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Cleo’s mom was crying so hard, it was like she had just now lost her husband and daughter all over again, we were all in tears, relieving that day’s event was so traumatic and depressing. Cleo’s mom asked us through her tears “why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me?” Cleo shook her head in disbelief and said “I wanted to tell, but then I found Tina’s dairy and realised that she had told you but you didn’t believe her, how on earth were you going to believe me if you didn’t believe her, she was only thirteen years old, it went on for two damn years right under your nose and you did nothing about it mother, nothing.” She said crying her mom went to her and tried to hug her, she pushed her away and told She Rocks that they should leave and they left, Cleo’s mom left Mthobisi and I sitting there, maybe she went to go wash her face I didn’t know or care I said to Mthobisi we should also leave, we left, he drove us home, each time Mthobisi tried speaking to me I lifted my hand up showing him that I was not in the mood to talk, he had just made us open up old wounds which we had tried to bury for so many years, I now honestly felt shitty, I could not even begin to imagine how Cleo was feeling at that moment.

When we got home I still didn’t want to talk to Mthobisi I just went up to the bedroom jumped into bed with my clothes and slept. The next morning when I got up, I was in his t-shirt, he had obviously changed me, he was not in bed though, I showered got dressed then went downstairs and I found him in the kitchen making breakfast I told him I wasn’t hungry and left. I got to the office and started working my ass off, I didn’t want to think about anything I just wanted to focus on work, it was a very good distraction. Around 12 I got a call from reception being told that I had a delivery, I went downstairs to go collect, the mean receptionist was the one who had called there was a bunch of roses and chocolates, I read the card on the flowers it read “I’m sorry for making you relieve that traumatic event in your life. Your loving husband” The receptionist looked at me and said “those are gorgeous flowers ma’am.”   I smiled and handed them to her and said “you can have them.” There is nothing that I hate more than flowers especially when I’m angry, I took the chocolates walked back to the office and gave them to Cindy who was very happy to get free expensive chocolate. At around one I got another call from reception was told I have a visitor, I walked down and found my husband at reception, he said he had brought me a home-cooked lunch, I told him I was not hungry, he begged me to try and eat because I had not had breakfast. We went upstairs to the canteen and sat there, we had nothing to say to each other, I just stared at the food “Honey, I’m sorry for making you go speak to Cleo’s mom about what you girls went through all those years, I had no idea it was soo hectic, I’m really sorry please stop giving me the silent treatment.” I told him it was fine, but my fine stood for, frustrated, insecured, nervous and emotional. I had a few spoons of the food it was really delicious but I had no appetite. After an hour he kissed me goodbye and left. I went back to work and again threw myself on work to not think, by 18:00 I was still at work which was very unusual for me because I never work after work hours, at around 18:15 my husband called to ask if I was okay because by this time I was usually already home I told him I was still at the office and had a lot of work to catch up on but would be home soon, this was true but I could catch up the following day I just didn’t feel like going home.   I decided to pack up then drove home, Mthobisi had again cooked this house-husband thing was actually starting to feel nice, I told him I was going to get used to coming home to a home-cooked meal, he smiled and said I earned enough to support the both of us so maybe he should retire, for the first time I found myself laughing, we sat down and had diner, he again apologized and asked why had I never told him about it, I told him it was too painful to just think about how much more did he think talking about it would feel, he said he understood, he asked if I had spoken to Cleo I told him that she had disowned me and told me that our friendship was over. He laughed and said Cleo would never stay mad at me. Mthobisi then looked at me and said “Honey I don’t want us to have secrets, is there anything and I mean anything it doesn’t matter how small or big it is, is there anything else that I do not know about?” Shit, there were so many things where do I even start, the affair with Mfundo was the one thing that came to my mind but under no circumstances was I going to tell him that I told him that he now knew everything about me, he smiled and said he was glad to hear that. We went to bed early that evening, I couldn’t sleep I was tossing and turning eventually I decided to go downstairs and watch some tv, I somehow managed to fall asleep on the couch. In the early hours of the morning I felt my husband carry me to bed but I figured with his stiches he must have been in too much pain to carry me upstairs because I woke up in the spare room downstairs with him next to me, I got up and went to go shower, I was somewhat relieved that it was finally Friday and the following day I didn’t have to go to work. I left Mthobisi still sleeping and drove to work. The day went fast before I knew it was time to go home, I called Cleo before I knocked off and she didn’t answer, she was probably still angry, I knew she was at She Rocks house but I decided against calling She Rocks, I decided to give her space and time to cool off, we fight as friends but the not speaking to each other was new to me so I felt very isolated and lonely I honestly missed my friends. On the drive home Mthobisi called and said he was going out with his friends, if this was before the drama with Cleo’s mom I would have been very happy because I would have just gone out with my friends but now I didn’t have any friends to go out with. I got home, watched Tv, opened a bottle of wine and entertained myself by channel hoping, I was bored out of my mind. I called my mom who said she was on a date night with Victor and would call me when she got home, I called my sister she was also out with her husband, it seemed like I was the only one at home, I called Jessica and she said she was in Port Elizabeth visiting her grandparents, I scrolled through my phone book looking who I could go out with, eventually I gave up and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with Mthobisi in bed next to me, he reeked of alcohol, I didn’t even know what time he got home, I brushed my teeth, washed my face then went downstairs to make him a greasy breakfast because I knew he would have a major hang-over when he got up. While I was cooking my sister called and said we should do lunch but I should come pick her up because her car is giving her problems and Lwazi her husband has gone to work, I agreed. Mthobisi finally woke up and came down, had breakfast thanked me, I was wrong he didn’t have a hangover, after his meal he went to shower and told me he was going to see some people because he had been out of action for some time so people needed to know he was back, I didn’t know what that meant nor did I care. I told him I would be having lunch with my sister, he told me to call him when I got to where we were having lunch to let him know that I was safe, I agreed.

