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YES 178

Guilt is a feeling that comes when you think that you having fun is not the right thing when your friend is having

the worst time of her life. I wanted to give them space that’s true but should I be out her having fun? I don’t think so. I kept on asking myself what I could have done differently yesterday and I think I should have backed Jerry more when he did not want us to go back. Two things had happened in us going back, Jerry had been arrested and Miriam had lost the baby. I don’t need my ancestors to tell me that Jerry sensed that there was something wrong. He had been adamant about but because we are Joburg girls and we think we know everything it’s a fight he had lost. Sometimes people’s instincts are just right.

“Lungi you are over thinking now what’s on your mind?”

Mbilahelo asked me waking me up from my daydream if I can call it that.

“Who said I was thinking?”

I asked him rudely.

“Hey calm down, I am not the enemy here!”

I told him.

“Lungi can I ask you a question?”

He said,

“I hate it when people do that. If you have a question to ask then ask. You don’t need permission especially when we are together like this! Come on!”

I told him and it’s true it’s something I did not like. The person is expecting you to give them the go ahead which means they have in fact now asked two questions.

“Sorry! Why do you always end up in places with bad people? First it was my brother? Then it was Mthobisi? Now it was Jerry?”

He asked me and I stared at him blankly as I asked,

“Did you just include your brother in that?”

I asked him.

“Yes I did because my brother might be blood but he is a lying manipulative weasel!”

He said and I think for the first time since we got to the beach I laughed.

“I can’t believe you said that!”

I told him.

“Well I did but that’s not the point! With all these people I get the distinct sense that you had no idea what they were capable of or whom they were but right now if I was not so biased I would say that the only constant is you! Are you catching my drift?”

So here I was on the beach with a man I don’t think I understood fully. Somehow I got the sense that he was somewhat interrogating me but I am not sure.

“I am. Your brother I met through his girlfriend at work and he is the one who came with all this mess in my life. Before that day I had never met a gangster in my life. I have known Miriam since I was a child and Jerry since her wedding. I only met him that one time though so saying I knew him is an overstatement!”

I explained to him. He was paying close attention to what I was saying that’s why I was a bit worried,

“Ok I get you but do you see what this can be perceived as by investigators?”

He asked me.

“Yes I do I am not dumb!”

I retorted.

“No need to be rude but the problem is that this case is not in my hands as I am investigating corrupt cops and the other investigators on this case who do not know you might want to call you in to come and testify!”

He told me and my heart froze.

“Are you crazy? That is the last thing in the world I would ever want to do! That could get me killed and I can assure I am not ready to die!”

I told him defiantly.

“This case is not in my hands are you not listening. I am warning you as a friend and I am trying to shield you from the coming storm!”

H explained.

“On what grounds through should I be testifying? I know nothing of their business!”

I reminded him.

“I know that but when you were arrested in Jhb with no charge, that was probably one of the few slip ups that Mthobisi ever made. Getting witnesses against guys like these is not easy. Think of all the big well known township gangsters, the reason why they are not in jail is that getting people to testify against them is almost impossible!”

He explained to me but this dude must have lost his mind if he thought I was going to stand in a court of law and testify against a guy like that.

“I will not do it. I am sorry you have the wrong person for the job find someone else!”

I told him.

“I knew you were going to say that and I won’t say I am not glad that you did either.”

He told me.

“Ok I don’t get it I am a bit lost. Is this not what you wanted?”

I asked him.

“No. As an officer of the law I can’t encourage you to not do it so it had to be you saying it. As your friend, which I really hope I am, you are making right decision because people like Mthobisi are monsters with tentacles that have reach in places you can’t even dream of.”

If that was not an ominous warning then I don’t know what is. At least we agreed.

“I have to go back to the hospital soon I don’t want to leave Miriam alone for too long even if she is with her husband!”

I told him.

“Yeah I agree but you have to have ice cream with me before I take you back.”

He said.


I asked him.

“I am not the most romantic person in the world I know that so I went to Google and typed ‘Romantic Things to Do on the Beach’ and ice cream came up!”

He said looking remarkable awkward at this stage. It was funny come to think of it,

“Ah man, imagine all the data you wasted doing that!”

I said sarcastically. The look on his face was one of cute panic as I think he had concluded that I had refused,

“Was that wrong?”

He asked me!

“What do you think Detective?”

I asked him trying to sound serious but deep down I was about to burst out laughing!

“I probably shouldn’t have told you that now should I?”

He asked me and only then did I shake my head and laugh,

“No you shouldn’t have but don’t worry its cute, I like the effort and yes sir I will have ice cream with you!”

I told him. We went and bought ice cream and walked slowly back to the car. By the time we got there the ice cream was done.

“Can we walk past the car?”

Mbilahelo said.

“Ah come on I would love that but we really have to go!”

I told him.

“Its not for reasons you think, do you have an Uber App?”

He asked me.

“Why what’s wrong?”

I asked him.

“Keep smiling and don’t look back. There is a man who has been following us I think. He is wearing a black jacket in this heat and sunglasses. He started following us from the ice cream and that was thirty minutes plus ago. It’s not a coincidence!”

He told me.

“Ah Why did you tell me that now you are scaring me!”

I told him.

“The last thing I want to do is scare you!”

He told me.

“Hold my hand like we are a couple!”

He said.

“Don’t increase your pace!”

He advised me.

“Ok! Do you want me to get an Uber?”

I asked him.

“No not yet unless we know what his intentions are!”

He advised which made sense. I did not know what to do and I could feel my heart racing. I really had bad luck. We walked into the parking lot and it was quite busy. There were a lot of people including school kids on trips. We might not be able to swim but black people love the beach. I kept on trying to look back to see who was following us but every time I tried he would say,

“No, don’t look back!”

