ORIGINS Chapter 35

“I am a lady. A lady does not fight for a man. Fighting for a man is beneath me and something I will not do.”

I told myself. These two girls were wrong. In all the time. i had known him he still had not kissed me or tried to. Maybe he was not attracted to me like that so what was I fighting for exactly?

“No, we are not going to do that. I sent him a message that I was out and he did not respond.”

I told them calmly meanwhile inside I was hurting. The devil works overtime guys.

“We keep letting this girl get away with things!”

Zethu said ready for war. I really had to control her tonight because I knew she was going to find an excuse.

“We are going to order a bottle. Nthabiseng you will be the girl of the hour, not me!”

I told her of which she immediately asked me,

“Why me?”

I responded,

“He knows Zethu but I don’t think he knows you too well. More importantly, it cannot be my party because it will be like me seeking his attention. I should be able to say I am supporting my girl.”

I told her.

“What if guys join us? This is a club after all and you know they will.”

Zethu asked as we formulated a plan.

“It cannot be three guys, maybe just two. I don’t want him to cancel me!”

I told them taking it back to my original dilemma. I had no power in this relationship with Ada as truth be told he could kick me out any second he wanted. I always had to play it right and correct with him no matter what.

“I don’t have the budget for a bottle guys, all I have is my pocket money and it is not even enough!”

She said.

“You can use my card then we will fix everything later!”

Zethu told her. With a plan in motion we order a bottle of Moet as was the culture. I still did not like it but nothing gets you more attention than girls who seem like they can afford themselves. We ordered our first bottle and before long the flies were swarming towards us. Two girls from campus also joined us which made the numbers even better. One bottle became 3 in no time. About 2 hours in i felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Abedi.

“Oh wow hi, how are you?”

I sad acting completely surprised to see him here.

“Have you just arrived?”

I asked him with a huge smile on my face so much so he was perplexed by my reaction.

“Are you telling me that you did not see us this whole time?”

He asked me in disbelief.

“Of course not I would have come to you. Whom are you with?”

I asked him acting as though i was looking around to try and see.

“I am with Ada and Tshiamo!”

He said and I noted that he conveniently left out the wicked witch. I suppose he thought this would make me more comfortable and I was not even going to act as though I cared where she was.

“Guys am coming, I am going to say hi to Ada then I will be back just now!”

I told the girls and they agreed with me. As we walked to were they were sitting I could see that other girls were looking at us in envy. We actually made a good physical couple walking next to each other. When we got to where they were sitting Zamo and Tshiamo were not there so I presumed they were probably in the bathroom. Ada stood up and give me a hug.

“So were you not going to come and greet us?”

He asked me.

“I tried calling you and I even sent you a message. Did you check your phone?”

I asked him.

“No, I mean today. If Abedi had not come to you where you not going to come to us?”

He asked me. I could see he was unhappy.

“Well I did not even know you were here? I even said as much to Abedi. When did you guys get here because we were very early?”

I asked him trying to put him off.

“Sit down!”

He said as I was still standing. He was not his usual sweet self I noticed so I decided to indulge him.

“My phone has been off all evening. I have people I am avoiding so I decided that let me just switch it off!”

Abedi stood up at that moment and disappeared into the crowd.

“I am sorry if I knew you were here I would have come to you. I did not know. I have missed you so much!”

I told him. When I smiled I noticed that his facial features relaxed a bit. It was at that moment that Zamo and Tshiamo arrived.

“Be cool”

Ada warned me in a lower voice so as not to be heard by the girls. I was never going to be dramatic but what happened next surprised even me.

“Hey girl how are you?”

Zamo screamed excitedly when she saw me. She even jumped up and down with excitement as she came to hug me. My heart said I must ignore her but with the warning that Ada had given me I stood up and hugged.

“Hey Zamo!”

I said squealing like a pig the way she was doing it. The way I hated this fake scream these girls do though!

“Wow you look so great the holiday really worked for you!”

She said to me.

“Thank you and you too. I love your dress, give us a twirl lets see!”

