Blessed are the Blessed

Blessed 62

One Week Later

My life had gotten really hectic with school work since that day so not much to write about. When Neo had played that song I had thought his mother was dead for sure but she was not. She was sick yes still sick though does not mean dead! I had misread that when played the song. That was a week ago. Today she was still in hospital but was doing much better. I had also written my last exam this week so a lot had missed. With all the studying I had to put in there was not much drama going on. Khanyi and I had not been really talking but with Dubai this weekend I had to go make up with her. She too had had a hectic schedule but now we were both free.

Finally it was official, my December was starting, and a bit late yes but it was starting. Sam had not been blowing up my phone in respect for the exams so as soon as I tell him I was done I knew he would want to see me.

“Knock knock!”

I said as I knocked on Khanyi’s door. I had chosen not to call her first because I did not want to risk her not picking up.

“I slept so late am exhausted!”

She said when he opened. She was not kidding either!

“Did you go out last night?”

I asked her as I could smell a hint of alcohol on her.

“Yes I did!”

She said.

“Wow and you didn’t tell me?”

I asked her very surprised at that.

“You were writing dude. What could I do? If I had told you I was going out would you have come with? No!”

She said answering rather rudely as she went to lie down again. In all the time I have known Khanyi, exams or not she had always called me to come. It was her thing; she had no boundaries on that.

“Are you ready for Dubai?”

I asked her trying to get straight to the point.

“I thought you don’t want me going out with your people. I have made peace with it!”

She said. I was a bit stunned because yes I did not expect her to be jumping up and down with joy considering that since the fight things hadn’t been so smooth.

“No come on Khanyi, how can we be best friends if we don’t have differences. You always say the worst thing is a fake friend and now that something hurt me it becomes like I don’t appreciate you!”

I told her.

“Ok then but how do you think I am trying to steal your man though? Come on Palesa, it’s me you friend who goes into the worst places with you just to hold your hand!”

She said which totally didn’t make sense to me. What worst places? I was not a shady person so there were hardly any occassions where I put us in any sort of compromised places. If anything, she had just described herself.

“I am sorry ok. It was not supposed to come out like that. Maybe I was harsh in how I dealt with it but some conversations no matter how you bring them up are never easy.”

I explained to her. She sat up this time and smiled,

“I am glad you came though because I missed you hey. Partying without you yesterday felt so awkward and guess what, I met those guys we met at MASH’s last night!”

She said. I did not remember them but I smiled politely and asked,

“How are they?”

I could not even remember their names. I think she meant the guys we met when we went out and they drove us home.

“They are good. I think I might be getting a boyfriend soon!”

She said with a big smile on her face.

“I have a headache though, please pass me my painkillers!”

She said.

“I thought we agreed that after every night of drinking we drink two painkillers before we sleep to prevent the hangover sickness?”

I asked her. She is the one who had drilled that formula in me and I can truly testify that I had never had a hangover since.

“Anyway there is another problem we have with Dubai?”

She said and here we go again. Sucking up to someone is hard people and I think all my sucking up juice had run dry already.

“Yes what is it?”

She asked me.

“We need to move out of res and if we go home how do we justify that we not at home?”

She asked me.

“Remember I told you I asked my dad. By the looks of it he never asked Grace if it was true or not that we going because he never brought it up again.”

I reminded her.

“I know that but that’s your dad. I know I am at war with my parents but I can’t just leave you know!”

She said and she was right. I had not thought that far. I had covered my own ass but had totally hung her out to dry.

“Let me call Sam!”

I told her. I was being proactive here as you can see. I never liked calling him though because I never knew who he was with at any given moment. I called Grace instead.

“Hey is he free?”

I asked her when she picks.

“He will be free shortly. He is meeting his wife right now. Is there something you need?”

She asked me. How did this girl do it though? You know what; women who smile at a married woman, act like all is well with her marriage meanwhile knowing that he is cheating, worse with kids are most certainly witches! These are the type that would leave you to die in the rain when they can help. I am not saying I was not grateful to her, believe me I was but it must take a very strong or devil heart to be able to pull off that smile.

“Yes I really would like to talk to him and oh yes, you know I don’t know his wife’s name because I have tried to Google her several times and I can’t find her by name!”

