Majuba 63

It is highly unlikely that there has ever been such a period in my life where everything seemed to go wrong at the

same time. Why is life like that though? One point is going swimmingly well then the next things the blocks seem to be falling apart at the same time. This is exactly what was happening to me right now. These were my thoughts as I drove into his driveway. The lady who works there opened for him which just made it worse because I was made to sit in the study for a good thirty minutes before he came. In the study he had pictures of him with very powerful people, the kind you always find on either City Press or Sunday Times on Sunday mornings.

Finally I heard movement,

“Good evening sir!”

I said standing up immediately. He did not respond nor did he shake my outstretched hand. He was not looking happy at all.

“Have I done something sir you are acting funny?”

I wanted to ask him that but well I kept my mouth shut and observed.

“Son how long have we known each other?”

He asked me.

“I …don’t understand…a couple of months or so!”

I told him.

“And in that couple of months I welcomed you into my house, introduced you to a project that will change your life and how did you repay me?”

He asked me. Shit, my heart sank because I knew where this was going but never accept guilt unless evidence is presented.

“I don’t understand sir!”

I said and he slammed his hands hard on the table and shouted.

“What is it you don’t understand? I asked you how you repaid me.”

He asked me again. I was dead for sure.

“Sir I can explain?”

I started to say. What the fuck? Naledi was old enough to sleep with whomever she wants so where did she get off going to tell her father that we had slept together. Who does that? That’s what’s wrong with these fucken millenials who are best friends with their daddies! Real blacks don’t tell their parents they are getting shagged! What a loser!

“No I don’t want an explanation. I am going to tell you this though; in my line of work I have plenty of friends and most of them with questionable backgrounds. When I invited you for the tender it’s because I already knew we would get it. The point is having such friends means that I don’t waste my time on people you understand me?”

He asked me,

“Yes I understand but sir…”

He cut me off,

“I am not done. Wait your turn to speak young man. I love two things in life, money and my daughter. You mess with my money I kill you, you mess with my daughter I make the killing you for my money look like just a hug!”

He said in a low voice. I don’t even know what that means because you can’t kill a person twice unless he meant wait…

I took a deep gulp

“Sir I did not…”

I don’t what I was about to say but he cut me off again. This guy was rude but he was very scary. Money buys power and power cheapens everyone else around them.

“So I am going to ask you again and this time don’t waste my time, how did you wrong me?”

He asked me.

“I am so sorry sir Naledi and I hit it off and she asked me to spend time with her that’s all!”

I said. I could not bring myself to tell this nice looking psychopath that I screwed his daughter until she called me daddy! It was not funny anymore now was it?

“My daughter? What the hell are you talking about? Someone leaked that we are bidding for this tender and that money changed hands! What are you talking about with Naledi?”

Ok I was confused and looked foolish now.

“You are not talking about Naledi and me?”

I asked him sheepishly.

“No I am not but just know if my daughter makes just one complaint about you…”

He did not finish the sentence because I jumped in before the threat came.

“No it’s not like that. We need to focus though what do you mean that information leaked? Do you think it was me? Come on do I look like someone who has connections anywhere?”

I asked him. I was not going to entertain him talking about Naledi because I knew where it will lead.

“Ok then I have to go I have another meeting. You better pray that we get this contract otherwise I will blame you and your friend for this!”

He said. I was not going to sit around I left immediately. My mother had told me stories about this man in brief but when I first met him I had not seen the ruthless man she had spoken about. Hearing him speak like this however made me think twice now on what she had said. I went straight to my mother’s house to ask her what was going on,

“Nah don’t worry he was just playing around that is what he is like!”

She told me dismissively but I know when my mother is lying and this was one of those moments.

“Mom come on now he thinks that either Tumi or I leaked this to I don’t even know who! I don’t want to be on his bad side please!”

I told her angrily.

“I will talk to him don’t worry!”

She offered.

“No please don’t I am sure you will only make things worse.”

I told her. I know when my mother is worried and she was.

“Maybe Tumi bragged to people somewhere and it was overheard?”

She asked me.

“No do not throw him under the bus. I just know that he is not happy with us that are all!”

I warned her.

“Did her tell you where this information was leaked?”

She asked me.

“No he did not!”

I told her.

“So what if he was just trying to make sure that you have not said anything. Think about it that would be a good way of getting you to keep your mouth shut!”

She said which I agreed with.

“I am thinking of quitting this tender. This is not who I am. Now I must go around watching my back, what for? I don’t think I need to go around worrying about such people!”

I told her. Even at the beginning I had been against this to be honest and I had said this.

“Don’t be stupid nothing will happen to you. Why are you scared of making money and having stability in your life?”

She asked me.

“Don’t tell me about stability! When I had Londiwe I was stable and you did everything in your power to destroy that! Why did I even bother coming here? I can assure you that when Londiwe gives birth to that baby whom you lied to me that was not mine, she will never allow you to see it!”

I told her and she winced in pain. That had hurt her.

“Imagine you are never going to see your grandchild! That’s sad!”

I told her as I stood up to leave. She did not follow me not that I cared. This had been a rather weird day. I felt like I was a zombie stumbling from one crisis to another. Now I had to speak to Naledi to beg her not to tell her father about us. I should have kept my dick in my pants. I wanted to just relax so I decided to go watch a movie but as soon as I got the movie started my phone rang and it was Naledi’s father again. I picked up…

“My boy, my boy, my boy I have great news. We got the tender!”

He said. I could sense he was excited and in the background I heard Naledi say,

“Daddy can I talk to him?”