I arrived at my sister’s place, she was not ready, I had called her to tell her I was leaving Midrand, the drive to my sister’s house is about forty minutes she had just come out of the shower when I arrived, I was a bit annoyed but it gave me some time to play with my niece and nephew. After 45 minutes she was done, I asked her where we were going she said we should do Soweto. I looked at her and said “Soweto? A snob like you? Jessica has been to Soweto more times than you and she is white, in fact she could give you a tour of Soweto.” She rolled her eyes and said “Whatever Lee, let’s just go.” I asked her where in Soweto did she want to go she confidently replied “Maponya Mall.” I snapped at her “you have got to be shitting me Naledi, you want to go to a bloody mall, we might as well go to Rosebank or Sandton then.” She told me that she just really wanted to go to Maponya, she had only been there once or twice and always in a hurry, I gave in and said okay. I drove us to Maponya Mall in Soweto as we entered the gate I jokingly said “Wooo, there is Lwazi’s car.” She looked at the car and said “And vele it is his car.” I laughed and said “Your husband is not the only person that drives a BMW Doll and look it’s a chick driving that car.” She looked at me and said “I swear that’s my husband’s car.” She took out her phone and called him “Babes, what’s your car number plates?” she signalled for me to follow the car to the parking lot, I followed the car he must have asked why she was randomly asking him about the car number plates because she said “I’ve just received a letter with a R1 000 fine and I think it’s wrong number plates that are here so they have sent us someone else’s fine.” Lwazi being the greedy man who never wants to pay gave her the number plates. She thanked him and said she will call him back. I looked at her and said “And?” She shook her head and I could see tears building up in her eyes and said “that’s his car Lee.” I popped my eyes wide opened “Oh shit Naledi, do you think his car has been clowned, I’ve heard about that car clowning shit, they steal a car and use the same number plates as you and you end up paying fines to roads that you’ve never even travel on, or even worse they rob a bank using your car number plates and you go to jail for shit you didn’t do.” She looked at me and shook her head “Don’t be stupid Lee, that’s Lwazi’s car I know that dent at the back because I reversed into a pole by mistake. Stop behind her she is parking.” I was still confused but I did as I was told as soon as she parked my sister got out of the car I followed behind her. “Sorry Sisi, what are you doing with my husband’s car?” She asked the lady as she was coming out of the car “ohh shit, she’s pregnant” I exclaimed when she stepped out of the car. She looked at both of us confused and said “I’m sorry but you must have me confused with someone else because this is my boyfriend’s car.” She said taking out her phone to call the boyfriend, she put him on speaker the stupid, foolish bastard called Lwazi answered the phone and said “Hey babes, are you okay?” she told him there were two crazy woman in front of her one of them was claiming that the car belonged to her husband, before she could finish explaining Naledi shouted “Ye wena Lwazi your shit, who is this bitch?” Lwazi “Oh shit, run baby run, that woman is crazy.” I don’t know what Lwazi was thinking telling the girl to run she was heavily pregnant, my sister took the phone dropped it and handed it back to her and told her to give her the car keys, the girl didn’t want to hand over the car keys, she pulled them from her and at that moment the girl lost her balanced and fell flat on her stomach, if she were not pregnant, I would have laughed but she started screaming I didn’t know if she was screaming because she was in pain or if she was giving birth. Then I heard someone scream “Those two are robbing a pregnant woman” the next thing I knew over thirty people were at the scene watching our next move “shit Naledi, we are going to get a beat down from these people, this is the hood.” I whispered to my sister. Mob justice, they beat you up first and ask questions later.

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