Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty Six

Thozama Mqikela



“She what?” I shouted, She Rocks whispered “shhhhhh we told them that you are not here but your mother-in law is telling the cops that we hiding you and the cops should search the house”, I whispered back to She Rocks and told her that there is a cricket bat in the garage she should go and get it for me clearly Mthobisi’s mother had not learned her lesson, I was not going to teach her a lesson now I was going to give her an exam I was tired of teaching. She Rocks said if I hit her now they would definitely think I have lost my mind, we should stay in my room, my sister was handling Mthobisi’s mom and the cops, oh Lord knowing my sister she was probably saying all the wrong things, I had no faith in that woman. I asked She Rocks to go check on what was happening, She Rocks said she was not going anywhere cause as soon as she left I will be right behind her with a cricket bat beating up my mother-in law, she had as little faith in me as I had in my sister, so we sat there for what felt like eternity, eventually my sister came and said they are gone, at that moment I could have kissed her, she said she told them they were not coming in without a search warrant, thank goodness for her quick thinking. I grabbed my phone and called my husband, I told him about the stunt that his mom had just pulled, he had no idea that his mom was planning on doing that he said immediately after I left with She Rocks he also left cause his mom was now shouting at him so he was not going to stand for it, he went home hoping I would be there but when he got there I wasn’t there so he figured I must have gone to my mom’s place, “figured” my ass, we all know how he knew no need to even spell it out. He said his mom had called him wanting to speak to me and he told him that I was at my parent’s place. He swore that he had no idea that she would show up at my parents door step and said he would speak to her; this was now getting out of control, I said he better speak to her especially since I have already apologized to his mom, then Mthobisi gave me a long speech about how I have disrespected his mom by doing what I did, I honestly did not have time to listen to him feeling sorry for his poor mother, so I broke a few windows of her car booo-hooo, she must get over it, I dropped the phone in his ear while he was still talking.

Both my sister and She Rocks were sitting in my bed staring at me, they asked what the hell had I done to upset Mthobisi’s mom, I told them the story from his mom coming for a so called “visit” to sneakily dropping a letter from Mthobi’s ex to me going to Daveyton to teach her a lesson, She Rocks was on the floor laughing, she said now she gets why Mthobisi’s mom thinks I’m crazy, my sister on the other hand was not at all impressed, she told me that I have anger issues and should really consider seeing a therapist, what kind of a person breaks car windows because she is angry, she told me I should have sat down with both of them and spoke about this, I told her I had sat with them that Sunday and no one between the two of them had guts to tell me what the hell was going on, I told her I don’t regret breaking those windows and if I had an opportunity to do it again I would definitely do it all over and this time I would slash the tyres too, She Rocks had tried to keep a serious face but after my last statement she burst out laughing. My sister was not done, she then told me that she is not allowed to visit her husband in hospital because I had told his mom that we were going to suffocate him to death, Lwazi’s mom had put security in front of his ward, well it served her right, why would she still want to be visiting that lunatic husband of hers anyway I thought. We were interrupted by my son’s nanny she brought my son, oh my goodness I just held him in my arms and everything was okay with the world, I didn’t care about my mother-in law, my husband or my sister and her problems, everything that mattered in the entire world was right there in my arms, I love this boy with everything that is in me. My sister said she was running late to pick up her kids from after-care. I stayed with She Rocks we were playing with my son and catching up.
She told me how she is helping Siyabonga to buy a Quantum so he can start a transportation business he will be picking up and dropping of school kids and people that work in restaurant’s, I asked her if she was buying the Quantum for him, the last thing I wanted was for my friend to buy this man a car and when his business starts taking off he dumps her ass, you can’t trust anybody, she assured me that she was not doing such, she was just helping him with his bank loan applications etc. I told her that Siyabonga was very lucky to have her in his life and if he ever messed her up she should call me I will break all the Quantum windows, we both laughed and she said “on the real though Lee, what are you going to do with this child ritual situation?” I told her I didn’t know it’s not my child, the father and grandmother of the child will decide. She asked if do I really believe that this Katlego woman is telling the truth, she told me not to let this woman destroy the good relationship that Mthobisi and I have, for all we know the child could not be his, okay I had not thought of it that way, She Rocks has a way of making sense, yeah, what if this woman was lying, damn Mthobisi for being an idiot, could he not have used protection, we are in this shit because of his carelessness. She Rocks had to leave she was going to pass by her brothers and they were already calling her to see if she was okay, those boys would kill a man for their sister. I told her she could go my parents would be back any moment.
After She Rocks left I asked my son’s nanny her name is Lindiwe to take him then I went back to sleep. I was woken up by my sister’s kids, they wanted to show me the drawings they had made at school, I had to act interested. I got up and went to the lounge, my sister was there reading a magazine, I asked where my mom and Victor were she said they had date night, oh gosh, aren’t they a bit too old to be having such, we both rolled our eyes at the idea of our parents out holding hands. I sat with her, she told me that sleeping during the day is a sign of depression and I should stop keeping things in, I looked at her and wanted to say “says the woman who kept an abuse a secret for so long” but I smiled and said I was fine, she asked when I will be going back home, I looked at her and said “this is home”. Then there was an awkward silence, I guess I was crowding her space I didn’t care, your parents’ home is where you run to when shit hits the fence, I was hungry I had not eaten all day, my sister couldn’t cook because she could only use one arm so I was the unfortunate one who had to do the cooking, I made pasta and mince it was simple enough and my sister’s kids love it. We ate, while watching TV, which my parents absolutely hate, but they weren’t there so we could do whatever we want. Mthobisi called a couple of times but I choose to ignore his calls, let him sweat a little.

