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YES 217

I have said this before and I will say it again without any hesitation. There is

nothing, absolutely nothing I will not do for my sister. I know I get angry at her half the time but she is my sister and I love her. I can never picture my sister going to jail. I cannot wish for her to have to protect herself against others. This includes if she is the one who was wrong in the first place so at this moment I could imagine with horror what it felt like to be in Simba’s shoes! He couldn’t be breathing right now because I know I would not that’s for sure.

“This is my sister you want to send to jail!”

Simba pleaded.

“I don’t care whose sister she is. She killed my wife! This woman killed my wife!”

He screamed at us. I must say Mbuso was not making an sense at all and he was not answering the questions we were all asking top of which was,

“What the hell is going on?”

Simba turned to his sister.

“Tsitsi who is this man? Why is he saying you killed his wife? Why is he saying you are wanted by the police?”

He asked her.

“I apologized already. I am so sorry. It was an accident Simba I promise you it was an accident!”

She said. She came out from behind her brother and went in front of Mbuso and knelt before him.

“I did you wrong. You can kill me. I ran away from the police and disappeared. I ended a prostitute for my sins were men beat me, raped me, used me for things I can’t even explain. I got all that because on that one day I made a mistake and a mistake that led my life to where it is now. Please kill me now!”

She said holding onto his leg. The way things had turned honestly I did not even know where to go.

“What did my sister do? Tsitsi?”

Simba asked her.

“Eight years ago I was coming from campus. Remember I only had learners at the time so the guy who took us out got drunk and couldn’t drive us home. I offered to drive because well I was the only who had an idea how it works. I was not drunk just tipsy. I don’t know exactly what happened because one minute I was on the road and the next the car swerved and hit another car.”

She explained as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“In the car was another woman who was pregnant. The impact made her go into labor or the shock I don’t know but she went into labor as soon as the paramedics got there! She died and I was charged for it!”

She explained.

“How come I don’t know about this? You never told me this Tsitsi!”

The brother asked

“What could I tell you? You were working so hard to pay for my fees and it had been exam time I just wanted to take a breather. It was my last exam and I had never even clubbed once that whole year so when they came and said let’s go out for a couple of hours to celebrate I did so! It was meant to be harmless but next thing I was in jail. I was supposed to go too caught but I think by mistake I was let out! The police then called me saying I should hand myself in and I decided to disappear. I could not go back to school and I could not go back home so yah, that’s how your little sister became a junky and started selling her body for food!”

She explained. There are some stories you don’t want to hear and this was one of them. I was dumb founded because where do you even start. I know that when you kill someone in an accident and you were drunk you go to jail. The law is clear on that. Now Mbuso’s story was starting to make sense. His wife had really died in a car accident as well as in child birth but much as it made sense it was also so depressing. He could never have found closure knowing that she was out there.

“Daddy please I want to go home!”

Ntheteng cried out. We had even forgotten that she was there and she too had heard all that. What do you even say to a child after that?

“I am taking her home and I coming back right now!”

He said stomping out!

“Did you set me up?”

Tsitsi looked at me in horror I think as she tried to put two and two together.

“Set you up how? I don’t even know what’s going on!”

I told her.

“Simba of all the houses in the world how did we end up here and with her?”

She asked him. I think under the circumstances I would have asked the same question too because how could I have managed to find the only prostitute in Johannesburg who just happened to have also killed my neighbors wife?

“Hey please don’t involve me I don’t know what’s going on either! Simba how come you did not know about all this?”

I asked him anxiously trying to divert attention from me.

“Because my sister ran away from university. That’s the story we all knew.”

He explained.

“And you never went to look for her at the police?”

I asked her.

“Not even because once a month she would call to say she is ok and now I know it’s because she knew if we went to the police and they put her on the Missing People system we would know what she did!”

He said not masking his disappointment. He had had just found her again and he knew without a doubt that he was about to lose her again.

“I don’t get it sis, really I don’t. I could have helped you. I would have done something you know get you the best lawyers even!”

He told her.

“The best lawyers for what? The best lawyers for her killing my Childs mother. Ntheteng only got to know her mother face from a picture because you sister took that right from her! Do you have any idea how that feels?”

