Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 251

Mthobisi was so happy was hugging me and the doctor he didn’t know what to do with himself this was the first time in a very long time seeing my husband that happy ad seeing him so happy just melted my heart I did not want to take that moment away from him, I wanted him to stay happy we’ve been through so much, I decided I would just enjoy the moment and be happy with him. The doctor asked if I had a gyneo and I told him I did and he said I needed to go see one just to get the right treatments and to make sure all was in order with the baby and to get accurate dates of how far along I was, I nodded and thanked him and we left. Mthobisi was so excited he couldn’t contain himself he was telling strangers in the waiting room that we were pregnant, people were congragulating us and getting excited with us even though we were all strangers, it’s amazing how good news will bring everyone together. When we got to the parking lot, Mthobisi opened the door for me, those sort of things are not a norm for us, they only happen when he is happy, I don’t know how white people always remember to open doors for their partners, I think Mthobisi got discouraged because by the time he got to my side of the door I had most of the times already opened it and was walking towards the house, that’s how black I am, aint nobody got time for waiting for doors to be opened. We drove home, he was talking all the way home,

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