Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 43

No matter who tells you what sleeping in a hotel might seem luxurious but the fact that you sleep in a bed who hundreds if not thousands of people have slept in makes you just as dirty as them. They can wash their sheets a million times for all I care but let’s be honest, hotels especially on weekends are used as brothels were men sleep with women often not their wives but who cares. Whether a hotel has 100% Egyptian cotton sheets or it has 10% thread sheets the fact is someone is getting laid, ridden, doggy styled, made to suck something unholy but because we all get to take pictures and check in we pretend not to see the filth within the whole notion. Nevertheless I had personally never slept in a hotel room and this looked amazing to me.

“Are you sure we have room service on our bill because I don’t want to order something then end up looking stupid!”

Nthabiseng asked and we all laughed. A few days ago I was about to be kicked out my place and now here I was in the Mother City with its beautiful beaches, its mountain, Robben Island and oh, its racists. They think we forget what they are just because we come here.

“Yes of course dude and besides, he is staying here with us so how can it not be?”

I asked her. So as far as hotel rooms go this was not an ordinary place. It was a 3 bedroom penthouse of which the room Ada and I had was the biggest by far. The view was the ocean of course and even though I was from KZN the beach here just looked luxurious.

“When I said I wanted to go to Cape Town I was not thinking about this at all. This is beautiful!”

Zethu said taking pictures of the room. This was my first holiday and I was going to enjoy every second of it. I put everything at the back of mind and called Ada,

“Hey we in the room. When are you coming back?”

I asked him.

“I am going to be late by the looks of it so I suggest you go out and explore. There is a lot to do here. I left money for you. Check in my brown bag, in the black jeans.”

He told me and I went to look as we spoke.

“Did you find it?”

He asked me before I was even done. I rummaged through his things and eventually I got to it. There was a thick wad of R100 notes and again they had a money clip.

“Yes I found it but isn’t this too much?”

I asked him.

“No its not, Cape Town is expensive and remember I am the one taking you out so please don’t complain its not nice when you do so!”

He said making me sound ungrateful.

“Oh I am sorry I meant. There is three of you right so divide it amongst the three of you. This way if any of you lose it someone else is carrying something!”

He advised me which logically made sense.

“How about I just put it in the bank because this is too much admin? This way I can just swipe my way around!”

I asked him.

“What is wrong with you? Do not put it in the bank. Do what I tell you! If I want you to put money in the bank I will tell you!”

He said getting annoyed at me I even found myself apologizing. What the hell was he on about? I chose to listen though.

“Its cool I wont. I am sorry for sounding ungrateful!”

I told him. I needed to loosen up before I spoilt it for everyone. I went into the room were the girls were and said,

“Ladies look!”

They could hardly believe it and both screamed in excitement.

“You have to be kidding me! Is this all spending money like for real?”

Nthabiseng asked and I said yes and again we screamed. A minute later the phone in the room rang. Zethu went to pick it up. Who could be calling us already on the landline? I heard say,

“Okay then, my apologies!”

Before she hung up.

“And then?”

I asked her.

“That was reception asking us to keep the noise down.”

She told me,

“Really now like so soon?”

I asked her and she said yes and made a joke about white people hating it when black people had fun. I know Zethu though when she is deflecting. Something else had been said and she was not telling us. She was avoiding eye contact even.

“Zethu, what else did they say?”

I asked her.

“What do you mean?”

She asked me looking down,

“I know when you are holding something back and right now you are? Out with it?”

I asked her.

“Ok then but please this should not spoil our weekend. The lady also said this was our last warning because they had warned the girls who were here last night about the same thing and it was now a repeat offense!”

Yah neh. She should not have told me. She was right.

“Oh well its done now. Lets focus on other things like counting this money!”

I declared and we all jumped at the opportunity and at the final count we were holding R9000 in our hands.

“I didn’t like moving around with cash though, imagine every time you take it out people are watching. We should bank it and just swipe!”

Zethu suggested like me before her.

“No please don’t. Ada insisted that I should not.”

I told her and we just looked at each other in wonderment.

“Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth. If he says don’t bank it then we don’t bank it!”