I was woke up the next morning by Victor my stepdad, he had made breakfast, Victor always and I mean always made breakfast from when we were in high school we were woke up to his breakfast, he never made eggs and bacon though nothing fancy, just porridge but how many guys will wake up in the mornings to make breakfast for everyone in the house, you just had to love this man. I got up, brushed my teeth and went to go sit on the table with everyone else, damn people get up early in this house, it was only 6 o’clock and already we were having breakfast, today’s breakfast was oats. My mom asked when did I get home I told her yesterday and quickly changed the subject by asking how their date night was, my mom said good then asked how was I getting to work because she didn’t see mine or Mthobisi’s car on the driveway, dammit I had not thought about that. Victors said I could use our old car, eeerrrr no, that car is a proper skorokoro, it over heats, heater doesn’t work, it has so many problems, this is the car we were thought to drive on when we were growing up, but since I had broken the car windows of Mthobi’s car that I was using I had no choice. Victor said he will have to get his jumper cables to charge the battery because it’s probably dead the car hasn’t been used in ages, problems already, I haven’t even been in the car yet. I finished eating then took a quick shower, luckily I had a couple of clothes that I had left at my mom’s place, didn’t even remember when I had left then but at least I didn’t have to wear the same clothes as yesterday, I got dressed and headed out, Victor had kept the car running for me, I put my bag in the boot, Victor had put a 2 litre bottles filled with water, my sister came and looked at the car then me then said “how the mighty have fallen” and laughed, she was enjoying this. I got in and showed her the middle finger and drove off, I had to ease myself back into remembering how gears worked I had been driving automatics for years and they spoil you, by the time I got into the freeway I was doing pretty good, then there was traffic, dammit I had forgotten how bad traffic coming from the south of Joburg was, not that the north was any better. The thing with old cars is they don’t do too well in traffic, this was the situation with my car, it started over-heating, right in the middle of the freeway it became so hot I could see the smoke coming out of the bonnet; I pulled to the side to let it cool down. I played with my phone bored out of my mind, then scrolled to Mfundo’s numbers I decided to call him, he answered, very surprised to hear from me, he asked if I was okay, I had never called him before, I told him I was stuck in traffic, he didn’t get it he thought I meant driving in traffic but I didn’t feel like explaining further, he said he would be coming to our offices later can we do lunch, I hesitated for a bit but what the hell, I agreed, my phone was beeping in my ear it was my husband, I told Mfundo I had to go there were traffic cops around, we hung up, I answered my husband, he asked if he should come pick me up and drop me at work I said no I was on my way to work already he shouldn’t worry about me, rather worry about his new family, his response was “Lee you are sitting at the freeway on that rundown car stuck, being stubborn is not going to get you to work” WTF? How did he know where I was. I looked around parked behind me was my husband’s car, I looked up at my window and there he was standing next to my door, I opened the window, my phone was still in my ear, he grabbed my phone and asked “who were you talking to while I was calling you”

****THE END****

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43 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Forty Six

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  2. I want mthobisi type of guy! Ohhhhhhh gawd! Sneaky but will love me to death… okay not death tjo lol

  3. i think Mthobisi also needs help his mum mighty hv dropped him a few tyms wen he stl little dis guy is a real psycho to follow his wife to work.

  4. No but the stunt Lee pulled of smashing the car windows . . . I’m still not over it!!! I’d probably have reacted in the same way!! She Rock le ena, her laughing just kills me.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter (as always)

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  6. Mhhhhm Mthobisi is my kinda guy! Where does one find such guys thou? I had to re read the conclusion again <3<3 , interesting chapter once again

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