Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 47

If you have never been betrayed before you would never understand how i felt right now. I trusted these girls with my life and everything i had i shared with them. I grew up being taught that a single stick was not strong but several sticks bunched together formed an impossible bond to break. Sisterhood meant a lot to me so its not am understatement when i say these two girls were like family to me. The money was not mine yes but the fact that they were hear with me meant that it was as though i too had been entrusted with it. How would Ada ever trust me again after this i wonder? We found a restaurant and we sat by the terrace outside. A waitress came over and offered us drinks.

“Mfethu you are a bit quiet today, whats wrong?”

Zethu asked me. I had not said much since i joined them that’s true but that was because I actually did know what to say to them.

“Last night when we were out remember I sent Zamo a message?”

I asked them.

“Yes we recall, who can ever forget. We were there remember!”

Nthabiseng said and they both laughed.

“Well turns out I sent the message to the wrong person, I sent it to my mother!”

I told them.

“Get out of here you lie, let’s see!”

Nthabiseng said grabbing my phone. She went to check and then said,

“Wow the depth levels here are incalculable. What were you thinking?”

She asked me and Zethu responded,

“That’s the third time you have used the word incalculable this weekend is it a new word or something?”

She asked and we all laughed.

“But on a serious tip, we need a way to fix this. Has she called again?”

Zethu asked me.

“No she has not but i am the one who is supposed to call her not the other way round!”

I told them

“But i am dreading it.i know what to say but i feel guilty even thinking it.”

I added.

“The longer you wait the more guilty you will look so I suggest you do it now rather than later.”

Zethu said. I wanted my mother right there and then.but it was too loud. I had to do it when i got back to the hotel. We had our brunch and eventually found ourselves on the beach.

“This what life is supposed to feel like!”

Nthabiseng said as she revealed her bikini body. We looked amazing and because it wasn’t too hot the sun just felt perfect on my skin. I had drank 2 cocktails for brunch so i was a bit tipsy as is.

“I need to go to the bank guys. Can i leave you guys here then will come back here?”

Zethu suddenly announced. My heart just sank.

“No guys we said we stick together. You will go to the bank at the airport tomorrow. There is nothing you need there we have everything here!”

Nthabiseng responded.

“Really Nthabiseng?”

Zethu asked her as though reminding her that she did not need her permission. She looked at me for back up.

“Nthabiseng is right. We said we do everything together.”

I reminded her. She looked disappointed but did not argue as she went on to strip down.

“I wonder why they are so few people in the water!”

I asked the girls to keep us focused on the water. I was not about to let either of them go to the bank because what I they were going to deposit Ada’s money. I loved Zethu and the thought that it could be her was giving me a tummy ache.

“Maybe they have jellyfish I don’t know!”

Zethu responded. I actually did not know what that was supposed to mean in full but Zethu lived in Durban so she knew these things better than me.

“What do jelly fish do?”

I asked her.

“Well they sting and if one stings you some will have to pee on you to kill the poison or something weird like that. White people things!”

She said and we laughed.

“Unamanga Zethu come on, that cant be true!”

She said and we all laughed together as she proclaimed her honesty.

“We cant all go to the water at the same time. Someone has to stay with our things otherwise you will come back and find them gone!”

Zethu warned went on to warn us.

“Its mostly white people here Zethu, stop being paranoid. Who will rob us here?”

I asked her laughing. She responded n Zulu and said,

“These things are the biggest thieves of them all. Don’t let them fool you!”

She said and we laughed. Nthabiseng did not quite understand the joke and I don’t blame her because Zethu had spoken a bit deeper than usual. Sometimes we forget that Nthabiseng was actually Tswana and it would annoy her a lot the time we went full vernacular on her.

“You guys go first, I want to make a phone call. I will go when you come back!”

She offered. I went with Zethu and she was telling me how she was having the time of her life. This was turning out to be her best holiday ever and she wanted me to know that if the roles were reversed and she had to take a friend somewhere it would be.

“This water looks beautiful!”

She said when we finally got to the edge.

“Lets do it like this. Will take ten steps back and the we race into the water together!”

I suggested.

