Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 39

I might have been a virgin but that did not mean I had not read up on sex. I knew what it was and the types of men you get. There are the men that plead for it to get it. These are often soft and tend to worship you when you give it up. Somehow I figured Ada was like that. Then there are the type that is aggressive in bed where the sex is wild but as I read often leaves you painful in the morning. I really did not like that. Finally there was the sex with a domineering man, controlled aggression, owns your body in bed, does what he pleases to pleasure you as opposed to himself and above all takes you places you have never dreamt of. This I read from that Christian guy I can’t remember the book but it was also a movie. That was my fantasy and when he said,

“Come over here and kiss me!”

My fantasy world met reality. Its like he had read into my deepest darkest private thoughts to figure out I wanted a man who controls me in moments like this. I did not want someone who waits for me to lead. As we were sitting on the barstools I stood up and walked took a step towards him.

“What are you waiting for?”

He asked me. There was something about the way he said it which was mincing yet not threatening. I do not know what I was waiting for but I think it was fear. I kissed him. It was soft at first then it got a bit more aggressive. I could still taste the sweetness of the peach on his lips and that just heightened the sentence.

“Tell me you want this!”

He commanded me in between the kiss as I was already started breathing heavy at this moment. I did not want this as badly as I needed it. My body was talking to me threatening me at this point that if I refused it would probably sue me.

“I want this Abedi, I need this!”

I whispered hoarsely as his lips left my lips and was on my neck.

“Take me to your room!”

He instructed me and filled up our glasses of wine again. My heart was beating so fast. I was scared but I was also so excited. I led him by the hand to my bedroom and the way he was so casual made it seem like there was no rush.

“Play some music on your phone!”

He told me. This guy was so demanding but somewhere somehow I liked that. I liked being told what to do and it’s a part of me I actually never thought existed.

“I don’t have Nigerian music!”

I told him.

“I never said play any particular type of music.”

He answered me leaving me to look stupid. I played my RnB folder. He was still standing looking around and then he moved to my study desk and placed the wine there. He took my chair and put it at the furthest end of the room and sat down.

“Take off your clothes, slowly…”

He instructed me in what was a barely whisper but I heard him loud and clear.

“Yes sir!”

I responded and I don’t even think my voice carried to him. I had never ever done this before but taking my clothes off, piece by piece made me feel so sexy and the way he kept on swallowing his saliva made me feel as though he was super invested in every movement I made. When I was down to my lingerie, which was not even matching yah neh, he said

“Stop, come here!”

Without hesitation I did as was told. I walked to him and he put his hand behind my head and for a moment there I thought he was going to kiss me as he pulled my face closer to his. He instead whispered and said,

“This is mine and I unwrap the last bit for myself…”

He said slowly in my ear and with his one free hand he unclasped my bra. He let me go and I stood straight allowing him to pull it off me. Now I was down to panties only and this man was fully dressed in front of me. I was supposed to feel self-conscious but I did not. I reached over to unbutton his shirt but he held my hand,

“Who gave you permission?”

He asked me. I was not sure what to do. He stood up and he lifted me up probably just for control because the bed was just there. He put me on the bed lying on my back. I think I was too far for what ever he wanted to do because immediately after he pulled me back by my knees to the edge of the bed. I stayed lying down but my feet on the floor as he gently nudged my panties off me. Thank heavens I had shaved before I came back to Joburg. He started kissing my inner thighs, nibbling the with his lips as they moved up towards my strawberry. When they got close I froze in anticipation only to be shocked as he went to the other thigh. What was this dude doing I was burning here? He had teased me so much at this point building up my anticipation.

“Abedi yes…”

I moaned. He had me squirming and practically begging for him to start. Fortunately for me he listened to me finally as he moved his lips and they struck gold. With his hand he spread my lady lips as though he was opening a chocolate éclair wrapper and he placed his tongue in my inner most secret. I had never ever felt what my body went through as it tried to readjust itself to the new sensations exploding within it.  He grabbed my hip with one hand whilst with the other he ran his hands up and down my thighs, squeezing my sizes before going all the way up to play with my breasts and nipples which were so hypersensitive even I was playing with them. It must have annoyed him because he took my hand off them and instead put them on his head. As the intensity was building up he suddenly stopped and pulled back.

