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Missteps – Chapter Ninety Three

I had to make sure I take all the necessary safe percussions the last thing I wanted was the same situation as the night before happening, I asked the guy what his room number was he told me and I asked for his name he said “Bantu” I laughed and asked “as in Bantu Holomisa?” he said he gets that all the time but no his surname is Sithole. I called one of the waiters and asked if they knew the guy and he said yes he also stayed in the hotel I asked him for the notebook that they use to write down orders and a pen and I wrote a note and asked him to please put it in my friend’s room and I gave him She Rocks room number and told the guy we could hit the road. We went to the parking lot, he suggested that we took his car I told him we were both taking our cars he told me finding parking might be a problem, I didn’t care I told him I would even walk an hour I didn’t care I was taking my car and he was taking his and that’s final. We convoyed to the beach and parking was not that hard to find but we didn’t find parking next to each other he parked 7 cars away from me which suited me just fine.

We got to the beach and I took of my shoes and top and was left with just the bikini bra and my short and went in the water, I thought I heard the guy say “dammmmmmn

,she’s hot” but I acted like I didn’t hear that, oh I don’t swim, I’m like Jesus I walk on water, I’ve had to many close drowning experience that I do not mess with water, I remember when I was in high school the was a school trip and we went to the beach and we had to form a circle of 8 people and hold each other’s hand and keep going deeper and deeper into the beach and not let go of the person’s hand I was holding on my right some white girl that didn’t like me much and on my left was a coloured girl who used to love fighting and as we were going deeper and deeper into the beach I kept telling the group I was in that we were going too far in and we should go back but no one wanted to lose the competition and as we got deeper a huge wave came and threw us all under water I panicked so much I let go of both girls hands and tried pushing up the harder I pushed up the more I panicked and panicking made things worse I was drowning the coloured and the white girl were so angry at me they just stood there shouting at me on why the hell did I let go because now we’ve lost, a life guard had to come and rescue me which was a huge embarrassment because when the trip was over and we had to go back to school everyone knew I had almost drowned at the beach, I didn’t want to go to school for days from embarrassment but the nice thing about high school is there will always be another scandal that will make yours look like a drop in the ocean.

When the water reached my boobs, I was ready to go back to the swallow end, as I was turning to go back I saw Bantu running in the beach he had his shirt off and was left with just shorts, my goodness the guy probably spent every single day in the gym, he had muscles everywhere, I must have stood there with my mouth wide open until a wave hit me unexpectedly and I fell on my face and swallowed that salt water, he came and pulled me up and asked if I was okay, I put on my embarrassed smile and told him “I can be so clumsy sometimes but I’m fine, thanks” I went to go sit in the sand while he swam, damn brother man was also a good swimmer unlike me. After about 20 minutes he came out and said don’t I want to swim some more I told him I don’t swim, he said okay lets go get the sand of me we moved until the water touched our knees I tried washing the sand of me with the sea water but I was not doing such a good job, he looked at me and said “maybe I can be of assistant, let me wash the sand of you” I smiled and splashed him with water and said “I don’t think so” he laughed and took a handful of water and threw it and me and I ran laughing out of the water and while running kicked some water his direction, he chased me and said “damn ufiti yhoo” I ignored that comment and told him we should go wash the sand by those outside showers we went wash the sand of our bodies and he suggested we go to the restaurant to go get something to drink, I told him I can’t because my friends were probably up by now, we walked back to our cars and he bought me ice-cream he said it’s to cool me down.

I thank him and told him I was going back to the hotel, he said he’s meeting up with some friends in Woodlands and left, I drove to the hotel, I checked my phone I had a an sms from She Rocks saying they got my message, they will see me when I get back and they are stuck because I had left with our only means of transport, shit I had not thought of that, I got back to the hotel and went looking for them, I found them in Andiswa’s room she was not looking good they said something about tonsils and high temperature, nothing worse than being sick while you on holiday, Cleo had given her warm water with chilli to gargle with and that’s a remedy she got from her grandmother, I suggested we call her boyfriend since he is a doctor he will know what she can take to get better soon. She called him and he said she sounds bad and should get antibiotics that’s the only thing that could clear the tonsillitis quickly, we asked him for the name and he said we won’t get it over the counter so we will have to get a prescription from a doctor, this was sounding like a long process, he said he knew of a doctor whom he studied with in university and will give him a call and see if he can see her and give her a prescription for the antibiotics, he said he will call back with all the details. The girls wanted to know who this “Bantu” guy was that I had disappeared with and what we did, I told them everything since I had done nothing wrong.