Before I knew she was on the phone,

“You need to come celebrate. Your mum and Tumi are already on their way! You the only one missing!”

She was practically screaming. Something was not adding up. It was barely two days ago when they had said that we needed to update our proposal and we already got it.

How so?

“Ok I am coming!”

I told her. I was so relieved phew! My head was spinning at this moment because I was very excited. Maybe getting rid of Londiwe was increasing my fortune and now all I had to do is run with it.

As I drove out I actually had new hope because in my life lately things don’t always go to plan. My phone rang and it was my boss.


I said out loud because I knew that he knew our company had not won the tender. Should I pick up or not? I decided to ignore the first call but three calls later in succession I knew I had to pick up.

“Yes sir, sorry was driving next to a police car!”

I lied.

“I understand but you must connect your phone to the car next time this way you don’t have such problems. I am afraid I have some bad news. We lost the contract!”

He told me. I had to pretend to be surprised and hurt so I did just that.

“Ah that sucks. I am gutted really but I thought we were not expecting response for another week or two?”

I said trying to show that indeed I was worried. I could feel his disappointment through the phone.

“Yes we were hey but you know how this city works. We were screwed over but oh well I don’t even know what to say because we had the perfect bid!”

He said. I felt really guilty but it was too late I guess to do anything about it.

“I am sorry things turned out like this!”

I told him.

“No don’t be! I intend to take them to court. There are too many irregularities in this one I mean how do they ask for changes and a day later they award! No I won’t take this lying down! I want my pound of flesh!”

He told me.


“I get that you are disappointed sir but if you take them to court you know in future they will never give us other contracts right? With all due respect that’s a bad move sir!”

I told him

“Yeah you are right but I still want to at least find out which company one and who are the directors that made them win. Anyway drive safe!”

He said dropping the phone. This was not going to end well. All my excitement for winning the contract literally evaporated.

If he did that he will find my name on that least…

This was bad!

*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Greetings everybody thank you for reading my letter.

I was not the smartest at school and I did work very hard for it. I passed my matric on the third attempt and struggled through different colleges until I got myself a diploma. Job hunting was also difficult because my grades were poor but eventually I got lucky when I cried in front of one lady who owns her own company with her husband. I was hired as a P.A by them and all was fine. The lady took pity on me and she did not hide that. That was a year and a half ago. She was not mean to me and treated me quite well until she came to me and made me proposal. She told me that she wants to divorce her husband because he cheats a lot and is abusive. She was not lying too because some of the women call at work and one even showed up and caused a scene at the office but on the day she was not there fortunately. Anyway she asked me to sleep with her husband so that she could have evidence to divorce him and take everything. At first I refused but then the guilt of how she had saved my life by giving me the job in the first place. When I said no she did not harass me or change how she treated me. About a month after that conversation the husband grabbed my ass when we were alone in the staff kitchen. He said he intended it because he had always wondered how firm my ass was. He walked away with neither shame nor regret. I told my female boss what had happened and she reminded me of our conversation. She warned me that without evidence. It would be his word against mine in a court anyway and with my background chances are he would win. I then told her I wanted to sleep with him and record it. It took me two weeks to achieve this. Now they are going through the divorce. The lady boss opened a company for me and deposited r100000. She told me not to quit my current job as when the payout comes out from the divorce she will give me more.

Did I do the right thing though because I am feeling rather disgusted by myself for allowing myself to be used like this? With my background I was lucky to get the job I know but am I not a horrible person as well for entrapping this pig? Must I really stay in the job? I don’t even know how to run a business so even though I have that money what will I do with it? I am so confused.

Please Advise


16 thoughts on “Majuba 63

  1. Thanks Team, lovely as always.

    Hhayi bo weJackie, hhayi bo! Have you never heard of the term: ‘Playing with fire!’ Hhayi bo!!!

  2. I had to count the zeros. Shuuu women these days. Haikhona they have learnt the game and playing it in the dirtiest way. I don’t know whether to be proud or sad.

  3. I knew one day we will be living the movies we watch… reading that letter I felt like I was watching some loxion biskop story..

  4. Dear Jackie you did nothing wrong my dear you just benefited from an already sinking ship. Dont feel bad you had to do what you had to do, he grabbed you instead of him paying with jail time for abuse, he paid you with money you are paid for being hurt. Keep on working for that lady and find someone to run your business or ask that lady to run your business and you become a silent partner. Dont piss all over your blessings there is no direct way you receive them.

  5. Is this happening in real life or we getting a glimpse of what’s coming next? Where do you even find people who do this In real life I want connections lenna tuu.I mean sleeping with someone and get rewarded this much I’d do it everyday of my life with no regrets

  6. Thanks team

    Jackie wake up and smell the coffee ,you won lotto and enjoy it. Learn more about the company then when you are experienced enough you’ll run it.
    Your BOSS lady is reliable and I’m happy she kept her promise and more. Is your chance to change your life and grab it with two hands. Girls sleep with married man for varsity fees or Dubai holidays but for you is something more better.
    Given a chance I’ll do it also,POVERTY MUST FALL. Stop beating yourself up,it won’t change the fact that he slept with you, enjoy your payment and provide jobs for others

    Vusi needs Lungi ancestors!!! When it pours there are floods!!!

  8. Thnx bradaman Mikie
    @Jackie, this guy was already cheating, it’s not like he started with U. Get the money deposit into a flat or something and rent it out so the bond pays itself. That’s one simple business to run while UR working full-time. U don’t make much money but the risks are less and after 5yrs, the profit will have more than doubled.

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