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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Sixty

The shit my husband got me into at time was the reason why I needed to get out of his life urgently; this had now turned into a matter of life and death, because of him I had put my friends lives in danger Cleo shouted at Andiswa “what are you waiting for? Go and hurry back.” Andiswa was shaking like a leaf she ran out to go find She Rocks I started begging this lunatic to let my friends go and let me help him pack he wasn’t listening to a word I was saying he just told me to shut up a few minutes later She Rocks and Andiswa arrived She Rocks apologised for running away and begged him not to blow our heads off, he laughed and said he was never going to do that where is our sense of humour. We packed the money in bags, we were actually just stuffing it inside the bags I had never seen soo much money in my entire life we packed in silence, when we were done he stood on top of the bed and moved a piece of the ceiling just like my husband had done in our previous place and threw those bags in there, then told us to take him to Bedford view, I was in no mood to argue and we had all become sober by now. We drove him to Bedford view he hit the intercom and the gate was opened, we went in and some white old guy came to us and told us to go with him inside, he took the guy to the other room while we waited at the dining room. “What fuckery is this Lee? Guns? Soo much money? Who are these people and where the hell did all that money come from?” I shook my head and said I didn’t know and this is what I was telling them about my husband and at least now they were seeing it for themselves. Cleo said “No offence to you Lee but I would have left a long time ago.” Trust Cleo to say that, when the going gets tough she gets going, that’s not how marriage is supposed to be, you only leave when you have exhausted all options and God knew I had exhausted all my option, my next destination was a coffin if I did not leave this man.

The two guys came back and the rude one had a bandage on, he looked at us and smiled and said “you girls saved my life.” Cleo put on a fake smile and said “Well you can thank us by giving us one of those bags we helped you pack.” The guy looked and her and said “udakiwe” meaning you are drunk. He started feeling his pockets then went “shit, shit, shit.” The white guy asked what was wrong. He just ran back to the room they were a few minutes later he came back and said “I think I may have dropped my wallet at the crime scene.” We all turned to look to each other I then said “what was in your wallet?” He looked down and said “my licence, bank card, the usual shit that stays in the wallet.” The white guy smacked him in the head and asked him why he had taken his wallet with him, did he think he was going to the movies, the white guy was extremely pissed off, he told him he needs to go back and get his wallet, he protested and said his leg was injured and he can’t drive white man told him that was his problem, he will either go get his wallet or the police will find his body hanged in his house there was no way they were going to let him expose them, Jesus these people were ruthless. We left the house with She Rocks driving, the guy who told us his name was Tebogo said he had a family and if he didn’t get his wallet the Russians were seriously going to kill his family then him. We all felt sorry for him, give woman a sob story even if you were rude at first all the rudeness will be forgotten and all they will be doing is sympathising with you. We all felt sorry for him; “please ladies please take me to City Deep.” We all looked at him and said “Hell no.” City Deep has hostels and if you are found there committing a crime by the zulu men who stay in the hostels your ass gets beaten to a pulp by the time they are done with you even the cops don’t want to arrest they feel sorry for you. He waved his gun and said “This being nice shit doesn’t work, you are going to take me to City Deep right now or dead bodies are going to start rolling out of this car.” She Rocks changed her direction and took the freeway we headed to City Deep, he told us to go to the garage, we parked at the garage while he sat at the back, the was one of those cash in transit cars surrounded by police and they had that police tape all around he told us to go and look for the wallet and said he couldn’t come out because someone might recognise him.

As we were about to get out he said “oh by the way, leave your cellphones with me, just in case you try to get smart.” We handed him our cellphones and walked out, there was a lot of people standing around watching you would swear it wasn’t at night, Cleo asked one of the petrol attendants what had happened he explained that the cash in transit guys had come to collect money and the next thing some guys came and offloaded all the money that was in the car to their car, the guy said the way these guys were soo smooth you could see that this was their regular thing. He said when they were leaving a police van came so the guys thought the police had come for them meanwhile they had just stopped at the garage to buy and the robbers started shooting at the police and the police fired back and one of the robbers was killed and one was shot in the leg and the others ran off, he said the robbers came with three different cars. We all listened attentively while also trying to look around for a wallet but there was no sign of it, obviously with soo many people around there was no way in hell we were going to find it, it was either the police had picked it up or one of the people there had picked it up, regardless of who had it we could not exactly scream out loud that we were looking for a wallet that our friend who was robbing the cash in transit guys had dropped. We walked back to the car and told Tebogo that his wallet was not there he screamed “you are useless to me.” Guy really needed to work on his attitude that was no way to speak to people who were trying to help you. He handed us back our phones and told me that Mthobisi had called me. He took out his phone and called some people to ask where they were they said they were in Mondeor he told them he was on his way and hung up, we all looked at him wondering who the hell was going to take him there, we didn’t have to wait for long to find because he then said to us “road trip to Mondeor ladies,” I wanted to tell him to go to hell but I couldn’t, the bastard had a gun. She Rocks drove to Mondeor when we got there he asked she rocks “how good is your driving?” She said average, which we all knew was a lie because she did advance driving and could do hand brake turns and shit. He continued “well today you will not drive like an average driver, you will drive like a possessed woman.” We all didn’t respond to this.

