance to respond. I didn’t want her to respond. I hated that woman with every ounce of my body at that moment but I knew how to win a war not small battles. I was going to grin and bare it. A lot of teenage girls hate their mothers at some point in their development. This was the first time I had ever had that sentiment.

Even as I walked in I could see the grade 8s pointing at me arguing whether or not it was her (meaning me). One fat girl with bad acne and crooked teeth insisted that it was not only me but I had been dropped off by my sugar daddy. Some where even whispering that I had been kicked out of home. Imagine. One girl even said and I quote for it made me laugh on such a gloomy day “U ma wakhe ngathi uChuck Norris, uwdingi noh’buza” loosely translated to “her mother is like Chuck Norris no questions asked”. School hadn’t even started and already I was hearing all these things. The thing with students is that when you are in shit, they want you to know that they know and want to do it in your face to evoke a reaction out of you.

Two girls that I vaguely know but we are in the same grade came to me. They started telling me that I should be careful with Sibongile because yesterday she went around telling people that it was about time I got caught because she had warned me several times about my “sugar daddies” meaning I had had plenty. Much as I was so angry I kept quiet and just cried. One of the girls just said hang in there and they walked away. Even my friends where turning against me. It is so true that saying that when times are hard friends are few. In high school I had always kept a small circle. I didn’t belong to a clique of ten like most girls her because it is a lot of admin as well as fights to break. I did however speak to many different cliques of girls but not necessarily as a member. I therefore expected that a lot o people that knew me even vaguely would either laugh at me or speak to me to comfort me. I was grateful though that it had been in the office, the beating that is, because there would be a video out there by now. People love such things that humiliate others.

I heard someone call my name. I knew that voice very well. I was not ready for the questions for I had no answers. There are people whom when you commit a crime you do not want to face up to. It can be parents, friends, teacher even lovers at times. With me it was everyone. My dating one person, whom in all fairness I was not even dating, had become everyone’s problem and concern. Like really! Why do people involve themselves in someone else’s business? It is wrong and unnecessary.

At times just because you lay your own bed doesn’t mean you necessarily want to lie it. It is forced on you.

It was Thabo! So early in the morning! This was going to be a bad day!

“Can we talk please?”

That’s all he said!

***The End***

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (facebook)

Question: What is the worst thing or humiliating thing that ever happened to you in public?

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  25. there was a time when my mom was at the waitn area at skwl then some girl walked in with a huge hem that was stapled with literal staples then she says ‘whoO mntanami yini lento oyenze la?(Touchn the hem) uhlala kanjani ngama staples?’ LmaoX_X my mom though worst part was that the girl was an aquaintaince.

  26. this actually happens in real life it has happened to me while i was at LCC boarding school, yes i was rebellious but ppl needs to mind their own business its not like they do not have drama of their own, wait till their shit hits the fan ba tlabe ba ntshitse mahlo…. le the sugerbaby deal with her shit in her own way and time

  27. my mom found me on top of this huge tree with rocks bigger than me at the time and she was fuming. She told me to get down and i knew i was gona get a beat down infront of my friends so i refused. She started throwing rocks at me and there i was on top of this tree crying so you can just imagine the echo my crying made. Wen she went away i knew that knowing her it wsnt over and i went hme and locked myself in my room with the lite off and ddnt make a sound the whole night so she thot i ddnt come hme they evn went to report a missing person at the police thnking i ran away. I opened the door wen they wer outside looking 4 an axe to break it down and wen she saw me standing there she just loughed lmao.

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  40. What you went through is small things I remember when I had a sugardaddy in grade 11 and the wife of my sugar daddy cozd a seen in town when she wanted to beat me up badly and she was crying coz her husband was no longer paying attention to her but my mom neva beated me up coz she was scared of driving me into sugardaddys arms….my dad on the other side was hurt mind u my family is one of those religious familys so they quoted scriptures for me… school life was hectic cz everyone knew

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  44. Something very similar once happened to me when I was much younger. I was still in high school and I had been sent to buy meat that was to be cooked for Sunday lunch. When I left the house, that’s exactly what I did. I went to buy meat. On my way back from Spar, my boyfriend called so I took a detour to his house. I got there and there was some sort of 2-for2 chillas going on. Now, there was no way I was gonna go home and leave my “man” alone coz I feared that if I did, I would be replaced. (I feel stupid just remembering that. Thank God I grew and so did my brain) Anywho… I chilled and before I knew it, it was 22:00 and I hadn’t taken the meat home. I had forgotten all about it. I was so consumed by being a “medi” that I forgot that before I was that, I was my parents’ child first. I child who had been sent to buy meat. Meat that hadn’t made it successfully from the shop to my home. I was in crap. I jumped up and asked my “man” to walk me home and he did. You would expect that I would ask that we hurry but nope, we strolled like I had all the time in the world. Eventually when I got home, I stared at the door wodering who was gonna knock on my behalf coz I certainly wasn’t gonna do that myself. I was scared. I think my mom thought something had happened to me and was worried because soon the door opened and there I stood. She unlocked the burglar door and let me in. My boyfriend was still at the gate waiting to make sure I was safely in the house. When she looked up and saw him, I got the slap of my life. In front of him. That seemed like the most embarrassing moment of my life at the time. How was I to look at him afterwards? Ah well… I moved on like absolutely nothing had happened 🙂

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  47. You such an addictive read………

    As a young man I would come home with differeent girls hoping my mom didnt see me but this one day she embarrased me so much, she woke up @ 3am and started praying walking around the house and when, she got to the part of the prayer that said….phuma sathane endlini yami phuma moyomubi….( Get out of my house you devil get out bad spririt) she stood at my bedroom door for more than 10 min….MY GIRL KNEW WE WERE BUSTED .I couldnt look at her in the morning.

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    I felt he deserved it a bit.

    The next day everyone was on my case and I just acted like I didn’t know anything.

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  56. Eish Nelisa your mother reminds me of Bree (desperate housewives) she said and i quote “shame is the best teacher” yet she lost her children in the process.

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  76. I ws humiliated once,a lady beat me up(nyatsi nogal),saying that ke jola le rangwane wa ka,dis ws on my bthday,dt made me not wnt to celebrate it anymore,and I hated my uncle 4 not standing up for me!

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