Nthabiseng annoyingly throwing the man in the air so that it could rain down on her. It was funny and I liked it so I immediately asked,

“I want to do that too but please take pictures as it rains on me!”

I told them and in no time all of us were doing it.

“You should do it in lingerie actually I think it will be sexy!”

Someone suggested and in no time we were all stripping. The things you call fun when you have money are dangerous sometimes.

“I think I know what one of our stops should be today!”

Zethu immediately suggested.

“What is it?”

I asked.

“We need to find a La Senza or Temptations because you need new lingerie. I don’t care how much of a doosh Ada is but we need you to have him eating out of your palm by how sexy you will look tonight!”

Zethu added. I would have expected that line from Nthabiseng because she was the one more likely to say that but because it came from Zethu I did not even argue.

“So we start off at Waterfront then, V & A!”

I added. I had done my research. We got a cab and found ourselves driving out of Camps Bay into Sea Point. This was my first time seeing one the new World Cup stadiums as we drove past the Cape Town stadium and we ended up at the V&A. It was still early as our flight had been at 8:30am meaning the day was still young. So much to do with so little time.

“Lets go to Robben Island first then we will do everything else once we are back.”

I told them. They could not really argue even though Zethu was more interested than Nthabiseng who found it as a waste of time. We were luck that a bought was going there but felt that the R350 a person charge was a bit steep. The irony was not lost one me that we were paying money to a boat owned by a white man to go see a prison a white man had imprisoned a black man without even feeling ashamed. Some things just humble you.

“I feel angry for no apparent reason!”

Zethu said to us on our way back. We could feel her sentiments as even the chirpy Nthabiseng was quiet as though she was having self-introspection. The tour and what we had seen had made us so quiet.

“Angikho right!”

I responded to her. When we finally got to dry land we decided to do the tourist things but first we had to eat.

“I am not going to eat anything I don’t know because imagine if I got sick because I liked things thus ruining the whole trip!”

I said and the other girls laughed at me.

“Just worry about the lingerie we are getting you. We are probably going to go out tonight so you must eat healthy and filling food!”

She reminded both of us. She was right too. I have one of those tummies that work best with things that it is familiar with. The moment I try new things I see flames.

“I am already tired!”

Nthabiseng complained, I looked around me and I remember thinking that I had never seen so many white people in one place. We felt foreign in this place and although most of the waiters were black they were not even South African. We had our lunch and went to look for lingerie. As I was out of my depth here, having grown up on my trusted Mr. Price lingerie had never been up there on y list of priorities. I won’t lie though what we got was sexy and any many would be lucky to see me in it.  The rest of the afternoon was a bliss with shopping and touring. By the time we got back to the hotel we were exhausted. Ada had called and said that we should get ready to go out. We were going the Cubana in Greenpoint. It was all fun and games. The sun was still out at 8pm even. This must be heaven. Around 9pm Ada walked in.

“Hey love sorry I am so late and did not meet you at the airport!”

He said giving me a hug. I was actually genuinely happy to see him.

“It was busier than I thought today but I am free now.”

He said cheerfully.

“This place is beautiful. Thank you so much for inviting me and my girls again!”

I told him and he just laughed. He moved close to me then kissed me on the forehead. I don’t know what that kiss even means but oh well.

‘There had been a change of plans though!”

He told me as he walked into our room.

“What do you mean?”

I asked him because I did not even know what the original plan was to start with.

“The girls will have to share the one room as last minute things, someone else will be joining us!”

He said to me and already I did not like where this was going at all. He did not even have to say why the girls were sharing the room as two minutes later there was a knock on the door.

“Ah that’s him!”

He said and he turned to me and said,

“Please get the door I am already late!”

He said. I walked toward the door and my heart was already sinking. I opened the door and there he stood,


I said out loud. This was the first time I was seeing him since that night. I wanted to punch him but I just froze.

“Hey you!”

He said and walked in right past me.

What now?

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  1. Mike is playing it very safe when it comes to sex, will Ada and Samke ever sleep together? I was really looking forward to it but we only had sex scene ones 😭

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