Diary of a Zulu Girl author to release third book Confessions of a Sugar Baby in August 2020 – Pre-order now for discounts and free EasyEquities vouchers

Mike Nkululeko Maphoto is a lawyer and the writer behind the famous Diary of a Zulu Girl blog and books. He is also the co-writer of SABC 1’s hit TV series Makoti.

Diary of a Zulu Girl is largely seen as the founding reason behind the writing family of Facebook diary stories in South Africa. Boasting over 130 000 followers and with over 30 million views on Facebook, the blog broke readership barriers among the young and old – male and female – readers.

Mike and his publisher Maloma Content have partnered with EasyEquities to give away free vouchers to fans who pre-order his books on his blog.

Confessions of a Sugar Baby is educational and one of his widely demanded stories that he started in 2013. It went as far as being featured in an academic paper. It is finally a book.

Nelisa Songelwa, the main character, is a 17-year-old high school girl who is approached by a 40-year-old plus Jack. He promises the world to her. With his money and influence, she sees an opportunity to have fun whilst making money.

What starts as a game for this young girl, leads to death, broken families, mistrust and misadventures that destroy lives.

It is a tragic and yet powerful story that reflects the views of young girls when it comes to sugar-daddies, family, education and society.

Nelisiwe fails to understand her fate even though it is right before her eyes. Her mother – a sugar baby herself – is the perfect example of how bad life can truly be if the amazing happens and the sugar daddy marries his sugar baby.

It is the story of a high school teenage girl who falls into the trap of dating an older man.

All the books come out on the 28th of August 2020 in print. Confessions of Sugar Baby is discounted to R250 (save R50) and Diary of a Zulu Girl book 1 and 2 is discounted to R230 each (per book save R50). A bundle of all three books is discounted to R600 (save R260).

Pre-orders are placed on www.diaryofazulugirl.co.za/shop. All pre-orders receive a free R30 EasyEquities voucher per book. EasyEquities allows users to purchase a fraction of a share in any company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange at a minimum of R5. For example company X trades a share at R1000, users on EasyEquities can buy a fraction of this share at a minimum of R5. The vouchers are receivable after payment and anytime before the release date. Terms and conditions apply.

Mike Maphoto is considered the father of the diary chronicle genre of stories and books that emerged in popularity around 2014. Other notable books of this category include Diary of a Side Chick Makhwapheni by Lesego Maake and Chronicles of a Slay Queen by Mutshidzi Mutshinya.

The genre is even bleeding into other African countries, the likes of Botswana, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

In 2016 he won the IEB award for blogging, and the Diary blog featured in an English Matric National Exam.

Pre-order the books here www.diaryofazulugirl.co.za/shop.

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