A few minutes later Andiswa’s doctor boyfriend called and said he’s friend said we could come through but he is closing at 13:00 so we need to hurry, he said his offices were in Mahatma Gandhi Street and will sms Andiswa the rest of the details. The girls had already showered I went to my room to shower again and changed into a Guess denim mini skirt and a white levis tank top She Rocks was wearing very, very short hot pants with a loose fitting orange Roxy t-shirt that showed off her cleavage, Andiswa was wearing track pants and a jacket and kept saying she’s cold Cleo was wearing a white short summer dress but it was soo transparent you could see her bikini underneath but nobody cared we were in Durban and most people in there walked around half naked. We drove to the doctor’s office, She Rocks and Cleo said they would meet up with the guys that we had meet on our first day at the beach restaurant and were hungry since they didn’t have breakfast so they were going to eat and when we done we should call them they will come pick us up, the beach was not too far from where we were so we agreed.

Andiswa and walked in and there were two ladies and reception we told them we are here to see Doctor Khaya, they gave us a file and Andiswa had to fill in her details while we were sitting there we heard these two reception ladies talking because when we walked in we were talking in Sesotho and when we spoke to them we spoke English they assumed that we couldn’t speak isiZulu the one whose hairline was none existent said to the other one who had on a gold tooth, “azwe zidina leyicwicwi zaze goli, zifikila lana ngalesi shanga zazo nesilungu zifune ukusithathela amadoda” direct translation “these snobs from Joburg are annoying and they want to take our man, Miss gold tooth responded “kanti sizobashaya banye thina bazosazi kahle, angeke basuke le bazodlale phezu kwamadoda wethu.” Meaning “we are going to beat the crap out of them they can’t just come here and play on top of our man.” Oh my gosh, the xhosa girl in Andiswa oh maybe it’s the xhosa ancestors in her rose and she stood up and said “ningazo thetha ikaka nini ngathi siniva, asifuni madoda enu anganamazinyo, rhaaaa! Sithi sigula nibe nisixelela nge kaka zamadoda.” My friend was saying “don’t talk shit about us while we can hear you, we don’t want your toothless man. While we sick you telling us about shitty man.”With that she threw the file at them and sat down, ready for one of them to respond so she can show them hell, the one with no hairline apologized and said they were not talking about us they were just speaking in general and can we please not mention what happened to the doctor because they could lose their jobs, we just looked at them and didn’t say a word, the phone rang and miss gold still with a bit of an attitude said “you can go through the doctor is ready for you” and handed the file to Andiswa.

I told Andiswa I would wait for her in the waiting, she went inside the doctors room and close the door, I sent a WhatsApp message to She Rocks and Cleo asking how were things at the beach, they said the guys have just arrived and they saying we should go to eMlazi for lunch. I told them Andiswa has just shown her Xhosa colours and almost smashed the receptionist ladies, they sent laughing-crying smiles and while I was smiling looking at their messages I heard Andiswa inside the office scream I thought maybe she was getting an injection but then I hear her say “Lee, help me” I ran and opened the door and went inside when I got there the doctor had his hands over my friend’s mouth telling her to calm down, I shouted “what the hell are you doing?” he turned around to look at me, when I saw his face, my heart almost stopped my phone fell to the ground and I shouted at the reception ladies “call the police”
The stupid reception ladies looked at me as if I had just lost my mind I repeated again now with anger “call the fucken police now.” Miss gold tooth jumped up and asked what was going on, the guy let go of Andiswa grabbed me and put me inside then locked the office door.

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