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Missteps – Chapter Ninety Five

My first instinct is to always run, I don’t stand and try to negotiate when in danger, first thing that always comes to my mind when I’m faced with any dangerous situation is run, you can call it being a coward or anything you want, but running will save you from a lot of explaining, negotiating for your life and a whole lot of messy, awkward uncomfortable situation and that is why I always run.  And then sometimes life just throws you a curve ball where you cannot run because your legs fail you instead of carrying you they trip and you fall on your face that is the one time you will wish you don’t get up until the paramedics come and get you up.

Back to the hotel, there I was standing there looking and feeling helpless,  I had no strength, my head felt heavy and you know when you haven’t bath you just feel heavy from the dirt and just can’t function properly and I was wearing heels on top of all that tiredness so running was the last thing on my mind, so I just stood there ready for my husband, ready to say whatever came to my mind when suddenly the cleaning lady opened the room we were standing in front of and pushed me inside, everything happened so fast I didn’t even know what the hell just happened I just found myself on the floor, the cleaning lady had pushed me soo hard and so unexpectedly that I lost my balance and fell on the floor I stood up and looked around and realised that I was actually in Cleo’s room.  The cleaning lady told me to get up and look if there is anything that I can wear in this room that will not make me look like “girl from yesterday” I searched through Cleo’s wardrobe and found a decent looking summer dress, quickly wore that and some flip flops, I could hear my husband talking to my friends outside “it’s so unlike my wife to leave her phone behind, she takes that thing everywhere she goes.” At least he didn’t sound angry unless if he was pretending for my friends, then the voices were fading away, I told the cleaning lady to go check if they are gone and she went and came back and told me its all clear I could go.  I thanked her and she told me “I will come to your room tomorrow you can thank me properly because I’ve just saved your marriage” hebana, “thank her properly? Is she mad?” I gave her an awkward look and walked out; as I was walking out she shouted “noma ungangibeka kabi okusalayo ngiyayifuna imali yami.” Translated “even if you can give me dirty looks I still want my money.”  You know how people usually say “claps once” well this deserved 5 claps, that’s how shocked I was by this woman’s demands I was even scared to ask how much she wanted, all I knew was I needed to change rooms fast.  I got out and didn’t know where to go, I decided to go to the hotel restaurant.

As I came in the girls were sitting on the couch with my husband, I put on a brave smile even though my heart was beating at a thousand rates per second  they were all in a deep conversation no one saw me coming until I stood by their table, I acted surprised “Honey, what are you doing here?”  Mthobisi stood up and the look on his face was written anger, he came to me hugged me and whispered in my ear while still holding me “where the hell have you been?” I pulled away from him and smiled and said “I got up early and since I know my friends here are not too fond of getting up early I decided I was not going to have breakfast by myself like yesterday so I went for a walk and since I don’t really know how bad the crime is here I decided not to take any chances by taking my wallet or cellphone with me.  Didn’t you girls get my message? I asked one of the cleaning ladies to tell you when you got up.”  The girls looked at me confused Cleo said “I think I heard someone walk in my room and mumbling something but I was half asleep and half-awake so I wasn’t sure if that happened or if I dreamt it.”  Andiswa said “I’m just glad you safe we were worried sick about you after that doctor incident I don’t trust this place.” Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh I had just jumped out of one hot fire and now Andiswa was throwing me in another.  We all gave her death stares, like really, did she just say that?  Mthobisi looked at me and said “do I want to know about the doctor incident?” I smiled and said “no Honey, its women’s things, doctor almost gave Andiswa wrong injection.”  And Cleo and She Rocks both laughed and said “yes, long and boring story, but Andiswa’s tonsils are now getting better, thank goodness she didn’t take the injection.”  I joined them and we had breakfast, on a table at the corner I saw Bantu having breakfast by himself but he was faced the opposite direction from us and couldn’t see us and was reading a newspaper.