My phone rang it was Mthobisi he asked where I was I told him I was with his friend Tebogo, he sounded irritated and said “why don’t you go home? You were only supposed to take him to…” Tebogo grabbed the phone of my hands and said “no more calls we need to focus.” In Mondeor we again waited at the garage, and then a call came in on his phone we could only hear him say “yes, I see it, we following it.” He then pointed to She Rocks to drive, she started driving he told her to follow a truck that was in front of us, she followed it to Naturena then the truck stopped in front of a house there Tebogo got out and within seconds there were more than three cars standing in front of the truck Tebogo had his gun pointed at the driver and took him to the back to open, two of the cars were double-cabs and they moved them to the back of the truck we couldn’t see what was happening at the back of the truck as we had parked in front of the truck but whatever was going on we knew it was not good. “What do you think they are doing?” Andiswa asked I shook my head I didn’t even want to speak, the area we were in was so quiet it felt like if I opened my mouth the people around that neighbourhood would wake up or even worse we would interrupt Tebogo and his crew with our voices. We were all shit scared so we just sat there in silence waiting for these fools to finish whatever the hell they were doing. Twelve minutes later Tebogo jumped in the car and told She Rocks to drive, as we were leaving we heard a screeching sound of tyres, a Bantam Bakkie marked with the same name that was on the truck stopped in front of us and two guys opened their windows and pointed their guns at us, Cleo, myself and Andiswa started screaming She Rocks didn’t ask any questions she reversed the car soo fast then drove past the guys they made a U-turn and followed us Andiswa was praying so loudly all Cleo and I were doing was screaming, the guys in the Bantam Bakkie where now shooting at our car, we kept ducking trying to avoid bullets, Andiswa was on the floor at the back –seat praying. She Rocks said “shit there is only two exists out of this place what if they have people waiting for us at both exist?”

I didn’t know Naturena that well the only time I had been there was when a colleague had a farewell party at her place in Naturena and we ended up going to Tinties which is a shisa-nyama for drinks and when I went to Sun City Prison to go see my husband when he was arrested. We all looked at Tebogo for guidance; the guy said “choose whichever you feel is best follow your gut.” She Rocks said she would take the Southgate exit and like she had thought after we passed Sun City there was another Bantam with the same name as the truck. “Shit we are fucked.” Cleo said, She Rocks pulled up the handbrake while the car was on high speed and the car started spinning, we all screamed Tebogo included, she managed to get it to face back to where we were coming from then turned into one of the streets there we went back to the houses the bakkies were still behind us, they again started shooting, Tebogo told She Rocks to drive in zig-zags, she said that’s stupid because a bullet is faster than a car, next thing I felt a sharp pain on my back I put my hand on my chest and when I removed it and looked at my hand it was full of blood “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I’ve been shot.” Cleo who was sitting next to me looked at me and said “Oh God they shot her in the heart. We need to get her to a hospital now. She Rocks please stop the car we will apologise to these guys and tell them our friend needs to go to the hospital.” Everyone starting arguing and their voices were fading away little by little, I felt this sense of warmth and peace and the pain was gone, everything went silent and I felt so much peace and warmth.

35 thoughts on “Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Sixty

  1. Awesome awesome work! Every Saterday I woke up to this blog and have never been disappointed. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

  2. No Mike Lesedi can’t b dead I refuse pls make a plan what about their plan to fake her death can’t wait 4 nxt saturday thanx Mikey

  3. Yoh! What a very sad chapters for this week. Lesedi now is paying agn for the man that she agreed to marry for his evil deeds . after being dragged now being shot aowa! This is too much for a lady to handle…

  4. Now If Lee dies who will continue lell us the story, I think she survived because here she is telling us about the peace she felt
    Good job big Mike

  5. Mr Mike all congrats on your writting skils…I’d just like to know how would I get ahold of ur book…where nd how ! As I’m addicted to this so its time I bought the books…

  6. Lee I’ve love reading ur diary since the 1st day. mara na we you said it the only way u were leaving Mtho was in a coffin. I’ve made my weekends ill miss u

  7. Lee I’ve love reading ur diary since the 1st day. mara na we you said it the only way u were leaving Mtho was in a coffin. you’ve made my weekends ill miss u

  8. Lee I’ve love reading ur diary since the 1st day. mara na we you said it the only way u were leaving Mtho was in a coffin. You made my weekends ill miss u

  9. Yhooooo! Pls let Lee live pls! Gud job Mr Mike a d incredible Team! Bt Lee cnt leave us dis soon pls pls!

  10. Then she wakes up from her dream…yes..no! Its been one hell of a ride with our dear Lesedi & only death can get her away from this life.

    Thank you Mike & Thozama! This story had the most twists & turns! Exciting read indeed!

    Ps..got my DOAZG part 2 book (fast delivery), Loved the twist at the end 😉

  11. Lee cnt be dead.Bra mike this is just an emotional chapter by far.nagana tears from all the good byes n then this tjo.bt she just cnt b dead.i want her to leave Mtho though n start afresh this is just messing up my picture perfect vision

  12. Thanx Mike! I beg u dis is my favourite book it cnt b de end,tjoooo aowa Mthobisi was supposed to protect Lee not harm her,but he brought his dealings home

  13. Can’t wait for the book cos I’m outside SA.now can only read bonus chapters and I’m missing so much

  14. This is sad,I’m sad,this is the saddest iv been ever since I started reading ur books,I’m literally in tears,it’s a nice read but with how sad I am and having to wait an entire week to find out wat happens I cnt help but cry even more,mike hle,I’m gonna have a bad week *crying*

  15. Eish mike hope aint the end it seems like most of ur main characters die in the end Lesedi tjooo has survived so many near deads dis tym I think its final she dies bt I wanted more m sure m nt the only one even put away airtime now just to read the book nice read

  16. wow Mike and you Team are really the best, oh Lee Missteps wont be the same without her. it will be a wake up call for his thug husband

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