I told her a thought that had run past my mind at that moment.

“And I think it should stay that way. Just know that she uses her maiden surname as she too came from good money so she is powerful in her own right!”

She said shutting me down. Guess the devil has a heart in there someone I mean after all; he was an angel once right?

“Ok cool then you right. Don’t tell Sam I asked. Please tell him to call me!”

I told her trying to hide my annoyment at the fact that she had failed to answer that question which in my view was a good and fair one.

“What’s your plan?”

Khanyi asked me when I put the phone down.

“Well its simple really, I am going to ask Sam to rent us an apartment for December and January!”

I told her confidently. What kind of a blesser doesn’t get you an apartment? Had he no shame wanting to come see me at my house, my parents house at that and parking at the corner like he was a teenage boyfriend?

“Wow uhm will you be able to pull it off?”

She asked me.

“I don’t know but he needs to step up. I just have to be careful how I bring it up because if I appear greedy we won’t get it!”

We laughed at this as at least for now we were on the same page. She was happy again.

“Do you realize that to get that you will have to get laid first because he will be in a good mood at that point? He has not seen you in a while so it would probably work!”

She said. She meant it as a joke but at the same time it was a very realistic thing to say.

“Eish when you put it like that it makes me feel so cheap!”

I told her. I don’t know why every time Khanyi said something I felt she was judging me.

“No not like that but you know we need that apartment! Some girls are even getting cars out there and you don’t know how long you will be in Sam’s life so you need to cash in!”

She said as a matter of fact and macabre as that sounded,

She was right!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am sorry to hear that you sick hope you get back to health soon.

I am 18 and I am pregnant with twins. I don’t even know where to start because I really messed up. The father of my children is my first cousin. Our fathers are brothers and this happened at a wedding party we were forced to attend together because our parents had to go to a funeral that weekend. They then asked him (21) to go represent them because he had a license and we had gifts so he drove. When we got there he got drunk and we had to sleep there! I got drunk too and next thing we slept together without a condom even. I am usually so smart but I don’t know why it never registered that I could take morning after but here I am now. My first choice is termination but he is refusing saying that much as we messed up “killing” twins is hectic! I don’t know what to do because the burden is on me! My mum already suspects I am pregnant and she is a religious woman so I doubt she will allow me to abort. I am even scared of what my father will do when finds out I am pregnant and worse, I am pregnant with his nephews kid! I am so scared! I really need advice on what to do next because I messed up.

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, nice mini for the long weekend 🙂

    Eshowe though… That dude is your brother what is this cousin thing, if your father and his are brothers then ya’ll practically have the same surname, Eeuwwwww! Ai ngeke, the fact that you are 18 nje is a big one, the fact that you’re carrying twins nje is on some steroid level… But dude your brother? Plus aborting is a moerse thing coz thats twins so obviously you will be cursed for life. Yho child ingxaki yakho is a very big ngxaki hey.

    Thatgirl and Pillz ncedani tu.


    1. hayi JackZee.. I’m speechless.. I dont know.. like.. I need a strong drink after this letter. My head hurts. I need the doctor. I cant breathe.. kuBird la

  2. Hawe mah 😮😮😮 yhooo hayibo eshowe hayibo ngeke im speechless i dnt believe in abortion but if it were me i would do it ekuseni, le ndaba ingaphuzi even kwe mbhuzi, i knw dey say u slaughter a goat if u end up wif umuntu wakini but ayi first cuzin ingane ka malume wakho yhooo eyi utswala nokwehlela ngentsi but gudluck

  3. Thanks Team. So your parents are brothers? Did I get that right? Rather abort, religious or not religious – this will kill your parents, your family and those kids will always be the centre of attention ‘for all the wrong reasons’ – not unless you move towns, and go live in Brazil or something…

  4. Thanks Mike for the Insert.

    Eshowe: Since your first cousin doesnt want you to Abort, i would say sit down with him get both your parents in one room and explain the situation maybe just maybe they might come with a better solution. Just like you said your Mother already suspects that you pregnant, even if you abort today the signs of being Preggoes doesnt vanish soon after that they take time and that might ruin your relationship with your mom(Having to Explain what you did).

