Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW- Chapter Twelve



Unless you work for government where the lines are very blurry usually, mixing business with pleasure is severely frowned upon. I knew we would I would be asked to disclose whether I knew of the contract before it was given to Mfundo and his company even though I was not even part of that decision making process. Mfundo when they got the contract had not known I worked there as we honestly had just rediscovered each other. However, it always looked bad in such a case. Andiswa Magadla was a firm but nice woman. She was not like my other boss, Andile the one who thought she shit chocolate. Where Andile was very proud and arrogant, Andiswa was humble and approachable. This is why most of the people at work when they had a problem they would go to Andiswa. Andile only wore expensive clothes which made her even more conceited and drove a Porsche Cayenne. She was not married but was often linked to the rich and powerful you see in scandal after scandal in the newspapers. That did not phase her one bit though. The alternative energy deal we were working on with Mfundo had been a brain child of Andile and this is how I got to finally work close with her. She was not my direct boss like Andile but a senior at work whom we were now for the purpose of this deal taking instructions under. That said she seemed really confused that Mfundo and I knew each other but did not say much more. She never had a chance to.

Ngwako took over the show. She started talking a mile a minute. Firstly she asked to pray. I know most women the moment we have a crisis the first thing we do is go on our knees and ask for help. I was not like that. It is not that I was not a believer for indeed I had my moments but just that in the thousand times I had been in a crisis and prayed no one had come to my rescue. Not once. I had had to get myself of those knees then fix my own problem. My mother would then say me finding a solution and fixing it was His work. The blood, sweat and tears were mine though! I indulged her. A woman who does not pray is frowned upon. Even in marriage it is your duty, not his, to take your children to church. After we prayed Ngwako starting complementing my house and what not! What on earth did this woman want? I could not kick her out because Andiswa was there but her and Mfundo should not be here. We are not friends like that! A nyatsi or a side dish is not your friend and should never be your friend. You have an agreement if there is one indeed to shag and enjoy but that is where it should stop. We can’t be doing prayer sessions like this come on now. She asked me for an update on my husband and I told what I knew. It was so difficult not to snap at her. I did appreciate one thing though, her being here meant I could focus my anger on something else other than worry about my husband.

Andiswa saw my irritation with this woman and I think she was also quite uncomfortable with having Mfundo here. She told them that I needed to be alone and perhaps rest. Mfundo who had been actually very quiet during all this did not hesitate to stand up and immediately take his leave. Ngwako wanted to stay on but Mfundo convinced his wife it was time to leave. I do not think Mfundo knew of Ngwako and my husband’s history. I wonder if he would have brought her with. Whether you are happy or miserable the earth will still rotate, the sun will still come up in the morning and go down at night, you just have to suck it up this is life and it’s not fair and no one said it would be easy. I had to deal with serious facts now.

I checked the news again to see if there had been any new developments on the mine and they were still running with the same story as earlier, nothing had changed. I told Andiswa about a story Mthobisi had once told me about a mine near Sasolburg that had collapsed with about 1000 miners underground, he had told me that the miners were trapped in there for 9 days they were 180 meters underground, 2 drills had to be flown in from Texas to bore through the rock & reach the miners, only about half of the miners survived. The last rescue attempt failed despite additional drilling power and the mine got sealed off with all those miners inside and was never used again because it was considered unsafe. At the time when Mfundo told me I had thought this was just a tale that miners told each other when they were bored so I googled it and found that it was true. I had freaked out but Mfundo had told me that this was over 50 years ago and now mines are more developed and advance with new technology being developed every day and that made me relieved, never in my wildest dreams did I think that my husband would be the one trapped underground. I told Andiswa that my biggest fear right now was what if this mine also gets sealed off with Mthobisi and the rest of the people inside, then tears started pouring out on both of us, but Andiswa assured me that they would never do that, there would be an uproar from all communities and all countries. Not with all the social networks around, nowadays social networks rule everything, the last thing the executives of the mines would want is an attack on social networks because that shit will go international next thing you know your company is being boycotted internationally, you don’t want to upset people especially when it comes to people’s lives, I knew she was right after all my friend was huge on social networks. I really wished that I didn’t remember that story because we were about to go to bed and I knew this story would be in my head and I really didn’t want to dream about my husband being left to rot in some mine.

