Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 45

“A friend that gossips about other people to you gossips about you to them as well. They don’t help you grow and are always waiting for you to mess up so they can have the next juicy story to tell!” Mike Maphoto


There is nothing more disgusting than a man who cannot keep a secret, a man who cannot own up to his own faults and have the dignity to keep them to himself. What happens to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas really? Azwindini was a fuck up and there is no other way to describe. I get it that if the sex was bad he should rat me out because bad sex is should be made one of the 7 deadly sins. However, I back this up for myself; the sex was so good I ended up in hospital. That’s how good it was so why go and sell us out like this. I was simply stunned by this sorry excuse of a man. What he did not know was that on this one I am big on, deny, deny, deny! If I was in the bible they should call me St Peter who denied Jesus even knowing that everyone saw him with Him.
I called her immediately.

“You are joking right?”

I asked her with disdain when she picked up the phone. I didn’t even give her a chance to speak the way I dropped that question so fast!

“I am not joking!”

She said. I think she had just found out because she was speaking more from a shocked perspective and not an angry. An angry one I am certain she will be shouting.

“What would make you even ask that?”

I asked her. I was now thinking that maybe the fool told her! What a stupid guy though? Why would you go confess such a thing? What was he trying to do? He didn’t love her so was he trying to tell her this so she could use it as ammunition for them to break up. I know so many misguided men who will do so many things to hurt clingy girlfriends just so the girlfriend can dump them and they don’t have to take responsibility for it.

“He did not tell me which is why I am inclined to believe it!”

I was confused.

“Wait so you accusing me of something which you are guessing happened? I met your boyfriend for what, three hours and already I was in bed with him? How is that even possible?”

I said and even as those words came out of my mouth I did feel kind of slutty. I had indeed met him for a few hours and he had ended up in my bed.

“Don’t raise your voice at me I did nothing wrong. He was on the phone with someone and I had him tell the person how he bagged one of my friends already!”

She said and now that hurt both her and me. Men talk about sex as women as though it’s like taking a dump in a plastic bag! We are tools and things that they use and when you are not his girlfriend, you really are regarded to as shit by them. He can be nice to you when you together but when his friends are giving him high fives you are just a thing there that he uses at his pleasure! That thought… It hurt me.

“I don’t know which friend he is talking about but if he is talking about me I am going to fuck up your boyfriend if I ever see him again! I never slept with him, I would never sleep with him I mean are you serious he said that? Are you sure he said that because when he slept over he was such a gentleman and even cooked? I can’t picture those words coming out of him!”

I said trying to sound angry and disbelieving at the same time.

“He cooked for you?”

She asked me surprised,

“Yes he insisted. He said it was the least he could do since I was giving him a place to crash. I was not even hungry but I guess he loves cooking for you!”

I said.

“He never cooks for me. He always says he will and every time there is an excuse. Even last night he refused!”

She said. Ok this was getting to that double awkward stage. There are so many girls I know whose men would do anything for other women just not them. It’s amazing really. It’s that thing of the side chick gets the shopping and the vacations whilst the wife is put on budgets and diets. When you the wife you are reminded that he is not going anywhere and you are building for the future whilst he is busy gallivanting with other women.

“Ok I am confused. He was so happy to do it but that’s not my problem. My problem is him saying he slept with me! That’s fucken creepy!”

I said pretending to be angry.

“He is off the phone, don’t hang up I want to ask him so you can hear for yourself. He does not know am on the phone with you!”

She said and I could hear her put the phone down without hanging.


She said calling his name. I guess in Venda the shortcut for Azwindini is that!

“Yes my beautiful love!”

He said in the background cheerfully.

“Don’t beautiful me. How dare you? I heard you on the phone telling whoever you were talking to that you slept with Lungi! How could you do that to me?”

She said. I could hear her anger but I think she was crying too! There was silence and then he burst out laughing. What a cruel cruel man? How could he laugh at her?

“Are you laughing? You think this is funny?”

She asked then I heard something break. I think she had thrown something at him.

“Hey you almost hit me with that!”

He shouted but still not in a serious tone! To him this was one big joke I suppose.

“Remember last night I told you about the guys from the rig and all the bets they were making. One of the bet was who was going to sleep with the most girls when they got home since you know our situation out there!”

He started to explain and she screamed,

“So you screwed my friend! How dare you? Get out! I want you out!”

She shouted.

“No, cool it! I didn’t screw anyone. I had to say something otherwise I would have the next few months back being the one being laughed at. I had to make something up and because when I slept there I had told my friend from the base that I am sleeping at my girlfriends friends place I had to say something happened just so I can win the bet. Even now they think I am on girl number four which is childish to you but to guys we take bets seriously!”

He said. I could hear she was sobbing and I think he moved closer to her because I could hear him soothing her.

“I am sorry baby that I used your friend’s name. I didn’t have any other choice and I will still have to lie about more people before I go back. It’s stupid guy fun that’s all. I am sorry!”

