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YES 198

The beauty of women does not come from our physical facial appearance, skin tone, body shape nor size. No. The beauty

of women comes from what we carry inside and that capacity we have to love and unfortunately to forgive. My sister was a beautiful person inside and out and when she said she had forgiven him I knew very well that there would be no turning back from this. My only argument with her would be obviously Mbuso’s feelings but what did i care.

“So are you not going to try and change my mind on this?”

She asked me as though that is what she had hoped for. I was not her mother though I was just her sister and she was a grown woman so she must learn how to make grown up decisions if she did not know how already.

“Why should I sis? You are a grown woman and if it makes you happy to go back to him then by all means so be it!”

I told her. She looked a bit confused by all this but I did not push any further in fact I changed the topic.

“I think that caretaker had something to do with and needed money!”

I told her as this had been bugging me.

“Who do you think that?”

She asked me a bit puzzled but I think it was more on how I had changed the subject as opposed to subject at hand.

“He is the one who called us and he helped us to be fair!”

She pointed out using her hands to gesture this to me.

“It just sounded too convenient and what kind of criminal leaves his tools behind! I know he said the police came but I strongly doubt that. Police are human too and if you are human you will not be in a cemetery at night!”

I told her. That was my theory and I was open to suggestion but she clearly had nothing to offer. All she said was,

“If it’s true that’s twisted!”

And she was right, it was. I had too many problems to worry about him too so I was not going to try report him to the police. That would mean a lot of things and right now I felt like I was nine months pregnant, tired and heavy.

“What are we going to do about mama’s house if I go back to my husband?”

She asked me.

“We are not selling it if that’s what you are asking!”

I told her.

“No of course not but it can’t be empty either. People will rob it and it’s not mamas house it’s our house!”

I corrected her.

“My bad. I don’t want us to put a stranger there though because if we do what happens to mamas stuff?”

She asked again. I was about to correct her once more but I changed my mind.

“That’s why it won’t be a stranger. Maybe I will move there who knows!”

I said but I was clearly just kidding myself. For most people when you leave the township coming back feels like failure. We grew up thinking that a move to the suburbs is what we want so if you make it out coming back is not a first or second option. What’s worse I would be coming to my mother’s house to be neighbours with Mam’Dolly? Nah wait…that will not happen.

“We both know that’s not going to happen so you need to think of real time solutions come on Lungi!”

She said a bit annoyed at me.

“Why not? I grew up there so I should not be questioned if I say I can move back home!”

I told her and she laughed.

“Where are you going to park your car and how long are you going to stay there before it gets stolen?”

She asked me. She was right in a sense because whilst crime has always been there I must say now it was worse.

“I am sure I will be fine.”

It’s not like there was no crime in the suburbs were I lived. I feel it’s even worse because those criminals go the extra mile to punish you for having money. When I parked in my driveway I saw a car pull up. It was not familiar but the person in it was.

“Sis let’s go inside!”

I told her. She had not seen the car so she just followed my lead. I walked briskly into my house and closed the door. I knew I was expecting a knock in less than two minutes and true to what I thought would happen it happened. I ignored.

“Are you not going to get that?”

My sister asked me and I was standing right at the door.

“Only because you asked me!”

I told her as I opened.


I said out loud but with a lot of sarcasm in it.

“Hey Lungi!”

He said with a sheepish smile.

“Hello! What are you doing here Sfiso?”

I asked him. I was not going to play games with this dude so he might as well know this from outside where he stood.

“I am here to take you out!”

He said with that disarming smile of his.

“Oh that’s cute but I am not in the mood Sfiso please leave!”

I told him immediately and crossed my arms across my chest to stand in my intimidating no bullshit position.

“That’s mean; I am here to take you out come now it will be fine and besides you look very glum!”

He said again as he thrust the bunch of flowers my way. I am not really a flower fan but I don’t blame him. Coming from England were white people love flowers I could see why to him it would instinct to hand over flowers to me.

“I am not a flowers girl but I am not sure if I have told you this for! They remind me of everything that men find beautiful before they watch it die!”

I told him. Ok cool I made that last bit up because truth be told I had never even give flowers much thought. To me they were a white people indulgence so it’s not like I had cared before.

“I am sorry wow. That powerful. Well wow!”

He said.

“Did you pick these flowers yourself from a garden?”

I asked him.

“Nope I did not actually, come on Lungi I obviously bought them!”

He said surprised by my question.

“Well you should have thought of that before you came because that is not romantic at all. Shows you lack effort and imagination!”

I told him. I guess his flowers were backfiring on him. Poor guy.

“Was there anything else?”

I asked him.

“Nope that’s all wow I am at a loss for words!”

He said.

“So am I! You can leave and next time Sfiso don’t show up at my house without calling ahead. Its creepy as fuck and I don’t like creeps!”

I told him as I walked past him and closed the door in his face. I am very sure that happened to him before because I heard him exclaim,


My sister immediately came to me to ask,

“That was rude Lungi was it not?”

She asked me surprised at how I had treated him.

“It was not really rude enough! He did not even deserve to hear my voice!”

I told her.

“Why though?”

She asked.

“Sfiso left the day mama died and said nothing to console me or even check up on me during that whole period. It took him over two weeks to say something and by this I mean two weeks after. Note I got the message of mama when he was in the car with me which makes it even more painful! I don’t want him near me!”

I told loudly so that if he was still by the door he could hear exactly why he was being ignored and why he was not welcome.

“That’s deep and yes I get you there wow, I am quite surprised because he is really a nice guy!”