My body was telling me that I was hungry and needed something to eat but my mind was not interested. I had now been up for almost 24 hours. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get sleeping pills I knew Mthobisi had some in the room we use as his office I went there to get the pills. I hardly ever go to this room because it doesn’t particularly interest me, it’s always full of Mthobisi’s papers and files. I walked in, on top of the table were the sleeping pills I took the bottle as I was about to open it, something on top of the desk caught my eye. Partially hidden as it was only a corner that I could see was a green little booklet. It was a passport or identity document. When I pulled it out I think i used too much force as all the paper on top of it fell to the floor. They revealed stacks of passports’ on the table, I took one and opened inside was a face I didn’t recognize and the name in it was Knowledge Mlabo, I opened the second Passport also an unfamiliar face with the name Excellent Dube, I opened a few of these Passport and they all had male pictures and strange names. These names were definitely Zimbabwean. I knew my husband worked with a whole lot of foreign people but this did not explain the passports. What the hell was my husband up to?

You think you know the man you married? Most women have no idea whom their real man is and its only at times like these that you get a glimpse of him. I was so confused. I need good news. I needed my man to come and tell me he was ok and that we could move on with our lives!

****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
I am 26 and engaged to a wonderful man. The problem is he has a child with another woman (before my time) and she is a nightmare. She calls him all the time to insult him and now she has started doing it to me too. I even took a protection order against her. No matter how much he fights her she keeps coming back. He is scared that she will become a problem when he wants to see his child. He already pays maintenance. Much as I love this man I am starting to think that his baggage will destroy us. She makes us fight as well because she is too much. What should I do?

Please Help

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  1. Yipee! 😀 i’m xo xo xo xo excited i’m number one today! Did’nt even bother reading *winks* Guess y’oll must still be sleeping! Wake up Nigeria! Wake up south Africa!

  2. Looks like Mthobisi has some explaining to do (hope he survives). Don’t think beating up Ngwako’s behind would be a bad though (that woman has balls). Can’t wait for the next chapter

  3. Nice one Mike cant wait for the nxt chapter.thanx!!!

    to the engaged lady
    i was in the baby mama drama for 5 yrs.no matter how much the guy loved me the drama ended up being too much n i had to walk away.sometimes love is not enough.

  4. Lol miss nidas hahaha who asked you to comment psssh, u cn be number1 I dnt care was just thanking Mike 4 a good read dts all, number 1 or 50 makes no difference to me cz there’s no prize to it!!!

  5. Sindi the baby mama is doing all this so that you and your hubby can break up,don’t give her the satisfaction pay no mind to her and her actions,focus on your man and building your relationship with him don’t lose out on a good thing over something so minor 🙂

  6. Thank you Thozama, utterly impressed, have a feeling we in good hands… Might you be able to post regularly? If so, please do

  7. Eh i’m curious to find out what are the passports for…I pray that he gets out of that hell hole and tell her what has he been up to.

  8. Thanks Bra Mike, welcome Thozama. Q&A sisi please don’t entertain the baby mama, she is trying to mess up your relationship. focus on the well being of your fiance and their child, abs most of all ask God for guidance, you won’t wrong!!!

  9. Heeh cud it be possible that mxolisi cud be somewhere the mine incident is just a coverup. Just wondering!!!. Syabonga Mike nakuwe thozama.

  10. Q&A- had the same problem at the beginning of our relationship with my now hubby, how we won the battle….let her swear and threaten and do whatever over the phone, when she’s done, say ‘ok’ and hang up. Nasty sms’s, reply with ok and hang up, soon her fire will burnout. Most importantly though your man needs to be on your side and as for you ousie, try not to comment too much on the situation, that’s where the fighting will begin. Remember these ppl hv history, he might not despise her as much as u do, if at all, so he might come across as defensive of her sometimes. Good luck;)

  11. Great read but wasn’t all that juicy, this story just doesn’t have that wow factor all th others do.. :),

  12. A2Q,I say don’t fight her make him fight for ur relationship,bcos bby mama fiasco skat you’ll never win that one,just leave it to her u hav that protection order against her use it don’t feel sorry for her

  13. Woow!!!! I’m blown away… Welcome Thozama and well done to Mike for teaming up with Thozama, you guys make a great team!!!!

