Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty

I wanted to beat her up for that stupid statement. I always found it crazy when siblings beat each other up at our age but to be honest stupidity has no age. My mother was suffering because of her and she did not even see it. As long as she got things her way that was all that mattered to her. How cruel is that? If she had died my mother would probably have blamed herself for life if not me. It’s like this, my mother loved my sister more because her dad had deserted her only because he died whilst my father he upped and left. In African culture parents raise you to be able to take care of them someday but my mother had worked a good portion of her life so she didn’t give a fuck if one day I would refuse to take care of her. She had a pension to look forward to and working in the private sector means that she was earning a lot for a sister with her experience. She was both a midwife and a surgical nurse meaning she was making a pretty penny. Her only flaw in life was that she had given birth to a delinquent and a child she did not want. I held my breathe and just stared at my sister. She was expecting a response and much as I did not want to indulge her statement had irritated me so much I had to say something. Guess I fell for it.

“Judith you can’t say such things. We were both worried about you!”

I said using all my might to keep my anger down. My mother would freak out if I scared her precious daughter that’s for sure. I had to watch what I say and besides who was I going to beat up pregnant like this? Come on now Faith be realistic.

“I don’t do it for fun ok. I was obviously kidding when I said that. I am not like you. You are intelligent, skinny and have a man that actually love you enough to want to make a baby with you and what do I have? All the guys just want to fuck me and some even want to share me and pass me around amongst their friends. All I have to look forward to in life is for mum to take care of me. You guys don’t know! Yes I fucked up when I was younger but I have tried. I tried to upgrade my matric so many times they even changed syllabuses on me. It just didn’t work. I applied to all these stores and even they wouldn’t hire me! What am I supposed to do then?”
She said sitting in the corner of the room crying. That burst of emotion had been quite unexpected but it’s a start. My sister expected to get a decent job when she had more tattoes than Rezzy Badass! Yeah listen to the name and see exactly why no decent manager would employ such in the formal sector. She should go do music videos or something. She couldn’t even hide them because she had a spider web on her hand. She was my sister but I wouldn’t hire her either. She had a nose ring, not even the tiny stud but a hoop on her nose as though she was a cow! Her ears had three studs each so you tell me who would take her seriously. She looked like she was on drugs, crap I forgot, she was! People have this tendency of saying the world is against them without taking time to look at why the world does not see them. She was forever the victim in her eyes but not one moment did she see why. Stupid girl!

“You need to change things about your self if you hope for people to take you seriously Judith…”

I said calmly. I know how defensive she gets when it comes to being told what to do but we were here already so I guess I had to.

“It’s a free country though, people have to love me the way I am. It’s what Mandela died for right!”

That line though. Nope. People don’t have to love you the way you are because the reverse of that coin is that people are entitled to love what they want so if a tattoes Maori like my sister walks in its their choice whether to like her or not. If I am a boss, for my company I will choose who I think fits in best. The ones rejected clearly I did not like. Done.

Thank heavens my mother came into the room saving me from this tedious conversation. She said she was so glad to see her two babies together like this, happy and safe. This woman was delusional. We were far from happy and she could not even see that even after one of her children had tried and failed for the upteenth time to kill herself. She suggested that later that day she should take us shopping because we needed an outing. I immediately to tried to protest but she gave me a look that said I must not even think it. I did not have much of a choice in the matter. Overcompensating was her forte.

I decided to go and bath. When I came back out I found an sms from Aurelia which said I should log on to instagram to see Mudenda’s pictures. I was not sure why but obviously I did so immediately. He was out at Kong on the pictures, a night spot in Johannesburg. There were. Lots of bottles of champagne and all these girls in short dresses next to them.