We turned at the toilets to walk back and I thought I would see the guy but I didn’t. As I was about to ask he suddenly said,

“I am going to do something right now, please do not beat me up for it ok?”

He told me and before I could even respond he grabbed me and pushed me by a random car and he kissed me! The next thing I knew is that when his lips slammed into mine I could feel all the wind knocked out of my lungs. I hardly had a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips and at my grant of access, meaning I slightly opened up my lips for him, his tongue dived into my mouth.

“Lungi what are you doing? You are kissing in front of strangers in front of people!”

My conscience screamed at me. I am not a pda person having grown up with conservative parents. I don’t even do the holding hands thing but hear I was being treated like those cheap girls on social media. Who saw that video on Twitter who made his girlfriend walk in front of the camera so that he could show the world that she was “his property”? Revolting stuff indeed and the poor girl looked terrified of the dude!

“Push him away now, push him away!”

That little voice inside of me told me but much as the mind was willing my spirit said,

“Nah fam, this dude can actually kiss wow!”

The kiss was a bit sloppy but not in that amateurish way that leaves you disgusted and hating kissing. He had that scent of ice cream on his breath. My arms reached up and held on to his neck. That was my way of trying to control his movements. As our bodies were pressed together I could feel the bulge in his pants swell up! Even covered in those pants I had no doubt that this guy was in the same whatsapp group as the legend of his people.

“Let’s go!”

He said and just like that he stopped.


I said very much dazed and confused. I wanted to scream out at him and say,

“No Mbilahelo, no we are still in danger kiss me again!”

As the adrenalin rush was still gushing through me. This guy had me horny from just kissing imagine. What kind of muti was he using mara wow!

“Ok but do we have to!”

I finally said out loud. I don’t think if you had asked me for my name at that moment I would have remembered.

“Yes! It was a false alarm! There was no one behind us I just wanted to kiss you!”

He said and he walked away smugly towards the car. I stood there looking stupid…

“You are such a fucken loser!”

I shouted at him but I was not angry, why was I not angry?

“Please kiss me again!”

I shouted and ran after him.

“No, I don’t want to. You a bad kisser! You need lessons!”

He teased and did not stop.

Was I really that bad ah?

I turned around just before I got into the car. There was the man that was with Jerry at Eyadini and he was standing arms folded looking right at us. He was not wearing black.

Had Mbilahelo seen him!


*********The End ***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb) (letters)

Dear Mike and all Doazg readers

Firstly Bra Mike thank you so much for keeping us entertained and educated. We learn a lot from your books.

My story goes something like this. I am a 25 year old female residing in Witbank. I have a BSc Geological sciences degree and because I was struggling to find a job I went in to do an Hons in Environmental Sciences with the hope to combine the two and work towards being an Environmental Geologist but that is very scarce in South Africa.

I know jobs are scarce but I was lucky enough to score an internship as an Environmental, Health and Safety officer which was not what I studied for but it was another learning curve.

I am writing today because I need help. I need a mentor as I feel that career wise things are not really going my way and I do not even know which doors to knock on or which direction to go anymore. I am hoping to find someone who studied the same things I studied or who has experience in the industry. I am also hoping to find help from someone who is in Mpumalanga region as I am also currently placed there.

If there is anyone who is willing to help, they can contact me on the following email adress :

Thank you

16 thoughts on “YES 178

  1. Mbilahelo and Lungi though… Our very own Bonny and Clyde to be. I like these two for eac other. I am at work and couldnt stop laughing. Ke sure my colleagues think kea tringa. Nice chapter Mike, enjoyed it.

    Bathong Jackroro okae hle?

  2. Hey Bhut’Mike, I remember writing something about your writing in the Diary of a Zulu girl. That, you know you’re a great writer when your audience feels it all. The Durban breeze, the conversations in the parking lot, the imagery of the ice cream stand, the butterflies in Lungi’s tummy, Mbilahelo’s quivering bulging member. The fear in Lungi’s heart and confusion of life. We feel it all. Thank you bhuti umsebenzi wakho siyawubona. Siyawubulela.

  3. Even me, I felt everything shem lol

    Confused, I have a friend who lives that side. She studied Geology and hons in geohydrology. She works in a mine that side.
    I’ll find out if she’s keen to mentor then I’ll email you. Except you guys are almost the same age so I’m not sure how viable that is. You didn’t mention your experience. She has almost 5 years and she’s got mentors left right and centre lol so maybe she could share one or share whatever she’s received.

  4. Confused

    You’re most likely to work in mines here in SA. Also check Environmental affairs , water affairs& forestry in Govt. Also look into educational media such as discovery channel and BBC earth.
    All the best sweetheart.

    On a side note, it is refreshing to see someone seeking career advice instead of umjolo.

  5. Mike you made me go google this guy you are referring to on this chapter who posted a video ya his scared, unhappy looking girlfriend on his insta.

    My God words cannot describe how appalled I am, not at him even because this guy is a piece of shit clearly but at this woman whose allowing this jerk to humiliate her like this. Has money really taken away so much of our values and dignity to subject one to be made a laughing stock of?

    Ae this Lebo woman needs help, she looks intoxicated okare those girls that trafficked and pumped with drugs. Was definitely out of it when those videos were shot.

    My heart wants to feel her pain, but Karma is a bitch. She left a man who worshipped her for a man with money to be treated like trash.

    Ladies please learn from this situation, not all that glitters is gold.


  7. Ahhh bathong 😍😍
    Mike please don’t do this to us. Phela we are single, kgale melomo ya rona e sa momoniwe.
    Awesome chapter

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