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*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Fifty Three

Cleo had decided that we shouldn’t tell her mom the reasons behind our killing her stepdad, who did Mthobisi think he was trying to make me go against my friend’s wishes? I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, no, this would break our friendship to the point of no repair, I was not ready to lose my friend. “Mthobisi, you don’t understand, Cleo’s mom is one of those people who hear their own things, you can tell her one thing and she completely hears the opposite or something that you never even said, I cannot do that to Cleo, I’m sorry Honey.” Mthobisi was not letting this one go, “Do you remember when I was stuck underground a t the mine, there were people’s husband’s that died there, I went to Hillbrow to their wives to go explain what had happened to their husband’s because they needed to hear it from someone who was there it was not going to bring their husband’s back but it gave them closure,



10 thoughts on “*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Fifty Three

  1. I’m in tears as I read through these Today :'( such emotional chapters. Thanx Mighty T
    What a bustard of a man and an even bigger bustard of a mother. How on earth do you not believe your own daughter man…nxa pisses me off

  2. Am so pissed off I can’t even cry. This really happens. How do u chose to believe a guy over ur own child?

  3. So sad what kids have to go through for their mothers to be happy.

    Mike ke chapter e botlhoko byang. .. kids of mzanzi mostly become victims of rape, because of either family members if not parents. ..

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