Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Ninety Four

Oh my soul, I don’t know what I have ever done wrong to anyone or maybe my ancestors must have been very bad people because right now I knew this was not just bad luck I was being punished for something, there is a verse in the Bible that says “the sins of the forefathers shall be laid upon their sons” well the sins of my forefathers were being paid me. I wish I knew what they did so I didn’t make the same mistake, I didn’t want my children’s children to be going through the same shit I was going through every now and again.
The guy put me on the chair next to Andiswa and told me to shut my mouth. Andiswa was soaking wet from sweat I didn’t know if it was the high temperature that was making her sweat or if it was fear I on the other hand had was shaking like a leaf. Andiswa asked in a shaky voice “what are you going to do to us?”

the guy calmly replied “nothing, I’m doctor Khaya this is my surgery.” I screamed “you are a rapist, we saw you last night, you were driving that white Mercedes Benz and you pointed a gun at us and chased us all over that place, what’s it called again Andiswa.” I even forgot the name of the place. Andiswa said “Its ntoni ntoni Lucia” I wanted to laugh but this was not the time I would remind her of that later. Andiswa continued “Or maybe you wanted to hijack us.” the guy picked up the phone and called reception and told the ladies not to call the police there was a misunderstanding and he hung up.

He said “let me start from the beginning, we invited you ladies to a party at my house and when we got there I had my gun in my sock but it was not sitting properly so I removed it and was talking to you so when I talk I use my hands that might have seem like I’m pointing the gun at you but I promise you I was not.” Tjeeeeeeeeeer guys can spin a story, this guy could be caught by his wife on top of a woman naked and would make the wife feel like the wrong person for assuming the worst, he was good I had to give him that, so Andiswa asked “if that’s the case then why didn’t you let us go, why did you chase us?” he said he wanted to explain to us what the situation was and that there were cars in there already but parked in the garage and on the other side of the house and it was full that’s why they took us to the other side of the house and there were people still coming who were going to park where we parked. We didn’t buy his story but we acted like we did, just so we could get out of that place alive. He told us not to mention what had happened to Andiswa’s boyfriend he wouldn’t want his friend thinking badly of him, we said we won’t and asked him to write us a prescription so we could go buy the medication, he wanted to check Andiswa and I went with them in the other room I couldn’t trust this man with my friend you know what they say about safety in numbers he asked her to open her mouth and said her tonsils were swollen he offered to give her an injection which will work faster than the medication, Andiswa and I said at the same time “No”, I quickly said she was afraid of injections which was of course a lie we just didn’t trust him enough, who knew what he would put in that injection.

He wrote us a prescription for antibiotics, painkillers and some voltarans to bring down the swelling, we took the prescription as we were about to leave he said we should go out for drinks some time so he can show us that he is not a bad person and to clear the bad vibes between us, we gave him an uncomfortable smile and said okay deep down we knew that shit was not going to happen, we stood up my phone was still on the floor I picked it up I saw him bend his head to look under my skirt this man was a proper pervert, he handed Andiswa his business card and we said we will call him and left. I immediately called She Rocks and told them to come now. Within 5 minutes they were there and they said they left Mzwakhe and Bonga the guys we had meet the previous day at the restaurant by the beach and they had come with their friend and I was going to like him they said, Cleo said “damn Lee, did Andiswa infect you with her tonsils you look pale.” I told them about the doctor and they were as shocked as we were Cleo said that “this man by day is a doctor and by night a serial killer and rapist, Jesus must just come now, this is too much” we all laughed Cleo had a way of turning a bad situation into a joke, we decided to go buy the pills for Andiswa before going back to the beach. After buying the pills She Rocks called the guys and they said nothing much was happening at the beach so let’s rather meet at our hotel and we will convoy to Umlazi together, she asked us and we all agreed plus we needed to change.

