Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Nineteen

I swear Mthobisi’s mother has nothing on the devil; Satan calls her master that’s how evil that woman is.  She hated me with passion and the feeling was mutual.  If I could order lighting from the dude from Limpompo it would be sent to her to hit her every single day for seven days because I’m sure that’s how long it would take to kill the witch and when she dies I would order another one for her grave, just in case she decides to rise again with her anything was possible.  She put the pillow on top of my head and held me down and asked “how does it feel to be on the receiving end?” I screamed, punched and kicked I was not going to let her kill me without a fight the witch was too strong for me and me with drips and everything else on me I had no chance against her, that’s when I knew and accepted that she was going to finish me, I was a dead woman, Mthobisi’s mother had finally won but one thing I knew for sure I was going to haunt her until she committed suicide the old hag was never going to have a break from me once she killed me.  Out of nowhere when I had accepted that I was on my way to meet my creator someone walked in my room and screamed “help, help she’s killing her” with that my mother in law let go of the pillow that she was suffocating me with, I was breathing soo heavy you would have sworn I had just finished running a marathon, within a few minutes nurses and security had surrounded my room it turned out that She Rocks was the one who screamed for help, Mthobisi’s mom just stood there with a huge grin on her face and said “we were just playing around, I don’t see what the big fuss is about”  She Rocks knew that the bitch was lying and I couldn’t say much my throat was dry, She Rocks stood by my bed and ask “are you okay friend?”  I shook my head and pointed to a glass of water, she handed it to me, I took a few gulps after I was done I told the nurses and security that I was fine no need to stress and that’s how me and her I said pointing at my mother in law play and gave them a nervous laugh they laughed too and left, I knew my reasons for protecting her I wanted to punish her in my own way, she was going to pay for this, breaking her car windows was not even the tip of the iceberg I was going to do muchworse, I was going to hurt her in the most painful way possible.  After the nurses had gone I looked at her and told her to get out of my room she smiled and said “with pleasure” and left.   I was soo angry tears wouldn’t even come out of my eyes I wanted to get out of that hospital and stop being soo helpless, I wanted to punish Mthobisi’s mother.  I had all these ideas racing in my head on how she would pay for what she did to me, that woman had made my iife a living hell since I married her son but now the gloves were off, this was the last straw I was ready for her.

She Rocks stood there not sure what to do, I told her I needed  a few seconds to calm down, I took more than 30 minutes to calm down when I was eventually calm I apologised to her for accusing her of sleeping with my husband she said she had actually thought about it and if she were e in my shoes she would have felt the same way, she apologised for slapping me, I told her,  her clap actually made me realise how stupid I was being, we made up, made peace and were friends again, well that’s how things always were with me and her we fought like hell and loved each other like sisters.  We started talking about Mthobisi’s mom and how I should punish her, She Rocks said I should buy a slow death poison and pretend to have forgiven her and pour the poison in her food that would make her  die a slow and painful death which is what she deserved, I laughed and said “for a church chick you are pretty gruesome when it comes to death” she smiled and said “the Bilble says the wages of sin is death and I’m sick and tired of your mother in law she deserves to die.” We both laughed.  Mthobisi walked in and asked if everything was okay because while he was sitting outside he saw security guards rushing inside I shouted “while you were sitting outside getting fresh air your crazy mother tried to kill me” this time I could not contain myself tears just started pouring out of my eyes, it didn’t matter how hard I tried to be strong that witch just knew how to get to me, he looked at me then She Rocks and asked “my mother? Are you sure it was my mother?”  Mthobisi was either blind or in serious denial about his mother’s hate for me and that is the worst thing because guys struggle to believe that their mother’s hate their wives or girlfriend, to a guy a mother is that loving person who loves him and everything that is associated with him, explaining to Mthobisi would have been a waste of time.  She Rocks explained that she found his mom with a pillow on my head trying to suffocate me and she screamed for help.  Mthobisi said there must have been some sort of misunderstanding or confusion he said will call her and get an explanation.  Mxim, stupid man, I decided to not involve him further in this, a fight between a wife and mother in law should never involve the husband.  He left to go speak to his mother on the phone, I told She Rocks that she will spin the whole thing and make it seem like I was in the wrong.  He came back and said her phone was off, I actually wished that she had been involved in a car accident after leaving the hospital and died, but evil people last longer than the good people that witch had a lot of years ahead of her and for some reason she was going to make me suffer like Mfundo’s family, I had no idea why I didn’t care all I knew was I was going to fight back with everything that was in me.

