Chapter Five

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If you have never been caught by someone playing with yourself then you will never understand how embarrassed I was at that moment. I honestly felt like asking the universe why it was always me that got into these weird situations. Back home I was never the clumsy type yet coming here I felt like […]

Chapter Four

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I am not even going to assume I was the prettiest girl at school but nganginge siye uhlwibi shem. I was not but I know how ugly people seem to have the confidence to go after what they want especially when it comes to relationships. I am used to just saying no and on moving […]

Chapter Three

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They say alcohol is the gateway to more bad things. I don’t know who they are but they were right. That night I drank more than I usually drank. At home I could only drink a few ciders at a time because kaHlatshwayo like in any decent house children were not allowed to enter the […]

Chapter Two

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I am not going to lie and say I was in Wits to do Engineering, Medicine or Law like almost all the other kids do. It’s like it’s embarrassing to say I was here to do study Education which in all fairness should be called “Teaching” for that’s what it is but yes here I […]

Chapter One

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Friends are like the devil; they lure you into doing bad things then when things go bad are the first to laugh at you when you fall. Yup, I said it out loud no coming back from that. Who gossips more about you enemies or friends? Stop acting surprised at truths that you know already. […]