Oh wow this guy was either the smoothest person alive or Rudzani was the most gullible. No, I take it back on Rudzani, I would have bought it too but that was not what was irking me right now. This dooshbag had been doing a bet; I don’t doubt that all and I was just a pussy in his way! That’s how crude it felt!

“Can we make up please, let’s have sex now because I know when you are angry you give the best sex ever!”

I heard him say and nope that was not for me to hear!

“There is this funny face you make and…”

I hung up. I had heard enough. I was a bet and I deserved to refer to as such because I brought it on myself. I know he had managed to convince her of that but I doubt very much was joking.

“I am going to buy spices, come with me!”

He said. He did not ask if I wanted to go with but told me to come. Instinct, my feminist side would have told him to back off but when you want to look attractive to a man you tend to play the submissive role.

“Your doctor friend said I should rest so I can’t go!”

I reminded him. He acknowledged that it was doctor’s advice so he left. At least he had asked me. I stayed in the room a bit longer, took a deep breath then went to join the others.

“Where is Esihle?”

I asked when I got there. It was only Nthabiseng and Zama who were there.

“She went to the shops with Mbuso! Dude tell us what’s going on I sense something here!”

Nthabiseng said.

“What do you mean?”

I asked them.

“We not stupid and it’s what we were discussing right now. Mbuso seems to like you but Esihle seems to like him more than you do!”

Zama said and I laughed when I sat down. I told them the whole story of Mbuso and me. It was not even a story to be fair as there was nothing to tell but I told them.

“So you held back because he had a child and you were not ready for that kind of commitment?”

She asked when I was done.

“I am not a kid’s person that’s all. He is a cool guy and all but for me a child is baggage!”

I explained and they both looked at each other and laughed.

“Its like you are cliché for the things we were discussing. When you reach 28 like you and I and you want a man who is slightly older, how many men out there don’t have kids at that age?”

Nthabiseng asked me.

“So are you saying because I am this old I must settle for the first man that comes along even if he has kids and I don’t want them?”

I asked them. Zama was on the tip that she wouldn’t mind so long as she won’t suffer baby mama drama whilst Nthabiseng was on the fence on the whole thing. If anything the conversation was light hearted as they were drinking. I found myself getting more defensive though because I actually liked Ntheteng and I don’t think I really minded her as much as I thought I did.

“Kids are evil; they must go to their mother’s. I don’t have that motherly gene in me. Imagine me pregnant Shem. I like Mbuso a lot but the kid will be part of the package deal and me and kids are like oil and water! The little devils need you to raise them yourself and I will not raise another heifer’s child!”

I said laughing and they laughed too.


A male voice behind me.

“Mbuso! I didn’t see you there!”

We all had not heard them enter! He was carrying the charcoal and Esihle was standing behind him looking down.

Shit, they had heard me.

“Can we talk outside please?”

Mbuso said politely but I know the sound of disappointment when I hear it.

“Uhm sure!”

I said as I stood up.

I had fucked this up to look cool in front of my friends.

*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanks for the daily dose. Last year I cheated on my boyfriend of almost three years. Before I confessed he told me he cheated and then he left me asking me to wait for him as he decided to go the spiritual route. A few months after the break up I confessed everything to him and told him I want to leave the guy I cheated on him with but I never did. Since then we’ve been trying to work on things but things will be fine for a month then we in each other’s throats again. I haven’t spoken to the guy I cheated on him with in over a month because my ex and I were serious about being together or so I thought. He asked me to visit him in East London and I bought my ticket and all then two days later he texts me and says he’s dating one of the girls he cheated on me with even sending me pictures. He says she’s pregnant. I asked why he did all of this and he said it’s karma. Being made to believe that something is done when it isn’t. At that time my periods are almost two weeks late. I know this is the part I should let go but before he told me all this he asked me to what length I’d fight for him, for us. I said I’d do anything. Problem is I can’t and don’t want to let him go. I love him so much. I feel he’s become more of me than I am of myself. Deep I know. Do I fight for him or just let him go? If I let go now a month from now he’ll come back I know. We can’t stay away from each other. (Sorry for the essay)
Torn apart

25 thoughts on “Y.E.S 45

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, Lungi can be childish eish. And as far as the bets go….. oh well 🙂

    This letter ripped me into shreds of confusion, talk about being torn apart….. I shall check other comments.


  2. You should never have to fight for your spot in someones heart. If you start fighting for a spot now, it will never end. I wish you all the best Miss Torn Apart

  3. A woman who knows her worth refuses to entertain those who fail to acknowledge and respect her worth.
    Are you willing to fight /shall I say gamble with your health /life?
    With so many diseases and infection?
    There’s too many big fishes in the ocean, never settle for less.

  4. Tjo Lungi, lol hahahaha you are just reckless shem. Yuuuuwi. Thank you Bra Mike

    Dear torn apart I have no idea what to say to you but do you want to spend the rest of your relationship with this guy fighting off girls and fighting for him? Isn’t that axausting? Go do a pregnancy test, maybe it’s just the stress you are allowing yourself to endure. Anyway good luck with whatever decision you take.

