Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 46

At this point, I had so much to think about. I was panicking over the fact that my mother knew I was in Cape Town but even though I knew I could lie my way out, this was something I did not want them to know about me. A girl has to have her secrets. They say if you are a witch go and bewitch far away so that the people next to you will always respect you. This was how I viewed how my mother treated me and viewed me. She should never know that her daughter was being made to suffer the indignity of having her honeypot tickled by a pencil in the name of sex. What kind of devilry was this? Bengisadlal’ izindlu shem. Ada was a big man meaning for me to be on top of him I had to spread my thighs very wide and for what? Tomorrow I will probably be walking like I was coming from leg day at gym just because of him and he will be smiling from ear to ass. I was so annoyed. They say after sex you must pee so I did just that. We had not used a condom because I don’t think that thing could even fit on him.


I cursed silently as I made my way to the bathroom. Was this why he wanted us to do it in the dark? I switched on the bathroom light and used the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I noticed his pants on the floor. I had in mind to fold them and put it on the chair but I noticed there was money sticking out. It was R200 notes and by the thickness of the bulge rough estimate R10000. Had these people never heard of banks? I decided against touching the pants and went to bed. The man was total lights out and I am sure he was smiling in his dreams. I think I heard the girls come in, someone opened our door or something I am not sure but I slept like a baby. Must be that molly we took. It was probably around 11 am when I woke up. Ada was not next to me and thank God too because I hate morning breathe. I went to brush my teeth and took a shower even. I wore my bikini under my sundress as the plan with the girls was the beach. The day was absolutely perfect for it. I then went to the lounge area where I found Ada sitting watching the news.

“Good morning love!”

I said to him cheerfully.


He said but he did not sound cheerful. In fact he sounded angry.

“Is something wrong?”

I asked him.

“Come lets take a walk!”

He said standing up. I know when something is wrong and right now something was wrong. Looking at him though i must say i was brave. I had managed to ride that bull and i could still walk straight? Yah neh women we are made of sterner stuff than we look.

“Ada what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong last night?”

I asked as five minutes into our walk out of the hotel he was still quiet. Instead of responding he took a box of cigarettes and took out one to smoke.

“I did not know you smoked!”

I said to him and truthfully speaking i had no idea that he did.

“I don’t smoke but I feel like I express myself better when I do!”

Was his response.

“You are acting weird, what’s wrong?”

I asked him again.

“Do I not give you everything you need?”

He asked me.

“Yes, you do. Why?”

I asked him curiously.

“I have never complained and sometimes I even ask you to stop!”

I reminded him.

“Why do you ask?”

He stopped and looked me in the eye short as I was. It was rather intimidating actually.

“Last night i had R11000 in my pants pocket.”

He told me and kept quiet as tvough i was supposed to say something. I responded

“Yes, so?”

I asked him.

“This morning it was gone!”

I froze. I had seen the money and me acknowledging that I had seen would mean I was the last one to have seen it there. Immediately I said,

“My girls would never steal come on Ada. They came back I presume with Abedi and we were already in bed. They were already drunk so how would they have entered the room without us hearing them?”

I asked him. Last night I had heard someone open the door but I could also have been dreaming. He had to be lying. Was he trying to deflect from the sex?

“Not all women are allies, some are rhe enemy!”

He said to me calmly but i responded incredulously,

“You have already concluded that my girls did it?”

I said as i folded my arms and shook my head.

“Yah neh! Tell you what, lets go to the hotel and search. They are still in bed so they have not left the room yet. We only had the cash you gave us so if anyone has more money its the lets in who stole it. My girls do not steal though!”

I told him again getting angry at the fact that we were even having this conversation at all.

“I did not accuse them at all. I am telling you that mobey is missing from our room! Thats all!”

He said annoyed at my becoming defensive. We are often told that if you become defensive you are guilty but how do you not become defensive when you are accused of something you did not do? It’s a curious situation really.

“I will start by turning our room upside down before I accuse my friends. It can’t be them because they respect you so much and even defend you when I am angry at you.”

I added that last part up to spice it up a little. People love hearing that and it makes them feel special.

“You cant be getting angry at me Samke, money is missing and that is money I was supposed to give you to use for the weekend!”

He said angrily. He was accusing me and what he did not get was this,

“I will drink water the rest of the trip if it makes you feel better. I do not steal. I might be poor back home but i was raised right. We still have money from what you gave us yesterday. Today we were doing the beach in any case so that does not need money. Tonight i we sill stay indoors or something.”

I told him.

“No i am not saying get stuck indoors.”

He said to me but i cut him off,

“No, I will do that to make sure that my girls did not take it. They won’t be able to go to a bank as I will be with them and tomorrow will pack them. This way they can’t hide it!”

I told him. He looked at me skeptically and said,

“This is no good Nwa Lewa, its no good at all. Now we have lost the trust we have in each other.”

