Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 42

Abedi had hurt me. There is no other way to put it. He had taken advantage of my vulnerability and for that it felt as though I would never forgive him. I could not confront him though for fear that it would get back to Ada. I decided to put it and him at the back of my mind and focus on what was about to happen. You know it’s true that when something exciting is about to happen time flies and it does not even look back. It’s all I could think about and even on the phone when we spoke with the girls it’s all that we could speak about, Cape Town. On Thursday though my father, the only person that could spoil things for me called me,

“Sthando, did you manage to speak to your mother about that thing?”

He asked me. For a moment I almost said what thing? Its not that I had forgotten but rather that I had been so preoccupied with this trip I had put the security of my real family at the back of my mind.

“I spoke to her Baba but that’s a no go area. You know I told that this would never work and you insisted. Now she knows that you were willing to pay them off with the money she worked herself to the bone for, how do you think she felt?”

I asked him. Men are selfish to the point of oblivion. A man can do so many things to you but the moment you do something to him it will be like you took his very heart out. Try cheating on a cheating boyfriend or husband and see how morose and devasted he would be. That was my father for me right now.

“I don’t know what to do now? I know I wronged your mother but she cannot abandon me like this when I need her most!”

He said to me. I wanted to ask him what about me since it was me he was saying must leave school so he can pay for his sins but he sounded so pathetic right now I was not going to go there.

“Baba I have class I have to go now!”

I lied to him as I hung up. I had barely dropped the phone when another phone call came in. It was someone I did not expect,

“Hey Samke, are you ok?”

The way she asked did not sound like a greeting more like a concerned person which threw me off a bit,

“Yes I am ok, why?”

I asked her.

“I just spoke to Siyanda and she said you haven’t been to class the whole week. I had given her your pants, you left them with my stuff!”

She said to me.


I asked her surprised a bit because I could not remember whom it was then it hit me,

“Siyanda Khumbule’khaya Siyanda?”

I asked her and we both laughed as she responded,

“Yes! Are you pk Samke? Why are you not going to school?”

She aske me and this time it sank in. I had stopped attending school because lately I was too lazy. In the morning when I woke up I just did not have the energy and I would spend the time daydreaming about Cape Town. I was still doing my tutorials though so would go and submit those. I wish I could do that electronically this way I would never leave the flat.

“Oh yeah about that, I have been studying from home. The section we are at I have been reading it alone at home.”

I told her.

“Samke you are more than just my friend; you are like a sister to me. Whatever you are doing is wrong. School comes first no matter what else you have going on? Imagine repeating a year because you are gallivanting around? Be wise!”

She advised me without even knowing my story. Why did she have to assume I was doing bad things though. I hate it when people are nosey and in my business.

“Kat don’t worry about it I got it covered!”

I assured her even though I know she did not believe me. I was never going to be one of those,

“I finally got my degree; I ran my own race!”

People who take 7 years to complete a 3 year degree then act as though its completely normal. If you pass matric for places like Wits and UP you don’t have the flattery of using such arguments because academically you are very smart so that excuse barring a major crisis at home or your health is definitely not good enough. Run my own race my ass, it’s not your mothers university tsek!

“I hope you know what you are doing because this will end in tears!”

She told me in that motherly tone of hers. She did not wait for me to continue as I was most probably going to defend myself. She actually hung up instead. I looked at the phone a second longer then rolled my eyes, it was my life and fuck it, I was going to the Fairest Cape of them All. Zethu had suggested that today we should sleep in one place as our flight was early morning. I was in total agreement and it was voted that we would sleep at Zethu’s place as lately we were always at mine.

“Guys can I make a confession?”

Nthabiseng said a few later two bottles of wine later,

“Yes go ahead!”

I responded. We were already drunk and we had to wake up early in the morning to get to the airport. It was not so much of a hustle getting there as Zethu’s place was close to the Gautrain station.

“I have never been on the Gautrain and I have never been on a plane!”

She said and we all laughed. My laughter though was a mixture of excitement and nervousness as I had never been on both either. I was very nervous so when the other eventually slept I had barely slept. Ada who was already in Cape Town as the day before he had been forced to go take care of another new crisis. I really did not know what the hell he did but I was not going to ask anymore. In the morning I was the only who did not have a hangover because I had barely slept. We got to the airport on time and because Zethu had an FNB platinum card we sat in their Slow Lounge. Yah neh, Black people we are poor. I see the lounging area but the thing that knocked me out was the toilet. I swear each stall or should I call room is bigger than my room back home but not only that, you can eat and cook in it the way its beautiful. I am talking about a toilet here. There had different ways of flushing the toilet even ah, it was a picture moment. Some guy came and took my jacket for fluff removal and when it came back it looked brand new. I saw all this now so that one can fully comprehend the utter luxury my untrained eyes thought they saw when I entered the plane. I was in business class whilst the girls had been booked economy. My first flight ever and I was in business class. For the first time ever I wished my so called haters could see me now. Where was Zamo and all her negative energy? When we went to the line to board the flight I was taken to the Business Class line which only had 5 people whilst the girls had to stand in a queue like Zimbabweans trying to but fuel in Harare. There was a cute guy in my line and when he tried to speak to me I ignored him, took out my iphone so he could see that I belonged and walk away. They just had to sit  him next to me. Wow!

