Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and One

I suffer from a disease called “getting bored easily”, it is the most annoying and frustrating disease in the world, it’s the same disease that makes men leave their wives at home to go partying with kids young enough to be their daughter, it’s the disease that breaks-up happy homes, it’s the disease that the people who have it are in denial about it, they think they are just having harmless fun, that fun is harming and breaking their families and they don’t even realise it.

The moment a man think it’s okay to spend over R2000 on alcohol on someone else who is not your wife or girlfriend then you just know he’s got that disease.
I quickly went to the shower, showered then wore black Guess jeans, a white tight Guess t-shirt with silver Levis push-ins and sat on the bed, I called Jessica and she answered with “how far are you?” I told her to send me the address and I will use google maps on my phone, she said she was sending as we speak, I hung up got the address, grabbed the keys and my bag and something inside me said “stop”, oppssy I had forgotten to put on lip gloss who goes to a party with ashy lips, looking like you just came for food, I quickly applied some on my lips and now I looked picture perfect. Okay the stop voice was not for the lip gloss I just used the lip gloss as an excuse not to listen to my inner voice telling me not to go. I walked out and went to the lift, waited for the lift and when it finally arrived Bantu was inside the lift with some guys, he asked if I was joining them for their party, I smiled and shook my head. He continued oblivious to the fact that I was not in the mood to speak to him “where is your entourage today, you guys are always together.” Just the mention of my friends brought tears to my eyes, luckily the lift had reached the ground floor so I rushed out without saying a single word, I went to the Polo Vivo and wiped the tears of my face, next thing I knew there was a knock on my window, it was Bantu, I opened the window, he asked if I was okay and asked if he had said something to offend me, I said “no, my “entourage” as you put it, was in an accident in the early hours of the morning, that’s why I called you looking for your friends numbers.” I said this with tears now rolling down my face. He was shocked to say the least and apologised for being insensitive and said he had no idea, he asked if they were okay, I said they will be and told him they still in hospital, he said “shit that’s bad they spending new’s eve in hospital?” To most people New’s Eve is more important that the new year, how you spend it and what you do on the 31st kind of symbolises how your year is going to be, when the clock strikes midnight and you are in bed that’s basically how your whole year is going to be, you will be shit bored the entire year, this is why I didn’t want to spend the night all by myself cooped up in the hotel. Bantu said he will go visit my friends the following day in hospital and he was now feeling low so he wouldn’t be going to the party anymore instead he was going back to his room to sleep. He left me sitting in the car, shit now I felt bad, if a person who didn’t even know my friends that well was cancelling his party plans because of their accident news what kind of a friend did that make me for wanting to go to a party. I switched the car on and drove a few meters parked the car and went inside the bar, I saw my husband sitting at the bar with Vusi, the bar had a few people, Vusi saw me first and smiled stood up and come and hugged me and said it’s good to see me again, I asked him how he was doing, he said he was still in shock about his wife not being able to walk, I told him not to loose hope he said the doctor had referred them to some specialist in Pretoria so they were going to go see him when we got back. I hugged my husband and he said “thank you for joining us Honey, Muzi’s here too he’s just gone to the bathroom.” I had completely forgotten about Andiswa’s boyfriend, Mthobisi said we should find a table and sit instead of sitting by the bar. We found a table a few minutes later Muzi joined us, he hugged me and asked how I was doing, we had a small chat, catching up, Mthobisi ordered me food, he said he knows I didn’t eat he was right I was starving. My phone rang it was She Rocks, before I could even say hello she said “did you make it to the party?” I said no I’m with the guys, she asked if I had thought about her plan because she and Andiswa both think it will work, I told her I have and we will talk about it when I go visit them. I hung up and Vusi asked if everything was okay with the girls I told him everything was good they just miss me and were asking what we are up to. My food came I ate and we drank and chatted. Around 11 Vusi said he was tired and wanted to go to bed, Muzi said they can go together he had hired a car and Mthobisi and I stayed behind and continued drinking, a few minutes before 12 we went outside to go watch the fireworks which was beautiful and at 12 midnight we kissed and promised to love each other forever, we were both drunk but neither of us wanted to stop drinking so we continued drinking and making silly jokes and laughing at each other, this was fun, chilling and having fun with my husband around 2 we realised we were the only people left in the bar so we paid our bill and left the car there and walked back to the hotel which was just a few meters away. When we got to our room as soon as we hit the bed we both passed out.
We woke up the next morning after 10, my husband was actually up before me, when I got up he was already in the shower, I checked my phone and had a few missed calls from Jessica and She Rocks. I sent Jessica an sms with “sorry” and 2 smiley faces, she didn’t reply I knew hangover must be killing her. I called She Rocks and she asked that I buy them pyjamas they were tired of hospital pyjamas, I asked what kind she said the sexy kind she wants a zulu man, I laughed and said what are you going to do with a zulu man when you move to Lagos, she got all excited and asked “so you agree with that idea?” I asked her if she was still on that medication that made her crazy she said it was not making her crazy just happy and no she was off it, I told her I would stop by the shops before going to the hospital. Mthobisi got out of the shower while I was still on the phone he said he will go and get the car while I shower, kissed me good morning got dressed and left I went in and showered by the time I was done my husband was back he said Vusi and Muzi had already gone to the hospital so we will meet them there, I felt sorry for She Rocks because Cleo and Andiswa both had their men there and she had no one. On our way to the hospital we went to the shops it was hard to find any that were open since it was a public holiday, eventually we found Edgars opened, I bought 2 pairs shorts and t-shirt pyjamas for She Rocks, Pants and T-shirt for Andiswa and Cleo. I bought them toiletries too and we headed to the hospital. I started at Andiswa’s room and She Rocks was there she had moved in, I just laughed when I saw her there she said “I told you I was going to move.” Mthobisi said “you are probably bulling the poor nurses around Rock Star.” She smiled and said “So brother-in law, if you had to choose between Mozabique and Lagos where would you stay?” Mthobisi said “I would choose Maputo.” Andiswa said “I would choose South Africa.” She Rocks gave Andiswa a dirty look and said “well you moving and you better start applying for jobs for your boyfriend in Lagos, I’m sure there is a lack of doctors there.” Cleo said “I am not moving and that’s final, you want to move to a foreign country where you don’t know a single soul, you go right ahead and do it, but I’m staying here and facing our demons.” Mthobisi was a bit confused he asked the girls “what’s this move thing you girls are fighting about I thought this was all just a joke but I can see now it’s getting serious.” I made a nervous laugh and said “don’t mind them Honey it’s these meds, they messing up with their heads.” I then quickly changed the topic and asked where Andiswa’s boyfriend was she said he was here earlier but he has family that side so he went to go meet up with his cousin. I gave them their pyjamas and toiletries. A few minutes later Doctor Khaya showed up and said he was there to see Mthobisi he asked if they could speak outside. While they were outside I told She Rocks to stop with this moving nonsense we will first hear what the police have to say and then act for now we needed to relax and not stress ourselves too much. Andiswa agreed and added “besides we didn’t actually do the killing, you did Lee.” That caught me completely off-guard but it was a sign as clear as daylight that come troubles Andiswa was going to throw me under the bus to save her ass.
Mthobisi came back and said to She Rocks “why did you ask Khaya to make you a death certificate?”

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