Majuba 88

Frankly speaking I have never had much respect for lawyers and worse nowadays when

every college and university is open for law. Once upon a time when someone said they were a lawyer it came with so much respect but that was once upon a time. Nowadays all we do is see EFF lawyers on TV chasing after you know who and it seems like that’s the only time you hear about them. We must have the most lucrative market in the world for lawyers because no matter where you turn your head you will find pick pockets, rapists, politicians! In a country where corruptions starts in primary school with your child blackmailing the class monitor with sweets to avoid being written down in the naughty book for talking in class how far does this rot go! I am sure South African lawyers can be the best in the world.

“Sir you don’t have a case! My client can account for where he was at the time and is more than willing for you to check his phone records! Next time you want to pick on someone make sure you do your homework first!”

My lawyer said just thirty minutes later since he entered that room the cops did not even say anything the way he had taken up all the conversation. The lawyer loved the sound of his own voice so much he did not realize that they had not actually

“Vusi let’s go! Next time you want my client unless you have an arrest warrant you come through me!”

He said and we stood up and left. It was the weirdest because now that I knew the police were trying to get me to help them build a case against a man I was terrified of I am not sure what I was going to do.

“I don’t think they will be bothering you anymore! You saw how they had no idea what they were talking about?”

He asked me in the parking lot.

“Yes I did. Thank you for that!”

I told him.

“No problem. Give my regards to your boss! I was not able to get hold of him this morning!”

He said clearly referring to Naledi’s father. He was not. My boss but I was not going to argue that point now. We parted ways. I was a bit more relieved than I was earlier so I was happy with this.

Londiwe called me and asked me to come pick her up from her sister’s place. I did not want to go but from the tone of her voice I knew something was up and she needed rescuing.

“Knock knock!”

I said when I got to the door. She opened for me and when I entered I knew immediately that the mother was unhappy. Her face betrayed her not that she was trying to hide it.

“What is this rubbish? Londiwe how can you allow this man to disrespect you like this? Vusi when you started seeing my daughter you never said anything about wanting her share you with other women now you humiliate her like this!”

Her mother asked furiously. She did not even greet me the way she was so mad and I don’t blame her. I would be mad too if my daughter came home with such.

“Mum it my decision to make and I honestly don’t mind. Naledi and I are good friends and we both want the same thing. We actually to convince him on this thing because like you he was skeptical!”

Londiwe explained to her mother who stared back at us with a more than rightfully justified look of shock on her face.

“This is crazy. You don’t know what you are talking about that’s your problem!”

She said again.

“I am not the biggest Christian but this is wrong. Do you have any? Idea how expensive what you are proposing is?”

Her mother asked.

“We have an idea yes but mum people in rural areas are doing it. This so I am sure we can afford right babe?”

Londiwe explained. I could see she was being patient with her mother. Normally she would just snap and it would end up in an argument. She was waiting for a response from me.

“Yes that’s right!”

I responded but without a lot of enthusiasm. Some of the fears the mother was talking about I had them as well. I don’t these women fully understood what they were talking about.

“Vusi I can see that you are not even sure about this yourself yet you agree to such a thing. I have always respected you but today with this one decision you have proven to be very stupid.”

She said. I should take offense at being addressed like this by my mother in law but she was right. I was stupid. The weird thing about this was that I am very certain she was blaming me for this. It’s always the man who is to blame whenever it comes to polygamy. I am yet to hear a woman walk up to her husband in good times and offer her husband a second wife out of the goodness of her heart.

“Mama you know I respect your daughter very much. I would never do anything to hurt her nor to disrespect her. You are very right when you say I was reluctant about this at first. It’s not me or who I am but Londiwe wanted this very badly and eventually I came around. We even had our fights in the matter because I was like you. Londiwe comes first and she has always come first with me so please know that I will always respect her!”

I pleaded my case with her. She was not that convinced and it was then that in bounced her sister, Nonjabulo. I always wish I could describe this woman because she bordered on the ridiculous. She was wearing those tight freakum dresses, a white one with slops. She had her natural hair on but was dyed blonde. To cap it off she was wearing pumps.

“Oh bhuti you have not visited us in a long time! Welcome!”