Mbuso asked him cutting in as he walked back in. This was an emotional moment for all concerned and there was absolutely no way to ignore it.

“Dude the police are coming I don’t have to talk to you. I am sorry for my sister really I am and there is no way I can fix this no matter how hard I can try.”

Simba cut off Mbuso.

“She is still my little sister and my job is to protect her just like you would protect your daughter!”

He added.

“People with money are all the same! You all think you get away with things and maybe you can where you are from but not here! I will rather lose everything than to see her walk free another day whilst my wife rots in the ground!”

Mbuso added.

“Mbuso that’s enough let’s not add more drama to the drama here already! This is all too much!”

I intervened.

“Lungi you know I have so much respect for you but how are you always in the middle of everything? You are like the center of all trouble and that is not normal. One day it will get you or the people you love killed!”

Mbuso said talking to me. That hit home because he was not lying. This was no coincidence. My phone rang and guess who it was, it was the gate.

“So the gate intercom now works?”

I asked Simba as I answered.

“It’s the gate maam; the police are here for you!”

The security at the gate said. If this was another day I would have celebrated that our security had finally been improved but it was not.

“Let them in!”

I told him.

“The police are here! Simba you will have to go with your sister. Because she is going to need you and Mbuso I am really sorry about this!”

I don’t why I told Simba that because I think it was rather obvious that he was going with her. It was rather sad seeing her being loaded up like that. Simba was distraught and Mbuso had this sense of relief that I can’t explain. It was like finally his wife could start having closure.

“I know you probably hate me now!”

He said as the cars drove away.

“If this had happened to your sister what exactly would you have done?”

He asked me. I think he thought I was going to lash out at him for what had happened just now but I did not. I understood where he was coming from.

“It’s ok I am not. I need to rest now we have nothing else to discuss on this matter. I truly pray you can start to find closure on this!”

I told him. He wanted to say something else I could tell but I think the words deserted him at this stage because I also had my serious face on.

“Ok then!”

He said as he left the house. This had been a typical day in the life of Lungi. It was more than bad luck that I was having because I am very certain not everyone with a Calling experiences as much as I experiences. I was tired and I needed to shower and sleep. I did that and when I finished my shower I called Simba,

“Did she go well?”

I asked him.

“Yes she did but it’s bad. I already spoke to a lawyer friend and he is not too optimistic himself. They are most likely going to charge her for both being a fugitive as well as the accident. She could be going away for at least 10 years!”

He said. There is no way that did not hurt because it hurt me too and I was not even him.

“I am sorry man if I had known that she and Mbuso knew each other I would not have called you guys here!”

I told him and much as I cared how Mbuso felt I meant that. Maybe it was the story of how her life had fallen apart after that which had made me find sympathy for her or even the fact that 8years dead would stay 8years dead. His wife would never come back but this girl still had a life worth living.

“We will talk tomorrow!”

He said as he hung up the phone. I went to bed pretty exhausted and I was only woken up the following morning around 10am by a loud knocking on the door.

“I am coming!”

I said annoyed but still sleepy. This was the first time I had gotten to sleep so well now someone was knocking like this. I just wanted to scream.

“Who is it?”

I asked before I opened.

“It’s Linda from the Body Corporate!”

The voice said. I did not know who Linda was but I knew who the Body Corporate was.


I said as I opened the door.

“Good morning?”

A white lady in a business suit said to me.

“Good morning. What can I do for you?”

I asked her.

“I am afraid there has to been a complaint from the neighbors against you!”

She said.

“Can I come in?”

She asked me.

“No! We can talk right here!”

I told her making her flush red in embarrassment.

“What’s the complaint about?”

I asked her.

“Well neighbors have complained that there is too much activity and noise coming from the unit. Someone even claimed they identified gangsters too which I am afraid to say is not welcome in this estate!”

She said all prim proper and white lady stern like.

“Ok thank you my lawyers will look at this letter of complaint of yours thank you because last time I checked there was no provision written, NO GANGSTERS ALLOWED!”

I said cheekily. Indeed there was not so her argument was redundant.

“Maam I am just doing my job. The police cars that come here at night, the fighting the arguing etc is not good for the image of this estate!”

