Blessed are the Blessed

Blessed 61

The ring! I had no idea where I had put the ring. It’s true when I got to res I had taken it off and I don’t think I

had even shown Khanyi. I had lost my mans ring a day from saying yes. Other girls would have posted their rings on Instagram already for the whole world to say congratulations but here I was virtually clueless to where t was.

“I left it at res!”

I told him. For a moment he did not believe me.

“You can’t say such things come on!”

He protested. He was genuinely hurt.

“You can’t be angry baby. I am still new to this. Part of me is scared that you will come back and say you were joking I am not good enough. You getting angry doesn’t help me, I have never been loved enough by one person who was willing to marry me so cut me some slack for taking off the ring and putting it in a safe place so I can protect it better!”

I said angrily. He had no right to just be angry it’s not like he was wearing a ring himself. He could see I was not playing.

“How is your mother?”

I asked him. I know my man. At times he lashes out when he is frustrated.

“Can I just take a bath first and I will be back just now? I am tired and I am hurting!”

He said. I was left there thinking what to do next. Must go join him in the bath? What would that achieve? He needed his space? Must I make him food because he probably had not eaten but then again look at the time? When he entered I had been on my way to the kitchen anyway but now me eating would make me seem insensitive to what was going on. Imagine having a feast in front of someone in pain like him. Eating is a joyful occasion unless the food is made your exes girlfriend because you would be thinking poison the whole time. Ok I don’t know why I just thought of that its creep as fuck!

“Baby do you want food?”

I eventually shouted out because I was feeling awkward. He was also too quiet in the shower so what if something had happened when he was inside.

“No thank you!”

He said. Ok I was being a bit dramatic but you never know with people. I wanted to get in there and comfort him but I advised myself against it.

“Do you want me to leave so I can give you privacy?”

I asked him.

“No of course not. What could ever make you think that? I came back knowing you were here so why now would I be saying leave?”

He asked me with a smile. He came and kissed me on the forehead. I hated that kiss actually now come to think of it. It made me feel so small. It just felt like he gave to me when he was trying to shut me up.

“I don’t know hey. You are not in the mood for company and I totally understand why so I am not trying to guilt trip you!”

I told him.

“No I will be fine love.”

He said. He took out his books to study. I was very surprised by this but like me he was writing exams too. I don’t think I would be able to concentrate if this was me.

“I am going to call it a night!”

I told him. He told me he will join me in bed later. I was tired so I fell asleep as soon as I put my head down. I woke up around 8 in the morning and he was up already. I don’t know if he even came to bed. I had to check if the bed had been slept in because I had heard nothing.

“Baby why does it seem like you didn’t sleep?”

I asked him because indeed his side of the bed was still cold.

“I fell asleep on the desk, now my body is sore! Are my eyes red?”

He asked me. He said opening them very wide and it made laugh.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked concerned.

“Of all the questions you could have asked you are more worried about your eyes dude? Really!”

I asked him and he managed to chuckle. I stood up and went to brush my teeth as he made coffee. My phone was off because I did not want any surprises knowing my life lately.

“Have you heard from home yet?”

I asked him. I was scared of what response he would give because I felt as though he might not be able to bare it. Who would blame him though for that? It was tough!

“Nope. I suppose at this point no news is good news right?”

He said responding with a question. I guess he was right because if there was bad news someone would have called him. Imagine getting that phone call though, what would you do? I am weak, I now accept! I would die on that sport too. That is not the kind of news you want to hear even if you were expecting it.

“Phew at least, that’s a relief!”

I said. I was comforting him but somehow it felt like that was the wrong thing to say. I could not help but feel like anything I said to him was and would be sensitive.

“Yes indeed it is! You should bath before me because I don’t want to finish the water!”

He said sweetly. He had a small geyser meaning usually by person number two the water would be going towards cooler. He usually sacrificed himself for me when I was there which was sweet I guess.

“Thanks but must we do that now?”

I asked him. I just thought we needed a moment there was a lot happening and we were still moving at 100km\h and especially now in this Arrive Alive period we needed to be careful.

“Yes. I think we should go and have breakfast. I don’t feel like anything in the house then I must go back to Vaal. I don’t think I can stay this side without losing my mind. I would rather be with family if you know what I mean!”

