Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 56

Growing up I had never thought of myself as an opportunist. I was too much of a coward to have even thought that about myself. I was always the girl that was last to get to things because i was never a liker of things, more. the cautious approach type of person to everything. With that said there really is something about Johannesburg that brings out the hustler person in you. All of a sudden you see opportunities were there are none, you take risk to get ahead because come 

Friday evening there is some sort of electricity in the air i really cannot quite explain. Johannesburg has a vibe which even if you not in the outgoing mood just does things to you but to do that you need money. We kid ourselves when we say that money is not the most important in life because without it you cant eat and when you cant eat you either find yourself dead or having someone else exploit you for the lack there of it! I might not be the smartest person in the world but i knew that guys like Ada if my professor was right were a once in a lifetime opportunity, use to the best of your abilities and then run! I have seen way too many girls who date powerful men and literally have nothing to show for it except for an improved blowjob technique! That wont be me shem! I was not born to spend the rest of my life on my knees pleasing a man. Once I have my degree i will become good girl Samke again not now.

As I was thinking this my phone rang. How does this girl have such timing? It was Zamo and I could not help plus blurted.

“Zamo you and i are not friends. You know this. You made it clear before so what has changed now that makes you keep calling me!”

I asked her.

“I am pregnant!”

She said and at first it was like I was listening to fiction.

“Why are you telling me Zamo? I am not the father!”

I responded rudely.


She responded.


I asked her

“Abedi is the father. I thought i should tell you so that you don’t get to hear it from the streets!”

She said like I cared.

“Bye Zamo!”

I told her as i dropped the phone. This girl has drama shem! It was then it hit me, if Zamo was pregnant she could not stay in residence on campus, and if she could not stay in residence what if…

No no no!

Ah, come on!!! Again I did not get to think through that as well because I had a knock on my door and it was Zethu.

“I was not expecting you but I was about to call you to tell you what is going on?”

I told her as she walked in. I needed the bathroom so I left her there and went. Normally she would talk to me when I am in the bathroom, that’s how close we were but I noted that she was quiet and did not saying anything.

“Why are you quiet what’s wrong?”

I asked her when I walked back in.

“You are scaring me Samke what the hell is going on?”

She responded. Her body language was a bit off though I could tell but I had so much to tell her.

“You won’t believe I thought I was going to die today!”

I told her. I then proceeded to tell her the events of the afternoon. She listened intently without saying a word and only at the end did I realize that she had not interjected in her typical manner.

“Zethu don’t just keep quiet, say something please!”

I implored her.

“Will it even matter though?”

She asked me.

“What do you mean?”

“You seem so taken in with everything to do with these guys yet you know truly well this will not end well! I saw a tweet today that said ‘There is a thin line between enjoying your youth and destroying your future. Know the difference'”

She told me and I just stared back at her. It was my turn to be rendered speechless and this was not because I did not know what this meant. Nope, I am a Witsie student after all meaning that my brain works just fine. It was because Zethu was supposed to be my rode or die.

“Why do you say that?”

I asked her.

“The way you were so nonchalant when you were telling that story scares the hell out of me. There is nothing normal about the last 3 days of our lives and worse what happened or did not happen today!”

Ok, I spoke too soon about being a Witsie, what the hell is nonchalant actually I had to ask her,

“What is nonchalant again?”

I asked and it just frustrated her again because I think she thought I was trying to make a joke or something!

“Same this is serious!”

She declared.

“I know it’s serious that’s why I asked the meaning of that word ke!”

I told her.

“It means that you are acting so calm about this situation like its a joke and not that serious!”

She told me.

“But I told you nje that I was scared when they were here!”

She told me.

“I am your friend and you know I love you as such but at some point, you have to make a decision on how to move on from these people because you are getting in too deep and eventually you will drag us down with them!”

She said looking me straight in the eye.

“I can’t believe you think I would ever drag you down Zethu why would I do that?”

I asked her.