One picture took my attention though and I am certain that this is why Aurelia said I should look at them. Mudenda was sitting on one of those club couches with a girl sitting on his lap. I could not see her face as though the picture looked as though they were posing for an embrace. That dress though, I used to have a similar dress to it but someone borrowed it before I got pregnant an never brought it back. I scrolled down to the comments that’s when I saw it, one of the girls who commented on it said,

“It was hella fun to meet you @MeladiR, you are one crazy bitch lol”

That dress was mine and the girl on his laps was my friend!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading mine. I am 24 and broke up with my boyfriend in October last year. We dated for 8years, since high school and we had a miscarriage once. When we broke up it was really because the relationship had run its course. We were both different people and the fights were constant. I don’t know if he ever cheated but at the end walking away was really the best choice for us.

Last week I bumped into him walking with a girl in the mall holding hands. I know there is no time plan in moving on but it hurt so bad. He said hi and introduced her but when I walked away I left the mall and went to my car to cry. I thought I was over him but all the memories are just flooding back. I don’t think I want him back but I can’t focus now.

Please advise on how to forget about him. Please.

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mike and Thozama for a great read. As for Faith yena, haayi Mike, she really needs a break now! Pls spare her the trouble toe.!

  2. Thanks Mike. This Mudenda guy is really annoying, but his day will come. ‘It won’t always be like this…’
    A to Q: sorry baby girl, this ish happens and it hurts like hell; but you’ll be alright. Cry if you have to, but it will all pass. There is no formula on how to stop loving or hurting over a guy, it’s life and it sucks, but uzoba rite cc.

  3. Mike you truly are one of south africas best blog writers..while DOAZG was on break,I read this other blog on facebook ‘life of 2 bestfriends’ it was just bad…whenever they write in venec they don’t translate,and 50% of their writing was in venec…and it made me miss DOAZG more,thanks for sharing your talent with us,keep it up

  4. Thanks mike, this is just sad. can we just get to the part where Faith is happy and Mu-whatever is a lonely ass dude LOL but on a serious note Faith only has Aurelia as a friend ayyy these girls aint loyal

  5. Well Mikey thnx a lot for the daily dose. As for Mudenda now is really irritating me yoh, now he wants to sleep with all Faith’s friends haai maan. Faith just forget about this guy he does not respect you, and so do your so called friends.

  6. @Liz to get over a guy you should get under another guy lol, not literally no, but he moved on right? So should you lala

  7. Mike I like yesterday’s letter as it seems you took my advice to heart but will comment a little later as I am thinking about it.
    I have seen people like Judith, those who didn’t understand the rule of life that says “Play now and Pay later or Pay now and Play later”. They sincerely thinks that life is fun always and the earth owes them a good job and other opportunities. One thing they fail to notice is that “your gift will take you before kings but your character will keep you there”; so if you dont improve your character, passing the simple matric impossible.

    I dont know what to do with her character as I see a nice future in this story. She can be an example that there is a possibility of turning things around even if you have hit a rock bottom in your life (that has been a cry of many letters) or you can use her to be that sibling that fails to grow up.

    Someone once said in order to get over a man you must get under another man. Okay, I am just kidding here as I dont have a good advice for you. I do think that if you find your own relationship you will probably be able to get over him. Ladies will advise and sympathies as they did experience that often.

  8. What i have learned in life is pain always have a way of destroying or building people, but i do wish that faith come out a stronger woman in this.
    Liz i do believe that the feeling is very mutual, not that you love the guy or anything (its part of healing process dear) . you spend almost half years of your life with him, and probably knows almost everything about him. my advice is if you see him again, rejoice with him and remind yourself of the reason you took that decision of leaving him at the first place.

  9. I really understand what Faith is going through its like Mike your writing about my life. every time I read a chapter of Rumblings I am flooded with tears, bcz honestly this is not just a book I am one of the people going through this and it really hurts. their times where I wished I could miss carry the baby, so that I don’t have anything that will associate me with the guy. but now I delivered a healthy baby boy and I am grateful to God. its not easy raising the child alone but with Gods grace my boy is growing

  10. Shame Faith we ve been there got the bag and matching shoes , to Q&A , THERE ISNT ANY FORMULA HEARTBREAK…. only time heals , as long as you keep focus on him IT WILL HURT MORE and the deeper the cut in your heart the worse it becomes , its part of life nobody is immune to break up, heartbreak but its up to us on how to deal with it, go out there meet new people, be with people more often , listen to good music and focus on healing yourself and closing that door for good since he has moved on wish you the best and dont forget to FOCUS on number one #YOURSELF!!

