Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter 248

My mom walked in before I could give Victor the details, she saw me crying and asked Victor “why is our daughter crying?” my mom never referred to me or my sister as her kids when speaking to Victor she always said our kids even though Victor wasn’t our real dad it didn’t matter how angry she was at him she never made the mistake of making him feel like an outsider and I admired that about her. Both Victor and I went silent, I find it so hard to tell my mom bad news I always feel that because she carried me for nine months she feels the pain when I’m hurting and I never want her to be hurt just like she doesn’t want me to be hurting. “I was raped” my mom started wailing like a crazy woman she cried so hard that my heart broke, no parent ever wants to hear this from their daughter. Victor had to make her sugar water to try and calm her down. She wanted to sleep after hearing that she couldn’t even bear hearing the details of how it happened and I understood that would have killed her, she went to her bedroom to sleep. “Maybe I shouldn’t have told her.” I said to Victor and he said I did good by telling her she was going to find out sooner or later and it was better that she heard it from me. Victor still wanted the details, I told him who Spencer was and how it had happened and how I had tried to tell Mthobisi only to find out that Spencer is one of the guys boosting Mthobisi’s business and how he came to our house for a braai and threatened me, I could see Victor getting angry by the second as I was busy telling the story.

9 thoughts on “*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter 248

  1. Bonus Chapter would have been nice… thank u though for the chapters woke up early just to check

  2. Ayeye. Motlogele Lee. That guy deserves to die like a dog. Slow death. Mxm. Who knows how many women he has raped and will still abuse? He is just waist.

  3. MT is such a dark dude, the way he’s stratergising how they’ll murder Spencer is just out of this world…atleast all is well for Lee. And the iron story eish Pricilla mara!

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