Majuba 44

Ok I am not naïve I am the first to admit my relationship was falling apart. I don’t someone else to tell me that. It’s easy

to blame my wife bur reality is that I had called another woman’s name in our bed and how is that normal on any level. There she was sitting there waiting for me to come home and this message comes in. There was no hiding. A message like this you do not reply. You can’t even say thank you without looking suspicious.

“It’s not what you are thinking at all!”

I immediately said.

“You do not know what I am thinking at all so please don’t assume to otherwise you really will only look stupid.”

She told me. I had my hand in my mouth literally at this moment because I was bracing myself for a fight. I was going to apologize until I turned blue if I had to. I was prepared to tell her the truth as well but there was no truth. I still had done nothing. She had called me in distress and I had gone to help. That is all I had done but because I had already lied about my whereabouts saying anything else at this moment would have been suspicious to say the least.

“Love we can talk about this. I don’t want you to make decisions when you are mad and when you do not have all the facts that’s all. I might look stupid but at least I will be honest to you!”

I told her. Could I tell her that Naledi was a sick person or at least that what’s she had said. Was it my story to tell and with your wife are you meant to share everything even peoples secrets? I was not sure.

“If you don’t want me please just tell me! Do not treat me like this please? I am either your woman or I am not!”

She said standing up crossing her arms. Ok I was confused because of all the scenarios in my head I had not expected this one.

“Vusi clean up your shit or I walk!”

That was her ultimatum as she left the room. I could see she was crying as when she turned there was definitely a hint of tears rolling down her cheeks. I was not going to chase her into the room though because that would mean another fight. My phone vibrated again. It was my mother this time goodness so late.

“You are probably sleeping. Meet me at the office tomorrow first thing. It must be before 9am as I have other things to do!”

Her text message. With my mother everything was always classified even if it was coming to open a can of beans for her! I was not overly excited therefore or anxious. I had no blankets so I lay my cold ass self on the couch and hardly slept. Londiwe to a certain extent had been right. I needed to clean up my act as I was the one doing all this. I had gone to see another woman so late at night and in all honesty married men don’t do that. It’s wrong.

“Vusi you are messing up!”

I told myself again as I tossed and turned. I was and no matter what faults Londiwe had she did not deserve that. In the morning I woke up early because I did not really sleep but had a series of dosing off sessions.

“Operation Make it Up to her!”

I told myself in true South African Mbalula style. I had to fix this. I was still off work and today I had a meeting with my mum. With her everything was always important. I took a shower and Londiwe was not yet up. I made us both breakfast but when I tried to delivered it to the bedroom she had locked the door so I knocked.


I said knocking on the door.


I called out again.

“Go away Vusi!”

She told me. I was not going to push.

“I am going to meet my mom. We have an early morning meeting on that project. Will be home around 12!”

I told her. I listened in for her response but she did not say anything. She simply ignored me and I went outside. I walked out and I stopped to knock at my neighbour’s door. There was no answer. I wanted to find out how his woman was.

“Morning mum!”

I said as soon as I saw her!

“You never good at keeping time you know that? What if I had somewhere else to go?”

She said sounding impatient and annoyed at me.

“I am sorry mum I am here now!”

I told her. She was annoyed and in a bad mood but what’s new. If she was not my mother this would be the last woman I would want to see every day the way she was always angry. I wonder how she was as a boss because something tells me she was terrible at it.

“You left the house rather unceremoniously! You were supposed to stay with me for a few days but you just upped and left. That was very rude and ungrateful!”

She told me. She was not angry or rather there was no anger in her tone as she said this.

“I am sorry about that. I needed to go back to my home because if I start running away from other men then I will go crazy because of it!”

I explained to her but I got the impression this was not the reason why she had brought me here. She did not even look at me as though she cared for it.

“What is wrong with you Vusi?”

She asked me.

“Wrong with me? I just explained why I had to go home and now you think that there is something wrong with me because of it?”

I asked her.

“No I am over that. I heard you beat a man to near death yesterday. Are you insane?”

She asked me. Of all the things my mother could have said I was totally flabbergasted. How one earth could she possibly have known?

“You heard from whom?”

I asked her but she was not interested in that. It seemed like it was minor details for her.

“Does it even matter though? The fact is that I heard and we are here now. Do you want to rot in jail for a woman? Is that it? Do you want me to have a heart attack every time I visit you in prison?”

She asked me and she sounded desperate even in her tone.

“Of course I don’t want that at all mum. Things just got out of control!”

I told her.

“Out of control is when you punch someone! Here things did not go out of control what you did is what they call attempted murder and that’s if Simon does die!”

She said and again my mouth was wide open. How did she know his name? I most certainly had never told her about Simon but she had detailed knowledge clearly.

“Mom how do you know all these things. This is insane. I bet you know what my relationship with him is too!”

I asked her.

“You have no relationship with him period! He is your fiancé’s ex and that’s it and he should not even be associated with you!”

She told me making sure I hear that she knows all the details. This was weird to say the least and forget that he was in hospital I had questions.

“How do you know so much though?”

I asked her.

“Does it matter? The fact is I know and now I need to fix yet another one of your messes!”

She told me.

“What other messes have I had?”

I challenged her to say.

“A lot you just don’t know about them because I cleaned them all up for you without knowing!”

She told me. I was very lost at this point. My mother was a master manipulator that’s her problem so its times like these I choose to ignore her.

