Missteps of a Young Wife


After Mthobisi left I went inside the house and went to our bedroom and everything in the room just reminded me of Dineo, her clothes were everywhere, I couldn’t look at any part of the house without being reminded of my beautiful, precious daughter.  I couldn’t find anything to do and I needed to keep busy because I knew being busy would help me not think, so I grabbed all our dirty clothes and decided to go old school I was not going to wash them with the washing machine, I was going to wash them by hand.  I went to the bathroom and started washing the clothes, there was quite a lot of clothes to wash and for those few minutes my mind was occupied by something else, but in less than an hour I was done washing them and had to find something else to do.  I decided to clean the house, I removed all the curtains and washed them and put up clean ones, I washed the bedding from all the rooms.  It was getting dark outside and Mthobisi was still not back and to make matters worse I could not get hold of him because I had no phone and besides I figured wherever he was, answering a phone would be the last thing in his mind.   The house was spotless every inch and corner was clean, now that the house was clean I had nothing else to do.  I decided to go and buy myself a cheap phone because sitting around and not being able to contact my husband was driving me insane.  I took my old car and I was actually scared to drive thinking I would get hijacked again.

I decided to go to Mall of Africa as it was close to home and their shops close late.  I kept looking at the review mirror all the way there just to make sure I wasn’t being followed.  I ran to a cellphone store and decided to get an iPhone like the one I had before then at least I would be able to get all my old contacts back.  I got the phone and went back to the car and drove home in paranoia looking in every mirror and not stopping at any robots just yielding then driving off.  When I got home I activated my phone and when it was up and running the first thing I did was call my husband, his phone rang with no answer, I figured he must have put it on silence so I sent him a message to tell him I had done a sim swop and he should call me as soon as he got the message.  I decided to call the police to check if there were any new developments and I was transferred from one person to another when eventually I managed to speak to the right person as I was about to drop the phone.  He explained to me that they had my car in their possession and were going to dust it off for finger prints and collect any evidence that might be in it, please note that this was still going to be done, it had not yet been done, they had had my car in their possession for hours, I asked why had they not done that earlier and he said they was only one person who did finger prints and he had been busy with other cases and had now knocked off so he would look at my car the following day.  I now knew what Mthobisi meant what he said the police didn’t have enough resources, I thanked him and gave him my numbers and told him if there were any new developments to please let me know, no matter how small or big then I  hung up the phone.  After the call to the police I wanted to call She Rocks, I needed a friendly ear but then I remembered that she was staying at my mother’s place and I didn’t want my parents worrying about this and if Mthobisi came back with the baby then they never have to find out about this.  I decided to call Cleo instead the first thing she said was “someone better be dead for you to be calling me this time of the night” hearing her say that made me realize that two people could be dead and there was no way of knowing this.  I told her that I needed her and she was the only one I could talk to and she got serious and asked what was going on, I made her promise to not tell this to anyone and she promised that she won’t and I shared the whole story with her and the first thing she said after I was done was “Lee, you need to go post on all social media, put her pictures up make people aware that your daughter is missing, people will share and soon enough the word will spread and whoever has her will know that they are not safe because a someone who sees the post might see her and recognise her from the social media pictures.” What Cleo was saying made a lot of sense but I was not about to put my baby’s pictures everywhere.  “Once the word gets out that Mthobisi’s child is missing his enemies will come from all the corners of the earth and would probably offer whoever has our child more money than we could possible afford, I can’t take that chance of putting it on Social media, I just can’t Cleo.” She said she understood, these were the disadvantages of being married to the kind of man that I was married to, but this was my fate and I had accepted it but now the only innocent person in all of this mess my baby was being affected by this shitty life, as much as these people had not come for us and we had been at the wrong place at a wrong time, we now could not share these news with the world because the world was against us.  Cleo asked where Mthobisi was and I told her that he was out looking for our daughter she asked if she should come over and I told her it was already late and we were leaving in a dangerous world I would not be able to leave with myself if anything happened to her, I told her it would be best if she came the following day instead and she agreed, but we spoke for hours she was trying very hard to distract me from thinking about what was happening in my life and I truly appreciated her efforts. After the call to Cleo I fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare in my dream both Mthobisi and Dineo were dead, I woke up in a cold sweat when I checked the time it was 06:45 and the first thing I did was check my phone, there were no missed calls or messages from my husband, my heart sank. I took a shower then decided to go to the police even if I camp at the police station the entire day until they get some information or until they get tired of seeing my face and start doing something.