“Keep your eyes closed!”

He instructed me. I could hear him unclasp his belt, his pants fall on the crown, a swoosh sound which I assumed was a condom wrapper.

“Abedi there is something you should know…”

I told him.

“I already know your secret; I could sense it so don’t worry I will be gentle!”

He said. I did not know what to say. My eyes were still closed and I felt I trusted this man so much after had said this.

“When I go in for the first time I want you to open your eyes and look me in the eye ok. It’s a moment you want to remember for life!”

He said in what in between a whisper and a command. For the first time in my 19 years of living I felt a foreign object throb at the entrance of my tender garden,

“Open your eyes…”

He whispered. As I did so I was met with his big brown eyes and it just felt so personal and I felt as though him and I were one. Without loosing the eye lock he gently thrust forward and I felt him stop for a second. I was about to ask what’s wrong when he,


He thrust in breaking my virginity as it hurt. I cried out but he held me tightly as he reassured me that I was ok. I felt so full, as though I had something stuffed up my garden. The pain was not so bad and when I felt comfortable I started moving his hips back and forth as I tried to establish a comfortable rhythm that would not hurt me. Why didn’t people tell me how nice sex was mara? He was gentle and patient and on my first attempt at the dirty deed I actually achieved an orgasm as my toes twirled at the end. He had not even reached his climax yet so I guess I was oversensitive. We did it one more time after he had climaxed and just lay there.

“That was special!”

He whispered in my ear as I breathed heavily like a fat person going to gym for the first time in a year. Who needs gym if you can sweat this much? I was too scared to stand up though because logic detects that I should go wipe myself and even though he had used a condom I had to go pee. That is what I was told women should do after sex to avoid surprises.

“Yes it was.”

I told him. We chatted about useless things for an hour or so before he had to leave. I refused to leave the bed because I said my legs were like jelly and fortunately he did not push me too hard on the topic. Finally he stood up and he dressed. He came and he kissed me on the head and said,

“I really enjoyed that!”

He said and he left. I did not know how to feel. Did this mean we were in a relationship? Was he going to kick me out too? I wont lie even now I would never trade what I had just experienced for anything in this world because that was how good it was. Finally certain that he was gone I opened my sheets to check. As I was a virgin I was told to expect blood after sex and that is why I had not wanted to get out of bed when he was here. It was there but just a little bit. I was a maiden no more. I stood up and took off the sheets, put them in the washing machine and went to take a shower. My phone rang as I was bathing and I ignored because I had so many nice things going through my mind. I was a woman now and how I got there had been beyond special. I still could not believe it had happened. When I got out of the bathroom I checked who had called me. It was Ada. There was also a text message from him which read,

“Nwa Lewa hi, sorry for the silence today and I only realized now after I got your missed calls that my message was not well constructed. I was in a rush because the battery was going to die on me. I meant pack your bags this weekend am taking you to Cape Town.”

The message said and there was more,

“As for last night everything is fine. I even told Abedi after we dropped you off that I needed to apologize to you and fix the problems you brought up! Call me back when you get this. I missed you today.”

This fucken snake shoe wearing dirty bastard. I was just defeated.

14 thoughts on “ORIGINS Chapter 39

  1. I love this chapter so much, i enjoyed it, i was starting to think S diary is axactly like Thandeka’s diary. I love that this chapter is too real and no fantast, thats what players do lol, i can relate Mike, I also lost my virginity to a player who ended up sleeping with all my friends, and at the time i thought my good boyfriend was not fun😔, this chapter just brought back memories of that fuck boy. Thank you Mike

    1. No I should be thanking you for reading and sharing the link. Thandeka and Samke grew up in the same town and are the same age when the each get to Joburg. They therefore express themselves similarly. Same however is more raw and to the point. Thandeka was almost eager and hyper. Samke learned everything for herself whereas Thandeka was given an introduction into this world. I hope that explains some similarities you see

  2. But lets be real, many of us women have chose a bad boy over a guy who really love us before, i really dont understand why as women we always fall for those F**kboys, thank you for getting real and raw Mike, this is the reality and not fantasies

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