Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Thirty Five

Thozama Mqikela



I swear if we were not in a public place Mthobisi would have done something bad to me the look he gave me, after I said that, luckily his phone rang and he said he had to take that call it’s important. He stepped outside to answer the call as the place was a bit noisy or maybe he didn’t want me hearing the conversation not that I was interested in listening to his calls. He came back and said he has to go, something urgent had come up, I told him to leave me with money I had none, he gave me R300 and left, he looked pissed off I didn’t know if he was angry at me or if the call had made him angry but I was too tired to care, I sat there and finished my juice then drove home. I found Ausi Maria my domestic worker at the gate, she said she was about to turn back because my phone was off and Mthobisi kept dropping her calls.

We got in the house and she was going on about her niece who has just moved from Mpumalanga and how she’s misbehaving and already has boyfriends all over the place, I honestly did not have the strength to deal or listen to other people’s problems I had way too many to deal with so I told her I had a rough night and needed to get some sleep, knowing Ausi Maria she would vacuum the bedroom and bang my doors just to make sure I got up to listen to her stories, I told her not to worry about cleaning our bedroom I will take care of it when I got up, she was not too happy about that. I went to the bedroom and threw myself on top of the bed and passed out, I knew I had so much to do but once in a while just hiding under the blankets for a while to escape your problems is enough, and if there was one thing I knew made me feel better was sleeping, I know with some people they stuff their faces with food, others jog or exercise, I sleep, as much as some people believe you can never have enough shoes I believe you can never have enough sleep. Some people say you will sleep when you dead, I say how do you know that, what if there is no night in death and we have to spend eternity awake, I sleep now while I know I can.

I was woken up by Ausi Maria to tell me that she was leaving, I honestly didn’t get why she couldn’t have just left a note instead of disturbing my sleep, but I got up and charged my phone, I asked her if my husband had come back while I was sleeping she said he did but didn’t stay for long, she told me that my husband had asked her how she would feel about working for us full time instead of just weekends? I raised my eyebrows and Mary continued to say that my husband had told her that Neo our son will be coming to stay with us and we will need a fulltime Nanny, I wanted to go back to sleep, reality was just becoming too much for me, where the hell does Mthobisi get off making such decisions without consulting me? Maria didn’t know that I didn’t know and the last thing you want is your domestic worker knowing your business so I nodded and smiled as if I knew what she was talking about. She said it was a generous offer but she already had a full-time job with my white friend Jessica, with that she started going about how much Jessica and her boyfriend waist money on useless things, I was not interested in hearing about Jessica’s life, that lady partied like a black girl, drank like a fish, I love her to bits but you know how it is, you have your white and black friends, the white ones invite you to these fancy things like plays at theatre, rugby games, cricket games which always includes drinking during the event and after the event, but the one thing I liked about Jessica was the VIP tickets that she always hooked me up with, be it rugby, concerts anything, she works for a Marketing Company so these things are always readily available to them. We all need that kind of connection. Maria went on to tell me that I should not worry she will bring her niece to come and work for us full-time, the girl was supposed to be looking for a job but she sleeps all day and is out all night, I was really cornered here, my husband always managed to get me in these awkward situations, I told her that Mthobisi and I were still thinking about it and we will let her know once we have decided. I think Maria had already decided, she told me she’ll bring her niece tomorrow, so we can see that she is not lazy and works really hard and we should make sure Neo is home so we can see that she is good with kids. Clearly Maria was not listening to me, so I just agreed; I was going to give my husband a piece of my mind for this. Maria finally left which gave me a chance to take a long bath while contemplating what to do about the missing money. I got out the bath and called my husband, no answer, no surprise there. I called Andiswa and she said she just got home from shopping. I asked about my bag and she said she had it, she took it when they were taking me to Siyabonga’s house, I was so relived, I asked if she had opened it and she said “No” and asked why, I told her to go to my bag and open it, she went I asked her to tell me what’s inside she said my wallet, make-up bag, car charger and an envelope I breathed a sigh of relive when I heard the envelop part, I told her to open the envelop and tell me what’s inside, she asked what was going on, I told her to just open the envelop which she did and screamed out loud, “Lee, what are you doing with so much money in your bag? Is this why your drink got spiked were they trying to steal this money?” I told her not to be ridiculous and I would be there in a few minutes to go collect the bag. I was so relieved finally something going my way. I called She Rocks and apologized for my husband’s behavior and for strangling her boyfriend, she laughed and said she gets where he was coming from, Siyabonga would have probably behaved the same, I doubted that very much that man is the type that once you slap him in one cheek he gives you the other cheek to slap, I told her that I was happy that she had found a decent man and this one was for keeps, she agreed and told me that she wished she were not so rich, this girl stays in a R2 Million house in a golf estate why would she wish she were not richer, how many girls under 30 years are independent and have everything they could ask for and did it all on their own with no help from anyone? She said Siyabonga is an ordinary guy he doesn’t have all the riches that we are all used to. In all the time that they have been dating she has not taken him to her place she didn’t want him feeling small, the guy drives an old, old skorokoro. On the day we slept at his house he was so surprised that we all drive such expensive cars, he didn’t know her friends were so rich. And that’s a problem? Damn I wanted those kinds of problems. If a man has less money that the woman his with he just needs to work harder, that was my ignorant opinion. I told her I will be going to Andiswa’s place and we should meet there, she agreed. I honestly don’t like giving advice, not when my life is so messed up.