She said.

“Most of the people complaining don’t even own here, they rent! I am owner and I will get visited by whoever I want. Good day Linda!”

I scolded the white lady who walked away angrily. This was not the end of this but I think I should have turn down my T’challa spirit and tried to smile like I was not aware of my rights.

White people like that better from us, docile and compliant!

Another day had started!

*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

HI Guys
I’m a 48 years old single mom, my only son brought home his girlfriend over the weekend. My problem is she’s 4 yrs older than him and has 2 kids, the age gap is not an issue but 2 kids and my son just started working . I know his old enough and we can’t choose who we love but i am worried he’s gonna get hurt. My son is 25 and she’ 29 by the way.

Please advise thanks!!

Worried Mother

9 thoughts on “YES 217

  1. I’m raising a very handsome baby boy and i always joke about me not accepting a certain type of woman should he bring them to me, but at the end of the day i believe i am raising him to be a responsible man n 1 that can make the right choices for himself. Getting hurt is not nice i’m sure you have been hurt 2 n you took something from it. I suggest you sit down with him n find out from him how he feels about being an instant dad and if he has thought about wat it entails. all you can do is advice him based on his responses. We can only protect our kids to a certain point and at 25 his a man and can make his own choices all we can do as parents is support them.

    1. Mother : my heart breaks at your story because it is my brother’s story and it ended in suicide because the financial burden was too much when he also still wanted nice things as he just started working….e.g.. bmw instead of a budget friendly corrolla etc…but instead had to deal with ban a ha BA n.a. uniform seshabo etc…..mme ka setswana bare pelo e ja serati….theres nothing you can do..speak to him from the heart,can a trusted uncle/malevrelative to speak to him and then let it be up to him to decide…..tell him you will support if it is what he truly wants,you can ask that in return he dates for a while longer before he makes a decision to commit…if he goes ahead to commit……SUPPORT him…advise him….leave the door open for him to come back and say mama you were right,please help.But pray for his happiness and that all will go well, the age and children are not a problem.He just needs to be ready for it.

  2. Worried Mother you can’t shield your child forever. The best thing you can do is make him aware of your concerns and allow him to make his own mistakes to learn from. 25 is still very young

  3. Yooooh mama sit down and allow your son an opportunity to be happy with the lady. Seriously, the kids are not his. Did he say he was taking care of her kids? Or you are assuming? No man. My baby daddy is 31 and his girlfriend is 40 with 2 kids. His mother shouted until she stopped, uzomelwa inhliziyo sisi. Thula ubuke, the heart will be broken anyway

  4. Small correction: Tchalla is the obedient and compliant one. Killmonger is the boisterous and fight the power one.

    Worried mother: I get why you are concerned. I feel like I would raise hell if that was my little brother. Maybe get to know the girlfriend hopefully you will realize why your son fell in love with her. If you are still concerned after that definitely raise your concerns with your son.

  5. Dear worried mother u might find that the girl is working n earns more than your son and they love each other. Talk to him get to know the lady you might find that you like her. My brother does not have a kid and at some point he was not working the girlfriend has a child and she was working she would make sure my brother has money and well cared for. Now is the roles are reversed he is working and she is not. He takes care of that child like his own.
    how many woman are single parents and just want love and not money.

  6. worried mother: your frustration is undertandable, my 26 yr old lil brother is on the same path, he’s dating a 45 year old twice divorcee woman with 2 grown daughters of which one is of his age, and its so annoying and disgusting. we tried speaking to him, gave him advices and all that. My mom even called the woman to break it off with him but dololo. And we have come to realise that the more we try to break them off, is the more he runs back to her. My Advice is let him learn from this “stupid adventure” get his heart broken the he will know not to date older people who have seen it all. soon he will realise that what they have is just infatuation and a phase. just be there for him

  7. QnA
    I dont have a problem with dating age gap. I also dont have problem with dating someone with kids. My problem is that he should have done all the mathematics of his decision. Can he afford what he is getting himself into?
    As a simple test, ask him to accompany you to collect four kids in a car, especially grown ones. Then at the end he will know that one of the deals of his choice is to have only one kid with her as four kids and parents dont fit in a car. You can make other examples yourself.

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