Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 48

No girl is ever ready for her mother especially when she knows that she has been caught doing something that she should not have been doing. I know there are girls who say that they are close with their mother and often tell us on social media how they have such amazing relationships to make the rest of us look and sound pathetic. I stopped Twitter because those people take pleasure in making your own families sound and feel inadequate. They make you question if you were really happy growing up and in no time you start tweeting how abusive your childhood was when not one day before you joined that God forsaken social media you never questioned it.

“Hi mum!”

I said picking up the phone putting on my best cheerful voice.

“Why didn’t you call me back? I have been worried sick since you called me yesterday and left that message! What the hell is going on Samkelisiwe Zama Hlatshwayo?”

I am no different to other black children, when your parents say you full names, second name included you know that the time for jokes is over. This is the danger zone and you have to get ready for the attack that comes after.

“Mum relax, I have been very busy today. Remember I told you that I do promotions so we are pushing a new product in Cape Town and…”

I did not even finish because she jumped in and asked,

“Use Kapa? When did you get there? Who did you go with? Did you pack warm clothes? How did you get there?”

She asked me a million questions at once something which I never expected at all. I am not even sure if it was concern or excitement because my mother tended to mix the two.

“Ok mum one question at a time. I am with Zethu and Nthabiseng I work with both of them. Zethu is the one I told is studying medicine to be a doctor.”

I reminded her. She liked Zethu because she was studying and I remember when I first mentioned her my mother had been impressed by the fact I was making such ‘high calibre’ friends. I wonder if she would think the same if I told her that Zethu had kissed me. I really did not want to think about it right now.

“I am at the beach right now and its hot. There is no need for warm clothes this side!”

I told her and we both laughed. With black parents they will never tell you about sunscreen because that’s not our thing so you can imagine what hand sanitizer sounds like when you put it on the shopping list.

“I am serious Samke, I heard the whole message. You spoke about having sex!”

There it was the topic I was trying to avoid. I thought she would skip that part because of the jovial tone I was using but there was no fooling her.

“I am not having sex mum All the girls were calling their mothers and I could not act like my mother and I are not friends and I don’t share secret stuff with her!”

I told her. It is not what I had expected to say but when you lie sometimes the words just come out then you deal with the consequences later.

“But I am not you friend!”

She responded,

“I am your mother and you should not be talking to me like that. Its disrespectful. If one day you show up pregnant then I would have been part of these childish jokes and become a joke myself. Do not forget who you are and where you come from?’

I think it was one of the biggest fears for older Zulu people for a Zulu child to forget their roots and were they come from. I don’t know why they can even suppose that we can forget when you have Zulu culture thrust in your face wherever you go in this country. Saying I am proud to be Zulu is like saying I am proud to be breathing because our culture, traditions norms are plastered every were and two out of every three TV shows are Zulu anyway. Don’t forget every taxi I see on the road reminds me of home.

“I am sorry mum I crossed the line. I thought you would understand!”

I told her. I know my mum and she was actually not happy at all at this moment. She was angry and her tone was the one she gave when she was giving you a final warning. I did not even tell her that I was on a plane because it was not the right moment. Being from Mooi River let alone on the poorer side my mother often said one of her wishes was to see us fly with all the rich people.

“I have to go. Nokwanda’s parents have been coming over every day to harass me so I ended up going to the police to get a protection order. Your father has put is in problems with this girl I really cannot handle this anymore!”

She said and before I could respond she dropped the phone. I felt really bad and so guilty that I was not there for her more. Betrayal is painful and she was going through it alone. I did not even get to gather my thoughts before Abedi was standing next to me.

“Is everything ok?”

He asked me.


I asked him. Was it written all over my face that I was worried about my mother? I did not know what to do.

“My mother is in a bad state. My father did something and I need to get her money so she can get herself out from under his thumb!”

I told him as I put my hands on my head and screamed a silent scream. I was frustrated to no end.

“I don’t mean to sound insensitive to your situation but does this mean you are the one who took Ada’s money for your mother? I mean I would understand your reasoning and I will not tell him!”

He asked me. I stood there with my head spinning. Had I just implicated myself in the missing money because my mother called and my big mouth could not stay shut.

“Do you really think I would rob Ada?”

I asked him shocked that he could even come to that conclusion.

“I did not steal from Ada. How pathetic a criminal would I be if I stole from the man I was sleeping next to in a hotel room were it was just the two of us? Come on now. I cant believe you could even think that of me!”

I said very much shocked.

“I am not the one you should be worried about. If you tell Ada this how do you think it will come out?”

He asked me. I was never going to tell him in any case about my family problems because it would seem like I was trying to extort money from him. Abedi had found out because it was a vulnerable moment when he asked and I had been honest about it.

“I wont tell him. I did not steal his money. Thank you very much for seeing criminal written all over my face.”

I told him and I walked to go back to the girls. Abedi got a phone call and he said that he had to go which was probably for the best. Am I the only person in the world that does not look forward to getting a call from home? I was so depressed Nthabiseng asked immediately,

“What is wrong? Did Abedi say something bad to you?”

She asked me. I was on the verge of tears at this stage and I could not help it. I just broke down.

“Someone stole Ada’s money from the hotel last night. When we came back, we chilled and we slept. He had money in his pocket and I saw it, R11000. When I woke up in the morning it was missing. Now he thinks its me. I am so embarrassed. I would never steal from anyone!”

