Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Four

The screams were no doubt She Rocks screams, something was happening to her and not just something but something bad.  I wanted to be there for her, I wanted to protect her, keep her safe and most importantly I wanted to make sure that no harm came her way.  But my husband had said I should stay behind and the last thing you want to do is piss of a man with a gun it could just go off on your ass, I learnt a thing or two from Oscar.  He went downstairs, I stood in our bedroom filled with fear, I checked that all windows were closed and prayed that the downstairs windows were also closed; I also prayed that Mthobisi should not mistake my friend for a burglar.  A few minutes later I heard my husband calling me to come downstairs, I ran down and went straight to the guest bedroom, I found She Rocks on the floor crying,

I asked “what happened?” looking at them both, Mthobisi said she was having a nightmare, I went and sat down next to her my husband said he would leave us to talk.  I sat next to her and held her and told her everything would be okay.  Eventually she calmed down and stopped crying, she looked at me and apologised for waking us up, she wiped her tears and said “look at me crying like a little baby, I’m being silly, I don’t even know why I’m crying.  I was just so scared Lee, I dreamt the whole accident, the car spinning out of control, the car rolling and I guess when I thought I was rolling that’s when I must have fell and hit the floor.  Gosh I don’t know why I’m like this.”  Out of all my friends She Rocks was the tough one she endured more pain and hurt than all of us combined.  I told her it was understandable, she had gone through something really horrific and any person who had gone through that would feel the same way.  She asked me to help her up so she could sit on the bed, she said she didn’t want to sleep and asked if we could go and watch tv, I honestly wanted to sleep but I couldn’t say no so we went to the tv room and watched tv.

I wondered if Andiswa and Cleo were experiencing the same trauma that She Rocks was going through I wanted to call but it was around 2am the last thing I wanted was for them worrying that something was wrong by me calling at those times.  Mthobisi came back downstairs and asked if we were okay, I told him we were going to watch a bit of tv but he could go back to sleep if he wants, he choose to go to sleep, traitor leaving me alone to watch music videos with She Rocks in the early hours of the morning, not that I blamed him, he was exhausted.