She said cheerfully upon seeing us. She was right I had not, not that I minded this at all.

“Stand up and give me a hug please!”

She said.

“Where are you coming from?”

I asked her.

“I am coming from an interview at Sandton mall! I am trying to work in a shop!”

She said cheerful. I tried not to laugh and be serious but I could not. Her sister is the one who said my thoughts out for me.

“Nonjabulo kanjani? How do you dress like this and expect people to give you a job vele?”

Londiwe asked her for me. Thank heavens I did not have to be inappropriate at this moment by asking such.

“Oh chill Londiwe you are so uptight. The interviewers were two guys and I knew this I knew if I dressed like this at least they will remember me!”

She said. The sadness in this was that she actually thought she looked nice. She did not at all and if these so called guys of hers took her for the job it was not going to be because of how great she can dress nor her intelligence. She looked like those girl who are on first name bases with shabeen regulars.

“No mama come on! You can’t let her embarrass herself like this! You look like a prostitute and you want people to take you seriously looking like this!”

Londiwe said very annoyed at her sister.

“Why are you dragging me into this? You think I did not advise her on this! Do the two of you ever take me seriously? To you I am a senile old uneducated traditional fool who knows nothing yet I raised two daughters alone and neither of you got pregnant!”

My mother snapped back at me. Yes for a single mother to raise a daughter especially were we come from and the daughter does not get pregnant its considered and achievement. Honestly the day that child grant stops there shall be genocide in this country the way so many people are on SASSA!

“Why is everyone being dramatic? It’s just a dress and it’s my body I do what I want with it. Don’t you think I look nice Vusi?”

She said turning to me. The two other women immediately shot me death stares warning me that if I answered that question I would be attacked.

“Vusi say something!”

Londiwe asked.

“You do have a right to wear what you want and wear but there is a time and place. An interview is a serious place and you want the job not for them to laugh at you!”

I advised her.

“I have gone to so many interviews and in the retail space have you ever seen a fat person or girl who is ugly? Do you think they hire us on how proper we look? Of course not! Even the girls who are not the hottest have great bodies. Wena as a guy when you walk into a shop and a female is helping you do you not always prefer the pretty one to the ugly one?”

She asked me. I was about to tell her that I was not shallow when I realized that she was right. The retail space especially in the mall actually discriminates against the word ‘ugly’. If you go to Sandton City in every single shop the women that work in them are borderline beautiful, great bodies and more often than not light skinned!

“Ok let’s not have that debate! Next time don’t dress like this Nonjabulo! You must respect yourself!”

Her sister reprimanded her.

“Says the daughter who is about to enter isthembu!”

Her mother retorted. I didn’t see that clap back coming from the mother and it took us all by surprise.

“Isthembu as in polygamy? Who is about to enter isthembu?”

Nonjabulo asked.

“As your stupid sister! She was wants to kill me with high blood this one! I can’t believe I raised such a stupid person honestly! God really did not want me to live!”

The mother cursed and she stood up and walked outside.

“Ok what’s going?”

Nonjabulo asked,

“Vusi are you taking a second wife?”

She asked me.

“Ask your sister it was her idea!”

I told her. I was tired of defending myself so I was not going to get involved. I stood up too and went outside. I did not see my mother in law so I went and sat in the car. This thing was becoming a headache.

My phone rang as I was sitting there. It was my mother.

“You need to come to the house now!”

She told me anxiously.

“I can’t I am still out!”

I told her.

“Come now Vusi, it’s important! I think I found a way how we can pin the murder on him and it won’t be on you!”

She said excitedly.

“Mum what have you done?”

I asked her but she hung before I could say anything.

