Dear Friends

Firstly I would like to apologize about all the things that have been happening to your beloved blog. A combination of factors have really played a role in my life that have been taking me away from writing. From illness to work I find myself less and less dedicated to the blog and that’s on me. Another problem is genuinely that I have written for 4 years straight the mind needs a rest as the ideas dont jump out as quickly anymore. There are times especially during Majuba where i found myself completely blank yet i had to produce something. Its not an excuse but its not easy as well. For those who study you know that headache you get when you open a book that was me when i wrote. However I accept the blame and I apologize.

I did not end up sampling other ideas which I had in mind as Bazalwane was greeted positively so officially that replaces Majuba. Lets be honest, YES is also a story that is on its last legs. The word document which is updated at the end of every insert sits on 1130 pages. I cant even publish it as a book in future as it will need 3 volumes. I will have to find a new story in the next couple of weeks for its replacement. If you have any ideas on what kind of story should comes next please inbox me so we can play around with the idea.

Many of you have read me since 2014 May how about you try be weekend bloggers. Part of growing up is learning and I hope I have taught you a lot on how to express yourselves.

My apologies yet again on all of this.

God Bless

Mike Maphoto

36 thoughts on “Dear Friends

  1. Mike, I was not part of those who came here to complain albeit my heart complained for days. I apologize sincerely. At times, human beings, we refuse to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We were here complaining and questioning your devotion and consistency but not one person looked at this issue from your side as a writer, the things you have to go through, the roads you have to cross, the sleepless nights to have something in the morning, all for the satisfaction of “almost” ungrateful people. Someone commented “I wonder what excuse he has this time”, I do not see your reasons as excuses because for 4 years now, you showed us nothing short of loyalty and for that, me myself, I am grateful my guy. People forget that you write these stories because it is a hobby and not because you owe these stories to them/us. I apologize. Thank you for your heart, thank you for your life Mike. I hope you are well. I pray for your health. Again, I APOLOGIZE.

  2. Thanks Bhut Mike its sure been a long Great journey and we appreciate your writing and your time.

  3. Personally I feel that readers tend to think that you owe them this blog Mike… it is your brain child, to do with as you please. My advice? don’t feel pressured to deliver when your mind is not in it; that’s how you end up with half baked ideas that do stir all of us. Writer’s block is a very real thing.
    When you mention studying, I remember one 8000 word assignment i had to submit but absolutely no clue how to summit the damn thing; i ended up copying the bulk of the essay from some of my undergrad assignments..it happens. Don’t exhaust yourself, rest if you must.
    I’ve been reading your blog since ch.1 of Diary of a Zulu Girl, where would sometimes get more than one chapter a day; it was still new to you then.. exciting. To keep this up for four years is more than impressive. If they must leave because you failed to post a chapter, then let them.. they dont relate enough so its okay.

    So kudos to you, and keep well.

  4. Hi Mike
    I understand the problem you are having.
    I support idea for weekend (or ocassional bloggers) who may write a five (or few) chapter inserts. Then you can have a time to sloth easily. Ok, I dont think I will write something in a near future but am fascinated by the idea.

  5. Thanks alot Mike, i have never been a reader but since i started with your first book IN 2014 i loved reading. I have been following all your books and as much as it is hurts when there is nothing posted , I understand because i cant imagine all the energy you put on writting 2 stories at a time when i cant even write 1 myself. Your work is amazing, keep doing the good work and its just addiction that hurts us when you don’t post…i am addicted so you can imagine.

  6. I am an avid reader of your blogs Mike. I am one of the people who always wants to do some editing for you in some chapters of your blogs, but mostly i enjoy your stories and thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    Thanks for the explanation and apology accepted.


  7. Reason I dont support your idea of short stories and part-time bloggers is because I have read a few where the absence you did few days ago is a habit with them.
    I laughed at another blogger who instead of writing a new insert/chapter (after a very long time not writing) decided to copy one of his old stories from facebook and paste it in the website.

  8. I have been reading your block since 2014 and read all your books. you deserve a break. We love your work and I support the weekend blog!Thank you…..

  9. We completely understand Mike eyi nawe siyakuthanda boh and your work yoh. I have been with you since 2014 and you are so addictive. Kindly forgive those that were impatient with you. Rest as much as you can. We love you.

  10. I totally understand. I am truly sorry hey what you are experiencing at the moment could lead to depression and we don’t want that. Rest if you must . We love you so much to lose you

  11. Correction Mike, it’s 5 years. I started reading DOAZG in June 2013. I learnt about it from a friend, you have been educating us about a lot of things in life hey, you are like a big brother I never had.

    I truly appreciate your hardwork and consistency

    1. lol I remember I was first year when I discovered the blog, because I remember the room I used binge read in.