“Would you like some orange juice or a glass of champagne before we take off?”

A white flight attended asked me.

“We boHlatshwayo, wozani nizongibonisa!”

I pleaded with my ancestors to come and witness this site. At this rate we will have the land back in no time. I have said this before that Mooi River does not really have white people we interact with so to have one serving me was a novelty I never envisaged.

“Do you take debit cards?”

I asked her confidently. I must have spoken Spanish to her because for a moment she sounded confused or maybe just did not hear me,

“I beg your pardon?”

She asked me politely with a confused smile on her face. Maybe my Zulu accent had ruined the English and I spoke like I was Leleti Khumalo on Sarafina let me try it again and put in my Ferrari English, you know the one that Zamo and Zethu speak as though they swallowed Olive oil not Sunfoil,

“I meant do you take debit cards because I don’t have cash for the drinks?”

I asked her. She looked at me and actually turned red. Why was she blushing?

“Is this your first time here ma’am?”

She asked me. It was my turn to blush.

“Does it show I asked her?”

I was actually feeling some type of way now.

“Its ok, we all start somewhere don’t worry about it. Everything is free!”

She told me. At this point even my stomach turned. There was a knot in it because I was so embarrassed. My mouth was dry and if the ground could swallow me right now it should have.

“Orange juice please!”

I asked her trying to be polite but yah neh, my swagger and confidence was gone. The cute guy, the one I had ignored a few moments earlier chuckled. I wanted to die. I honestly wished I could change sits like I do on the bus but here we had sit numbers on our tickets so what if I embarrassed myself further.

“I am Duduzane by the way!”

He said smiling at me.

“I know you want to laugh so just laugh already!”

I snapped at him.

“On the contrary, that’s a funny moment which I am sure you will tell your friends and kids some day!”

He said reassuringly. My mind was not there. I just wished I could rewind the last ten minutes of my life and erase it completely. He had ordered champagne from the white waitress I mean flight attendant, same difference.


I responded politely.

“When the plane takes off, you must close both ears this way the change of altitude won’t affect you!”

He told me with a smile on his face. It just looked mischievous and I felt like he wanted to laugh at me again so obviously I ignored him. He sounded pompous and arrogant. Ufuna ngibukeke njengesilima pshhh. Needless to say I should have listened. When the plane took off my ears felt like they were going to pop. It was the most weird and uncomfortable physical experience and Duduzane saw it.

“You don’t listen to well neh?”

He said shaking his head. I could just hear that Jacob Zuma annoying laugh in his voice as I tried to recover my bearings. It turned out to be my worst trip ever as I was so humiliated. Finally we landed in Cape Town. Duduzane actually said bye to me and the girls saw it,

“That guy you were sitting next to was so cute, did you exchange numbers?”

Nthabiseng asked me.

“Nope, he was an arrogant dooshbag!”

I responded much to her annoyance.

“Dude when you sit in Business Class you make connections with whomever you meet there. These are important people and you don’t know what they can do for you in future. Zethu talk to your friend I cant deal with her right now,”

She said laughing. We all laughed and called her thirsty. She was right though. That Duduzane guy ended up being, never mind I missed the opportunity. Ada was not picking us up at the airport but he had arranged for us to be picked up by a shuttle from the hotel. There was someone with a board with our names on it as we came out of the baggage collection area.

“Hey that’s us!”

Zethu said as she is the one who spotted him first. Indeed it was. We were ferried to our hotel, the 12 Apostles in Camps Bay. Poverty is a crime and should be marked as one of the sins in the bible. The way this place was beautiful.

“What does Ada do for a living again?”

Zethu asked me when we entered our room for the first time. I did not answer her. It was the penthouse suite, three ensuite bedrooms to be exact no wonder why there is no water in Cape Town, a lounge and small kitchen with a fridge.

“This must be your room!”

The girls declared when we entered the main bedroom as Ada’s things were there already. Reality sank in, tonight would be the night I would probably sleep with him. What if he felt that I was not a virgin after what I had told him that drunken night?

I wanted to throw up.

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