He explained. Of course I knew what he meant. Why would he think I would want to sit there with him and deny him to be with them at a time like this? I was not going to be that girl that demanded to be taken with.

“I am not sure I am feeling breakfast though hey. It feels like a long drive and then an hour sitting!”

I told him,

“But if you want that we will do that baby!”

I told him. I was hungry but you know when you have that study momentum, you don’t want any outside disturbances. That was me. All these things could distract me. I went to university because I was smart and I studied so I needed to study.

He laughed.

“No its ok we don’t have to. You have a point.”

As he said this his phone rang. He looked up startled and looked at me,

“That’s from home!”

He took his phone and went all the way outside to talk. He didn’t want me there! He did not take long and he came back.

“I have to go home!”

He said. Goodness what had happened?

“What happened?”

I said standing up!

“That was my uncle; he said things are not looking good!”

He had tears in his eyes as he told me that. I went over to hug him and he hugged me back.

“I need to play some music please!”

He said releasing me from the hug,

“Then am afraid I am going to have to bath before you love!”

He said as he walked to the desk where it was. It’s like he knew where the song was exactly because I again everything happened in a space of seconds. The song came on!

“Kulungile Baba (it is well Father)
Kulungile somandla (if it’s your will Almighty)
Kulungile makuyintando yakho baba (if its within your will Father)
Kulungile konkw’okwenzekayo baba (Everything that is happening Father)
Kulungile baba (It is well Father)…”

It was so appropriate. This was Sfiso Ncwane and he had passed on but the message was so powerful. May His Soul Rest in Peace. I just broke down into tears. I know that with Neo every time things were not right this was his song. He was not even that religious but he always said it was reassuring knowing that there is someone out there looking out for you made everything look a little better.

As he went inside the brother I fell on my knees and started praying!

*******The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and readers

Please hide my Id

I’m a Lady aged 25 and I have a kid and there’s no contact between me and the kid’s father so minus 1 problem.
The thing is I fell in love with a guy and we are from the same hood, he has 2 kids from different mothers of course and one of the baby mama is from the same place as me and the guy. And the broke up a few years ago so when me and the guy got together they were not involved, but the baby mama started causing problems between me and the guy… I’m getting tired of all the drama so do u think he is worth it because the baby mama is crazy as hell and i think she can even kill

In love


10 thoughts on “Blessed 61

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, sad one ngo Sfiso yaz shem kodwa ke sothini coz Kulungile Baba.

    Pretoria, brief as your letter was my advice shall be too, Grow up. You are 25 for pits sake, what good is a dude with choice assorted kids gon’bring you? Especially since nawe uneyakho ibaggage as it is. Chill dude, raise your kid and make something out of yourself instead of getting involved with babymama dramas.


  2. Thank you Mike.

    In love, your guy has 2 babies by 2 different women? You want to be baby momma number 3? Is it really worth it? Why would you want to bring unnecessary drama into your life???
    I say just leave the drama and raise your child, I’m sure you’ll meet someone who has less baggage. Good luck dear.

  3. I think im loosing direction of where blessed Is heading… I just cannot guess what would happen the following day. I find Palesa and Neo’s relationship very cold and funless, they not touchy touchy or anything sweet like that

  4. ”Choice Assorted” andilicapukeli eligama Bawo wam!Worse xa lisetyenziswa ngumntu omdala onengqondo epheleleyo.

    1. @ BEE I agree, yes one might have different baby daddies or mommas but that term is so wrong, those children dont deserve to be rediculed by being compared to biscuits… Shame on you Jack!!! I am not a mother yet but this is rather offensive.

  5. pretoria brief sis the only thing exabanisa u baby mama and the current girlfriend is the guy amadoda anobuxoki they are not straight forward with both of thz females the guy should tell the baby mama ukuth kuphelile lets focus on the baby and not give her mixed messages and nawe u should respect the baby mama it could be the is unfinished business between the two thats why she is agoing crazy coz uyamphazamisa shiya le dramma sis

  6. I like this Jackzorro character. he has thee good advises and honest and does not sugarcoat the true.
    I think you should consider writing something for the diary.
    I am a fan.

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