  12. Mike don’t you want to rest after YES? Like give yourself an official break and let the story come to you organically instead of writing for the sake of writing something otherwise what happened with Majuba will repeat itself

  13. I started reading this blog 2013, I can’t believe it’s been five years already. I just felt a deep pain when I read ‘YES is on it’s last leg’ I really can’t let go of Lungi. There should be a part 2 🙈 we love and appreciate you Mr Maphotho. Please don’t strain yourself we need you.

  14. Bra Mike we thank you for your work. These instances are avoidable. A short update to your readers when you are experiencing such is all you need. These are valid issues you face and your readers are quite supportive of you.

    All the best with future growth.

  15. I have just started reading your books this year and am hooked and i must say am really sad that Yes is coming to an end as its been my favourite this far

  16. Thank you But I Mike for all the great stories that revealed to me the reality I hvnt yet understood.. N I personally understand u also have a life outside dis blog.. I love you and God bless u more n more

  17. Thank you very much Mike indeed you do need a break, i cant believe its been over 5 years since you started…Maybe you can replace YES with that other story majuba was comping with before we chose it.

  18. Dear Mike, I completely understand what you are going through as I am able to put myself in your shoes. I am a firm believer in quality of life by looking after your health mind, body and soul. You continue to give of yourself in every story we read. Thank you so much for everything!! I salute you. Thank you so much for honouring us. In future please put yourself first and in that we will all benefit. We will always have expectations as your readers however as someone said this is your blog you decide how you want it to be so that you can find a balance in other aspects of your life.
    The weekend blog is a good idea I support it.

  19. Mike oh Mike i don’t even know where to begin. I have followed you since Diary of a Zulu Girl. I must say i am humbled by your consistency and dedication to writting it is so effortless.I want to give you a stand innovation for everything you are one in a million. I would not trade it for the world. You have shared one of your gifts with us which is writting and it is so appreciated. Mike this blog is a safe heaven for us from our busy and messed up world we just come here for a few minutes of peace which does wonders for us hence we become upset of we don’t find it we are so lost. But that does not condone out behaviour we even forget that you have a life outside which is not fair on you. Thank you my writting hero. with the weejebs issue it could work to get somebody else for new talent. But then you know how we are will complain and compare them to you which is not fair. But let’s see how it goes thank you once again

  20. Hi Mike Good to have you back. Its understandable, I’ve been here since 2013 first semester and you have been constant throughout.

    Your blog has seen me through Graduation, marriage and having a son ( turning 2 in July) . REMARKABLE!!!! Hell I’ve known you before my husband.

    How does it feel??? To know you’ve had such an impact?

    I read a lot since childhood. Will slide into your DM’s about that weekend gig

  21. I would love to be a part-time blogger.
    How do we go about doing that??? I believe that maybe part of your growth could be moving to a phase were you mentor other writers. Think more of a publisher role than writing.
    Thanks for the amazing work through out the years.

  22. Hi Mike I also apologize for being impatient, for this I am gonna write one blog for weekend, lol

  23. Hi Bra Mike,

    I would like to say thank you very much for instilling the culture of reading. I understand the downside of not being able to write. For me it took almost 8 years to start writing again. I applaud you for all yoir hardwork, its never easy and at times we are so mean to you but you always keep us happy.

    Akwande okuhle

  24. Silent reader since inception of this blog! Perhaps consider wrapping up YES and then taking a 3-6 months break or year if necessary and come back with Bazalwane or whatever else comes up. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    Our hearts are sore but we realize that we’re not entitled to your work. I will personally wait for you to recover from your break. Bazalwane or whatever story you write next is bound to be plagued by the same demon of fatigue that had you when you wrote Majuba.

  25. Weekend block is a great idea and I support it. You have a life outside the blog and also need to rest. Have being your fan since 2014 and will continue to be. You are one of the best

  26. Friends of Mike
    We have to admit that Mike has reached the end of the road with daily doses. It is not his choice but the system that let him start is has worn out. I think it is time he move to different spaces as everything has to change (btw, how many jobs have you changed since he started to write the diary? OK I am talking of your colleague next to you). With all due respect, I don’t see him coming back.
    As he suggested that there could be weekend bloggers, I think it is time we exploit that part of the program. If all of us can write one short story (about three MS Word pages) or few chapters of that story we can send it to him where he (or his team) will publish them every second day. Of course some stories will be boring some will Sci-Fi while some will be intriguing, most will not be at level of Mike.

    NB: COPYRIGHT IS A LAW OF THE REPUBLIC. Don’t make lawyer Mike to break the law.

    PS. I am still thinking of cooking a story to contribute as well.

    It is sour but you can drink it.

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