Mthobisi said since we were all in the same room we might as well discuss my insecurities, I apologised to him and told him that She Rocks had already told me that nothing happened between the two of them and I believe her and I truss him I don’t know what had gotten over me.  We all made peace and all was good again.  I told She Rocks she could bring her nails lady again the following day she laughed and said “she thinks we are crazy black women she sent me an sms and said it was nice knowing me but she doesn’t want to be associated with aggressive, violent people.” We all laughed, after some time She Rocks said she was tired she was going home to sleep.  I was left with my husband whom I tried to find out what he did during the day but I would not get any straight answers, he again slept in my bed in my room we cuddled the whole night.  Following day he said he was spending the entire day with me because when he left me I had too many questions for him, Victor came to see me then my dad, Andiswa also came and before I knew it the day was over.  The next day the doctor said I was doing remarkable well and I could go home, I was soo excited I was finally going to see my Neo.  Mthobisi left early and said he needed to make sure everything in the house was in order before I got home so She Rocks fetched me from the hospital, I was soo excited going home I felt like a small kid.  Everything in the house was perfect, the first thing I did was hug Neo and promise him that I would never ever give him up for anything he was mine for ever, he was soo happy to see me but I don’t think he understood why I was telling him all that.  Nomzamo his nanny was there she acted very uncomfortable around me, I didn’t know why and I was not really concerned, it was soo good to be home, that evening my parents, sister and her husband and my friends came for dinner, She Rocks and Nomzamo made a feast and we all had a good time it felt soo good to be back.

The few days that followed I stayed at home bonded with my son while She Rocks and Mthobisi went to work, Nomzamo was always there too so I felt safe, Mthobisi had installed an alarm system with panic buttons, ambulance buttons and all.  On a Friday Nomzamo asked if she could get a weekend off as she had been working ever since I disappeared without any weekend off to make sure that Mthobisi and Neo were okay, I agree and she said she would leave while it was still early before taxis got finished.  I was left with Neo we played and just had an amazing time, around 2 Neo was exhausted so I took him upstairs to his room to sleep when I came downstairs the entrance door to the house was opened, I thought that Nomzamo had forgotten something and came back to get it since she had the keys to the house, I shouted “Nomzamo, Nomzamo did you forget something?” and there was no response, I shouted again still no response, I went to the kitchen because I thought maybe she couldn’t hear me from where I was in the kitchen and there was no one, I went around the house and nothing I went outside in the pool and still nothing and I just thought I must have left the door opened by mistake as I walked back inside the house there stood Fundan,i out of nowhere I almost passed out “what? What do you want?” I asked shaking.  He smiled and said “it’s not what I want it’s what you need, I  brought you this.” He said dangling something in his hand, I stepped back and shouted “is that drugs?” he continued smiling and said “I know you’ve been having craving it, this will make you feel like a million dollars, I promise, remember how you enjoyed it at my house.” for some weird reason I remembered the free and happy feeling I got after being injected with what he showed me.  he told me to sit down he will inject me and I didn’t have to worry about anything he will do all the work, like a small child I listened to him, I sat on the couch he tied my arm up and looked for a vein as he was about to inject me I heard the sound of a gun clicking “inject that shit in my wife and I will blow your brains out”  Mthobisi said calmly

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