Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 45

It does not matter what town you are from, all girls that party in clubs dress the same. The outfit has to be either very tight or very short, very revealing or like me today should show every curve on my body. Its not a Joburg thing nor is it a Durban or Cape Town thing. There is a straatmate in all of us girls and yes some don’t choose to let her out but those that do i can assure you men don’t stand a chance. People were dancing and most of the time it was girls. Every now and again a song would play and the guys would get up but it was never ever for the whole song. It was always us and they gay guys. Ada took longer than i thought when he went out with that Mthobisi character. This was all Abedi needed. He slithered closer to where i sat.

“I have nothing to say to you!”

I told him curtly and immediately before he could even get comfortable. This man must have lost his mind if he thought I was going to entertain him.

“I don’t want to talk to you either. Ada is on the phone he wants to talk to you.”

He told me coldly. I was about to ask why he did not call me on my phone then remembered I had given it to Nthabiseng.


I said picking up the phone.

“Sorry I stepped out like that. I have to run to their hotel so that they can show me their samples. Will be back in about an hour. Just tell Abedi whatever you need.”

He said to me and with that, he hung up.

“Looks like you are stuck with me!”

He said cheekily with an annoying grin.

“In your dreams!”

I told him. I immediately stood up to go find Nthabiseng. She had bumped into some old school friends of hers and she was dancing with them. I joined them.

“Do you want this?”

Nthabiseng asked me showing me a blue and white capsule that looker like antiobiotic pills. Before i even answered Zethu came from behind me and grabbed it and asked,

“What is this?”

Inspecting it,

“Is this Moll?”

She asked again and Nthabiseng said yes. I was expecting Zethu to snap on her but she surprised me when she said,

“Oh wow i last had this in high school can i have one?”

She asked her.

“I only have one but my friend is the source. take this one will be back!”

She said and walked away. I then asked Zethu,

“Is that cocaine?”

Thats the only other durgi had heard about and she laughed.

“No hell no. This is Molly. It just enhances your mood and everything you touch feels like heaven!”

She said as she took her pill and drank it with champagne. I was so confused. Zethu was a medical student and was also very smart. Surely she knew that drugs are bad and are also addictive. In moments Nthabiseng was back standing next to me offering me the pill,

“Guys I am not sure about this!”

I told them refusing. See I do have a backbone after all.

“Oh come on. We agreed in Cape Town we will all have fun and do things we never do on Joburg together. Please don’t spoil it for the rest of us!’

Nthabiseng pleaded. I was better off sitting with Abedi at this rate.

“What if I get addicted?”

I asked them but they both laughed.

“Its not that kind of a drug. Its like smoking 5 joints of good weed. The high feeling lasts about 5 hours then you mellow out. Best feeling ever!”

Zethu told me. So much for having that backbone.

“Just this once then but i don’t like this at all!”

I told them as I swallowed my pill with the champagne.

“Why are you avoiding Abedi?”

Zethu asked m.

“Why do you say that? Did he say something?”

I asked her.

“Nope but its pretty obvious to see. Even at the hotel, you did not want him near you! Did something happen?”

She asked me.

“No nothing happened lets just drop it please!”

I told her. I did not want to see the reaction on her face so immediately o turned away and started dancing with Nthabiseng. To her credit, she did not pursue it any further. I asked Nthabiseng for my phone and when I got it back I had a missed call and a message from Zamo. What did she want now?

“Hi, I know you don’t like me and it’s my fault. I am sorry for what I did. I know you are in Cape Town and so is Abedi. I am begging you please, woman to woman dont do anything with him!”

She asked me. My first instinct was to laugh and if that makes me evil then I am because the second was to show my friends so we can laugh together.

“Ncoah the little girl messed with the wrong girl!”

Nthabiseng said and we laughed. I don’t know why it felt funny but it did. I was feeling very alive and free at this moment. The way i was oozing with confidence.

“I am going to call her!”

I announced to the girls.

“No why?”

Zethu asked and added,

“That’s a bad idea.”

But I was not listening.

“No its time!”

I told them and immediately i walked out of the club. The girls followed me and when i was outside i called her and she picked up,

“Lalela Nodoli, I am not interested in your man. I have never been. He is the one chasing me and even now I told him to stop. I don’t want anything to do with him. I have my own man. He does not chase after other women because I am enough for him. Tonight when I fuck him I won’t even remember your name so just leave me alone. I am in Cape Town let me enjoy Cape Town tu asseblief!”

I said and i hung up.

“Dude you are crazy!”

