Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Seven

Have you ever been to an event where all your friends have hot dates and you walk in the one who is the questionable-looking one? You almost always feel underdressed. I was only 19 so at that age looks matter. Looking at him I was not even sure how old he was as a result of his big built. He could be 29 but with a body that size might even be 40 who knows. The oldest guy I have ever dated was a year older than me. He was clearly interested in me meaning if he and his boy play that stupid game that Zamo wanted us to play of saying “dibs” there go my chances with Abedi. My dream was specific, Abedi not Ada.

“Guys we have to find our friend. We will talk again soon!”

Zethu then said breaking the awkward moment.

“Just find Abedi or me if you want to know where to sit. There is a place reserved for you!”

He said thoughtfully which was sweet but at the same time bait. A house party with a VIP section! Who did these people think they were?

“No problem and Abisola now we owe you a present …”

Katlego started to say but Abisola cut her off as she said,

“Oh my God i forgot to say Happy Birthday Samke, Ada told me it is also your birthday!”

She said and again she hugged me.

“Us Aries babies must stick together!”

She said sweetly. The harmless lie had just grown horns now. A whole Aries baby yah neh. Only weird people believe in the zodiac nonsense and here I was embracing the bull.

“Thank you so much. Happy birthday to you too twinnie!”

I said and as soon as those words left my mouth i felt so dumb. Since when did i speak like that.

“Ada let the girls find their friend. You and I need to find Abedi before he picks a fight again!”

She said to the big man. We parted ways and had not gone far when Zethu said,

“I didn’t know it was your birthday, Happy Birthday!”

She said cheerfully.

“It’s not my birthday.”

I confessed.

“I don’t understand, we just … I mean.. You!”

She said pointing to where we were with Ada and Abisola to here. I then told her what had happened at McDonalds and she could not stop laughing at the end of it.

“Zamo is a troublemaker she always gets us into trouble that one with her big mouth.”

Katlego said just shaking her head.

“Yeah i saw last night she has a sharp tongue on her.”

Zethu said.

“You have no idea. i always tell her not to be behave like she went to a township boarding school were you constantly have to fight for your right to be heard!”

I had never been to a township boarding school so i don’t know how far true that is but ok.

“You have such different personalities Katlego even Mahlatse pointed this out hey. I thought i was the only one who saw it but clearly not.”

I must pose, this is why i say having girlfriends really shows you have a heart made of iron because no matter what girls, we talk about each other. If it’s not to other girls then it is to our boyfriends who know every little sordid detail about what you get up to. You know that couples that talk all the time, what do you think they talk about when they run out of shit to say? Also take note of your friends man who seems to smile at you or seems genuinely to see you whenever you around? Did you think it was because he likes you booboo? Lol, get over yourself. That smile is happiness or rather familiarity because you know when you know an inside joke, it’s hard not to be happy when you not in the in.

“Speaking of Beloved, whom are you here with?”

Katlego asked her. I had forgotten to ask that too because so far she had been alone.

“I am actually with Nthabiseng. she is the one who was invited by her boyfriend! He is a soccer player and his friend is Nigerian and plays soccer for Pirates! That’s the link!”

She said casually. One thing i had learned from my short time in Joburg was that famous people loved university girls. Every week you would see someone famous at residence visiting someone. In the beginning, I would gawk at them but now it was standard.

“You forgetting the part that the friend is interested in you?”

A voice said from behind us. We turned and there was Nthabiseng. That’s the problem with gossip. You almost always eventually get caught.

“He is not my type!”

Zethu said defensively. We all hugged each other and this time i got her name.

“Nthabiseng, have you seen Zamo?”

I asked her.

“Yes, I did actually. She was on the phone just now and I think she went to get a drink. We spoke for a minute or so but she was not particularly in a good mood.”

She said and we all laughed. I think that about summed up who she was in our eyes.

“Oh well I am here to party so let’s have fun?”

She said dancing around us. Ok, I am not ashamed to say this but I am a particularly good dancer. I am one of those girls whom if I was in the mood they would open a circle for. This one I got it from the fact that whenever we had visitors my parents would always make me dance for them. I honestly never understood that culture but as a child, I was never shy. I knew at the end of the dance I would have made 5 Rands or so. Talk about hustling. These yo-yo boys who drop that word every chance they get know nothing about hustling shem.