We went back to the hotel, changed into jeans and sneakers since we were now going to ekasi, and no longer the beach, Andiswa drank her medication and wanted to stay in her room and sleep we begged her to come and told her to dress warm eventually she gave in but said she would not be drinking it was good for us because she would be our designated driver. We went down and the guys were patiently waiting for us at the hotel restaurant having beers, when I got close I realised they were sitting with Bantu they guy I had gone to the beach with earlier, I smiled and said “small world, I didn’t know you guys knew each other.” They explain how they work together and blah blah blah, I wasn’t really interested, Cleo whispered in my ear “we told you, you would like the friend.” I showed her the middle finger discretely, the guys didn’t see.
We convoyed to Umlazi, the guys in their BMW 2 Series which looked gorgeous and us behind them on the way we were discussing about how Andiswa should tell her boyfriend that the guy he sent us to is a crook and Cleo kept saying we should open a case against him since we know where he works, She Rocks told her the cops would laugh at us and ask us what they did to us which is nothing except chase us up and down, besides in most people’s eyes we will look like we were looking for trouble who goes around following strangers cars, we from the roughest part of the world and we should know better than to go around trusting people, she was making sense so we all agreed to put the doctor episode behind us and not let it ruin our vacation. Cleo said “what happens in Durban stays in Durban.” We all laughed and said this was not Vegas but what the heck let’s make it our Vegas.
In Cape Town there is Mzoli’s in Durban there is Kwa Max, we all love it, we cannot go to Durban without going to Umlazi and when we are there we know life just gets soo damn interesting, just like we can’t go to Cape Town without going to Gugulethu. We parked next to the guys and went in, at the entrance the bouncer with his huge muscles said “sanibona bosisi abahle.” We just melted no accent beats the Zulu accent especially on guys, good Lord. We found a table and sat there, Cleo and Bonga went to buy meat, She Rocks, Andiswa and Mzwakhe went to go buy the drinks and I was left with Bantu. There was an awkward silence I didn’t know what to say to him so I just played with my phone acted like I was doing something important meanwhile I was staring at a blank screen, he finally broke the silence “you still don’t feel like talking?.” This question caught me off guard I said “no, yes, I mean I’m fine now I was just a bit babalazed this morning.” He smiled and said “you not from around here hey.” I responded “is that a statement or a question” we both smiled and he said “you have a beautiful smile” I put my left hand on the table and showed him my ring he laughed and said “I know, I saw it this morning, just because you married it doesn’t mean I can’t compliment you on your beauty” Cleo and Bonga came back before he could continue, I breathed a sigh of relief Cleo asked what we were talking about, he said “beauty” I quickly said “the beauty of KZN” Cleo agreed and said “wouldn’t it be nice if we stayed here, we could go to the beach every single day.

” I shook my head and said “No, we would get tired of it, it’s nice when you come once in a while” and then Bonga and Bantu were also with Cleo about how calm and peaceful it is here I told them every once in a while you need something that’s going to shake you, show you that you are alive you can’t have tranquillity every single day what are you going to do when you get to heaven, you will be bored out of your mind because you are so used to all the birds singing and beautiful gardens, you can’t have heaven on earth while you here you need to experience earth, I was talking from experience, earth had hit me left right and centre. They all laughed and said my reasoning was crazy. The others finally arrived with drinks and we started drinking except for Andiswa who was drinking juice. A few minutes later our meat was brought to our table, Cleo and Bonga had brought a whole lot, but the girls were hungry since they had not had breakfast. Andiswa was struggling to swallow since the tonsils were still in full force but she loves meat she was forcing it down even though it took her 5 minutes to swallow a small piece. We ate drank there was a dj playing nice music we danced and had soo much fun.

It was now around 8 pm the guys said we should go to a club called Egagasini its fun we will enjoy it, we finished up our drinks and headed to our cars, we were a bit tipsy, Cleo suggested we go change we can’t exactly go in a club in jeans, we went back to our hotel, changed into sexy dresses and heels and headed out, this time Andiswa put her foot down and said she is not going anywhere her throat felt like it’s on fire she wanted to sleep so we let her sleep and left when we got to the parking lot the guy were whistling at how hot we looked, we laughed it off and Cleo said she would drive, we went to Egagasini club which was not too far from the hotel, most of the people that we had seen earlier at Max were there too, it’s an underground club, it’s in the basement there is even a pool inside the club, the place is amazing, the guys bought drinks we danced but nothing dirty or sluty just calm and cool dancing, we were having soo much fun, I decided to go out so I could call Andiswa and check on how she’s doing, she didn’t answer I figured she’s probably sleeping as I was about to go back inside Bantu was behind me he held me by my shoulders and didn’t say a word just started kissing me, his lips felt soo juice, I wanted to push him away and tell him to stop but I found myself moving closer and responding to his kiss and putting my tongue in his mouth, there were people all around but no one could be bothered by what was happening we eventually stopped and went back to the club, I went to my friends and we both acted like nothing happened I wanted to kick myself for doing that. Jesus why am I so weak? We danced and partied away, around 4 am we all decided we should go sleep.

Bonga and Mzwakhe said they will call a cab to take them home since they stayed a bit far and were too drunk to drive and Bantu had left his car in the hotel so he was going to drive with us. On the way to the hotel as soon as She Rocks and Cleo hit the back seat they fell asleep, too much dancing and drinking had them tired. Bantu and I were laughing at how quickly these two passed out, as we were driving Bantu put his hand in my thighs and started rubbing them, his hand kept going higher and higher up my thigh I wanted to remove it but the sensation of what was happening just felt too good, his hand reached my g-string and moved it to the side and started playing with my cookie, I was breathing heavy and had slowed down on the speed of the car, next thing I knew my dress was up and his mouth was on my cookie sucking and licking it, I was out of this world, we got to a robot and it was red and I sat there enjoying being sucked I didn’t even realised that the robot had now turned green, his other hand was in my boobs massaging them and the other fingering me, his tongue was going in and out of my cookie all I wanted was to scream out loud as I was about to come and I figured that he saw that I was about to so he stopped and said “there is more where that came from, come to my room” this man had just turned me on and left me hanging, that’s when I realised I was standing at a green robot I drove and he fixed my dress as we arrived at the hotel and woke my friends up. We all took the lift he got off at his floor and winked at me as he was walking out, I was sooo thirsty for him, we went up to our floor I said goodnight to the girls and we went to our rooms, when I got in my room I could not sleep, I decided Fuck it, “what happens in Durban stays in Durban” I went to the lift and since he had given me his room number earlier I still knew it I went and knocked and he came and opened and he was in just his underwear, I grabbed him and we kissed and ended up in his bed.