While we were still sitting there chatting about this and that Bantu stood up but because were sitting close to the door he obviously had to come pass our table to get out, and I said a little prayer that he doesn’t come to greet us “please God, please don’t let this man stop at our table please.” As he was walking out he saw us smiled and came straight to our table, I almost peed myself.  She Rocks looked at me and saw the fear in my eyes, then raised her eyebrow to ask “what’s wrong?” I lifted my eyes to show her Bantu, without even thinking twice she stood up and before Bantu could say anything she excitedly said “Hi Doll” and gave him a long hug then whispered something in his ear which I couldn’t hear and they both walked out of the restaurant.  Mthobisi looked at me and said “you ladies have only been here for 2 days and She Rocks got herself a man?  I respect Durban guys” we all laughed.  She Rocks had just saved my ass once again, I seriously needed to stop being so reckless.  A few minutes later she came back all smiles and winked at me.  Mthobisi looked at She Rocks and said “isn’t he a bit young for you?”  Cleo burst out laughing, Andiswa said “She needs a Ben 10 she’s too rich, young boys need to suck her dry.” She Rocks laughed and said “eeeuuuwww did you just say they must suck me?  You are disgusting some of us are still eating here.”  My husband said “there we go again, this is how your dirty talks start, I’m going to your room Honey, I need to send a couple of emails.  I will see you guys later.”  He kissed me and I protested and told him we were on holiday and no work, he promised he won’t take too long and left.

As soon as he left the girls were on my case, “what the hell is wrong with you, no scrap that, what the hell are you doing wearing my dress?”  Cleo shouted.  She Rocks, “Lee, I am this close to washing my hands of you, we have had to baby you far too many times, you are a grown ass woman and this shit needs to end.”  Cleo took over “you have changed from the girl from next door to the whore from next door.  This shit is not on, we looked like idiots this morning not knowing what the hell to say about your whereabouts.”  Andiswa said “you obviously did not learn your lesson from Mfundo I say we tell your husband the truth, that’s the only way you are going to learn and appreciate what you have.”  Say whaaaaatt?  “I’m sorry Andiswa do what?” I asked,  before she could answer Cleo said “let’s not get emotional, there is no telling anybody anything, Lee you just need to stop fucking around, close your legs and open your mouth.”  She Rocks said “if she opens her mouth then dick will be getting in that mouth, can she just close everything?  Mouth, legs, armpits, everything.”  I agreed and I apologised for putting them in that difficult situation and they made me promise that I will close everything and I promised that I will only open for my husband.  I didn’t even ask what She Rocks had said to Bantu because that would have seem like I’m interested.  Cleo wanted to know if I shagged Bantu, I told them that nothing happened we both were too drunk and passed out which was the truth and I choose not to tell them about what happened in the car while they were sleeping, I was already being crucified imagine what they would do if I told them that, they would bury me alive. The thing about being friends with the same people for soo many years you develop a bond and trust that is so deep and so strong that you want nothing but the best for that person, I know there are friends out there that wish for each other to fail, girls that can’t wait for you to cheat so they can run to your husband and expose your cheating ass.  My friends were the opposite of that, they would do anything and everything to protect me and I would do the same for them, when girls decide to stick together trust me they will stick together like glue, we had been carrying a secret for 15 years and not once had any of us decided that we should re-visit that file and start throwing around that secret around and threatening to expose it.  We had grown up together and know most of each other’s secrets,  we had seen Cleo and her sister suffer in the hands of  their step-father and everything we tried doing to prevent it failed until one day we decided enough was enough, but that’s a story for another day. Fact is we had pledged loyalty to each other and this is why we didn’t like adding new friends to our crew, they wouldn’t understand and would probably be throwing our secrets on social networks if we were ever to fight, we have seen girl fights getting nasty and we had vowed to never be those girls no matter what.

We decided that we were going to spend the day at the beach; I went to go get my husband who was busy with calls and emails and told him we need to go out and have fun like a normal couple.  He looked at me and said “we not a normal couple, you have changed, you lie and you sneak around and kill people.  What is going on with you Lesedi?”


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  1. “we not a normal couple, you have changed, you lie and you sneak around and kill people.  What is going on with you Lesedi?” Tjoooo Look who’s talking.

  2. Why is Mthobisi being two faced? Who died and made him all holly? Eh hypocrite. Lee though needs the Creator Himself o padile shem pal.

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