Zethu said and even though I could sense the disappointment in her voice o was so glad it was done. Zamo was not my friend and she needed to stop calling me.

“Lets have some fun!”

I screamed and I think at this stage the pill was taking over. There are some feelings which are hard to describe and this was one of those moments. The music, the people and even the very atmosphere around us was the most amazing feeling or experience I had ever felt. I swear if I touched the air I could generate electricity the way my body, my mood, and my very soul felt. I was not thirsty, I was not tired I was literally just floating and so where the girls.

“Same, come Ada is back!”

Abedi said pulling me in what for me felt like 30 minutes later when it fact it was over 2hours later. I was even sweating at this stage.

“Lemme freshens up, I will come to you guys!”

I told him. I went to the bathroom and as miracles would have it,there was no queue at the girls’ bathroom. I freshened up what I could then went back to where we were sitting. Ada was smiling when I came to him,

“Nwa Lewa!”

He said to me as he ushered me to sit on his lap.

“I am not happy with you!”

I told him without hesitation.

“What have I done?”

He asked me in a concerned tone.

“I am in Cape Town because of you. I have been in Cape Town for over 12hours now and i have seen or been with you for less than 2hours. How is that fair Ada?”

I asked him and he just looked at me sheepishly.

“I am ready to be your woman but you are doing very little to show that you are ready to be my man. Abedi is your friend and brother I get it but I don’t need him to babysit me for you. I am a good girl and you can trust me on that!”

Even as those words came out of my lips that was not me. The shy, take a backseat voice in me seemed to have been bullied by this Molly infected alter ego of mine.

“Next time you do this to me please find another girl.”

I told him and i stood up leaving him speechless. Ok truth be told even i was speechless as this is not the normal me. Ada stood up and followed me.

“Come with me!”

He said. I did not fight with him. We went to the car and there on the backseat he proceeded to kiss me for the first time. It was not a hungry starved kiss like the one from Abedi. This was gentle yet firm as his hands explored bored. Even in my high state I could feel that his touch was measured.

“You insisted I wear a catsuit now look at your life!”

I teased him as I knew he was horny at this stage. He was trying to undress me but he was failing which made it even more hilarious.

“Lets go to the hotel now.”

He said. I don’t even remember how we drove or who drove but thirty minutes later we were back in our room and the circuit lay in a heap on the floor. Hr was wearing boxer shorts. He insisted we leave the light off not that I cared. I was all kinds of aroused at this stage. I started going down his body and he stopped me,

“No I don’t want a blowjob for now I am good!”

He said. I didn’t mind because to each his own right. Every girl knows giving a blowjob is an acquired taste its not something you can say you love wholeheartedly.

“Get on top of me!”

He told me without actually commanding. I did what any good little girl would do and did as I was told.


Maybe I had made a mistake. I was trying to sit on his manhood but I could not feel it.

“Let me put it in for you!”

He offered and obviously I agreed because in my too-high state my hand coordination was clearly not working.

“I am in!”

He said as though victorious and I whispered to him,

“Yes baby you are!”

If I was Pinocchio at that moment my nose would have become as long as the N1. I couldn’t even laugh the way I was so shocked and disappointed. My misery didn’t have to last long because in about 5 minutes he had cum and was breathing heavily like a fat person having an asthma attack.

The fuck.

I got off him and he whispered,

“Baby that was amazing!”

I just mumbled my response. I could not even lie because the words simply refused to come out. He rolled over and passed out. I turned over my phone so that I could check on the girls. To my shock, I found that I had 4 missed calls not from the girls, not from Zamo neither. There was a message also,

“Wenzani eKapa? Kwenzekalani?”

Shit. I think when I called Zamo I had called the wrong person. I had dialed my mother instead.

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  1. He he he you dialled mama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Anyhooooo now I understand what you were doing with Abedi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. I just love Ada, whether he is goid in bed or not, remember Ada also FUCK THANDEKA ON ZULU GIRL GOES TO JHBπŸ™ˆ, BIRDS OF THE SAME FURTHERS TRUUU. this is reality lol, a guy who loves us whole heartedly is always boring and sucks in bed, when a bad player guy like abedi, who is arrogant and just want sex is always fun and good in bed. Mara life thle, bo Abedi of this world will continue chawing us by fraud and breaking our heart😭, but im horny though

  3. But Ada is disappointing. He knew that S was a *virgin” but he did not bother with foreplay atleast to make her remember her first time in a good way…nogal 5 minutes bathong. Maybe that is the reason the poor guy hav been avoiding to be intimate with S.

    Ada is going to be financial sponsor… Abedi will be the serving guy..

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