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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Nine

We all just cried, the planning just paused for a few minutes, my phone ringing shook us back to reality, it was Mthobisi “Hey Honey” I said trying to not sound like I was crying but who was I fooling my husband could hear me sniffing a mile away “What’s wrong? Why you crying?” he asked sounding concerned. I sniffled and said “the girls and I are busy cooking and none of them wanted to cut the onion so I had to be the unlucky one who has to cut them, you know how they always makes me cry.” He laughed and told me to go stand outside to get some air on my eyes and I should be fine, I laughed and said I will, he said he was just checking up on me, “I love you sooo sooo much Mthobisi, don’t ever forget that.” I don’t know where that came from but I think the realisation that I was leaving my husband was start to sink in and when people die the ones left behind always wonder if the person that died loved them or if they told the deceased enough that they loved them, when “I die”


10 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Nine

  1. Hai suka maan!Just when I was starting to emphasize with her. Mxim! Kante doesn’t Lee learn Mara? I mean ruri now! Akere last time she dragged her friends into this 1 got arrested. Couldn’t she had just gone home to fetch the car like Mtho said? Clearly she doesn’t want to get away from him.

  2. Either way even if Lee agreed to go to that house , mara noMthobisi pushes Lee to leave him mna ngekudala ndahamba this is too much

  3. Oooh my God I have never laughed so hard – Rockstar baby , why u running??? U gals are really are friends n wish for ppl like that in my life . And Lee finally u trying to save u n Nei but dout y will get far, Mthobisi is a thug n will find u my angel. I wish all the best.

    Rockstar get back in the n aid ur pals, n yes I agree with u Lee, she really is a Rock. A true Rockstar, u gals are a blessing to each other’s lives…..

  4. how does this sms(ing) thing work? ndi sms this morning but i still can not read the rest of the content. i have not receive any code.

  5. Mike can we please respect each other here, you are messing with my reads! Your blog is not only read by South Africans, so if you have reached a decision to sell it, please catter to all readers, which include those of us outside SA! You cant force people to subscribe without making the service available to us all. Continue posting as you have been doing until the option to subscribe is available to all then you can pull that stunt u on…and communicating it to us wouldnt have made us love u less!

  6. Mthobisi is really annoying now putting Lee’s life in danger like that mxm, so Lee is leaving im so sad. Thanks Mike for a nice read as always

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