Mike why must I pay R5 and how many times can I use my PIN

  • The premium service is to give u more articles and no one is forced to use it
  • The SMS cost R5 and it allows you to read 2 premium chapters per week

How does it work?

  • Every weekend there will be 2 additional post which will be marked premium, once you open it you will notice there’s a grey box that requires a PIN, what you do then is SMS the keyword “Missteps” to “36106” a reply sms will be sent to you with the PIN to use to unlock it.
  • Once u get the pin u put it and click verify. NB: Click once then the same page will reload with the entire story unlocked.

Mike I am not getting my sms pin after I’ve sent the message

  • Firstly check if you have correctly sent “missteps” to “36106” remember it’s 3 6 1 0 6
  • If you not have received your message please send your number to help@diaryofazulugirl.co.za to cross-reference to ensure if message was received after that a pin will be resent to you.

Mike my pin says it’s invalid or expired

  • If you are using Opera mini browser please change it and use either google chrome or firefox browser
  • Usually if you share the PIN with someone and they use it before you then you won’t be able to read it as its used.
  • Once you type in the PIN and click verify avoid to double click as it will use the code twice thus resulting in pin usage expiry.


26 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Mike I typed my pin but it says invalid and im definitely sure I didn’t click twice. My problem is I do not have email,im using a phone that doesn’t allow emails,how then am I to send my query to you? Please respond!

  2. My airtime balance is R10 I have sent this SMS 5 times now and I did not get the pin and my airtime balance is the same they say the email address is invalid . Help tuu

  3. Mike I was wondering where is it that I can buy the book with the last 20 chapters of zulu girl goes to JHB cause I have looked in every book store please, please help

  4. Thanks mike for the info,,

    I don’t wanna sound negative, but pls guys just work on this pin thing a bit,, for me its really not working,, and I have emailed u guys,, I did as the email said,, but I never was able to unlock the chapters, so this means I bought a pin but still had to wait for a week to be able to read the chapters,, I just got a useless pin,, and I’m certain I didn’t share it with anyone, I didn’t double click, and I’m not using opera mini,, the pin is just not working… Pls try to fix that…

    Anyway Mike and Thozama,, ur job is great man,, I’m one of the few MALES who r addicted and I’m not ashamed of it..

    Well Done !!!!

  5. HI Mike, please tell me do i also need to get a pin to read old chapter in memoirs of a tired black man? I just started it, i’m on chapter 55 now, but can’t seem to get the chapter, yet chapter 57 is available?

    This is really frustrating hey, i can even see the chapters over 100 yet, i had to skip more then 5 chapters already cause i can’t seem to find them?

    Help please?

  6. Oh my word, where can i find chapter 61 now?

    Please tell me what do you sms and to which number if a chapter is missing in “memoirs”

  7. Hi Mike. I can’t seem to locate todays post of Memoirs?? I can’t manage with this day further until I have had my daily dose. HELP!

    1. Hi Mike. In battling to navigate to past chapter of Rumblings and Realities. Only option I get is to start from the very beginning or to the new out recent chapters. Please help. I do remember how far I read with Rumblings, Realities and missteps. How do I get to those other chapters? To give you an idea I last read in late July. Faith was about to go out with her crush and his new girlfriend. In Realities the Dr’s dad had just had an accident ( he hit the gate) and in Missteps Lesedi had just decided.she wanted to leave Mthobisi. I would highly appreciate it if you can forward me the 3 links. Regards, Ntuthuko

  8. Hello,
    I would like to become one of your writers.
    How does one get to write stories on your platform?
    I also have a sample of my recent piece and would like to share it with you to see if I qualify to write for your audience.

    Kind regards

  9. Subject:premium chapters

    Good day Mike and team

    i am currently new on reading your books.i started with the one called misssteps and when i got to chapter 143 is started wanting the code from the services that is only available in South Africa

    Kindly assist as to how some of us not in South Africa can continue reading other chapters from chapter 143 doing forward

    Thank you in advance


    Happy reader

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