Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Thirty Three

Thozama Mqikela



I told my friends to stop drinking, they all looked at me confused, I tried explaining that I think my drink has been spiked; She Rocks open my eyes and said my pupils are dilated. I was starting to feel anxious, my jaws were tightening, my skin started to tingle and I was sweating. Everything was just happening so fast, my friends honestly didn’t know what to do and if I were in their shoes I would have been panicking like hell. Cleo gave me water and told me to drink, I could not even hold the bottle that’s how much I was shaking, Cleo had to put the water bottle in my mouth and make me drink. Andiswa said they should call my husband, I shook my head so hard it almost snapped out of my neck so she said she won’t call. Cleo said we need to leave this place immediately she didn’t feel safe, I was now starting to feel relaxed all my muscles were completely relaxed, if a person would have pushed me with one hand I would have fallen on the floor that’s how weak and relaxed I felt, I could hear She Rocks on the phone she sounded so faraway but she was right next to me, when I spoke it sounded like I was speaking in slow motion. She Rocks said she had called her boyfriend he’s coming to help us out, but he said that they should give me lots of water and make sure that I don’t sleep, I was feeling so relaxed that I was actually falling asleep, each time I would close my eyes She Rocks would slap me to wake me up, Andiswa kept sprinkling my face with water, they kept talking to me about random things just to keep me awake and I could not really hear much.
Eventually She Rocks boyfriend arrived, to me it felt like he had taken 5 hours but my friends said it took him 10 minutes to get there, his name is Siyabonga this was the first time meeting him, not very good first impression at all. He suggested that we go to his place so they could try and get whatever I had been given out of me. I don’t even know whose car we drove in all I know is I was not driving, Andiswa and Cleo sat in front not sure who between the two was driving, I was at the back in-between She Rocks and her man. I kept asking Siyabonga to pray for me, the guy must have thought it’s the drugs talking coz he just laughed it off, I told him my husband is insane and dangerous and I need prayers to make him normal again, everybody in the car was laughing, Cleo even said whatever they had given me was turning me into a comedian, I then told Cleo to pump up the music coz I wanted to dance when we got to Siyabonga’s place. I have never taken drugs before and I didn’t know what type of drug they had been put in my drink but it gave me a whole lot of different feelings, the one minute I was hot the next cold, the next moment excited the next moment depressed no fun at all.
We got inside the house, Cleo suggested they run me a bath and said something about temperature levels, Andiswa said they should make me throw up, everyone was just throwing in their suggestion, I was falling asleep, Siyabonga told them that I should not sleep at all because we don’t know what they had given me and what it might do to me if I sleep so I need to stay up, they kept giving me water it was not helping at all. I could feel my eyes getting heavy I don’t know what how it happened but next thing I knew I was in a bath filled with water, black people and water are not such good friends, I thought I was in a pool drowning, I started screaming and splashing the water all over the bathroom and everyone around, this surprised them but they tried to calm me down, I stood up but slipped and fell back in the bath my head went under the water, I was convinced I was dead, like most black people I cannot swim to save my life, funny thing is there is a swimming pool at my mother’s house, the only thing I ever did in that pool was dip my legs in the water, in the few times that I had tried to swim I had gone right to the bottom & almost drowned so swimming was not for me. Once my head got under water panic set in, water went in my nose, mouth, ears and I could not get up, luckily the girls pulled me out, this definitely woke me up, I told them to get me out of the stupid bath, this was not a smart idea. They got me out, She Rocks gave me her pyjamas to change into and we went to go sit in the one of the bedrooms, Siyabonga poor guy had made sure the place was nice and warm he had the heater out, he made us all coffee. The coffee was not really helping and the warmth of the room was again making my muscles relax and all I wanted was to close my eyes and go to sleep but all these people wouldn’t let me sleep time was now 01:15am.
I don’t know when or how I feel asleep but all I know is I was woken by a loud banging noise, I woke up and looked around me and the room I was in, it didn’t look familiar at all, I tried to get up but my head felt so heavy like I had been hit by a truck, bus and a train one after the other. I laid there and closed my eyes again but the loud banging wouldn’t stop, I looked next to me and Cleo and Andiswa were fast asleep next to me, then a bit of what had happened last night was coming back to me. I could not believe that my girls had stayed all night with me, these are the kinds of friends that every woman should have. I assumed that She Rocks must have snuck out to go get some from her man, not that I blamed her it was a long stressful night my friend must have needed some stress reliever I was smiling at the thought, Cleo opened her eyes and asked why so much noise so early in the morning and what I was smiling about after my near-death experience. I told her we in Soweto people get up early here and it was probably Siyabonga’s church members visiting or maybe they were having some morning prayer we both laughed at the idea, Andiswa was fast asleep, that woman can sleep, you can pick her up put her on the floor and steal her bad and she would not hear a thing. We decided not to wake her up, there was commotion in the house we just assume that it was Siyabonga’s friends.
A few minutes later She Rocks budged into the room looking like she had just seen a ghost, both Cleo and I jumped up and asked her what wrong, she replied and said “Lee your husband has lost his mind he is here and is attacking Siyabonga”. The water from the bath that went into my ears must have affected my hearing coz I was sure that I did not hear correctly what this woman had just said, I asked her to calm down and repeat what she had just said. Why would Mthobisi attack Siyabonga, I didn’t remember much about last night but wait, I didn’t speak to Mthobisi the whole of yesterday, so how the hell did he know I was here, ohhh shit he must have called the Tracker company. But why attack Siyabonga after he practically saved my life. While we were rushing out Cleo asked if I had told Mthobisi about being drugged last night I asked her at what time would I have been able to tell him when I was so out of it, people can ask you the most ridiculous questions at the worst possible time. To be honest I didn’t want Mthobisi finding out about my drink being spiked because deep down I knew he would never again be comfortable with me going out without him around and sometimes we all just need a little break from our partners.
When we got to the dining room my husband had Siyabonga pinned to the wall with his hands on his throat, gosh this man of mine is a problem. I called out his name he turned around let go of Siyabonga, the look in his eyes was that of a man deeply hurt and disappointed, I avoided his eyes and asked him what the hell does he think he is he doing? Mthobisi let go of Siyabonga and stepped close to me fuming and asked “Lesedi what the hell are you doing at this man’s house?” when my husband calls me by my full name I know that shit has hit the fern. I opened my mouth then closed it again the only thing that could come out of my mouth was “what?” this question had really caught me by surprise, I know the answer was so simply but looking at it from his point of view, this did not look good at all. Mthobisi stepped closer and held my chin up so I could look him in the eyes and said “Lesedi I’m going to ask you this question once and once only and you better tell me the truth or I swear on my grandmother’s grave hell is going to break loose. Are you fucking this fool” he said pointing at Siyabonga.

*****The End*****


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