    1. I bet both sets of parents will call for abortion.. this is hectic.. inbred twins (/_\).. yoh.. they’re gonna fear the scandal

      1. If they both parents agree, it will be better as the weight wont be on her alone like now and atleast her Mom will be there for her whether angry or whatever a mother will always be a mother

  5. HAWAYMARRRRR!!! LAWDT! JIZAS TRIMES! GAL?! WTF DID YOU DO?! LOL! hayi.. i’m not laughing guys struu.. I.. I.. I have no words!

    My uncle’s sons are like my brothers.. i dont ever introduce them as “cousins”.. never ever! I cant imagine even smooching any of them, never mind unprotected sex.. Thixo! this is too deep for me, I cant breathe.. TWINS baby gal?! shit.. what a mess O_O

  6. I remember when I was a kid I had a massive crush on my brother (cousin) his dad is my mother’s older brother. Fast forward to adulthood I still hold him very dear to my heart. He is a good man in all respects. BUT he is my brother. not my cousin…my BROTHER we refer to each other as twins because we were born three months apart. I cannot for the life of me phantom opening my legs for him.
    Whatever happens Eshowe, after thise twins are born, wena no tshwala niqhelelane like east and west. Buyakuhulula finish and klaar as to what will happen hehehehehe…I say tell them you had a one night stand (which is true) at the wedding and fell pregnant. You don’t know the guy and the number he gave you does not eeven exist. But I feel for you that now it’s your problem more than the two of you with your BROTHER.
    #abelunguNOfirstCousin #basibulalelaIZWE

  7. It’s your life and future that gets messed up in the end. Regardless of what he says, terminate. He’s a man and he won’t be judged as critically as you. Your family will talk about for a very long time to come and you will always be judged for it. Not to mention how the children would feel growing up in such and environment. Lastly, the both of you are first cousins so there might be a possibility that your children could have genetic and physical abnormalities. The way I see it, don’t mess up the rest of your life for an honest mistake that you made under the influence. Children are a blessing yes but when you’re not ready for them physically and emotionally then you’re just bringing uncountable hardships into their innocent lives. Thing wisely but thing about yourself in this and YOUR future.

  8. @Eshowe your Fathers are brothers? tjoo that very bad but tell someone because at the end the truth will come out atleast tell your Mom

  9. Me en my cuzin (his mother is my dads sister) 1nce got drunk and we ended up sleeping in his room in the same bed.kodwa zange kwenzeke niks kanti what kind of alcohol were u guys drinking? Hayi there is some part of a story u not telling..imbatyo engaka where did it come from

  10. ijoooo….
    abortion guys, this is a serious case of incest. what of their genes and all?? is it not dangerous? mare Esh we are not in the olden days tlhe… are you going to get married? are you going to raise the kids together? society judges us harshly already as it and now to curse the twins like this? ABORTION.

    wash your hand of this fast. im not a fan but the repercussion of this situation atrocious.

  11. hai I don’t know what to say ,, I’m in awe Shem

    please do
    write to mike on what you ended up doing please sisi I’m begging

  12. Whats done is done. Do not kill those babies, rather not say who the father is, I believe that guilt of lying is better than that of killing innocent souls

    1. Then, Them babies grow up without knowing who the father is, i say she must tell her parents the truth, the guy is older and knows better than sleep with her baby sister even if it was mutual. they have to face the consequences the both of them why must one suffer and the other leave happily

  13. Well in AFrican cultures, you can marry your cousins. I know in Sepedi you can marry from your dad’s family but not your mom. In other cultures you can marry your aunt’s kids because they belong to whoever your aunt married not your family. What you guys have done is incest and you have just complicated your parents’ relationships. You guys bear the same surname! If he does not want you to abort is he going to marry you and raise the kids together?
    You need to call both your parents and tell them what’s going on. They will decide for you because this situation is evidence that you cannot be trusted to take good decisions. Another option is to find umntu ozombambisa ibhantyi, or have the abortion.
    One short moment of pleasure and monumental ramifications! This could ruin your families for ever!

  14. Eshowe…. This White people tendencies are the reason why people like you fo such things'””””whatthe hell is this first cousin thing? thats ur brother…. Not cousin haibo u share Fathers and a Surname for heavens sake….
    How do u sleep with ur brother? Isnt that what white people call incest? Gosh

  15. This is a tough one. But the sin has already been committed. Just remember that God is a forgiving God, regardless of whatever decision you make. Don’t make the decision based on what your family will say, they are not deputy Jesus, they won’t let you into heaven.

