Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 30

Have you ever heard of a face only a mother can love? Well, I think I had just invented a new one, food only a man who loves you can eat. Let me put it this way the food was so bad even I had a lump in my throat each time I swallowed. This man was either super him or so in love that he ate all his food and finished his plate. At home, my mum always gives my father water after he is done so I also did that.


I finally found my courage,

“I am really sorry about the food. I know it was terrible. Everything happened so fast creating this disaster!”

I told him. He simply stared at me before he responded,

“Yes, that was terrible!”

He said. Ok now that he was confirming what I already knew it sounded worse. For a second there I hoped he had lied.

“So why did you eat and finish your food?”

I asked him.

“Two reasons, in my culture its rude to be invited to someone’s house to eat and nit finish the food. Secondly, you made such a worthy effort I think it would have been plain rude not to match it!”

With that he smiled. I felt stupid but how do you not smile to such a man.

“Come I help you with dishes!”

He said standing up. I must have misheard him,

“I beg your pardon?”

I asked him.

“I said let me help you with the dishes if you don’t mind!”

He offered again.

“I do mind. Please don’t because after the bad food I would feel eternally guilty for it.”

I told him firmly. I had seen everything else he had done but even at home dishes were mine. I know gender toles have shifted but I really preferred to do this on my own.

“Ok then if you insist but I really didn’t mind. I always feel like moving around after eating because it is good for the digestive system!”

Everyone has a theory about dieting and obey is not always right. We now have girls ironing their stomachs in the name. of dieting and toning up so nope I was not going to follow that.

“You really are an insistent man I see!”

I commended him.

“Yes I am actually but I hope that does not mean I come off too aggressively.”

I have heard that even the most aggressive men when they is in love they can become as gentle as babies. I had heard him command everyone around him and they were all running around. He had an aggressive domineering side which was something I felt I needed to avoid.

“I have a question to ask and feel free not to answer ok!”

I asked him suggestively of which he nodded in the affirmative,

“Why me?”

I asked. For once he did not have a ready-made answer as he seemed to think this through.

“I actually dont have a good answer for that except from the very first second I met you at McDonald’s I have not stopped thinking about. If I told you anything more I will lie!”

He told me. I was flattered. When it comes to my gender unfortunately we can have a man who will move mountains for us, swim to the bottom of the oceans if we command it, worship the very ground we walk on but often we would rather go for the guy whom we are almost guaranteed will break us into little pieces. We are the one gender that will constantly put itself in harm’s way in the name of love when an amazing and rosy solution is sitting in front of us. When all is said and done we will go to social media with the hashtag #menaretrash after that man who is clearly bad for us has taken us for a ride that often has us on our knees, tears, and suspicious of the world.

“Goodness that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I enjoy your company too even though I feel I do most of the talking because you are always in a rush!”

I told him and he shook his head,

“I know and it sucks. The times when I am free is when I get last-minute things to do.”

He said as I stood up to go to the kitchen. I could feel his eyes on me and Zethu had been right, leggings sometimes get the job done. I decided to play with him to see how he would react and bent over as though to clean something on the floor. I actually heard him shift his feet. I washed the dishes and I guess these expensive for nothing pots have some uses after all as I managed to wash off the burn without much hassle. If it was back home we would be talking steel wool, vim a bit of sand here and there for extra oomph. We made small talk whilst I did and he told me about his trip to Cape Town and how racist the place was. Sometimes I wonder why people act surprised at what they already know. When I was done I finally came and sat next to him,

“I don’t know what the plan is but I am writing tomorrow so you can get comfortable and watch me study or make your business calls or whatever!”

I told him.

“Nope unfortunately I should be getting out of your hair too, I have things to do!”

He told me.

“Its 930pm on a Monday evening surely the only thing left for you to do is sleep!”

I teased him and he laughed responding,

“International markets are mostly waking up and that’s where the money is!”

He said something. Before I could stop myself I blurted out,

“Please don’t tell me you do forex!”

Of which he laughed at me and asked me,

“What’s wrong with forex?”

I had not intended on saying that so it came out faster than I anticipated without me thinking through the consequences

“Everyone says its a scam where people lose more money than they actually make. I don’t want you to be moving in with me one day because you bankrupt!”

I carefully avoided the word scam because that’s like a white man saying to a black American “you people”. His being Nigerian that word could be loaded. Fortunately, he laughed when I said that otherwise, I would have put myself in yet another sticky situation.

“Don’t worry I am mostly in imports and exports. You South Africans love expensive foreign labels but are not really travellers. This means that they end up twice as much for the same products than their market value in the countries they are sold. Generally, I travel a lot meaning I can access and source these goods. When I then sell them they are obviously cheaper, original, and readily available. I also have friends all over the world meaning I can send them money, they send it to me and I resell. Recently some celebrity wanted a watch like the one that Malema character wears but could not afford its retail price so I sourced it for him at half price with me still making a healthy profit!”

He explained to me the list of his business which to me was a complete sigh of relief. I was already picturing containers at the harbor full of girls being trafficked so this gave me a huge sense of relief.

“How much does that watch cost or is it private information?”

I asked him and he laughed.

“Normal retail value you are looking at around 150 000 give or take but in Turkey with the right sellers around 60 000!”

He said and with my mouth wide open I responded,

“Imali yengaka! For a watch?”

And again he laughed at me over my reaction. Who are these people who could make so much money they could afford to waste so much on just a watch?

“You will be surprised at how much people are willing to spend on the things that they love!”

He said and for a moment there it felt like we were not talking about “things” anymore and that was personal and directed at me. I blushed.

“I have to go nwa Lewa!”

He said standing up.

“Ah already. I can study later if you want, please don’t go am enjoying talking to you!”

I told him and I was not lying either. He was very warm natured and soft-spoken I loved his presence.

“Don’t worry we will have plenty of dinners but eh…a cookbook or two might be needed!”

He said playfully and I scowled as he laughed. I laughed to eventually because it was funny.

“You could be right there but I really don’t mind. Tell you what, you must tell me what your best meal is and the next dinner we have no matter how complicated I am going to make it for us.”

I told him and he posed for a second then thoughtfully said,

“No on this round because we burnt the food together, how about you cook me something simple. Anything with lamb and I will be good!”

He said.

“Ok, then its deal sir. Let’s shake on it!”

I told him and we did laughing. My hand in his hand felt so tiny. I walked him out all the way to his car.

“Oh I was not sure how sure dinner was going to go but it went well so I have something for you!”

He said and he went to the passenger side of his car. He came back with a gift back and handed it over to me.

“Ada you do know that I don’t need you to bring me money or gifts to be with you right. I am just a girl from a small town and I do enjoy you and your company!”

I told him.

“I figured that part out but also allow me to express myself the way I like!”

He responded,

“Please open it when am gone and you are sitting down.”

He said before he left. I was excited and I could not contain myself. The box was big even. As soon as I got in, I looked behind me and opened the box. I found myself staring at these two gorgeous cherry red high heels. I am not even a shoe person or any type of person, to be honest, but beauty is beauty. On top, there was a note,

“Now you don’t have to borrow. Ada.”

I was so embarrassed. Zamo had struck again. I wanted to die of embarrassment at a time I should be celebrating.

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  1. Ada is a prince. You’ll fall for him and hard but he won’t marry you coz he’s been promised to a Nigerian princess

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