I know my mother so this was not going to end well!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

I have let myself down guys. I was dating an amazing man who took care of me and everything else in between. I work in an accounting firm and he has business interests. When we first met we did not hit it off immediately. I thought he was over confident and he thought I was arrogant and self entitled. We had mutual friends who thought otherwise and eventually we dated. He was exactly what I needed and even when we fought there was respect and mutual understanding. At work however I got introduced to a new guy. He was different from my boyfriend in that he was fun and outgoing whereas my boyfriend stayed in every weekend and worked on his business interests. I was so wrong in thinking that my boyfriend was boring and I could not see myself in this situation forever. I cheated on him with this guy from work for about two months before I came back to my senses. My boyfriend never found out because I did not change much of my routine. About two weeks ago a lady called my boyfriend. It was the girlfriend of the guy I had been cheating with. She told him everything. The woman had found out because that guy confessed to her. I knew she existed and because I had a boyfriend too I did not care. I don’t know how I could have been so cruel. My boyfriend did not confront me or shout, he just came and gave me the woman’s numbers and he left. I did not know who the number belonged to until I called and went in on me. By that time my boyfriend had left.

I have tried to apologize so many times. My boyfriend has not called me nor picked up my phone. His clothes are still at my place and even one of his cars is parked in my parking. I messed up and I am guilty of this but guys I love him. I don’t know where to start or how to fix this. I am guilty 100%.

Please help me save my relationship.

Thank You


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  1. Joburg you are only sorry because you are thinking of what this guy can become. Ngase athumele his sister to get his clothes and car. Stupid woman. Fireworks are for the carnival not relationships.

  2. My sister men are not like women we pride ourselves in not sharing a woman with another man or in that our woman are not easily chowed by other guys. The moment that pride is gone forget it. Especially if he loves you chances of him forgiving are slim. The love will turn to hate x2. If he takes you back it might be for revenge. He might just use you for sex only and not be the same guy you knew. Even the sex might be different he will likely sex you as if he is sexing a prostitute or someone he doesn’t care about and he might cheat on you while he is at it and not even try to hide it. The sad thing is that you might have helped in turning a good guy into a monster as he will never trust again and will take out his fustrations on other innocent women. Women on the other hand are more forgiving and as sad as it sounds they are kind of used to being cheated on to such an extent that they have come to accept that good guys are far and few in between and even you find one he might still cheat on you once or twice. Even if he finds it in his heart to forgive you, you will never be happy in that relationship. He will monitor you like a hawk and will constantly remind you of your cheating. You need to ask yourself why do you want to go back to him. Do you really love him or you love the fact that he can provide and you see security in him? My advice for both your sake and his is let him go. Even if your answer is that you love him just let him go. Chances of this working out are very slim.

  3. How bout a round of applause?
    Standin’ ovation
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    You look so dumb right now
    Standin’ outside my house
    Tryin’ to apologize
    You’re so ugly when you cry
    Just cut it out
    Don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not
    Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught
    But you put on quite a show
    You really had me goin’
    But now it’s time to go
    Curtains finally closin’
    That was quite a show
    Very entertaining
    But it’s over now
    Go on and take a bow
    Grab your clothes and get gone
    (You better hurry up)
    Before the sprinklers come on
    Talkin’ bout “Girl, I love you you’re the one”
    This just looks like a re-run
    What else is on?
    And don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not
    Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught
    But you put on quite a show
    You really had me goin’
    But now it’s time to go
    Curtains finally closin’
    That was quite a show
    Very entertaining
    But it’s over now
    Go on and take a bow
    And the award for the best liar goes to you
    For makin’ me believe
    That you could be
    Faithful to me
    Let’s hear your speech out
    How bout a round of applause?
    Standin’ ovation
    But you put on quite a show
    You really had me goin’
    But now it’s time to go
    Curtains finally closin’
    That was quite a show
    Very entertaining
    But it’s over now
    Go on and take a bow
    But it’s over now


  4. Lol, look what I did to ur guy my soon to be ex gf did to me 2 years ago. The relationship was never the same because I dnt even bother to ask her whereabouts, we’ll meet when we meet, whether she’s getting bamged or not I dnt care as long as I chow myself. Things has changed sisi and she sees it and my question to her is do want to leave? All the time, I for one know that relationship is gone but since m busy with my studies and not have the energy to look for a gal, well she may as well be my soerm bank. M sorry.
    What m trying to show you is, whatever you can do that relationshipbos gone. He can physically come back to you but it wont be the same. I for example dont go out with her in public, for whatever occassion, sobif you willing to be that person then pursie him other than that let him go.

  5. Joburg pls give me your boyfriend’s numbers. I wana shela him cos your time is up. Move on sisi cos cheating is just damaging to the victim

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