I told her and the idiot did not even hesitate. She still looked the same, nothing had changed at all but girls do well when you lie to them. Tell her what she wants to hear and she will love you for life.

“This is my friend Tshiamo I don’t know if you remember her. Tshiamo this is a friend of ours, Sanelisiwe!”

She said and my face just went cold. Even Ada noticed that and he immediately said,


To correct and she laughed and said,

“OMG, I am so bad with names. My bad!”

She had done it on purpose. When you deliberately mistake a person name it’s to show them that they are not important and not worthy of remembering. It’s a proper slight which cannot be taken lightly.

“Why don’t you guys come and join us?”

He asked me.

“Nope, I wouldn’t want to impose. I can see that it’s a two by two situation. You can have your fun with your friends I will be with my girls on the other side.”

I told him already moving back to walk away.

“No it’s not like that. Abedi had no one to go out with and because they were two I agreed to tag along as opposed to chilling at home alone!”

He explained. I so badly wanted to tell him that I had already seen them holding hands but that would be me exposing myself over the fact that I had seen them earlier.

“It’s ok, there are three of us anyway. I really don’t want people to be struggling to hear our names if we come back here. Next time you come out never be someone else’s wingman. You are way too good of a man to be that Ada!”

I told him and I walked away leaving the two girls gawking at me. As I walked away a guy from campus whose name I did not even know waved at me in recognition. I knew Ada was watching so I made sure I hugged him. That should eat him inside. The girls were obviously waiting wanting to hear the news. I was feeling myself at this stage so I made Zethu order another bottle. Our area because of the fact that there were five girls had drawn a lot of attention and guys were starting to join. I felt yet another tap on my shoulder and I expected Abedi, it was yet another surprise, Zamo.

“Please come and chill with us because now he is sulking and when he sulks it means we are about to go home!”

This girl must have the memory of a goldfish.

“Why are you talking to me? We are not friends remember and oh, you don’t even remember my name?”

I asked her. Zethu saw her. Standing between her and Zethu was one of the girls we had bumped into there. She had just filled her champagne glass and was talking to some guy I don’t know. I saw what was going to happen and I nodded my approval at Zethu. Zethu turned around to give the girl her back and with her ass she nudged her strongly enough to make her stumble. She was already tipsy at this stage meaning she didn’t stand a chance. She spilled her champagne onto Zamo’s beautiful white dress. Poor child. She screamed but with the music so loud no one cared.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

She screamed at the other girl who started apologizing profusely. The dramatic girl burst into tears and stomped back to where they were sitting. The dress was ruined and if she had any hope of salvaging it she had to wash it. I followed her so that I could see what happens next. She went straight to Abedi. When I got there they asked me what happened?

“Someone spilt wine on her dress. Its rather bad. She needs to soak this dress immediately otherwise a champagne stain does not come out no matter what!”

I offered my fake 5c worth of opinion. I had made that part up because I really did not know about champagne just wine.

“This is a R3000 dress, I cant afford to mess it up!”

She cried.

“You are right, you have to go home and fix it!”

Abedi told her.

“Let’s go!”

She said to Tshiamo. Her friend was rather surprised by all this but she stood up. They posed looking at Abedi,

“I am not going with you! I just arrived I don’t want to be driving back and forth, there are Metro police at night!”

He said and I wanted to burst out laughing because her face went from distraught to shock and then horror when she realized that this was not a joke. He did not even bother standing up.

“Here is money for a cab! Tell me when you get there ok love!”

He said so dismissively handing her what looked like R400. What an ass to be honest but because he was dismissing her like the stain that she was my heart was leaping with joy.

“Are you serious?”

She asked him in shock and possibly deeply humiliated.

“Yes. We cant chill with you in a stained dress and I just bought you that dress so please go and fix this mess!”

He said. I don’t know what made it worse the fact that he was scolding her in front of me or that he was dismissing her without escorting her. I made eye contact with Ada. I know my man, he immediately said

“Go take your friends your friends and come chill with us!”

You can’t make this shit up. Hurt, humiliated and broken I watched the girl who did not know my name stomp out of the club. In girl world you need to know that if you snooze you lose, dog eat dog and take no prisoners.

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