  14. A2Q:dnt let dis woman cum btwn u n ur man marriage is like dat smbdy elses baggage becums urs.de fact dat she’s fightnin means gore she’s still inluv with ur man jst ignore her no matter what she does n support ur partner dnt fight with him coz he’s also frustrated.

  15. And pls Mike tlogela go kopantsha maina pls.mthobisi was de 1 telling stori sa mine wa sasolburg nxt u kip mentioning mfundo

  16. Q&A:Girl let me tell you something, if you leave your man, she has won what you need to do is document everything make tapes when she calls and swears at you,have dates and time and then go to court and apply for custody with all the evidence they will give you and your man the child effortlessly.


  17. Thanks for the read, can’t wait to hear the story behind all those passports, hope it’s nothing illegal.
    A to Q: A crazy baby mamma or ex-wife is every woman worst nightmare. As long as the ex is unhappy and not progressing empilweni, she’ll always be a thorn in your side. She’s trying to break you guys up, be smarter than her and not let her evil ways win.

  18. QA: gal I’ve been there, never thot the nightmare would end but is has ended, she has accepted her defeat & has accepted that my man n her only share a bby n that’s it. One thing I can tell u is don’t leave ur man for a used to be that doesn’t want to face reality. Ur man loves u, focus on that n support him

  19. Sindi the best way to sort out baby mama drama is to ignore her so hard she will even doubt her own existence!if she calls and starts swearing drop the phone,or u cn alwys block her number,sue da bitch 4 defermation of character,wa tella and if u gonna let her walk all ovr u she will win,doesn’t she hv a life of her own nxa,tell ur man 2 fight 4 full custody of the kid if she still goes on like dis…u love him and would do anything 4 him so don’t let some stupid,ignorant,card-playing,triflling,no education straatmaid get the better of u.

    1. Your response is so rude though. At no point did the lady mention the baby-mamas education, at no point did she get rude ka the baby-mama, what and who then gives you the right to then go off on the baby-mama like this. Ai maan, let’s advise constructively.

  20. Sindi,

    Baby mama drama is best left to the mama and the papa of the kid to solve. The problem as the new lady ke gore you only have one version of events and one side to the story (which is your mans). I also believe that money only does so much, is the father involved in the kids life, what’s his contribution to the kid in the bigger scheme of things, is it close to 50% or does he send say a R1000 ka mo the costs are triple that. At this point I’d suggest you talk to your man and tell him you are not happy ka yona, ask him to sit with the ex and ask what the actual problem is (is it money, is it a case that she hasn’t moved on, is it you and your role in this kids life, is it maybe his lack of involvement in the kids life, or is she still holding on the happily ever after dream of a family), them talking with you there might help a bit.

    When she calls you, hang up, when she sms’ you, do not reply, you must never ever ever entertain her. From me to you, do not fight the mother for the kids custody, separate the mother from the crazy ex. You might be dealing with the crazy ex who cant let go or you might be dealing with the mother who thinks the father needs to be better involved in the kids life, but ke sure she is a very good mother to her kids (I hope) and I am hoping she is very responsible in that, so fighting for her kids based maybe on the fact that she is MAYBE not over your man is a big mistake. Wena support your man, stick to building that, leave your man to handle it then you will be ok, push comes to shove, if it means having a meeting with his and her family to solve this stalking then so be it. If the decision at the end of this is to walk away, walk away knowing that you did everything in your power to solve it and your man just didn’t meet you halfway.

  21. Mmmmmm Thanx to Ms Thozama. Not so bad for ur first script sisi, keep producing some more interest redas vah. @Mike u doing a great job bhuti to discover new talents. #ThisIsMyAddiction nyc1

  22. Thank u Ms Thozama most people can’t even tell that it was not Mike who wrote this Chapter so that means you are good. Please keep up the good work. Thanks to u too Mike for introducing Thozama I think so far we r in good hands.

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