“I can’t handle your right now. This thing of being so involved in my life is what’s going to kill our relationship!”

I told her angrily and I was not joking either. This was crazy and beyond creepy.

“You are right that it is and I am to blame. Start being a man and stop being naïve. I know you did not grow up with brothers and around your cousins but you honestly can’t be this stupid!”

She said.

“Why are you insulting me now?”

I asked her standing up angrily.

“I do not have to listen to you when you talk to me like this! You need to respect me not only as your son but also as a man, a married man at that!”

I told her. I walked towards the door angrily wanting to walk out when I heard her say,

“Londiwe is not pregnant!”

She was so calm as she said this and say what? I stopped in my tracks and turned around to look at her.

“Do you really have to make up lies because you hate that girl so much? What has she ever done to you? From the day I brought her home you have judged and done everything in your power to make her look bad. You have succeeded at it too for you to come make up such a big thing!”

I told her seething with anger. How can someone say such a thing just because they hate someone so much?

“I do hate her, now even more but that won’t change the truth Londiwe is not pregnant. I had that Dr. Padayachee woman checked out because the story just did not fit. She is a doctor yes but famous for giving false diagnosis for money. You can hire your own private investigator if you think I am lying but yeah, Londiwe is not pregnant!”

The more she said that the more she actually annoyed me. I was at the door at this stage so I turned back and walked straight to her desk.

“Mum this is not a TV show where you make up such things and get away with it. This is the lady that I love whom I am having a baby with! You do not get to play with our lives like this because you are so petty!”

I warned her.

“I am not lying!”

She said defiantly but I was done.

“Stay away from us and me! From today onwards you have no son! You are dead to me and Londiwe. Do not call me and do not show up at my house. I have always been warned you are manipulative but because you are my mother I gave you the benefit of the doubt! Now that has changed, stay away from us please!”

I told her and with that I stomped out angrily. My first stop was the nearest police station,

For what,

A restraining order against my mother!

What a bitch!

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I am 16 years old and I am in grade 11. My parents have been fighting a lot lately and it’s becoming unbearable now. It’s been a year since this started. From what I gathered my mother was sleeping with my father’s brother (my uncle) and that my little sister who is 5 is actually my step sister as she belongs to my uncle. I don’t know if my father has always known but that’s the story. My uncle is a piece of work; he has been to prison and is more like a local gangster. He is feared here in Eldorado and my father is his opposite. My father used to be a school teacher and from what my mother was saying in the fight he got into the taxi business because my uncle got him the start and protected him. It is so complicated. I don’t have all the details but my brother already moved out (he is 19) when this came out. He has a scholarship and this whole year he has not come home even though he is here in Joburg. I am left to stop the fights as they fight physically in front of my sister especially when my father is drunk. He calls my mother names and he has not spoken to my little sister in almost 6 months. She calls him father because she does not know the story. I love my sister but the way my mother verbally taunts my father over it now and so open too makes me also start drifting from her. She calls my father useless and that compared to me (his daughter) look at the beauty his brother produced (my sister). It hurts a lot. She has never said it to my face but the day she does I am going to moer her! I am not even playing! She might be my mother but she does not deserve me!

What can I do to get out of this bad situation? I hate my mother now and slowly I am turning against my sister! My father used to be my hero but now he is a bitter broken drunkard man who is always cursing at the women in his home!

Please help

Eldorado Park

8 thoughts on “Majuba 44

  1. I am sorry that you are going through this…I dont think you should be resenting your sister, she’s an innocent child in all of this….if you have an idea of what’s happening then why nor just ask your parents what’s happening and how their behaviour is affecting you guys and will ultimately destroy the family…perhaps even get a third party involved, another objective family member or social worker….

    1. He’s not dumb, he’s innocent. Innocent people are always pegged as dumb. He tries to see the best in everyone.
      Knowing the way the mom is so qwirhy, I also wouldn’t believe her. Shes a creepy mom.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    Eldorado park, try to contact please step in. If you don’t know what it is watch mzansi magic channel 161 on tuesday at 8pm.

  3. Yhooo!!! Uvusi just called his mom a bitch??? Are his ancestors asleep to not have come down to strike him down.
    Eldorado Park do you have any aunts who could perhaps intervene?

  4. Eldorado Park,

    I am so sorry that at your age you are faced with something like this. Is there anyone that you can speak to who might be able to come and talk to your parents about this? Do you have an aunt, uncle, social worker or a school teacher that you can speak to about this? What you can also try and do is get you and your older brother to sit your parents down and talk about this as a family.

    Please, please, please dont resent your sister for your mother’s mistakes. She (your sister) is innocent in all of this. She is a child who knows nothing, you have mentioned that your father doesnt speak with her anymore, please dont add to the list. Just try and be an older brother and protect her from your parents who clearly need a lot of help at the moment.

    Your parents might get angry at you for initiating an intervention but at the moment they are not using their heads and that will be best for them. You have mentioned being violent against your mother if she repeats something she has said about you, dont do it. I dont even think she is even aware of the words she is uttering. You are worth it, you are a phenomenal young man, you are brave and you are smart.

    I do hope things improve in your home and you find a solution and closure. All the best

  5. No mattr hw manipulative or annoying ur mom is bt b… is quiet a gigantic,disgusting nd mostly disrespectul word to use in discribing her

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