  11. This mudenda boy just keeps on reminding me why at some point in my life I loathed my baby daddy so much!As for Juddith yena….she has issues nje…but its up to her to pull herself up.

  12. Mudenda is not a man, he is a boy and as for Faith’s friends screw u all and u dont deserve to be called women what happened to the sisterhood in friendship my heart bleeds with Faith and evry other woman who is going through the similar situation

  13. I’ve finally been compelled to leave a comment. Mudenda relates to an ex of mine. A recent ex of whom i cannot rid my mind of. It’s been almost a year since this person turned to the dark side and as sinister as that may sound it’s the only way I can describe it. How does someone as amazing and sensible just change like that from one day to the next? And like Faith, I’ve never cheated. Never had reason to because I stay loyal to whomever always. You cannot help but wonder if Mudenda has always been this way and simply just hid it well or she overlooked this behaviour the whole time.

    And then the flirting with the friend? If there’s one thing I learnt from that relationship, it’s that no girl of yours should be a friend to your man. Even if you claim you are all a group of friends, be aware of the females in your own court. Envy kills relationships too!

    And it’s painful to think that he gallavants while she is pregnant at home. Shamless. FB and Insta just add fuel to fire when situations are already bad.

  14. i felt so much pain when i read the story. liz your story is similar to mine. im so hopeless and i cant get over him. i always beg for reconciliation but seems like he is becoming more stubborn. i cant have another man again in my life. i feel like all paths have ended.

  15. Interesting read. I wonder if this is Meladi’s way of making Zama pay by showing her that she is also replaceable or she has almost deserted Faith… Can’t wait for the next chapter

  16. Even I have been compelled to leave a comment. This story us really current and addresses issues the youth are struggling with in the here and now. Love is a strange thing in that it clouds ur judgement and u find yourself saying yes to wat u know under normal you wouldn’t do. I guess the best thing u can do is look out for nber one.

    A2Q Dear what u are going through is merely a reflection of what u feel inside. You mentioned that u don’t want this guy back and it hurts regardless. A relationship that lasted so long plays a big role in who u are today. What u need to do is ask urself after the break up what did u gain? was it more freedom… answer those questions for urself and focus only on that…. if that’s not enough what is it that u need to feel better? to feel normal again. maybe u wanted to do 1,2,3 but was not able to coz u where in a committed relationship. Being with someone is nice but being with urself and happy with that is the best experience ever. Notice that I didn’t mention anything about ur ex… he is no longer a part of ur life n ur love for u is what will keep you strong. don’t focus on the bad baby gal there’s nothing for u there… only tears n misery

  17. Tidi please please save poor Faith and mmake that Mudenda boy loathe you, especially since you already have “his” dream car. Go claim your girl, lol

  18. Hi Mike thanks for the wonderful read.
    @Liz,it does happen my dear u must remember why the relationship ended in the first place. Love is something that u cannot switch on & off,so hang in there ull be fine

  19. Meladi meladi why is this girl creating problems mara ,I guess she’s been into mudenda long time but to be cruel like that not thinking about the coming child yoh that’s being heartless. hai thank you mike

  20. Q&A Don’t stress about him. What you experienced happens to the best of us. When you break up with a person and you don’t see each other for a whole you are lucky he was with someone sometimes you run into him and do things that couples do and start convincing yourself you miss him but no its just old habits no willing to die. You getting over the guy will come with time don’t punish yourself for feeling hurt for what you saw it okay it’s natural. You should use this time to get to know yourself better like dating yourself type thing. Take yourself out spoil yourself go all out. That way you get your confidence and your independence back. So when the next person comes to your life he know that you are a woman of higher standard who holds her own.

  21. Oh how I have missed these blogs, been away for 2 weeks. Great catching up though.

    Faith you will rise from this, this your stupid boyfriend will get whats coming to him.

    Thanks Mikey

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