While I was getting ready to go to the police station my sister called she said she was checking up on me, she said the kids missed Dineo and wanted to come and see her, I broke down in tears but tried very hard to not make any sounds so that my sister doesn’t hear over the phone that I was crying.  It was so hard to speak to my sister and pretend to be okay while I was falling apart.  She kept asking if I was okay and I told her I was a bit fluish which is why I was sniffing a lot and she gave me a list of medication the way my sister knows medication you would swear she studied medicine at varsity, she knows what you need to take for stomach ache, ear aches, pink eyes she knows everything.  I thanked her and told her I would give them a call to let them know when they could come and visit because we were currently visiting Mthobisi’s mom and letting her get to know her grandchild, y sister said that was very matured of me, I tried to get off the phone but she wouldn’t she kept talking and talking, after about twenty minutes for being on the phone she eventually said goodbye I was so relieved to finally get off the phone, I decide to call Mthobisi one more time and this time his phone was off.

As I was getting inside the car my phone rang, I answer it was the police officer I had spoken to the previous day I recognised his voice before he even introduced himself.  My heart was beating so fast and this man was speaking so damn slow.  I asked if he had any feedback.  “Yes Mrs Jumbe I do.” Oh my gosh, he took a long pause and if I was in front of him I would have slaped the feedback out of him.  “I’m afraid it’s not good news” he took another pause and I kept quiet waiting for his stupid ass to tell me what the hell was going on.  “Your husband and your baby…..” then the phone went tuuuuuuuuuu, I didn’t know if it was network or what but how did he know that my husband was looking for my baby, I knew something was seriously wrong I was shaking so hard the phone kept falling while I was trying to call the police officer back.


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  1. Hi Family
    Please advice, I’m a single mom I’ve got a 23 years old boy. I’m struggling to communicate with him like an adult, he likes to copy he’s friends life style from well off family’s and stuff. To cut the long story short I was away for 2 weeks visiting my sister. My son was home alone he had friends over and on my return 2 of my hats were missing. I was furious phoned him and he told me he will ask. What frustrates me is that I never thought my son will let anyone in my bedroom that’s the worst disrespect. He’s lost 2 phones already I’m worried he does not smoke but drinks. I want to take away the house keys ’cause I’m worried he might loose them and got into wrong hands. I’m alone most of the time he spends a lot of time with friends. I’m 46 any single moms facing a grown up man who does not want to grow. He’s studying doing 3rd year at UJ B-COM Accounting Diploma he’s not a smart student ’cause he failed Grade 9 twice and now already failed some modules I’m worried please help me. He’s father passed away 2 years ago but we were already separated we’ve spoken about it and I told him time heals but I feel like he’s taking out his frustrations on me. We’ve tried including my sisters and mother to help communicate better with him but after a week or two we back to square one. I’m struggling financially but always do my best to help him out. He does not want to get a part time job or do something I cant keep on feeding a grown up man but also worried that I’ll loose him his the only child. Sorry for the essay.

    Sad Single MOM

  2. Mike don’t we get MOAYW anymore or what is going on. You used to tell us when you have a problem but now lately you just don’t post and you don’t inform.

  3. E le hore ho fedile kapa jwang? Please say something Mike or Zama , to leave us hanging like this not ayoba shem

  4. Iyoooo Lolo’s la re fella ha bohloko lehlohonolo lena ba sa re jwetse hore le fedile eish Mike le Zama la bora shame, atleast tell us hore ho fedile. You guys know we are addicted to this story and then you go and do this to us. You are not loyal to your readers.

  5. Even today I still check hoping to find something anything but dololo. Hoping to get over this someday but feel like a break up where a partner just pack and go without a good but or explanation. It’s so dam hard to get over it, that’s what you did to us Mike and Zama. God bless you #missmissteps #misstepsmustcomeback #suferingwithdrawalsymptoms

  6. I bought a pin for chapter 292 but now dololo chapter whicþh my pin will never be used
    this is bad
    without misteps I feel like am missing something.

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