    1. Yoh Smoothie u brought some sunshine yaz. Just a bit of Ray though….
      She just need to turn to God right now. Only the devil will constantly remind u of ur sins…
      I say she should tell her parents. They will know how to handle this. They will probably let someone raise the kids instead of them co parenting. This will be kept a secret to protect not only them but the kids aswell. With the help of therapy n wat not. They will be told later on how they came about… yona inzima le ndaba but we preach the gospel that God forgives noma zibovu izona. There’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ.
      Let he without sin cast the first stone….

  16. OK I had to breathe before answering.
    Eshowe you guys need to call your parents and tell them together so this can be decided properly with their involvement. Hayi kakubi but children are meant to turn to their parents when they get into trouble. This situation is one of those where you need to talk to your parents. Bear with their shock, anger and pain but at the end of the day they will go through that and deal with the task t hand. Don’t do anything stupid in your own!

  17. Ta brada Mike.
    I agree with those satying call for a family meeting. Let the parents decide way forward.
    Still shocked as I roll my imaginary zol to relax. Myb I can C angels taking yo sins forward to Jah for forgivness!
    This is bigger than all the world soccer derbies played at the same venue same day. Yhoooo! Lord have mercy!

  18. Can Eshowe kindly do a follow up confession a few months or so down the line.. I think we reeeeeally need to know how this turns out. Otherwise my prayers are with you Bheyps ..

  19. These is incest at its best, u need to sit both your parents down as soon as possible.Your kids are at high risk of been born deformed or with abnormality as you guys are literally brother and sister biologically, forget these English thing of 1st and 2nd cousins.

  20. YOU are Siblings ___ Incest gosh ……. my aunts /uncles children are my brothers and sisters Always……
    They will probably seperate the twins or marry you guys. its was common back then for cousins to marry…….. soooooo they might go that route or raise the twins seperatly….. Good luck ….

  21. Eshowe nana write a letter to you parents and confess everything then nyamalala for few days just to prepare you self for the anger yabo be ready woman u can do this jst dive in like that it wll pass the will eventually forgive soze baklahle

  22. Terminate that pregnancy wena.
    You will be the one carrying those babies.
    Whether he will hate you then good.
    Ngamanyala la niwenzileyo.
    kupha isisu uvale umlomo,you will deal with the consequences later. Kupha kupha. Tshini. 😡😡😡😡😡.
    Yhooooo😨😨😨😨 hayi inene. Isibndi ntombi 😤😤😤

    Truely speaking nendze kakhulu anikwazanga kudlala shame. Worse with your brother,to me first cousin is your brother. Ibe worse xani mithisene.
    Kupha abobantwana please. 😲😲😲😲 gqiba kwakho uThule😲😲😲

  23. I really think at this stage we should think about what YOU want. If you feel you want to keep the babies then keep the babies and like someone said in the comments above, lie about the father…make up a story or something but let it be a secret that only the two of you know of and take it to the grave. Thing is, there’s no greater sin than the other in God’s eyes. All these are the eyes of men. Those are people and whereas I may be condemned for saying this, God allowed for this to happen. Isn’t He the one who says “before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you”? …so its only right that I mention that God knows those twins and has a great plan for them. Aren’t we all the fruit of incest though, I mean, Didn’t Abraham our forefather marry his OWN sister Sarah? I’m not endorsing this, what you did was wrong, but I know condemnation isn’t what you need right now. Everyone has their own secrets and am sure some just as bad. The children never need to know the truth. If it ever comes out then so be it. My fiancé is 32 and doesn’t know who his father is, only his mom does. He says he doesn’t want to know either, trust me he turned out great so dont feel the pressure of letting the kids know. It’s not as bad as it looks girlie, trust me, eventually it all blurs out. How many people out there have married their own siblings unknowingly because of the deadbeat parents and produced normal children. Sometimes you don’t need all these voices screaming into your ears, sometimes the answer is deep within you even with a weight as heavy as this…even at 18! Make the decision that you feel is best for YOU, fuck society and their rules.

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