  5. QnA when you say he went the spiritual route what kind of spirits are these that believe in karma? Must be demons! If you are pregnant can you afford your baby without him because frankly speaking you don’t need him. You better off on your own

  6. Lungi seems to put her foot in it. Mara Mike please can Mbuso end up with Lungi after all her life experiences. I like her cause she is like me in a way. I went through her motions.

  7. Eish Lungi though….lol

    Torn Apart. I must say your letter left me confused hey….. You need to let this guy go….this relationship is doomed…seems all trust and respect is gone…ffrom both sides…Him respect for you and you respect for yourself….. How do you want to “fight” for a guy who is INTENTIONALLY cheating on you and then has the audecity to tell you that its karma…What kinda spritual route did he take kanti if he will come back with such evil nonsense??
    Why are you selling yourself so short mara? Or do you think you deserve to be treated like this?? I dont understand you….

    Hay kunzima apha shame….


  8. Am in Lungi’s situation, but to push a potential away bcz he have a child i cant do that shem. and the advantage with Mbuso he s a widower

  9. lol Lungi le wena you want Mbuso to describe you as the woman who doesnt like a man,s child but ironically wants the man to be part of their life? i wonder if nthetheng was standing there and she had heard all that how she would feel especially since she seems kind of fond of you.
    dear torn apart i am sorry sisi but you need to respect and value yourself only then will you realise ur worth more than what this guy is doing its almost like you are saying since i cheated too i will put up with whatever crap this guy is putting me through because you busy running after him saying you love him and cant leave him really? yoh ai ngeke shame, let me share a personal experience i once cheated on sumone and being a girl i sold myself out becoz the guilt was consuming me and told the guy, yena being a typical man he obviously fumed after hearing such and you know what he said, said he would never trust me again ene true to his word shame he started treating me like sumone he did not trust at all doing all the things your boyfriend is doing to you, do you know what i did? i dumped him and lived my life because there is plenty of fish in the sea and i know my value and self worth no matter how much i thot i luvd him at that time and no matter how much i was willing to fix things at the time becoz i was taking responsibilty for my mistakes bt i did not desreve to be treated like that and you dont too. one thing i can tell you about dishonesty in relationships is that once the other party starts returning the favour by doing the same hurtful thing you did to them then there is no longer love there its that obvious the relationship is all about doing the next best thing to hurt the other person ke pheto ke tu!(Dr Nthabeleng,s voice) lol

  10. oh and since ur two weeks late dont forget to sue for maintenance if the test is positive ne because i doubt that the baby will bring you close together anymore since well there is another one on the way in east london

  11. Rule number one, never tell a man everything because he will use it against you!
    The only reason he got back together with you was for revenge and to hurt you.
    Now pick yourself up and wipe your tears and move on.
    He’s not worth it…

  12. The “he has become more me than I am myself (deep I know) ” had me in stitches…
    To me there are two kinds of people. Those who can not tolerate being cheated on and those who can. I cant. But I know a lady who is “Happily” married to a man who cheated on her when they had been dating three months, it’s now 11 years and yes, he still cheats but she has somehow found a way to live with it and appear happy. I can’t stand cheating people and would just walk away but that’s me, you, maybe can convince yourself that you are loved by a person who doesn’t respect you. I don’t know… good luck.

    I actually feared Ntheteng would be the one that to overhear Lungi, My Mbuso is better coz Lungi can charm her way out of it. Really like them. But then, I also liked her with Sfiso,… Thank you Mike, sometimes I get so caught up in the letters I forget to acknowledge the great work and how it makes my taxi rides home better… 😃

  13. Why did you say it Lungi? You know you like Ntheteng and Mbuso.. I’m disappointed in you… Such an intelligent woman..

  14. Mike when is YES going on production. I think Mzanzi Magic has a spot for it on Weekdays or on Sunday… Please consider… Its so good I always feel like I’m cheated of a more thrilling story when it ends.. Please please please

  15. Brada Mike, dankie ngiyabonga!
    Torn apart, even yo letter is torn apart. Yo life is in suspense at all levels as U described yoself. Certify first if UR preggy & then introspect. Do U want the baby if UR preggy (depending on yo beliefs)? Wud U want the baby to grow up in a “situation” UR in bcz that’s far from a relationship.
    Once U get answers to yo “situations”, that will help U untangle yoself. Value & respect yoself first b4 U can expect or earn respect from others. At the moment UR like a fish caught in a net. Gudluck though!

  16. Yhooo hayi”I feel he’s become more of me than I am of myself” what a Bold AND Beautiful line is that? Stop defining your happiness in terms of someone else..Invest your time on people U matter most to.. certainly u don’t to the guy…Be selfish about your own happiness!!!

  17. I thought I was just like Lungi (minus her febaring) but nope, her standards are way to high. In an ideal world one would love to bag a man without a child but what are the chances? I mean there is no baby mamma involved lana its just the child, personally I wouldn’t mind this situation. I think she likes being single. She gets to be “liberated”!

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