Missteps of a Young Wife


You know that saying that when it rains it doesn’t just rain it pours, in my situation it wasn’t pouring it was a storm, forget a storm it was a tsunami.  My world was crumbling right in front of my eyes and there was not a thing I could do it to stop it, everything was out of my control, beyond my control.  “What do you mean the baby wasn’t in the car? What kind of truck hijackers take a baby?  Those people were not here for me or my baby, they were here for that damn truck we just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  So why the fuck would they take my daughter? I mean if they realized there was a child in the back they would have dumped her with the car right? Why take her? She’s just a baby, she can’t even speak.” I said rumbling on and on, Mthobosi put his arm around me and tried to calm me down, I was still speaking and rumbling on, I was trying to figure the whole thing out and it felt like if I spoke it out loud it then it would make more sense or someone would solve this puzzle for me because it felt like it was a very complicated puzzle that had missing parts, I could not put it together no matter how hard I tried.  The police had now gathered together and I was standing with my husband, I asked him if this made sense to him and he shook his head and said he didn’t understand it either, he said he needed to make a few calls because sitting around and waiting for the police was not going to help us with anything, I told him to go ahead at this point I didn’t care what he did, anything to help us bring back our baby was going to help us get our baby back.  The police lady came back and asked me if we had a picture of the baby, I reminded her that all my belongings were in the car that had just been stolen but I told her we had some in the house, Mthobisi came back while I was still talking to the police lady and he luckily had some pictures of Dineo in his wallet and in his car, I realized how much my husband loved our baby, her pictures were everywhere in his car, he said he wanted to have them framed.  We gave the police officer all our details and they told us that they were going to contact us as soon as there were any changes to the case, they were going back to the police station to file the report, they told us were more than welcomed to go with them but Mthobisi said our presence there would not make any difference, we needed to be proactive and go and look for our baby, honestly I had no faith in the justice system, I knew chances of them finding our baby were very slim.  I somewhat didn’t want to leave that place it felt like leaving that place would be abandoning my baby but I didn’t have the energy to argue with Mthobisi because he wanted to leave, besides what was I going to say we would stay and do at that place I had no proper argument to stay as much as I wanted to stay but I had to listen to the head of the house.  And so we drove away with a heavy heart, I couldn’t help but shed tears.  Mthobisi was not so focused on me, he was busy on the phone trying to find our daughter.  I thought we were going home but nope I was wrong.

Mthobisi drove us straight to Tembisa al the way there he was on the phone, we went to where the car had been found, it was surrounded by the police, I didn’t even want to get out of the car Mthobisi came to the passenger side and opened my door and said “let’s go” I got out and he held my hand and we walked to the car as we got closer to the car my knees started to feel week and I didn’t want to get closer any more but Mthobisi kept my hand intact in his hand and we walked to the car and he spoke to the police officer who was standing next to the car, I couldn’t even hear what they were saying to each other my ears were ringing just remembering what had happened earlier when I was in the same car and how they had taken my baby, but I got a feeling that my husband and the policeman knew each other.  Mthobisi pulled my hand and I realised that I missed whatever he had said because my mind had just taken a mini trip, I followed him pretending to have heard whatever he had said we went to the car with no police supervision, he opened the driver’s door while I stood next to him, he told me to come closer so I block him from people’s view, I didn’t ask questions I followed his instructions not sure exactly what we were doing.  He removed the cover of the starring wheel and wires were exposed and I wondered if we were there to fix the damn car when we could be out finding our baby.  He put his hand a bit lower in the starring wheel and took out a small black bag, he looked around then opened the bag and removed the contents that were in the bag in his hand, diamonds, he smiled and said they were obviously not after the diamonds.  “Unfucken believable, you put fucken diamond’s in my car? What the fuck is wrong with you? Is this all you care about?  Our daughter is missing and all you care about is this shit!” I said pointing at his diamonds.  He told me that was not true, we were there to get clues, he didn’t care about the diamonds, if he had to give those diamonds in return of his daughter safely he would do it in a heartbeat, I believed him.  While we were still talking his phone rang and he spoke for a few minutes and when he was done, he turned to me and said “we need to go, someone has some information about our daughter.”  We literally ran to the car, we jumped in and he speed off, this was some good news, I didn’t ask any questions I just wanted us to get to the person who had information, I was going to ask those questions.  Mthobisi was speeding and driving way over the limit and I wanted to tell him to go even faster but I didn’t want us hitting some child and hurting them, I didn’t want another parent going through the same thing that I was going through so I choose to be the voice of reason and told Mthobisi to slow down there were too many kids playing on the streets and he actually listened and slowed down.  We arrived at some house and we went and knocked at the door and some old lady opened the door I wondered what would an old lady like her know about hijacking she asked if we were there for her son and Mthobisi said yes we was, she pointed us to the backroom when we go to the backroom there was no need to even knock because the door was opened and there was a guy sitting on a bed smoking zol we walked in and as soon as he saw Mthobisi he jumped up to his feet and said “yhooo, yhooo, yhooooo, I’m sorry grootman, I had no idea you were the one coming” he showed my husband so much respect that I was convinced that their paths had come across each other before but I didn’t give a rat’s ass about that, I wanted to know where my child was. “Sorry bhuti but please can you give me my child” I said totally ignoring the fact that he was close to bowing down to Mthobisi.  He looked at me then at Mthobisi as if signalling something.  Mthobisi pulled me to the side and whispered that he knew the guy but he was not going to speak in front of me and asked me to go sit in the car while he sorts this out. I asked if that meant he would come back with our baby, I know I was asking a crazy question but I wanted my baby back, Mthobisi told me that the guy just had information he didn’t have our baby, he handed me the keys and I walked back to the car, I sat have sat there for fifteen minutes when Mthobisi came back he got in the car and started driving, I could see he was fuming, I decided to wait to see where we were going before asking any questions.  We arrived in Kempton Park and I could no longer hold myself I didn’t care how angry his was this was my baby too I needed to know what the hell was going on.  “Is Dineo in this house?” I asked as we parked outside some dodgy looking house, he shook his head and said no, I asked him what we were doing there “we getting guns” and walked out of the car leaving me with my mouth wide opened, wondering how did the finding our baby exercise turn into a shooting session.  After I had managed to calm myself down I got out of the car and ran after him before I could say anything he looked at me and said “Lesedi please go back in the car and stay there until I come back” I wanted to argue but he never gave me an opportunity to, I went back to the car with my tail between my legs.  After a few minutes Mthobisi came back carrying a gym bag and went straight to the boot, I got out of the car, he opened the boot and removed the spare wheel and put the bag there and place the bag he was carrying in it’s place.  “I’ve seen enough guns and shootings today to last me a lifetime, I don’t want to be part of this, please take me home, you can fight this battle on your own, I am not about this kind of life.” He nodded and said he was thinking the same thing but was too scared to say because he thought I was going to fight him, he told me to get in the car and he would drop me home.

We arrived at our house and he hugged me and kissed me goodbye and told me the next time he sees me he will have our baby with him, I honestly wanted to believe him but something in my heart told me that the next time I see him and our baby would be in a coffin.  “Honey, we have tried our best to find Naledi, please let’s leave it to the police now, give them a chance to do their job” he shook his head and said we both know how the police didn’t have the same resources that he had and how they had probably forgotten about our case already.  He hugged me one me time and I told him I loved him and he left and in my heart I knew this was the last time seeing him.

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