Around 5am She Rocks feel asleep on the couch I put a blanket over her and went upstairs and slept next to my husband, by 7:30 he was up and was waking me up, this was so not my day to sleep, he was telling me about his day the previous day, I kept dozing off and he would get annoyed that I am letting him speak alone, it was a Saturday for crying out loud and all I wanted was a bit of sleep but I was surrounded by people who had no interest in my needs for sleep.  I eventually realised that I was not going to win this sleep battle so I got up and went downstairs to go make breakfast; She Rocks was still fast asleep.  I went to the kitchen and made omelettes and stuffed them with bacon, peppers and cheese, I knew how much She Rocks loved it and just wanted to spoil her a little bit.  Mthobisi came downstairs and had already showered he looked at me and kissed me and said “something smells delicious, I’m sorry Honey but I can’t stay for breakfast.”  I turned around and said “you are going to eat this food, I didn’t slave away in this kitchen for nothing, it’s Saturday whatever it is you rushing for it can wait for a few minutes.”  He smiled and did the soldiers salute and said “Yes Sir, I will eat my breakfast sir.” We both laughed, he knew exactly what to say to calm me down, I took plates to the dining room and went to the tv room to wake She Rocks so she could eat.  Mthobisi galloped his food so fast within minutes he was done, he drank his orange juice in one go.  Both She Rocks and I were amazed at how fast he was, when he was done he kissed me goodbye and said he will see us later and left.  We took our time eating breakfast and now that she was under no medication since she had just woken up I decided to bring up the police questioning that she was wanted for, she said she has thought about it and was going to turn herself in, I looked at her and said “my friend, you are not a fugitive, you are not wanted, there is no need for you to use terms like “turn myself in”” we laughed and she said “you know what I mean besides I want it to sound dramatic so when I tell this story to my grandkids I can say I was once wanted by police that’s how gangster your gogo is.” We both laughed, even though we knew how serious this was but in the midst of hard and painful situation we always find a way to make it funny, there is no point in always being depressed.   She was silent for some time then said “Lee, I want you to know whatever happens that I love you like a sister and you and the girls are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”  I smiled and said I love her too and she should not stress we will call that lady who called her and ask if we could go see the police today and I will be with her every step of the way.  When we were done eating, she called Tanet the lady who runs the volunteer’s group, she explained that she was in Durban and was involved in a car accident and just only got back to Joburg the previous day, Tanet said the police were questioning everybody that volunteers at the park and most people were not back from holidays and she gave her the numbers to call and told her that was the investigating officer and she should call him whenever she was up for it.  I decided to call the insurance company to tell them about the car but since it was weekend I was told to call on Monday so I could speak to a manager.  She Rocks said we should go to the police station on that day, so we can get this over and done with and stop living in fear because each time we see a police car we will think they are looking for us, fear makes you paranoid.  I agreed but there was one problem, we didn’t have a car.  She said we will do Uber taxis and go to her house and collect her car then use that.  I helped her to bath then I went and had a shower we got dressed, Uber services arrived in 9 minutes and took us to She Rocks house.  I packed her a few clothes and we took her Audi S3 and left, I drove and each time I got close to a car she would freak out like I was going to bump it, on the freeway when I was driving 100 instead of 120 she was panicking and told me to slow down and said it felt like I was driving 180, Jesus Christ this accident had really messed her up this was the same girls who would speed to a point where you would feel like throwing up.  I decided not to argue and just moved to the slow lane and drove 80 km/h.  We were told the investigating officer would be at Mondeor police station since that’s the nearest police station to that park, She Rocks could walk with crutches but when we got there she told me to push her on the wheelchair she needed the police to see her as a helpless woman who was not capable of murder, I agreed and pushed her inside the police station, we asked for the investigating officer and were pointed to his office, we got there and introduced ourselves, he asked if I was the volunteer at the farm and I said “no, she is, I’m just accompanying her since she can’t drive herself.”  He looked uncomfortable and apologized, what is it with people being uncomfortable around disabled people.  He said he didn’t know had he know he would have come to her instead, he was so uncomfortable he couldn’t even ask questions properly, this wheelchair things was working to our advantage.  He asked a few questions about the farm and if she had ever seen anything funny or doggy going on there and how often she went and within a few minutes he was done.  I asked what the story about the body was.  He said a body was found but they had sent it to the pathologists to have it checked and they are trying to have it identified but so far they had no idea who it was or how he ended up at the farm but when they found him there was a female ring next to him and they think it could be his wife’s ring or something but the ring could help them solve this case or at least identify him, I still had my ring and so did Cleo and we were the only ones married so we were not worried, for all we knew it was probably not even Mbundu’s body.  He thanked us for coming and we left.

On the way back home She Rocks phone rang it was Andiswa, she was in utter panic, She Rocks phone was connected to her car on Bluetooth so if someone called the call would be on the radio speakers, I told her we were home free, we had just came back from the police station for She Rocks questioning and the police don’t suspect anything.  She responded “I wish I could say we really are home free but I think I might have done something stupid.”  My heart started beating fast I knew this girl was the weakest link in all of us.  She Rocks shouted “Oh God Ands, please don’t tell me you went to the cops, please.”  Andiswa replied “no man, why would I do that?  Muzi gave me a promise ring a while back, he just asked me about it, the whole time we were in Durban I thought I had forgotten it at home but it’s not here and now that I think back the last time I wore it was when we went to Retvlei to, uhhmmm,  you guys know, and the shitty part about that ring is it has my name on it on the inside.”

I hit the brakes soo hard that She Rocks almost flew out the window.

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  1. Thanks guys

    U really knows how to to put a spin on things yoh! . can a ring just slip of a finger mara? Ppl like free posts that is y no comments hahaha

  2. Oh no!!!! This can’t be happening!!! And Andiswa is the lightweight in this gang. She will crack faster than you can say:’Usain Bolt’.

    1. Unfortunately there is a misunderstanding in your statement. We produce two chapters a weekend and two extra for those who want to read whats going to happen next weeks. at times we even have 3 chapters for the following week all of which are then unlocked for free that week they were meant to be free. apologies for any misunderstanding

  3. Hi Mike, could you set up a service that will allow those that live abroad to also be able to purchase the pin to read the Missteps, waiting for the weekend can take forever, Lol. Thank you for a great read day after day, God bless

  4. Demet Andy; how could she be so careless mara? I mean babezazi ba bayobulala umntu, couldn’t she leave the stupid ring behing, and why did it fall there out of all the places? Eish I hope it works out otherwise she’s gonna “talk”.

  5. Jonnajo!

    this is really bad, just when they think they are home free.

    Sorry ladies, Lee should tell Mtho, he will make the ring disappear

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