Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 31

If a man shows you his love through the money you must run. We tell each other about red flags yet were money is involved we look the other way. Money means he buys you, he owns you and worse still, money is like a drug and you get addicted to it. Unless you have the ability to make your own once it starts getting thrown to you I can almost guarantee if you can’t resist. Looking at my shoes even the studying was forgotten. I put them on and practice walked in them. There was a full-length mirror in the bathroom so I went and checked my self.

“Yazi ndimhle!”

I told myself in Xhosa because there was something vrrrpha when said in that language. I looked at my gait in heels and I just looked taller, more confident with my body firm and well-shaped. I think for the very first time in just a pair of heels and leggings I realized how much physical potential I had. I was Zulu without the kankles, well-toned calves not skinny ones like Pedi and Tswana girls nor potato shaped like athletes. Height I was around 1.7m without heels last I checked which put me on the slightly above average side. I was a size 32 even though my ass tended to manifest itself as a 34 when in the mood. I still had the honour of a flat tummy which was complimented by small C pear shaped boobs. My thighs were thick but actually did not rub against each other when I walked meaning I didn’t have that darker skin some girls have because their thighs constantly touched. You could actually say I was toned. As for facially, I had one dimple when I smiled, not two like other kids something which I grew up not liking until I grew up and realized when taking pictures there is a good and a bad angle. Looks-wise I can’t really judge myself but I knew turned a lot of heads especially lately so I must above a 5 at the very least. I called Zethu.

“Dinner is done!”

I announced and she started ululating which made us both laugh.

“How was it?”

She asked me eager for some mgozi I am sure. News is always nice to share with an eager recipient.

“It was horrible. The food was bad but he ate it all which made me feel even more embarrassed but he gracious about it!”

I told her and again she laughed at me.

“Let’s hope you get a call back then!”

She said and I immediately corrected her,

“Dinner was horrible but the date was actually nicer than I expected. We spoke a lot and we actually get along better than I expected.”

I told her about the night in as much detail as I could. She kept on gasping with shock or clapping her hands and when I told her about him offering to was dishes with me she really thought I was exaggerating.

“He was also a complete gentleman and did not even try to kiss me!”

I also told her. She could not believe it also and even questioned his sexuality something we laughed about.

“I am actually underwhelmed Samke I was expecting fireworks!”

She said and I don’t blame her because I was too to a certain extent. Not really sure though.

“I was saving the best for last!”

I told her.

“What’s that?”

She asked me.

“He bought me shoes.”

I told her and she screamed in excitement.

“I knew it! I knew it!”

I am not sure if she knew it indeed but well our excitement comes out differently I suppose.

“Check your messages I sent you the picture of the shoes on me and in the box!”

I told her. She did that and came back to me and said,

“The way they are gorgeous, are you sure he bought them himself? Please ask me if he has a friend for me because i need to pampered too like you!”

She said to me and again we burst out laughing. Come to think about it Zethu and I laughed about everything which is why our friendship worth it.

“I don’t care, I am glad whoever helped him was there because I am sure the way they are so nice I am going to sleep wearing them. Maybe I will even have a dream of wearing them!”

She said and we laughed yet again. This was probably the best day of my young life and they had better be more.

“I need to see you tomorrow on campus it’s very important, I need a girl to girl advice!”

I told her to go back to business. My life was complicated I know. I did not tell her about the note because I figured I would tell her in person. Zamo was not going to ruin my moment in the sun yet again.

“I need to see you too so I am free after 3rd wena?”

She responded. I was not free before 2 pm but I told her I was free regardless. I remember during Orientation week our Orientation Assistant had emphasized and even recite this to ourselves and to each other this,

“The only thing that you do not have in university is the time because there is always something non-academic to do!”

It had never made full sense until now and she had warned that the moment you hit that stage something was not balancing in your university life. It was just one period I will be skipping though right? I had a test to prepare for it so we said our goodbyes earlier than I hope. I sat on my books and started studying but my concentration levels were caput. I passed out at some point as I was studying lying in bed.