“Ok then I should warn you though, I am faster than you! I used to run at school!”

She warned me and I just laughed it off. This city girls think they are good at everything I was going to bliksem her. It was all good fun. When we made our dash for the water she did not even see me the way I was so fast. She stopped at the edge of the water but me being me I ran right through. She started laughing and I know why. The way the water was so called I literally sobered up immediately.


I screamed out loud and I ran back from whence I had come. It was like being doused with refrigerated water.

“You knew this would happen! You knew it!”

I said running after her and all she did was laugh as she ran away giggling. I never expected it. My body had been shocked into sobriety and she was having the time of her life.

“I knew if I told you that would have been the end of your day. I am glad you did it on your own though!”

She said laughing at me. I was shaking like a leaf. I am taller than her and I am also stronger than her. I lifted her up as she screamed her lungs out laughing and I went towards the water’s edge,

“Don’t you dare!”

She screamed but it was too late as I dumped her into the freezing cold water. The Atlantic Ocean is so cold ah but how was a little girl from Mooi River supposed to have known that. Zethu was now shaking like a leaf too as we rolled in the water together. I don’t know what happened because it happened so fast. One minute we were wrestling with each other trying to get the other wet and the next I don’t know, Zethu kissed me. It was not a mbah either but she kissed right there and then full blown on the lips.

“Zethu what are you doing?”

I asked her. As I pulled back from her shocked to the core. Even the cold of the water was forgotten at this moment.

“I don’t know what happened. I am sorry. I don’t know what got over me.”

She said as stood up and walked back to Nthabiseng very fast. I was so shocked I did not run after her because my emotions were all over the place. I could barely feel my limbs the way the water was so cold but that kiss had warmed me up so much it would be a lie if I did not want that feeling again.

“How is the water?”

I heard Nthabiseng’s voice from a distance. It was her turn to feel the water.

“You have to run in if you want to feel the full experience!”

I told her.

“Run to where?”

She asked me.

“Run to me! Trust me it will be fun. Run as fast as you can ok!”

I told her. She looked at me skeptically but at least she did not argue with me. She went a few steps back and then she made the mad dash towards me. Her reflexes were better than mine because as soon as her feet touched the water she yelped and turned,

“Hell no!”

She screamed running away from the water.

“Its cold … its cold… its cold!”

She said over and over again running on one spot. I laughed my lungs out as it was such a funny site. From a distance I saw a shirtless Abedi approach us. What the hell did he want? Nthabiseng had her back to him so she did not see him approach. I don’t know how we did it but I gave him a signal and before she knew what was happening he lifted her effortlessly this sgora of a man. Indoda yemadodeni, sgaqagaqa he made it seem so easy.  She turned to see who it was and when she recognized him she started saying,

“Don’t you dare! Abedi don’t you dare!”

The way he was carrying her and the way she was squirming around it meant that at some point his hand was resting just under her breast. The jealousy that swept through me. It was crazy. I thought that I had no feelings for this man but the pain of watching my friend being so happy in his arms made me so mad.

“Put me down!”

She screamed at him but he was already halfway in the water when he dumped her like a bag of potatoes. She was so shocked she did not even scream.

“You are such an idiot!”

She said as she marched out of the water to get some warmth. She marched all the way to where we were sitting and wrapped herself in her towel. There I was left alone in the water with Abedi.

“Hey you!”

He said to me with that suave tone of his.

“What do you want Abedi?”

I asked him showing him that I was not interested in his games right.

“I want you!”

He said and he looked at me smiling. Its good thing this water was freezing otherwise I would have melted.

“Ada is your friend dude, what is wrong with you?”

I asked him annoyed yet flattered at the

the same time. Ok shap I am weak, I get it.

“He is my friend and I love him but that doesn’t stop me from wanting you and that doesn’t stop me from wanting you either!”

He said and just like that he waded out of the water and walked towards the girls. I had to follow him as I was getting cold. When I got there I looked at him as he was standing by the girls then I looked at Zethu.

I just blushed and I am not even sure for which of the two I was blushing at.

Oh God I am such a whore!

My phone rang.

It was my mother.

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