Young Employed and Single

YES 188

NB: Today’s chapter is deliberately short.


A child goes missing in South Africa every five minutes.

That’s every five minutes of every day.

That’s everyday of every year!


Those good with maths please do the maths because even the thought is exhausting when you put your mind to it. Our ignorance as parents sometimes leads us into putting our children into unnecessary risk when just reading the do’s and don’ts can save so many lives. Ask a black parent how many times they have gone to check online or at the police station the tactics child kidnappers use to lure kids and I believe you will be shocked to learn that its virtually lest the 5%. When something then goes wrong what do they do? They blame the police for not acting fast enough or catching the criminal? How do you expect miracles when you can’t even look after your own child? That’s the reality and no, it is a myth that you have to wait 24hours before you report a missing child to the police because 24 hours is an extremely long time to give anyone a head start. Go to instagram right now and see how 15 year olds are practically naked and getting thousands of likes on their pictures yet the parents could not even be bothered to check their kid’s online presence! Half the teens kidnapped today it was not a car that came and stuffed them onto the bonnet but her going to meet up a person she would not have had parents monitored her! We act like we are too busy to police our children when in reality we are so busy chasing after things that often don’t matter.

Mbuso was still on the phone with the insurance tracker people.

“Put them on speaker in case you miss something!”

I told him. I was not meaning to pry but the reality is he was not in any state to be making that call. He gave them his license plate number.

“The car is on the M2 northbound. We are releasing a helicopter right now and emergency services have been dispatched. Our best advice is that stay indoors until you hear from us!”

The lady from his insurance said. It’s amazing how we can underestimate the power of having a tracker and insurance. We are so stingy with extra pennies which often we will end up drinking anyway that when times like these come you will never forgive yourself for not being covered.

“Ok we will do so!”

I told the lady before she hung up. Mbuso was beside himself. I know as women nowadays we are taught to say we want men who are emotional and who cry but the truth is seeing a man sob like this is quite something.

“Don’t worry they will find her? She will be fine!”

My sister said touching him on the shoulder. I was standing closest to him so I moved away to give them space, they were engaged after all.

“Security I want to understand something, how did a car just drive past the gate without you seeing who is driving it?”

I asked the guard who was with us.

“Madam we are new so we don’t know who is who. We didn’t open for them meaning the person had a tag or something!”

He told us.

“How though because the tag for the gate stays on the house keys and the house keys are over there!”

My sister who was clearly listening in on our conversation as she always does in any case.

“I don’t know. We are already reviewing the security footage and have already sent copies to our supervisor plus the police. We will find out what happened I promise you but for now one thing at a time maam let’s get the child back then the car!”

The guy said. For a security guard I could not help but notice that he spoke very well and thoughtful. We are accustomed to Nigerian movies were whenever someone works security he is an idiot or comedian. It’s actually quite disrespectful and discriminatory when you think about it.

“Yes you have a point but still we need to speak to the body corporate because this is crazy!”

I told him hands folded across my chest. It was unacceptable that the videos we see on Twitter every day were now becoming our reality. In Johannesburg crime is so real you literally wait your turn.

“I am sorry maam!”

He said as thought that was going to change anything at this moment.

“It’s ok.”

I told him abruptly. I went back to my sister and Mbuso.

“I feel like I have failed her you know. I want to tell her how much I love her forever if I can. I want to drive her to high school one day and watch my bay go for her matric dance. I want her to go to university, imagine that university. She will be the first person in my family to actually do that if she manages that! That’s why I work so hard to give her the best now this happens?”

He asked as he cried.

“She will be fine don’t worry. She is a very tough resourceful little girl believe me I know so don’t talk like that! You will take her to that dance and she will love you forever for it!”

My sister said reassuring him. I found myself again unable to go console him and ended up standing around looking foolish.

Blue lights…that’s a good sign right! I ran outside with everyone else because the anxiety was obviously killing us.

“Do you have my daughter? Where is my daughter? Ntheteng, where are you?”

He asked the officer going to the back of the police cruiser to look.

“Sir you need to come with us!”

The officer said in a very polite but sincere tone. I could not help but notice that he was not looking him in the eye.

“I am not going anywhere unless you tell me what’s going on!”

Mbuso said standing up to his face defiantly but the tears were literally choking the words out of him.

“Sir please, we can’t do this here please!”

The man said again and his voice sounded sombre yet desperate.

“No, like I said I am not going anywhere! I am going to wait here for my daughter!”

He said again.

“Officer we were told to wait here! Did you find the car?”

I said trying to intervene seeing how defiant Mbuso was being.