After a few minutes of kissing I ran to the bathroom all that alcohol had filled up my bladder, I sat there did number 1 and 2 then washed my face when I got back, guy had passed out, so much for my Durban D***. I threw myself next to him and guy still wouldn’t move all he did was snore, within a few minutes I also passed out. I woke up around 10 the next morning the guy was not there I figured he must have gone for breakfast, I was not in the mood, I took a lift went up to my floor, when I got there one of the cleaning ladies who had just finished cleaning my room said “Kade bakufuna abangani bakho, indoda yakho ikumele eroomini lakho” translated “your friends have been looking for you, your husband is waiting for you in your room.” I looked at myself the shit I was wearing, clothes from last night it was pretty obvious from anyone what was happening. I had no phone with me, no car keys, only my room card, so even if my friends called my phone was in my room, I couldn’t take the car and go buy new clothes, I had no wallet with me, shit. As I was still standing there thinking what to do next I heard the door to my room open….
Fuck my life..

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  1. I’m probably getting too emo for this but lee is starting to piss me off, she’s already got an amazing hubby so why would she want to sabotage her own life like that, she’s too lose and her soul is truly cursed

  2. This sounds so real makes me miss my Yearly December trips, visit to Max Lifestyle and Egagasini. Nice one. Easy Lee was watching the Durbs sunrise lol!

  3. Another one Lee, now u whoring ngeke phela. I hope Mthobisi catches u out this time. Uhluphile. Love love love Missteps & the bonus chapter is a major treat.

  4. Yoh i give up …. Lee you got a man who loves you , who wud die to protect you but this is the shit you thank him with tjo ayyyy…… Sisi yo deserve what ever bad luck is coming to you . I mean how many woman out der a looking for a man like mtho……any who before i get to carried away thanks team for another thrilling weekend and as for the bonus#cherry on top

  5. Lee ke magosha shame,i wish
    Mtho can find out d truth bout Mfundo, ngwanyana o wanyontsa onale nnawo sies, Mtho is a thug but he doesn’t deserve wht Lee is doing 2
    Him struu.Mtho deserves someone like me lol

  6. ooooh Lord Lesedi bathong – you such a naughty gal with a rough/thuv husband. Hehehehe you really like taking risks – I admire this gal.

  7. You living a dangerous life.. you better be careful Lesedi – Mtho will kill u sister. Hehehehe thank you Mike can’t wait for next for another chapter…

  8. Nice one mike!
    I wish mthobisi gives Lee a treat for bofebe ba gae. Sophisticated sfebe shem and a murderer off course .I hope bantu doesn’t end up being killed by mthobisi

  9. Ohhh Lee ako tlohele bofebe tuu ,you ddnt learn anything from the Mfundo saga? I wanda how you are going to get yourself out of this one

  10. Lee just dont get it. Her hubby was aware of her up n downs via tracking device. I hope he doesnt have cameras in the car. As for Bantu, I suppose he is not one of the guys who charm girls during festives just to rob them without having to force anything, thats durban n cape town for u during festive. Just for someone who had killed her boyfriend n aborted her baby…..I thought swimming wouldve brought some luck. She is now in deep shit if this is her real hubby.

  11. There was a guy who posted a query during the week about his girl in some moz trip. I guese this chapter comes in handy to your problem. U might have to wait for the next chapter…i would imagine your answers will b there

  12. Thanks Bra Mike.. addicted to your work.

    Lee uyabhora uthanda ipipi maan!! you have a great husband. Most woman who wish to be on ur shoes mara you allow temptation to destroy your marriage.. hai uyabhora maan!

    Much love for Misstep

  13. i’m aorry to say this screw u Lee, i dont like this girl anymore and she deserves a divorce 1st mfundo now this sis

  14. Ai lee bekungathi niyaphoxwa ereception look what u just did now putting urself in shit ushayiwe wena namhlanje. Tx Buti Mike

  15. hhayi guys kanti how old is Lee and her friends. they behave so childish, even their dress code now that they r in Durban is that ok Varsit gals. hhay ngeke tjis women

  16. im sorry i have to say this mike what are we learning from lee this woman is nothing but a bitch plain and simple ,no morals ,no self respect,no respect for her marriage and husband,no respect for her job , message to lee get ur self a dildo fuck your husband for a change in that way u dont go to trips filled with all kinds of salts im nolonger reading this book im learning nothing stupid bitch pissed off to the last degree
    this is not just a book its a message to society.

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  19. Lee just never learns, she is a ….. plain and simple! Women like her have it good but can’t see it even when its staring them in the face. mxm annoyed for decades.

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