I was starting to feel annoyed by my husband ignoring my calls, I tried him again phone still rang with no answer, I seriously do not understand why he has a phone if he is bloody well not going to answer it, I was not annoyed I was pissed, I couldn’t wait for him to get home and give him hell, about wanting to hire a nanny full time for our son without discussing it with me, I love my son to death but we are always at work and I really didn’t want my child being brought up by someone else except my mother, I would probably only see him 4 hours in a day only when I come back from work and weekends, that is honestly not how I wanted to bring up my son. I drove to Andiswa’s place and arrived before She Rocks arrived, thank goodness I didn’t have the strength to be explaining myself to 2 women who would interrogate me until I break. I made small talk trying very hard to avoid the money topic until She Rocks arrived. We talked about her problems and her not so rich man, Andiswa was of course listening attentively and giving advice, I honestly could not relate to this and therefore choose to keep my opinions to myself. My phone rang, this gave me an excuse to leave the room and escape this torturous conversation. I answered my phone and it was a voice I didn’t recognise, she asked if I knew Mthobisi and I said yes, he’s my husband, the lady replied “I’m sister Grace calling from Suninghill Hospital, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but your husband has been shot, can you come down to the hospital”. My phone slipped off my hand and fell to the floor, the gals must have heard my phone falling on the floor they came to the kitchen and asked if I’m okay, I told them my husband has been shot and I needed to rush to the hospital. Andiswa asked who shot him where and how, I also wanted answers to those questions, I told them I didn’t know anything. I got down and picked up my phone, battery and sim card, and put them together, I asked Andiswa for my bag and told them I will be leaving. She Rocks said under no circumstances will they let me drive in the state I was in they were both coming with me and she was driving. Andiswa brought my bag as we were about to leave She Rocks said we should pray, I wanted to go and find out what happened to my husband but prayer brought Mthobisi back the first time when he was trapped in the mine so I could not bash it. We held hands and She Rocks started praying, all I was thinking was my husband needs me right now, can she fast forward the prayer. Then She Rocks started praying in tongues, Andiswa and I opened our eyes and looked at each other, if my husband wasn’t lying in some hospital I would have laughed but right now, all types of prayers were needed. She eventually finished praying and she drove us to hospital, I was sitting at the back, She Rocks drives like a boy, she was speeding like a maniac but I trust her she did advanced driving so she is quite good, they kept whispering to each other and I couldn’t hear what they were saying I was freaking out thinking maybe they had heard something about Mthobisi, maybe he’s dead and they too scared to tell me which is why they whispering. My phone rang I answered it was Mfundo; I honestly did not have time for this man, not now. I told him I could not talk I was busy, he said “Lee something bad has happened, there was a bit of misunderstanding and your husband got shot” Shit, Mfundo shot my husband?
Ohhh Lord, how did I get out of this mess.

***THE END***

Mike Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

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  1. Lee trouble is always by your side, how will you explain your lover shooting your husband, you are in deep trouble sesi

  2. Next weekend is toooooo far away gosh….can we please have a special post some time during the week??

  3. Tjo Lee drama all the way ,,,,as for ausi maria she said her niece is troubling her now she want her to work for other people doesn’t she think she will bring more koas to them ai ai ai

  4. Lee trouble is your middle name!! U better pray dat Mthosi dd nt fynd out about u n mfundo otherwise wen he recovers, Hell will brake lose poor Lee I feel for u dat man will probably kill u

  5. MikE honestly this 2 chapters thing only is killing me. Its Torture, plz jus make this a week day blog coz honestly Saturday is jus tOo far.Bt anyway thank you.Good chapter as always

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  7. Eish u knw wn u hv a crazy partner trouble keeps following u so i kinda understand Lee xem. I ws once kidnaped cs dey wanted 2 m8k ma bby daddy pay dn i got shot so ds novel jst brings back terrible memories 4 me. Great read tho

  8. Very very good Mike I love it yho your the best so far. Poor Lee eish girl I feel for you. Mfundo you in a real problem when mthobisi comes from hospital. Run for your life dude. Lee pray very hard that your husbant must make it alife.

  9. Oh Lesedi y need d cleansing… u r so unlucky yoh!! Just when I was hoping your man will come home n make love to you as you were craving….. shame! but I love Mthobisi just hez over protective bt sweat kancane

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    Smallanyana request tu. Could you please, please space more so that there are shorter paragraphs? This will improve readability tenfold. If one blinks it takes a minute to find where they were. This stuff’s too good, don’t make us keep on finding last spot 🙂

    Other than that, keep up the good work.

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