She said to me.

“He might be nice yes but the day I told him of my calling he looked at me like I was absolute filth! The guy grew up in Mpumalanga for crying out loud now he wants to act brand new!”

I told her and for some reason she found it funny and she laughed.

“At least you have your things covered I have to go break it off with Mbuso!”

She said to me.

“I am not entering that story. How is Ntheteng though?”

I asked her.

“She is fine hey it’s like nothing happened. Mbuso is keeping an eye on her but I think she is going to move in with the Aunt.”

She told me.

“Aunty Lynda?”

I asked.

“Yes her and her spoilt brat of a son! I see you have met them!”

She said to me picking up a glass of wine for herself. She could drink so peaceful and with such ease whilst I could not. That actually hurt.

“Yes I have. They were very nice people when I met them!”

I told her.

“They were not nice to me especially after Mbuso said he intends to marry me. That woman blatantly asked in front of me “what about Lungi?” I was really embarrassed and thank heavens he did not tell her I was your sister because the ground would have opened up!”

She told me and I could sense her bitterness at that.

“It was not your fault you did not know about us!”

I told her.

“Still it’s not nice to be humiliated. Ntheteng every time she fights me tells me that I am not her mother and I am not you!”

She added as she downed her wine and poured another glass.

“Slow down there sis you are going to get drunk!’

I warned.

“That’s the point. I am about to go face Mbuso after he has gotten his child back to break his heart again!”

She told me.


I said.

“I am not hardcore like you who can shut a door in a man’s face!”

She added. Now I felt guilty. Maybe I should bring up that her going back to her ex was a bad idea but sometimes showing someone love is truly this path where you let them make their own mistakes.

“Do what you have to do; I will be here when you come back!”

I told her. She stood up and straightened her dress as though it had been creased then walked to the door. When she got there she came back,

“I am so nervous!”

She told me.

“I know you are but if you were not then it would have meant nothing to you!”

I added. I did not want to say too much in case she changed her mind and blamed it on me. This time she left and left me alone to my thoughts. There was a knock on my door. I could not believe that she was back already!

“Did you chicken out?”

I asked her as I walked towards the door. I opened the door. It was not my sister.


I said in shock.

“What are you doing here?”

I asked the person at my door! Before she even answered she gave me a hard slap across the face!

“You are so evil!”

She screamed at me.

“You are so evil! You gave Azwindini your HIV now you gave it to me too!”

She cried.

It was Rudzani and standing outside in the passage was Mbuso, Ntheteng and my sister!

“You gave me AIDS you witch!”

She screamed.

*******The End ***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hey friends and Mr. Mike thank you for giving me this opportunity in the hot sit!

Ok here goes, when we were in university I was best friends with a girl I met there at school. She was dating a guy I didn’t like much. We are still friends this girl and I but are not as close because of distance. She got a job before me and changed as she became distant and acted better than all of us who did not get jobs as quickly. It took me three years to get a job and this job came via her now ex boyfriend but recommended by her. She spoke to him when he got a high post in a company. He did not get me a job in his company but because of his influence found me a job in a different company. Anyway I took him out for lunch to say thank you and we just clicked. That was three months ago and now we hang out every weekend. He told me that he likes me and would like us to date. I really like him too but this girl code thing is standing in the way. I owe my former best friend for the hook up that’s for sure but I am also in love with her ex.

Is there a way around this?

Thank You


14 thoughts on “YES 198

  1. Can Lungi Thwasa already. Such drama for one person is too much. Rudzani always blames Lungi for every bad thing that happen in her life. Doesn’t she know her man is a ladies man. YES is best. We thank you team DOAZG.

  2. Yey that Mpumalanga shade killed me.One word for Rudzani…Annoying.
    Enployed i have been through a similar situation and to make matters worse she was my best friend.I really liked the guy so i took my girl out and we did some catching up.I just threw it in and waited for her response.she was ok with it and actually gave me a “go ahead”.
    If you decide to talk to her about it you should pay attention to her response,that being her body language and not her words.good luck

  3. Its my first time to comment but i think Yes is the best…..i think lungi should just go and thwasa maybe her badluck will stop.. who is the father of lungis unborn.

  4. Thanks Mike.
    I think Lungi is carrying Sfiso’s child.. as for Rudzani loooooooool speechless
    Lungi might not even be +

  5. I might be confused but wasnt Lungi supposed to go and see her aunt a few days back so that she starts with ukuthwasa? She called her saying she was ready and she said come and see me asap.
    After finding out she is preggo shouldnt she have tested already? I believe 3 months had passed since Azwi so the window period was over. But I might be wrong

    1. Hi Tee
      I get your confusion but if I recall all this drama has happened in 1 day, remember she called her aunt to say she wants to thwasa she gets home & Lisedi is there to demand her to work for them because the guy is in jail, after Lesedi left she tried to call Mbalihelo and panicked when she couldn’t get hold of him and called Azwindini, then she called Sihle to go to lunch. While having lunch the sister called about the mom’s grave, she rushes there and when they come back Sfiso and now Rudzani show up. It’s a couple of chapters but all this drama is happening in one day.

  6. @employed there is a reason he is an ex.

    You already betrayed the girl code by saying that your friend thought that she is better then you.

    Are you dating her ex cause of envy?

    Learn from Lungi now her ex friend is accusing her of infecting her with HIV.

    Kamo do you want to be that girl rumoured to have slept with someone for a job?

    The job market is very small you don’t need that in your life.

    Stop inviting drama from a mile away.

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