I told them. I know I had said that I was not going to tell them and I also know that I could be sitting with one of the criminals right now allowing their guard up but really this was not right. I just could not help it.

“This is bad!”

Nthabiseng said when I was done. They both came and hugged me.

“I am really sorry.”

Zethu said. The fact that all three people who were the suspects had all acted innocent just made me even more confused. I was stupid if I thought I would make them confess.

“Is that why Ada did not join us at the beach?”

Zethu asked. I actually had no idea why he had not come with Abedi but I doubt that it was because of that. He was body conscious. Crap! I still had to deal with the fact that he had the smallest penis in the Western Cape right now. It was like a child’s. Goodness I can believe I just said that gross!

“You should call him.”

Zethu suggested.

“Yes you should. We have already hijacked your holiday. Plan something for the two of you and only you! It has to be coming from you and you planned it!”

Nthabiseng added. Just like that they started offering suggestions on the things that I should do with him. The problem was one, I could never tell what this man’s plans were?

“I will see but with this money thing I feel like I have lost his trust.”

I told them.

“Just call him!”

They insisted. I called him and I found that he was at the hotel and better yet Abedi was not there. I asked if I could come to him and he said I could. I left the girls there and walked to our hotel. I was going to take him out tonight, just the two of us. It was already late afternoon in any case. When I got to the room I found him sitting on the arm chair.

“Ada, I thought we came to Cape Town to explore and have an adventure? Why are you sitting in the room alone and why am I spending more time with my friends than with you?”

I asked him. He did not respond and next thing I saw he had a glass of I think whisky in his hand.

“What going on with you? First you smoke now you drink too?”

I asked him. He still did not respond. He must have been mad about the money and who can blame him.

“Did you find the money?”

I asked him. Why was he acting so mysterious? Was the money found in my possessions?

“You know,”

He started,

“I know I am not the best looking guy in the world. I get that. Its life so I will ask you this only once…”

He continued but I cut him off prematurely,

“What the hell are you talking about? Am I not the one who is always complaining that you do not have time for me?”

I asked him but he raised his hand to make me shut up which I did. He then asked,

“Are you sleeping with Abedi?”

You could hear a pin drop.

*****************THE END***************

Hey Friends

“How did we get here?” a friend asked me this after reading this chapter so it got me curious. Have you ever been caught cheating? How did you handle it? Have you ever caught your partner cheating and confronted him or her? How did he/she handle it?



8 thoughts on “ORIGINS Chapter 48

  1. Ada is starting to irritate me. He is never emotionally available and he thinks money and gifts are everything and is forever pushing Abedi towards Samke .

    Now he is asking this stupid question. Did he bring Samke to Cape Town to torture her?

    Please Ada , give Samke a break.

  2. Is Samke really cheating 😂😂😂 I don’t remember this relationship being official. Anyway Samke has so much drama around her. Abedi is playing the both of them Ada and Samke. Slithery character that one.

  3. I’ve never been caught cheating. I did catch my husband and he tried to deny it. I showed him screenshots. He reluctantly admitted and lamely apologized. He was more concerned about his side piece more than me. So he went to see her again. He cheated again 6 months later with another girl. He was very rude and kept telling me lies instead of the truth. 2 years later i joined a dating site and locked my phone just to get a raise out of him. He fell for it and confessed everything. I don’t think he told me the whole truth still. He vows he’s never gonna cheat again but knowing this gender we’ll just have to see. Its been 3 years since i last caught him.

    1. I was once caught cheating and to cut the long story short, i asked/begged one of the boyfriend to pretend to be my cousin

      In the end my cousin/boyfriend 1 told boyfriend 2 to stay away from me 😢

      For 2months man was calling me “mokwanthi”🤣🤣 .. l had no choice but to end the relationship 😅

  4. I was once caught cheating and to cut the long story short, i asked/begged one of the boyfriend to pretend to be my cousin

    In the end my cousin/boyfriend 1 told boyfriend 2 to stay away from me 😢

    For 2months man was calling me “mokwanthi”🤣🤣 .. l had no choice but to end the relationship 😅

  5. So my i was in a long distance relationship with my then boyfriend, we would spend more hours on the phone and everything, next thing i know, he disappears for a week then comes back saying work has been hectic and crap, so i’d tell him that i understand that he is far and obviously he has life there and everything, he would insist that no, “ndim ndim” anyway to cut the story short, he made another woman pregnant, he was staying with his girlfriend, mna nje i was something from eziFarma something when he is at home that he would see. i dumped him straight up and never looked back. nigga instisted on making me a fool while i wanted to understand, i mean he is a man, sexually active and stuff but heis lies caught up with him and his copy of a son is a reminder that lies does catch up one way or the other.

    1. I have cheated quite a few times and been caught in some and some never caught
      Truth is with cheating u just know u don’t love the person but u love the chase the thrill the deleting of texts its a job. Now m stuck with a partner who doesn’t trust me who has insecurities its really not great guys

  6. I have cheated quite a few times and been caught in some and some never caught
    Truth is with cheating u just know u don’t love the person but u love the chase the thrill the deleting of texts its a job. Now m stuck with a partner who doesn’t trust me who has insecurities its really not great guys

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