He said and walked away. I was hurt. I did not know how to fix this. I did not even know where to start.

“Are you coming or not?”

He asked me as I stood rooted to the spot. I even had tears rolling down my cheek.

“I am going back to the hotel to find your money!”

I told him and started walking back. He did not follow me. When I got to the room I was angry. How could he even think that of me or us? I did not want to wake up the girls just yet but I think someone was bathing. I went through everything,y bags, his bags so much so that i even looked inside our shoes but the money was not there. I undid the bed checked through every sheet and blanket but there was nothing. I had not wanted to ask the girls first for fear of making thkngs awkward as no one wants to be accused of anything. As i was about to go to their room Ada walked back in. The room was a mess.


He asked me. I shook my head.

“I am done here i am going to the girls room now.”

I told him solemnly.

“No don’t. I thought about it and i realized that if someone took it they would never confess. You will spoil your friendships and besides it would mean i would have to ask Abedi as well to be fair!”

Its weird that in all this time i had not considerred Abedi in the people that could have stolen the money. His name never even crossed my mind. He was there too so was a suspect.

“This is wrong. Imagine you invite me out and we bring our friends then one of them steals from you. I am ao humiliated right now!”

I told him and the anger in me had tirned into anguish as the tears started flowing.

“It’s ok. I made another plan.”

He said taking out money to give me.

“You still have to go out. It eas my fault for leaving money lying around carelessly like that!”

I immediately closed his hand with the money inside it and said,

“No, I don’t want it. What happened here is wrong and if mu friends stole it there is no way they must be rewarded by getting more money. You are not made of money and you are my man. They will use what they have. Instill can’t believe that this has happened!”

I told him and vele I did not. How could someone do that? Wwhen it comes to hosting Ada had been the pereftc host. We were in a beautiful hotel, we had money so why would we want to rob him as well. I was truly defeated.

“Morning guys!”

A voice said from behind us. It was Zethu and next to her was Nthabiseng. They too were in their sundresses.

“Morning ladies!”

Ada said pleasantly and walked towards Abedi’s room.

“Dude you left us yesterday. We looked for you for a long time!”

Nthabiseng started complaining.

“What happened to you?”

She asked.

“Ada wanted us to leave and besides I was so high I could barely stand straight!”

I lied to them but they saw right through it as they both went like,


And Zethu added,

“That’s what we call it now!”

And they both laughed. I did not laugh.i was so hurt by this money thing my trip was ruined. Looking at the both of them i could not for the life of me think who could have taken it.

“We missed breakfast and I am starving. I was telling Nthabi that we should eat before we hit the beach!”

Zethu said. I did not even have an appetite. I wanted to burst out and ask them but Ada had said I should not.

“Its a good idea. How about you guys go ahead and you just sms me the name.of the place you are going? I will join you!”

I advised them.

“Nah it’s ok we will wait for you!”

Nthabiseng immediately said. I did not want them here because I wanted to search their room.

“Yeah she is right. We do things together remember and leaving us last night was not cool.”

Zethu said and i was stuck.

“Ok let me get my things!”

I told them. I went to take my bag and i heard Zethu say,

“Dude, what happened to your room? It looks like a bomb went off in here!”

She asked me. I felt embarrassed for some reason but I just smiled it off.

“I don’t have cash we will use the one from yesterday!”

I told her.

“No love, today breakfast is on me. I already told Nthabiseng. You guys have done a lot for us already!”

She said and again I was in a conundrum. How do you even suspect such people?

“We going to the beach. You will find us there!”

I told Ada.

“Are you sure you don’t need it?”

He asked me again talking about the money.

“No love i don’t. We going to have breakfast first, Zethu offered then lie on the beach all afternoon.”

I told him. He did not seem to know what to say so we walked out. When we got to the elevators I said to the girls,

“Shit, I left my phone in the room. Will meet you downstairs.”

They had no choice but to go without me. When I got back to the room I found Ada standing with Abedi,

“You must go through their things. I will keep an eye on them on my side.”

I told him not caring that Abedi could hear us. I was going to end the friendship with whoever did it?

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  1. What if Samke was too high that she took the money and stashed it somewhere for safe keeping for Ada but cant remember doing that bcs she was too high last night. Shuu tmrw must come so we find out,

  2. Abedi and Ada have planned this, they both know where the money is.

    Men are wise, they have a plan and they know that as long as Samke is with her friends, they may advice otherwise when they want to execute their plans, the best way is to start isolating her from her friends.

    I know there is generosity out there, but paying for a trip for three ladies and expecting nothing in return…maybe I have trust issues but I doubt. these two gentlemen are up to something…

  3. I dont trust Abedi, but i also know that as women, we are really not loyal to each other, sometimes envy comes and we start resenting and being jealos of the one getting all attention. I dont trust the girls either

  4. I have a feeling Ada and Abedi want to frame the girls so that he can isolate her and be able to fulfill his plans with her.

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