“It won’t be deliberate obviously. Look at what happened over the weekend, we all ended up carrying so much of which anything could have happened to us in that moment. We all could have been arrested and you know it! Just because you are content with it and its your situation does not mean Nthabiseng and I want to be arrested too!”

She explained which made me mad!

“Who says I want to be arrested? Do you think that I think that little of myself that I want to be hanging out with these guys? I need a place to stay unless you have forgotten!”

I reminded her.

“No you don’t! I spoke to Katlego and she told me that you were once offered a chance to come back to residence and you refused it! Is that true?”

I had truly not expected that.

“Well I could not go back because of Zamo you know that!:

Again I found myself reminding her.

“So your life stopped because of someone else’s child and that’s an excuse you are happy to stand with? Really Samke?”

She asked me. Ok I must admit saying it out loud like that does make it sound a bit, o very stupid but at the time it felt like a very legitimate reason and the opportunity worthy of exploring!

“But you were there when I moved in and you even supported me doing it! Now all of a sudden you are growing some kind of moral high ground to look down on me!”

I told her standing up from the couch in shock. What was happening? She might be my friend but she was making me sound stupid when we had partied and drank the money together.

“That is not what you were saying when we having all that fun though?”

I reminded her and her facial response betrayed that those words had actually stung her a bit.

“Yes it was not but with the way things have progressed I don’t want to end up a drug mule carrying drugs for these people!”

She said.

“Oh so now Ada and Abedi are these people?”

I asked her incredulously. This is how xenophobia starts when you start othering people not from South Africa.

“Yes Samke they are ‘these’ people. Who made you carry so much money through an airport? Who made you carry a rough diamond through an airport? Who gives you ridiculous money, doesn’t even fuck you for it, gives you an apartment rent free that’s clear so expensive and clearly used to launder money? You can’t be that stupid unless you think that Jesus came back as a fat Nigerian to bless a Zulu girl from Mooi River!”

She ended as a matter of fact and that last part had it been any other day I would have laughed but right now at this moment it felt like it was said to undermine and take a dig at my poverty and background.

“So are you saying I do not deserve to spoilt?”

I asked her. Was she being jealous right now?

“Spoiling is one thing but this is being bought!”

She said and wow yah neh, now she was calling me a prostitute.

“Are you calling me a prostitute?”

I asked her angrily. I was going to hit her. I could feel the energy surge through my body at this moment and I had to control myself.

“I am not calling you anything. A man you date will buy you flowers, presents even take you out on dates and yest give you a girlfriend allowance if you are lucky. Ada gives you a salary literally every time you see him. You can hate me for saying this but as your friend someone has to say it that they are paying you and eventually you will find yourself doing things for them because you owe them too much!”

She said confirming that she thought I was a prostitute. It hurt. She did not even say no she meant a slay queen but a whole prostitute but what is the difference anyway as both groupings do the same things.

“You are not my friend! You have been jealous of me all this time and now that I am here you are trying to make me fall. I would never call you a prostitute because you are my sister even but you did not even deny it right now!”

I told her.

“That’s just it, I am your friend but I have not been your friend if I allowed you to get into this mess and supported it!”

She had a very warped idea of friendships. In girl world many friendships end when you tell each other truths that are too uncomfortable to handle.

“Please leave!”

As the tears stung my eyes as they started to flow. I was so hurt. I felt like she was betraying me by calling me a prostitute,

“Its ok, Nthabiseng sent me to tell you something because she was too scared to come and tell you herself. I only found out now before I came here I did not know either!”

She said and immediately it clicked,

“Bitch stole the money! I knew it!”

I said out loud.

“No actually she did not. Abedi slept with her when he came back from the party and he gave it to her to keep quiet so that you would not find out. I do not even know when they did it but oh well!”

I stood there frozen. I am not sure whether it was because of the money or that one of my best friends had slept with my man.

Oh God.

“Just get out please!”

I told her.

This friendship was over!


************THE END******************

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