At some point, Zamo eventually joined us. I think she saw we were having too much fun she did not want to get left behind. More than anything I think she felt that she was missing out on the squad.


A familiar looking guy came to us and called her. He was a soccer player and as this was 2011, I knew his face. He was Lucas something I can’t remember the surname but definitely I knew his face.

“I can’t stay long, tomorrow I have a match so we have to go!”

He told her.

“Ah baby come on another hour please!”

She pleaded with him.


“Dude, you can’t say no like I don’t have a voice of my own. All I asked for is an hour more. Am with Zethu and we came together. I can’t leave her one!”

Nthabiseng pleaded with her man but he was not hearing it.

“Either you get in the car or you stay here!”

He told her curtly. If it was me for fear of getting in trouble or getting a beatdown in front of everyone I would have just listened and gotten into the car but Tswana girls love drama,

“Wa tseba keng, you can go! You are very disrespectful and think everything revolves around. Tsamaya!”

I did not expect that at all and my instinct was to cover my mouth. I stood up and puller Zethu to me because back home if a girl speaks like this to a guy, especially a guy who bought her drinks she will be met with one or two hot ones. Standing up means I was saying we should be ready to fight with her.

“What did you say to me?”

He asked her angrily. Soccer players really think that they are somebody. You have a 12 year career then you are broke for life yet you expect us to take you seriously? Playing PSL like seriously? Wanyela!

“Ke re tsamaya. I said you can go. I will find my way home.”

She told him and he stomped off angrily. I was not sure if she did that because there were other underlying issues or if it was just for the love of alcohol. It was done, however, moving on.

“Mfethu you are crazy you know that right?”

Zethu told her friend and she was right. Just earlier I had seen them kissing but now we were here. Relationships are really fickle nowadays and with all these pressures a man has to be mad to want to date a girl who parties. Its a recipe for disaster no matter how liberal he thinks he is.

“All I wanted was to have a few more drinks with my friends and he was not understanding. I told him not to come with he was going to leave early but he insisted. Now look, I am the bad one?”

She said looking at us as though she was asking. I had no answers for her because I barely knew her and I did not even know what was going on to start with.

“Let him go. He is not your man anyway unescefe!”

Zethu told her friend who clearly seemed like she needed consoling but i dont see why because she came with a date and is the one who sent him home.

“I need some more champagne!”

Nthabiseng said and walked away leaving us her rescuers standing there!”

I turned to Zethu and asked her,

“Is she ways like this?”

“Yes don’t worry about it I am used to it. She is harmless!”

She told me.

“Can you smell the weed?”

She asked me and yes I could smell that sweet scent in the air.

“I wanna have some!”

She declared. I had actually never had weed before and I also did not smoke sp I declined. She insisted I go with her to find the source regardless. The people smoking were at the back of the house and it was Abedi and some other guy I did not know.

“Hey ladies!”

Abedi said to us as we approached. My mouth immediately went dry and words escaped me.

“Hey, i could smell your weed from a mile away, what strain is it?”

Zethu asked.

“Its Malawi gold. Its really strong,do you want to try it?”

He asked us but looking straight at me not that it bothered Zethu who immediately said,

“Yes please!”

As he was the one who had taken the last drag it meant her lips touched were his had been. I felt a pang within me as jealousy hit me. I looked down.


She said by way of offering.

“No thanks, I don’t smoke!”

I declined again as she handed it back to him. I am one of those who think hubbly is disgusting. There is no other way to describe. This thing of sharing the same mouthpiece someone else blocked with their finger then put their mouth on os problematic to me. The same goes for cigarettes. How do you even share, I mean are you that desperate?

“Are you guys having fun?”

Abedi asked us and Zethu responded,

“Yeah, it’s fun. We needed the night out its been a long week!”

She said passing the joint back to him. He did not even hesitate to put his lips were her lips had been and therein lies my problem. Again I did not like it so immediately to stop torturing myself I said to her,

“Zethu we need to get back. We left Katlego on her own that is not cool.”

I told her and she did not resist.

“Thanks guys!”

She said as we left the two guys getting high. I was annoyed but what happened but quickly scolded myself for how dramatic I was being.

“You need to get laid tonight Samke, you are too uptight!”

Zethu said as we walked away. The only guy i wanted was beimg stalked by Zamo and even as i sat down next to Ada my heart sank.

Hell no! 

******THE END*******

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