“You have the whole double period to do the test so good luck. Its not open book so guys please it is not worth it being expelled for cheating!”

Our professor said and we all laughed. When I open the test question one to ten was a breeze. Question eleven to fifty the flames started. In my haste to study, I had actually studied the wrong section. This was on me. I remembered vaguely the lecturer speaking about what sections she will be covering so I knew I had messed up. Normally when I study I double-check but last night I had not because of the excitement over the shoes. What’s worse it was not multiple choice we actually had to write stuff. I answered every question though to try and avoid the zero. As soon as I left class I found Zethu waiting outside. I could from the student chatter that this was actually one of the easier tests the professor has given us and they were excited. My day and my mood just fell.

“How was your test?”

Zethu asked me.

“Don’t even ask it was too horrible but will fix that later.”

I told her as we went to get something to eat. This morning I had skipped breakfast as I was late.

“What’s this face to face to face thing you wanted to discuss?”

She asked me as i munched on my muffin. Yah neh gone were the days of feeding scheme and fish on Wednesday. I remember how that day even those boys that liked bunking school would be present.

“Katlego called me and said that there might be a chance of me getting back into the residence as Zamo went and recanted her story to them!”

I told her

“This girl is doing with your life. She thinks this a joke!”

She said annoyed at what I had said.

“My thoughts exactly and what’s to say she will not pull another stunt when I am back there which will get me kicked out again?”

I asked her.

“Wait are you considering not going back?”

She asked me surprised by my statement I suppose. I did not respond.

“You know am all for fun and games but res seems safer than where you are staying because it will be on your own terms. We hardly know these guys and i am not saying they are bad but i feel safer for you in residence.”

She said. Ok, now I was confused. She was the one person I thought would talk me into staying in the flat. This is not how at all how I had expected the conversation to go.

“Ok cool then. When I go to the meeting I will try to get back into the residence but I won’t lie I was looking forward to having my own place like this because I might never ever get this chance again!”

I confided in her.

“Or is it not because you feel like you would have slighted Ada if you moved out of his place?”

She asked me frankly. This girl had this uncanny way of reading me and yes she was right.

“Of course I fear that too. He has done so much for me it will just feel like a slap in the face now and who knows how much he paid Abedi to lease the place?”

I asked her in frustration.

“That apartment is expensive like I said but its not worth the trouble that follows!”

She advised me. I had a lot of thinking to do and the rest of the afternoon I felt like a zombie as I moved from class to class thinking of all the permutations of the decision I was going to make. Around 3 Katlego called me to say that the meeting had been set for 6pm. I decided to go early at 5pm so she could brief me on what as expected of us. When i entered the room it suddenly felt small. What had been a huge space for me just a few days felt like a mkhukhu. I had a proper apartment waiting for me and here i was trying to move back into this little cage.

“Oh I have actually missed you so much!”

Katlego said to me giving me her customary hug.

“I missed you too. Never thought this would happen hey what did you have to do to get us here!”

I asked and she put on her I Am A Boss tone as she responded,

“Well, let’s see, i told my uncle what had happened and when they kicked you out he said that was unfair. He pulled some strings and even wanted to take them to court for you but fortunately he knew someone who knew someone and yes, it now will look like just a misunderstanding. I am so happy i don’t want a new roommate.”

She said going on and on like she always does. I felt guilty. Seeing the strings she had to pull to get me back, even involving her uncle to do this. I would seem so ungrateful but even with Zamo’s advice my answer was no. I had graduated from this little naive Mooi River girl and i wanted more and i knew where to get it.

“Katlego I came to tell you that my father said that I should not move back to residence because the place he got me is his bosses apartment. It would be bad for him at work if i left as he would have to pay the consequences.”

The way the lie came out of me was so natural it even shocked me.

“I get that but what about my uncle who bent over backwards Samke?”

She asked me in shock. Her voice was breaking as she said but my immediate thought was,

“What about him?”

Who was this person I was becoming?

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