Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 41

There are some days when you wake and just want to be alone. It is not because you are moody but when you are going through a lot sometimes being left alone to your thoughts makes you find solutions. My father was such a disappointment I know but so was I. What Abedi had done to me was beyond cruel and the thought of it kept on making my tears want to come out. I wanted to get home and sit in the shower crying. I really did feel violated. Unfortunately for me, the thing with real friends is that when you go missing or when they perceive that you are missing they come and check to see if you are ok. When I got to my apartment I found Nthabiseng and Zethu standing outside my door waiting for me. I had really wanted o be alone but now it was not going to happen.

“Dude what the fuck?”

Zethu said coming over to hug me before she playfully punched me on the shoulder,

“Ouch, what was that for?”

I asked her.

“We have been worried sick the whole day. I called you several times but you did not pick up the phone. You got me worried you know that!”

She said to me. Even Nthabiseng had a sour face towards me. She was standing there with her arms folded across her chest.

“I am sorry guys, its been a hectic day. My father showed up on campus!”

I told them and just like me their shock was palpable. I told them what had happened and what he wanted. The next thirty minutes were spent bashing our fathers. Nthabiseng had a story to tell too,

“This holiday my father told my mother that he has not been working for months. He did not tell her that he remortgaged the house and worse we don’t even know what happened with the money.”

She confided in us.

“When I go home next vacation I am not even sure which home I am going to the way the situation is so messed up.”

Nthabiseng was one person who never really spoke much about home. We had gotten closer over time but the truth is she was still very much Zethu’s friend as opposed to Samke’s friend. She seemed strong though because even though I could see she wanted to cry she remained defiant. We sympathized with her and the men bashing session was ended.

“So tell us, what happened with Abedi?”

Zethu asked the question that I think was the real reason why they were here. I had not updated them on what had went down because of how things had gone down.

“Nothing happened, we had the meeting and then he left!”

I lied to them. For some reason I felt embarrassed by it all especially knowing how I had been tricked. It was also for the next part that I had hidden this as I went on to say,

“I did speak to Ada and guess what, everything is ok and I was worried for nothing!”

I told then of which they both celebrated.

“There is more, this weekend we going to Cape Town. He says he has business to do there and he wants me to come with. I am so excited!”

I told them and again the girls screamed in excitement.

“That’s what I am talking about? You need to see the world girl!”

Zethu said actually coming over to hug me. We sat down and already they started planning with me what I should do when I got there. None of us had ever been there so it was matter of googling things to figure out what would be fun and what would not work. They left early though because there was work to do as we were after all still students. I called Ada and unlike yesterday he picked up,

“Hey I was actually about to call you!”

He said to me. I don’t know if it was just a line he was using or not but I was happier t hear from him today than I had been yesterday. I was more at peace.

“Well it’s a good thing I beat you to it then!”

I told him and we laughed.

“I have a question for you and please do not take this the wrong way but I need to hear your answer!”

He said to me.

“Ok whats up?”

I asked him.

“Well, there is a problem with the Cape Town trip…”

He started of which immediately I cut him off,

“No please don’t tell me you have cancelled. I was just telling my friends how we are going this weekend please don’t do this to me. It will be so embarrassing!”

I pleaded with him.

“No its not about cancelling but it does include your friends!”

He said,

“I am lost!”

I responded. In a very hesitant voice he went on to say,

“It turns out I am going to be very busy in Cape Town. I don’t want to cancel you for the trip so is it possible that you can ask one of your friends to come with you this way you always have someone to be with when I am out!”

He asked me and my immediate answer was,


I had a lot of reasons to say no. When your man takes you on holiday your friends should never be invited. It creates too many gray areas down the line and another truth is that their boyfriends would never invite you anywhere unless they want you to be stocko.

“I was scared you would say that!”

He said sheepishly but that was not even the reason why my naïve self had refused. He had said I can bring one friend and much as Zethu was my closest friend at this moment Nthabiseng had grown on me. We could not leave her behind.

“No its not that I don’t want a friend of mine to come but Ada you know I have two friends and asking me to choose will destroy my friendship with the other.”