“We found the car yes but the child was not in the car! We then did further searching…”

He continued…

No don’t say it…

“I am sorry to say this but ma’am …sir…a body of a child …”

He started to say…


Mbuso screamed in agony!


I was stunned.

************The End ************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you so much for reading my letter. I even have goose bumps writing this.

Guys I have been cheating on my boyfriends all my life. I date someone and the first few months the love burns red hot then I get bored and I want a new adventure. Is that normal! My current boyfriend I met him when I was working in Sandton City. He is ten years older and a business person. We started dating and he is perfect. He has a daughter who took to me quickly and yeah all is perfect but I am already bored. We go on trips and holidays but the longer I stay with him the more I feel trapped. I grew up in abusive home were my father used my mother like a punching bag. As though this was not enough the bastard went on to commit suicide after spending all the money in the house living us destitute. My mother always trusted in God to protect us but the way we lived it is hard for me even now to think of a God. I don’t want to end up old alone and miserable but I already am. I have slept with a lot of people and I don’t know how to stop. My current boyfriend wants to pay lobola.

What do I do?

Thank You

30 thoughts on “YES 188

  1. Thank you, you have nice life problems…. you need prayers though i’ve never heard of any hoeing medication though…

    That can’t be Ntheteng NOOOOOOO

  2. Noooo if Nteteng dies, Lungi will feel guilty with having his baby and will keep it what will happen to her sister shem

  3. Such a sad chapter 🙁 CAn Lungi just accept that calling?!

    To the letter…

    You and I are in the same boat, I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 13 years now and I dint even remember a point where I wasn’t cheating… I also wonder if this is normal too cause I don’t even need money from these guys.

    I’m trying to put my house in order as I want to start a family of my own but I still find someone to cheat with. I can’t even put a picture of my significant other online because I always have something going on.

    My advice is you have found yourself a good man, do the right thing as he wants to do right by you.

  4. Thank you Bhut Mike… Yhooo this chapter got me in tears here 🙁 goodness me.

    We take things soooo granted singa bantu until something happens!!!

    And on a different but reIated issue: its like with this card scamming thing , I once watched a documentary on it and the security measures we need to take are really not a train smash but ke..we think we smart when we really aren’t …..sigh!!!

    QnA: You need to get to the root cause of your problem, maybe seeing abuse first hand “created” a perception of what relationships are or it made you not want to be in a relationship…so you feeling trapped maybe that , you don’t want to stick around for too long with a person to see their true colours and have to deal with that!!

    Its not that you are bored…but rather scared of sticking around long enough for a person to start abusing you!!!
    First thing you need to do is, open up to your man about how you feeling and tell him that you are rather scared than bored ( that may just create a whole different thing )

    Tell him about your mother being abused by your father and how that made you feel!!!

    I sensed a lot of anger at the mention of you father and maybe you need to deal with those feelings first before you resolve your “relationship dilemma” … You may find you have daddy issues you are not aware of…..its not only girls/women that were raised by single mothers that have daddy issues you know!!

    All the best nhe

  5. This is so sad. I feel sorry for Mbuso. I really want Mbuso and Lungi’s sister to live happily ever after. They both deserve happiness😣

  6. Hope this has nothing to do with Mthobisi and crew! What a sad day! Atleast they found the body. As a parent my greatest fear is to not find my child, have a child go missing and never ever see them again! Not knowing if they are dead / starved / abused wherever they are… Poor Nteteng… will miss her opinionated loud mouth!

  7. Oh my word, I don’t normally comment but the kidnapping hit home.
    @Anon please bring thay man here. You can continue with your cheating ways but the trail of broken hearted men you are leaving us to deal with is bad. However my dear something is causing you to almost ‘fear’ commitment. Perhaps counselling? Also are you over your abuse as a child?

  8. I don’t think its Nthatheng though it just can’t be.

    Lungi please accept the calling coz now this is affecting everyone around you which is unfair. Do right Lungi for once nje.

  9. Thank you Mike.
    Just stalked my 17 year old Facebook account and shock of my life she has 2854 followers🤔 of which most of them are not even in the continent.

  10. QnA I think we as black people need to take therapy serious. You need to go see a therapist and try resolve the anger issues and daddy issues that you have. Hope it works out for the better.

  11. Ntheteng kidnapping has nothing t do with Lungies’s calling…Can Lungie just live her life without being blackmailed tu….

  12. Nooooo why Mara? Mthobisi I’m sure. My heart is torn. Not an innocent soul. Tjo people can so cruel. Lungi must do something about her calling now before its too late

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