I was not lying. Girl world is very different. Women take things so seriously something that might seem small and inconsequential at one moment can be the start of a landslide against that friendship.

“I did not think of it like that…”

He said but I cut him off,

“And besides, when we go out alone just the two of us what happens to the girl I come with? She will be stuck in Cape Town all alone and that hardly seems fair!”

I told him. Again he agreed with me then he asked,

“So what do we do? If I travelled with three girls I will look like a pimp. Maybe I should come with Abedi and…”

Again I did not allow him to finish the sentence.

“Hell no! That one is totally out and I will rather stay in Joburg!”

I said curtly.

“And then? I thought you guys got along?”

He asked me. Shit! I had spoken on instinct and had not though it through when the words came out and now I had to say something to save my ass from the truth.

“We do get along but I have seen what you are like when he is around. I want you alone and in charge. You the only man I want to be with us on this trip please. If its about money I will make a plan to pay a ticket for the third girl.”

I offered instead trying to make it seem that it was nothing personal.

“No its not about money…”

I am sure that was the ego speaking but oh well, God did not make me a man for a reason.

“You can invite the third girl too. I have enough friends there to hang out with all of us so I don’t mind!”

He said. I was starting to notice a pattern, Ada liked hanging out with other people. It was never just us two. I intended to ask him about it but not today.

“I am going to need their names and I.D numbers to book their flights. I got yours from Abedi already as I tried you in the afternoon but could not reach you!”

He said. We chatted a bit more but all I wanted him to do now was to hang up so I could call my girls. I was so excited because a few days ago Zethu had mentioned us taking a trip to the Cape. I made a conference call and both girls picked up,

“Guys I have news…”

I told them.

“What is it?”

Nthabiseng is the one who responded as Zethu was eating.

“I told Ada I cant go to Cape Town!”

I told them and immediately Zethu asked,

“You did what?”

With food in her mouth.

“Yeah Zethu is right. Why? What happened? Why did you change your mind?”

Nthabiseng asked.

“Well I told him that Cape Town is so far and I have never been that far from home so if he wants me to go my friends must be there because I would be so scared all alone!”

I told them of which Nthabiseng went like,

“Awww that is so sweet Samke wow!”

As she bought into my lie. It’s a girl thing to want to know that you are always thinking about them and even amongst friends they want to know that they are so important and come first with you.

“Sweet as it might be mfethu it means now you are missing out on Cape Town!”

Zethu said sympathetically.

“I mean I appreciate the sentiment but one of us seeing Cape Town is better than none of us going there!”

She added.

“Yes you are right but oh well!”

I told her.

“Maybe just call him back and say you are ok to go!”

Zethu added.

“Its too late because I told him I am going with my girls and he has already agreed!”

I told them and immediately they both screamed excitedly,

“Mfethu don’t joke like that! Are you for real?”

Zethu asked me,

“Yes I am. He wants to book your flights so he will need your full names as they are on your ID and your ID numbers to book the flights.”

I told them and again they screamed with excitement.

“Its done already!”

“Me too!”

First Nthabiseng and then Zethu both responded as to texts came into my phone. They had not wasted time at all maybe hoping that I would not say I was joking.

“I haven’t worn my bikini in a while thank God I packed it!”

Zethu said of which Nthabiseng laughed at her and told her that she could swim naked.

“I am not that crazy but this is going to be fun.”

I was surprised that they had not been defensive about giving their ID numbers to a Nigerian man the way they had reacted when Abedi asked for mine. It was like just because now there was fun involved it did not matter anymore. They did not even bother asking where they would be sleeping not that I would have been able to answer that question in any case.

“Guys I have to go but at least now you have something nice to dream about!”

I said before we said our goodbyes. It felt good being the girl that girl that gets things done in the group. I sat down and smiled at the happiness I had brought my friends. It made me feel good. A message came into my phone,

“When will we hang again?”

It was Abedi. I stood up and went to the shower were I showered as I cried. They say your tears don’t flow in water, that’s not true.

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